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  1. so @mr2lad extended warranty do cover seats issue, well I guess if yours was heating element or something didn't work it is different to mine as Lexus says tear and wear! Pisses me off!
  2. Vlady

    New IS300h Owner

    Welcome Lee, great introduction and one good looking red IS! Keep us posted when you pick the car up! Good luck!
  3. Hi Vladimir, sad to see you go. Is that you back to diesel?
  4. Hi Dave, I have heard this about the Mercedes and someone here mentioned Jaguar as well. Well, I never experienced this before in any car to this extent, I think Lexus does it way to much but not much I can do about it apart from changing front tyres but they are not at that stage to be changed, so I will use less full lock. I just wonder how GSF copes with this as it is supposed to be a sport sedan?
  5. There is ES review now, it was tested in Portugal, I think, but what I want to say is that it has very good reviews, quite, economical, very well built and better to drive than the Volvo V90! If not for CVT it would defo get more than 3.5 stars!
  6. Yep, 1st Gen IS did have weak spots at the rear arches, I have seen couple with the proper rust!
  7. Stephen I will check on mine as well, doubt I will see anything as during the day the car on the underground parking with bad lightning but I will see what I can see. Rust is a horrible thing, I like to care about the car paint, in fact, rust was the main reason I sold my BMW, it also was badly repaired after the accident I didn't know about and it just ruined our relationship! 😞
  8. Vlady

    Aggressive Neighbour

    Hi A, I think nothing more serious, depressing or worrying than have a bad neighbour, I know that from personal experience. He probably did have a bad day but this is not the way to talk to people! I hope situation will calm between you two. Good luck!
  9. This is strange, I would not expect that from Lexus. If it is a rust I hope Lexus will fix it without the hustle!
  10. Got myself one of these (Car Seat Cushion, Car Seat Pad with PU Leather Bamboo Charcoal Car Seat Protector for Child and Baby Cars Seats (1-Pack, Black), it's actually comfy and it is much warmer than a seats leather but I am not sure what I will be doing during summer as I like cooled seats so this cushion will have to go and I will stay with uncomfy seat! Real shame I have this issue, on a longer run it might start annoying me a lot! Grrr.
  11. Looks like it is a few hard stops for me too, will report later on it. Good idea about doing it in Neutral!
  12. Such a good looking car! Looks like very well looked after.
  13. @Shahpor I think I might be having the same issue with the brakes, I never put a post on it as I didn't know how to explain it, the thing is, sometimes it is there (vibrations) sometimes not, when front discs on my Passat were getting thin they worpped (how do you spell this word?) and I changed the discs the vibration was gone but i am sure this is not the case with GS as my discs have done only 36K! So not sure what that is and I wouldn't like to pay the garage for nothing! It doesn't help @Shahpor but I will be waiting for your outcome. Vlad
  14. Sounds like mine or very close to it. Hey, I came from a diesel and this is for me is still smooth! lol.
  15. Forgot to say, it is a nice car. I like the car interior too! Good choice! What fuel consumption were you getting of the bimmer and what will you get in Lexus?