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  1. Might there be a couple of ISFs coming onto the market soon then (reading the above)?!
  2. I’m in the same position as you mate, though would be happy with any colours. Pity all the current ISFs are late low milers (so out of my budget)... I’ve started thinking about alternative cars now, if I have to put the plan of owning an ISF on ice!
  3. Yeah I saw your original thread when you bought it. Very nice mate. I did speak to the dealer multiple times about the car but they wouldn’t drop to my offer (luckily for you). I saw that one on eBay but my budget will get one with less miles, so happy to keep looking.
  4. I don’t think you’re having a go mate, we’re all just having a discussion :) They aren’t going anywhere. There is currently 5 on the Lexus used site. A good few of those have been there for many months. The couple that have sold recently at Lexus dealerships (a white one at Liverpool Lexus that’s was owned by a forum member and a black one that dropped to under £19k but wasn’t really mentioned on here) were both under that magic £20k. I don’t really know what my point is now, haha!
  5. That's what I'm saying though...they aren't selling at the dealer prices! Not that that's a concern of the people who part exchanged them, but it's a pain for me cos there was a higher chance I could of bought one of them before the dealer stuck on their £5k+! I think it's fair to say 'I could of got such and such for £25k'. At the end of the day they perceive an M5 [or whatever] to be a class above and worth the extra money. For £20k and under I don't think anything comes close to an ISF.
  6. Only if the high priced ones sell mate...which they don't appear to be. Look on the Lexus used car site. A few of those have been up for sale for months. You'd have to really really love the ISF to drop mid twenty and up on one - finding a £30k buyer will be a miracle! I think high teens is the sweet spot [though I don't expect get a late car with small miles for this price]. I need a 4/5 door car, roughly the same footprint as an ISF, I got money in the bank waiting for the right car...I honesty can't think on another car I want more than an ISF for under £20k [Evo X maybe]. I agree with Big Rat though, selling a car privately at this price point brings a whole bunch of potential problems so I can see why so many have part exchanged instead.
  7. Damn all these lovely ISFs up for sale that are out of my price range! Looks very very nice. Flytvr, you jest but it is a shame there seems to be quite a number of ex-forum cars up for sale at the mo at dealers (some for quite a while) with figures that may make them hard to sell...a private sale however may of kept them in ‘the family’!
  8. Got bumped..

    Fingers crossed she suddenly doesn't change her story and says you reversed into her [read about this so much on PH]! I wonder if recording them admitting it was their fault is the best idea? Hope you get it all sorted...see if she'll pay for the damage in cash first maybe?
  9. I agree, if it was one would be thief...the problem is they probably work on groups so handling 4 blokes may be a bit tougher!
  10. Can't just hand it to them on a plate mate! I agree, you wouldn't want them entering your house but I'd guess the majority of them wouldn't take the risky next step and try braking your door down etc.
  11. Yeah, that is a good price for 24 months on such a car. But, I was wondering if a dealer would up their normal used car warranty, of 1 year, to 2 years to secure a sale...I can but ask I guess!!!
  12. Yeah I could do that. I would just have to factor in spending £900 Before it turns 10. I do have faith in the reliability of the car (one of the things that attracts me to it) but as is being discussed on the ‘true cost’ thread, an ISF can of course be expensive should something go wrong. I can try talking the dealer into extending the 1 year warranty into 2 though I guess, FOC?!
  13. Going back to my question...I've been chatting to a very helpful lady at a Lexus dealer today and asked about extending the warranty beyond 10 years if it's continuous. She went to find out, came back and said no you can't do this! So, if I was to buy a 2008 ISF through a dealer today [which would have a normal 1 year warranty applied to it] and wanted to buy the £895 2 year warranty a year down the line, I wouldn't be aloud!! Something for me to now think about.
  14. Ah yeah I do remember. I think it had 5+ owners [which could mean 6, 7, 8....1000!!] and as my preference would be to buy one with a few less, I think I decided against it! I am coming round to not worrying about total number of owners though, as long as the cars been very well looked after. It's more to do with seeing it in the future to tell the truth.
  15. That does look nice. Wonder if it’s been owned by anyone on here?