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  1. I can't get my head around the fact that you spend a lot of money for your 'brand new' Lexus and you get shoddy handling. I can speak from personal experience with several 'Brand New' Lexus'es. I know it's easy for someone to say '...well just take it back and they will put it on the ramps', it shouldn't be like this from NEW :tsktsk: surely?? Are BMW, JAG & AUDI like this too??? :duh:
  2. Always said it could have done with a 7th gear, cos the engine is screaming at 70mph+
  3. What worries me is that my friends BRAND NEW 07 GS300 has a rear view mirror that vibrates, if Lexus can't fit a blinking interior mirror properly what else on the car is buggered?
  4. Put it in neutral when doing downhill
  5. Okay, Just been told that there is an 'Upgrade' that Lexus are prepaired to change under warranty which should cure any future problems. Hope this helps anyone else who has a similar problem
  6. Cheers for that. Apparently the car works fine elsewhere now, apart from on the drive at home, I guess someone nearby is operating something which is affecting the operation of this system Would an upgrade sort this out too?
  7. This is weird? The car has been moved from the drive onto the street and works fine down one side of the street but plays-up (even to the point of not recognising the Key) down the other side of the street. What appliances would interfere with this system? What can Lexus do about this? Hasn't this happened to other users?
  8. Hi, my friend has a brand new GS300 and has only recently experienced odd things with the keyless entry/exit. I would think that the new IS220d & IS250 have a similar set-up to the GS therefore I am posting my question in this forum. Everything worked fine for a couple of months but the last couple of days it's gone haywire! Basically, its not unlocking or locking the doors, the boot lid works okay, even the remote fob wont lock or unlock. The batteries in both fobs seem okay because the tiny red light comes on. He might give up for half hour then try it and it will let him in but maybe only through one door and not the others. It's gone bonkers! Wot's up????
  9. I test drove a new GS300 the other day and several 'receivers' commented that they coulnt hear me although they werecoming through crystal clear. I have a newish Nokia but have been told these arent the best phones to be compaitable with lexus cars. :duh:
  10. A friend of mine recently bought a brand new Honda Legend, it's a lovely car packed with loads of features. A nice 3.5 litre petrol engine with 4 wheel drive. Can't fault it, thing is it has got a special safety feature (as standard) which is a pop-up bonnet. During a collision with a pedestrian, there are sensors in the front bumper that detect any impact in the front bumper region that triggers off a system that lifts the bonnet 10cm to stop the body from crashing against the front screen, basicaly it deflects them hopefully over the roof eliminating major injuries. Clever system i hear you say. Well.......... not until your driving along at a speed of 30mph when a football rolls out into the road in front of you and hits the front bumper triggering off the saftey system, not causing any damage to the car you are then faced with a £3000.00 bill to replace the parts that operate this system! :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:
  11. Is their any sort of annual mileage limit to the Extended Lexus warranty??
  12. I use them on the fronts only cos the back don't kick up much dirt. No pics to show you, they look great ! Only 3 screws (holes already there) hold the fronts on, so if you get bored just put it back as standard.