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  1. I already have a plug, I bought 6-off from Lexus a few months ago. I am still thinking about it, this is not a pressing job that needs to be done now, I can wait. @Farqui sent me a photo of how engine needs to be to have an access to that plug, there is a significant amount of screws needs to be removed. As much satisfying it will be if I do it myself I have not yet decided on it. 🙂 I have another 1.5-2k until my next service and I need to do battery health check as well which will be done at Lexus and all the service parts (oil, filter, trans.oil) I will be buying from Lexus as well, I will discuss with them if I can get a discount on changing one plug.
  2. Mr Vlad! Welcome back! Was it 18 months already? No way! Time flies! Congratulations on a new car! Will you miss Mondeo interior space, economy and driving experience? 🙂
  3. Other spark plugs were fine, so I will be more upset if I brake a few plastic clips while doing the spark plug as if just leaving it alone! lol! I might give it another go. This is embarrassing, I have change spark plugs on a few cars in my life so as my dad (who is still here, thank to lockdown) but this one is proving to be the hardest to change! 🙂
  4. Phoned Lexus Glasgow to find out how much will they charge me for changing 1-off spark plug (other 5-off I did myself), it would cost me £93! Apparently manifold partially needs to be disassembled to get access to coil and spark plug! So, what did I do to my Lexus? I opened a bonnet, removed the engine cover, looked at it, confirmed that it looks complicated, put the engine cover back on and closed the bonnet! I need to do though Battery Health Check and also buy engine oil, oil filter and diff oil for the next service.
  5. K welcome and congratulations on a new car! I see you are another runner from BMW marque! 🙂
  6. I bought wind deflectors for my previous car (BMW), it wasn't Heko though but what I didn't like is that it felt like the windows was always slightly open because of the clips that are inserted in the window channel and therefore the window wasn't sealed so i could hear slight draft, I quickly removed these and never bothered again.
  7. Vlady

    New lad

    Very nice Jon, congratulations and welcome to LOC!
  8. Not big fan of the interior but I actually quite like the exterior design. Did they change anything inside?! Current IS headlights are to small IMO, this one looks decent and I like the rear of the car. Will I be the only one who likes it? 🙂
  9. Thanks gents for support. Do you think I need to contact Sheriff Court first or I better send an email to Council saying that if they don't want it peacefully then I will be contacting the court? As Graham suggested I will try to find more reports online and see if there is anything regards that road. Many thanks everyone!
  10. Roget, this is how I feel - disappointed and furious. I honestly thought it will never happen to me as I consider myself a careful driver and even sometimes think that other drivers that follow me thinking I am drunk but all I do is avoiding potholes (on some of the roads) or slowing down significantly when I know the road ahead is in bad condition. I thought I covered everything, I took photos, I kept the damaged tyre (still have it), I kept all the receipts and still can't win it. I even got my neighbor to go with me to show that pothole and he took some photos too, so I even have a witness but Council says they were not aware of the road damage at that location, I have seen their latest report (almost a month before I hit it) and it does say nothing i.e no damage could be seen at that time. What surprises me is that it was reported (according to council) on 20th of December by 2 drivers and the pothole was fixed the same day, how can it be!? Anyway, I would keep on them but I do not know how to check if that particular pothole was reported to Council prior me hitting it.
  11. Coupe weeks ago I found that 2 brackets under the rear bumper (tow hooks possibly?) are a bit rusty and one of the exhaust connections is quite rusty too, so I used wire brush as much as I could and then sprayed it with black primer (spray on rust) and then I bought a can of black matt spray that you can use on bbq's and stoves so it looks much nicer now. I hope it will stay there. Now I think of it, I probably should de-grease it first before spraying it!
  12. Andy welcome to LOC and enjoy the car and the forum! Is it your first Lexus? Add photos of the car! 😉
  13. Hi Graham, thanks for your input, yes, council will try anything to avoid responsibility, otherwise they would be paying anyone, I guess. What's pisses me off is that I have photos o the pothole, damage tyre and I still can't win it! Inspection report I have says that the road to be checked 12 times a year (8 by car and 4 by foot, roughly every month), last time it was checked on 20th of November so the next time would be 20th of December (+/- 5 days) and I hit the pothole on 17th of December. Last inspection report (on 20th of November) says there were no defects on the road and between last inspection and the 20th of December there were no complaints from drivers about that bit, the only 2 they had was on 20th of December and it was fixed the same day, this is what I call service! 🙂 I do not know how to check if this road was reported before, all I could find that this (see below), it is dated as February but someone put a comment that this was reported for the last 6 months! I have sent this screenshot to the council and they didn't comment on it.