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  1. Drive them, don't store them. They are made to be used, I would rather have a regularly driven example than something that has been locked up in a garage for years on end. In a few years from now the ISF will be a sort after car and they aren't exactly a common sight even now.
  2. First time I can remember seeing 3 USB ISFs available at the same time, £25 - £30k
  3. Could somebody with an ISF put up a pic of the aerial in their car, as I have looked on line and cant see an example of how it should be fitted TIA
  4. The low mileage USB at Swindon was the car that was sold at BCA auctions, it will be eligible for a Lexus extended warranty, which is worth having for that peace of mind. From memory it didn't have any major damage, just the odd few car park dings, which Swindon will have sorted. As Paul has said the ISF will be a car that will retain its value over the next few years.
  5. My car has had a replacement screen in a past life and I guess that it was put back wrongly by the fitter. Now I have a garage space back, I will have a look at relocating it.
  6. Is this a DAB aerial ? Has anybody relocated it ? It drives my OCD wild every time i look at it 😆
  7. GV61 GXC Has just appeared on Autotrader - £24,995 - Wonder if it will get sold quickly.
  8. If your looking and don't mind sorting a few cosmetic issues:|model_exact:IS F|fueltype_exact:Petrol|enginecapacity_exact:5.0&sort=SavedSearchesRecentlyAdded&missingMileage=True&awaitingAppraisal=True&page=1&extraFiltersActive=true&returnTo=GV11GYS&promoAppliedSets=&Source=Search&vrm=GV11GYS&CID=&selectedVehicleIds= You will even be able to get it approved for Lexus Warranty after an inspection
  9. 3-3.5 mm left on them a month ago at service, not sure they are worth fitting at that depth.
  10. TyrePoint in Maidstone - very clean and efficient
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