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  1. Can you swap the units over, I mean replace 08 unit with one from a 10 plate with HDD. They look like they would be a straight swap, may have to get it coded to the car?
  2. And.............................It's gone from Autotrader 🙄
  3. Car is back up for sale on autotrader - if it's the same car
  4. Nice initial owners review. Lovely colour. This guy does some great in depth reviews:
  5. Ha - and I'm old enough to remember them 🤣
  6. Do the later HDD navs have full postcode capability? Can you upgrade the discs on the earlier models to take full postcode input. Apologies if this has been covered, but I couldn't find out with a search
  7. Nope, not the 1978 classic song from my mis spent youth. 😁 Does feature a very nice LC500
  8. I remember this car being up for sale. 😁 There is a 2008 ISF being broken for spares. email -
  9. All the questions - after buying the car, 😁did you test drive it ?
  10. 2010 + with a sunroof. Preferred colours, White, Blue or Red in that order. Thanks
  11. For the few days a year we get snow ( down sarth ) I would just leave it on the drive or in the garage and use another car or get a cab.
  12. Thats a 2017 1 owner car with 14k and up for £37,500 in Leighton Buzzard -
  13. 17 red in total UK cars. - Only 2 in 2012, so indeed the rarest colour for an ISF.