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  1. Nice colour 👍 - The Swindon car is Silver and in my opinion is too expensive, thats into 2015 RCF money with fewer miles
  2. Now it's re categorised - 'Virtual Non Runner & Grade 5' at auction 26th Nov in Bridgewater. 🤐
  3. And maybe a few not so careful owners 🙄 This early 2010 Mesa red goes under the hammer at a BCA in Bridgewater. 1 key & no service history. 61k The attached condition report makes sad reading 20143422.pdf
  4. "True, it was also lumbered with an eight-speed slusher not really up to the job of interacting with a demanding, big displacement motor" - such cobblers 🙄 Do these people ever actually drive these cars ? Granted I have only driven a ISF but I cant see a GSF box being a retrograde step.
  5. I do like the shouty colour of your RC F 👍 the seats really add to look of the car. Top work
  6. Only thing wrong with the car is the price! Thats because it needs some paint correction, wheel refurb (properly) and a set of tyres. It needs a service for 2019 and then it has all main dealer on the nose. Car supermarkets are shi$e at selling specialist cars
  7. Just beat me to it 😁 Yep, Mark & Jack do a really excellent job with there reviews.
  8. New thread 😁 Wanted 2010+ ISF with a sunroof. Preferred colours are : White, US Blue, Mesa. In that order. I am aware of all current cars for sale in the usual places ebay, auto trader, approved Lexus. PH So if you are thinking about moving yours on then drop me a message
  9. YT12 MJY Mesa Red has now been reserved. Anyone on here ?
  10. My Mac did an update last night and killed the links I saved to the reports. 🤐 From memory - 1 dent in each door - less than 30mm. Washer bottle needed fluid 😁Dent - less than 30mm in nsr quarter panel That was about it, so easily sorted by dealership.
  11. Mesa was a colour that I needed to see in the flesh. Photos don't do it any justice. It's a great colour for an IS F 👍
  12. That's the car. I saved the inspection report and condition appraisal. Sadly unless you attend the auction or have a trade account with BCA you cant tell what the hammer price was.
  13. Glynn, your right, it drives really nicely. Some of the paintwork issues that you highlighted to me has been done, A pillar, laquer peel on the bonnet, sill scrape. The 5p ding in passenger door is still there. Wheels have been done and remarked. Tyres are shocking. From the head office I established it has had 4 keepers and a full ( annual ) service history from Lexus apart from one which was due May 2019. Even though it is devoid of a sunroof, it needs rescuing and if they would bit the bullet and sell it at the £20k mark I would be in. Just checked the website and it's gone frpm £21,998 to £22,206 WTF🙄