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  2. if you use FB, check out the group here.
  3. amazing. I'm looking forward to getting it set up in my own car soon. Just hope it's NOT too much of a cost....
  4. you have apple play? I didn't think this was available in the UK....
  5. this only applies though if you have 'premium' nav. I'm one of he poor people and only have he standard 7" nav screen...
  6. glad to hear it's sorted now. Fortunately for you, the update was there waiting, I've had 6 months of chasing, chasing and chasing!
  7. yup, and what a whole loada pain in the butt it is! Assuming you have the regular 7" screen (and not the upgraded 10" Premium Nav), get into into your dealer, there is a software update that will fix it. I'm a 3D kinda person myself and was very, very, very frustrated that it wouldn't stay in that config. To be warned, the 'home' screen will always be 2D, this cannot be set to anything but. Have a look at this phenomenon!
  8. @royoftherovers I can't see anything in there that makes sense... It's due a service soon but just wondered if anyone else was experiencing this feature before I go see them.
  9. on my old CT, when I unlocked the car at night, the front DRL LEDs came on along with the rear tail lights. My UX doesn't seem to do that. The DRL's come on, but not the rears. What are your experiences with this please?
  10. mmm, this is the one feature that I simply don't use as I don't wanna look a right idiot in a car park with a handful of shopping etc doing olympic type moves! I have had the sensor replaced on my car and even still it's rubbish. The car is up for a service soon so it will be reported again. I suspect every service it will be reported...
  11. report it, report it, report it. To your dealer and Lexus Customer Relations. The more that shout out about it, the sooner the fix will happen. I did the same and have been told there is a software fix coming soon. Not sure how soon, soon is...
  12. Anyone know if these are available for UK cars?
  13. I have the standard navigation system and I'm starting to pull my hair out as it keeps flipping changing the map! I prefer 3D Heading Up. So in I go to Menu-Setup-Navigation-Maps and change it to my preference. Start navigation no issue. Next time I want to nav somewhere else, it's changed back to 2D North Up! I am fully aware by the way that the Home screen will show 2D. It's been back to the dealer once and they carried out a software update... This seemed to cure it for a short while, but now it's gone back to its normal irratating ways. MEH I have now been able to speak with both Lexus Cust Relations and a Master Tech at my Dealer and they have both come to the conclusion that this is 'normal'. So every time I set to nav somewhere, I have to then change the map back to 3D. Why won't it stay put? The menu options are there, so it suggests I have a choice. Is anyone else experiencing issues? Please let me know, and then report it ASAP to your dealer so it helps to gather un happiness. If lots of people shout, Lexus will have to do something.
  14. 84 views, no replies. Clearly no one knows how to over come the immensely difficult DAB programming process!
  15. I'm sure this has been done before but searches have not been very conclusive. So, can anyone give me a step by step (and I mean step, step 2 etc) process on how to tune in my channels so I can have a list of presets to choose from. I have a 2017 Sport Plus Thank you in advance.