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  1. report it, report it, report it. To your dealer and Lexus Customer Relations. The more that shout out about it, the sooner the fix will happen. I did the same and have been told there is a software fix coming soon. Not sure how soon, soon is...
  2. Anyone know if these are available for UK cars?
  3. I have the standard navigation system and I'm starting to pull my hair out as it keeps flipping changing the map! I prefer 3D Heading Up. So in I go to Menu-Setup-Navigation-Maps and change it to my preference. Start navigation no issue. Next time I want to nav somewhere else, it's changed back to 2D North Up! I am fully aware by the way that the Home screen will show 2D. It's been back to the dealer once and they carried out a software update... This seemed to cure it for a short while, but now it's gone back to its normal irratating ways. MEH I have now been able to speak with both Lexus Cust Relations and a Master Tech at my Dealer and they have both come to the conclusion that this is 'normal'. So every time I set to nav somewhere, I have to then change the map back to 3D. Why won't it stay put? The menu options are there, so it suggests I have a choice. Is anyone else experiencing issues? Please let me know, and then report it ASAP to your dealer so it helps to gather un happiness. If lots of people shout, Lexus will have to do something.
  4. 84 views, no replies. Clearly no one knows how to over come the immensely difficult DAB programming process!
  5. I'm sure this has been done before but searches have not been very conclusive. So, can anyone give me a step by step (and I mean step, step 2 etc) process on how to tune in my channels so I can have a list of presets to choose from. I have a 2017 Sport Plus Thank you in advance.
  6. Eh? Didn't know you could use Tom Tom Live on in built sat nav! This would be sooooooo much better than the standard. Really don't have any assurance when my sat nav decides to re route me... Tell me how it's done please.
  7. ...and I was always taught to reverse into a bay. But then, if you back up to a wall or other vehicle, you can't get your shopping out!
  8. I have a 2017 Sport and love it!
  9. back when, many moons ago, I had a Porsche 911 (1994 vintage) which had ellipsoid headlamps. As does the CT. So on the 911, there was a shutter that could be switched across to allow driving over seas. Surely the CT has this rather than having to stick sticky things on the lamps...??
  10. Top tip: To access the Nav map, press Menu button twice. BTW, I used to work for BMW (25 years ago) and we all had to go on Product Knowledge courses to HO in Bracknell when new vehicles came out. The 'salesman' of today relies too heavily on that 'google it' approach.
  11. Generally I keep my cars for 4 years (finance agreement terms...) and so I use key 1 for two years, and then key 2 for the next. Makes it feel like a new car again as well!
  12. Finally, finally, finally the job is complete. I finally have a green light to look at every time I check the rear view mirror. As a bonus, I now also have a auto dimming rear view mirror to blot out the blinding xenon lamps of Mercs, BMW, Land Rover etc etc. Rear view mirror sourced from eBay from a broken 2015 CT. Cable cover (hides the cables that route from the mirror base into the headliner) procured from Lexus. This was a right faff because when I gave my reg number and chassis number, the part did not show as being fitted to the car. So I had to scout around on the Lexus site to find a used car that had that mirror fitted. Any F Sport will do it. Next was to try and source the cabling and multi plug. This was the hardest bit as most breakers do not sell looms or loom sections, or they didn't have that part of the car any more (roof cut off to remove passengers...), or the car had been crushed, or they wanted to charge silly money to cut it out. I had one quote of £50 plus VAT! Plus postage! So the morale is, buy a mirror and the cabling with multi plug at the same time. Ok, no loom so next job was to find someone to do the wiring. I don't feel qualified anymore, car electrics are soooo clever these days it wasn't worth the risk (I used to own an old 1970's VW Beetle. One of the fuses kept blowing and so to deal with it once and for all, I inserted a self tapping screw. That NEVER blew again!) so I sourced a local in car electrics specialist. I did ask Lexus but all I got was a "Computer says no" type response! The local auto electrician found a switched power source and earth in the over head console. Instead of the multi plug, he was able to use some tiny connector pins and then used mastic to hold the pins into the block on the mirror. In addition he has supplied two connectors so that the mirror can be separated from the windscreen if it needs to be replaced. It is do able.
  13. I've just thought of another 'Dislike'. I know we are only allowed 3, but hey. Why is it that when you initiate cruise control the display on the dash clears? I'm kinda addicted to the display that shows where the power is coming from and every time you switch cruise on, it goes blank. MEH
  14. depends how many miles you do ... Also my previous car was a 60 litre tank!