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    LG58 YHZ

    Which will make it a great buy for someone.

    LG58 YHZ

    Any ideas what they might expect to get at auction? Wish I was in a position to pop in a sneaky offer but if got the Foz now!!
  3. That’s gutting! Obviously I’m not in the market anymore (unless I could sell my Foz for the same price I paid) but I wonder if they’ve made a loss on the car now? I had 18k ready to go but obviously that would of been to low for them a couple of months ago. Bugger 😞
  4. I wonder if stock handing around for 7 months is ok for them? I wonder how the car has been treated during it's 7 month sat at a dealership? I wonder how low they'd go on the asking price...probably not as low as I wanted them to go [and now they'd have to buy my For STi off me] :)
  5. The previous owner did give me black muflaps too, but I like the red ones so they're staying :)
  6. Here's the spec... - Prodrive sports cat, Scorpion Hawk centre section, JDM ss Wagnam exhaust. - Bob Rawle remap. - Whiteline f+r roll bars. - Ultra racing f+r braces. - Godspeed g-hook discs and kevlar pads. - STi battery clamp. - STi oil cap. - Perrin short shifter. - Pioneer App4 radio/system. - Defi STi Genome controller and boost gauge. - STi pink oil filter. - Cosworth panel filter. - Tein lowering springs. Here's a pic of the back!
  7. It’s a 2004, 2.5...tuned to 330bhp. Cheers :)
  8. The 2.5 isn’t renowed for its reliability, which will be something always in the back of my mind...I’ve got a bit of a slush fund for repair work but rebuilds are quite common (at a cost of 4-5k)!! There a specialist in Warwick that I’ve read good things about - http://tdracing.co.uk/
  9. Cheers guys. It's got roughly 330bhp and just under 400lb-ft, so pretty brisk! I'm still getting used to the way it delivers the power. It's pretty tough to drive smoothly as it so full on, all the time! Fine if I fancy going for a blast down some nice roads but less so if I'm just popping to the shop with the wife! As mentioned, it is pretty practical. Haven't tried fitting in the baby seat yet though so all hell will brake lose if that test doesn't go well. Spec is nice on this one. Previous owners have spent a few quid. I'll have to post up the full list.
  10. I haven't been on here for a while, mainly cos my ISF search came to an end. I wasn't having any luck find one that ticked all the boxes [will I did, an ex-forum car, but unfortunately the owner had to sell before I could get sorted], when all of a sudden a different car become available that I have always been interested in. In my head, there wasn't a massive difference...fast, Japanese, more than 3-doors! So here's what I bought [if this pic works]!
  11. With your budget there will always be a good selection of ISFs. Drop under 20k and it becomes a bit harder to find a good one. I’ve been on the look out for a while now (under 20k, any colour, under 60k miles, FSH etc) but have pretty much given up... I’m probably going to view a different car this weekend and will come back to the ISF in a few years.
  12. Might there be a couple of ISFs coming onto the market soon then (reading the above)?!
  13. I’m in the same position as you mate, though would be happy with any colours. Pity all the current ISFs are late low milers (so out of my budget)... I’ve started thinking about alternative cars now, if I have to put the plan of owning an ISF on ice!
  14. Yeah I saw your original thread when you bought it. Very nice mate. I did speak to the dealer multiple times about the car but they wouldn’t drop to my offer (luckily for you). I saw that one on eBay but my budget will get one with less miles, so happy to keep looking.
  15. I don’t think you’re having a go mate, we’re all just having a discussion :) They aren’t going anywhere. There is currently 5 on the Lexus used site. A good few of those have been there for many months. The couple that have sold recently at Lexus dealerships (a white one at Liverpool Lexus that’s was owned by a forum member and a black one that dropped to under £19k but wasn’t really mentioned on here) were both under that magic £20k. I don’t really know what my point is now, haha!