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  1. I am aware that this might be a bit of 'Needle in a Haystack' 😁but if you don't ask........ Wanted 2010+ ISF with a sunroof. Preferred colours are : White, US Blue, Grey. In that order. I am aware of all current cars for sale in the usual places ebay,auto trader, approved Lexus.PH So if you are thinking about moving yours on then drop me a message
  2. Why a duff design ? Technically. Given that there are several thousand cars in the US and several hundred in the UK that haven't had this issue it's a bit premature to write off the design due to one example.
  3. Am i right in thinking that if a car comes with a warranty, that provided the service history is maintained by Lexus then it can be extended beyond the 10yrs of the original reg date of the car?
  4. Audi R8 V10 or ISF/GSF/LC/LFA is one thing, but a 15yr old clapped out motorbike with an open pipe is another🤐 The move has been welcomed by some motoring organisations ! Since 2016 DB level for new cars is 74 decibels. Not sure if this applies to motorbikes - have you heard a Harley or Ducati with loud pipes !
  5. One of the more interesting and comprehensive reviews I have seen
  6. I have pretty much decided that I'm going to go for a Blue or White ISF. However I have not seen either colour in the metal. If some kind owner would be prepared to show me their car it would be really appreciated. Although I'm an old fella, I promise not to drool on your paintwork 😃 I'm based in mid Kent and would be happy to travel at a time to suit the owner. Thanks
  7. Question 2 - Autosol Metal and elbow grease 😀 Nice choice on colour 👍
  8. Anyone know this car KX58 PNL - 83k on Mesa Red with a sunroof. Lost it's quad tail pipes ?
  9. Any recommendations for Lexus or Independent dealerships that tend to have ISF cars up for sale. Ideally in the south east, but happy to consider anywhere if the car is right. My preference is for post 2010 with sunroof and in blue or white 😀
  10. There's a BIN option for £26k. I'm not into modified cars, so no idea if thats anywhere near a realistic figure for his car.
  11. Shame it's not a standard 2010 +version as it's right on my doorstep practically 😀 Looks a very professional job.