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  1. Is that true though, that you must have your car serviced by Lexus if you take their warranty? At the end of the day, if I was in the market for a used F car (which I might be when I finally get round to putting my Forester up for sale) and an owner pulled out a fat file of invoices for all the service/repair work carried out by a good indy, I’d be pretty confident the car had been looked after...more so than someone who just hands me a service book with Lexus stamps.
  2. I remember saying this when I was looking for an ISF last year but it’s a pity so so many get part exchanged back to dealers without at least trying the private market. I totally understand why you guys do it, it’s so much less hassle, but when it takes what would be a well loved ISF out of my price range (due to a dealers mark-up), it is gutting!
  3. Does Big Rat not frequent the forum any more? Sent him a PM not no reply [just had a question about a particular ISF and I know he's the man to speak to]. Ta.
  4. Interesting. I wonder if that’s why it’s a few grand cheaper then the white one I highlighted at the start of this thread, even though it’s got similar miles?
  5. £800 for a speaker and £2k for a DVD changer...WTF?!?
  6. Would you not be confident enough not to bother with a warranty and just put some money away for a rainy day? Everyone on here says how reliable they are and although stuff can of course go wrong, I wonder what the average per-year spend on repair work for an ISF is with owners on here?
  7. It's a bit messed-up that Lexus would sell a car with this issue - very un-Lexus no?
  8. I think the red ISF I mentioned in my original post has gained it missed exhaust trim 😀
  9. You're also West Midlands base! I've only ever seen one other Foz on the road...I wonder if it was you?!
  10. I did wonder if you had any info on the red one...damn!
  11. Although I quit looking for an ISF [within budget] last year and bought a Forester STi instead, I do still keep my eye on the market as I'd still like to own an ISF one day. Just spotted this one - https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/IS-F/IS-F-50-qxb2jan - seems a decent price, as it's from a Lexus dealer. Just wondering if it's a 'forum known' car? I noticed it's missing an exhaust trim. Why haven't they replaced it?! There's also this one at another Midlands Lexus dealer - https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/IS-F/50-Very-Rare-Car-jjb2d8b - same[ish] ages and miles but an extra £2k....so is the red one priced low or the white one over-priced? Ta.
  12. I think that would be pretty rare though. As per my Foz, I'd just need to find one that's be properly cared for etc. All for the future though...an ISF will remain top of the list. Saying that, if bloody petrol keeps going up like it is, I'll have to replace my 25mpg car for something more boring. I paid over 1.40 for the first time ever the other day 😞
  13. The warranty is what attracted me to the ISF [besides the V8]. V8 M3's are easily into the teens now but I'd be more worried about something going pop [and the warranties are so much more expensive]...saying that, my current car is a Forester STi with the not so reliable 2.5 and a potential £5k+ bill if it gives up!!
  14. I like the look of the big Vauxhall...though it's the earlier ones I like, they got uglier/fussier later on [not that I'd have the budget for a newer one]. I think the ISF is a better looking car but the VXR8 is more purposeful.
  15. I’ve kind of kept my eye on the ISF market as I’d still like one in the future. The ones for sale always seem to be later cars with super low miles and big prices, or cars with more miles than I’d like in the 14-15k bracket. Very rarely do I see cars in the middle...which is where I’d be! Hopefully that’ll change in the future when I’d ready to sell the Fozzy STi. I have added added the Vauxhall VXR8 and Jag XFR to my list of potential V8’s (if they’ll fit in my single garage)!