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  1. I also washed the car, probably this is last time this year I have done it this way, I used tar cleaning, clay bar and polish resin on top, then applied water repellent/polish that works really well! Also attached 2 bumper corner protectors/guards.
  2. Shahpor, I did buy my tyres, well ordered them online to be delivered to my house but prior that I was considering different options, one of them is Blackcircles. As I mentioned before (I think) I need a wheel alignment anyway so i phoned Lexus Glasgow to check the price for it and the same time asked how much they charge for tyre swapping, it was £12+VAT, they however asked me where I get my tyres from and may be they can supply them instead. I told them what I want, they called me back couple of hours later and the price was high, I told them what price is online and they said they can't match it, not even close so I went through online shop and will be fitting tyres at Lexus and doing wheel alignment at the same time. May be they can try to match the price if you have with them Service pack, which I don't so they are not bothered. :)
  3. Lexus Glasgow wanted crazy money for new tyres, roughly £80-90 more per tyre as if buying from internet.
  4. Shahpor I went for a all season tyres this time, Goodyear Vector 4 seasons G2, I bought 4-off even though only the front ones need changing. I will keep the rear ones and will put them back on after the winter. I also need a wheel alignment as front wheels being worn slightly more on outer edges, all that will be done by Lexus Glasgow, next month I guess, depends on weather. Current rear tyres (Avon Z5) are still very good even though they have done almost 10k miles and that the ones I will keep for another season next year. I can't comment on GY tyres above as never had them before but they do have good reviews. I really wanted Michelin Cross Climates but they are to expensive, in price difference to GY I can do wheel alignment in Lexus and have a spare change! :)
  5. Hi Shahpor, I got my front discs skimmed last Friday, they look nice! So they are back on my car with new pads, I think they just bedded in as the brakes are wonderful now and do not judder, it brakes like normal car, well, like a car with strong brakes! :) I love my GS again, I even ordered a 4 new tyres yesterday so the car will have to stay with me for a while! :)
  6. Ordered 4 new tyres - Goodyear Vector 4 seasons G2 and 12 months warranty (in case of rupture or a puncture), it was a £3.50 per tyre (warranty) which i think not a bad deal plus tyres £130 each! Will be putting them on the car next month.
  7. Vlady


    My BMW e60 had loud wipers and only the bought from BMW were more or less fine. I tried Bosch and something else but they all either were loud or not lasting long at all. From that point I always buy wipers from car manufacture even though they are double the price. My wife Passat had very very quite wipers, couldn't hear them when they were operating! I am surprised as your ES is so new, may be it is a design flow? It would irritate me a lot, especially with wet season approaching!
  8. Clocked 42k miles on Saturday! 🙂 Test drive tomorrow for my skimmed brake discs, fingers crossed they wont judder!
  9. I don't think they have an offer on a Cross Climate though!
  10. Costco does now £80 of 4-off 18" tyres, the offer is until 22nd of September. Will do more research.
  11. I was in Lexus Glasgow last Wednesday picking up new set of front pads for my GS and there was blue ES with the same leather. I think the ES looks better in life than in the pictures and God these seats are comfortable!
  12. Hi Les, where exactly these offers come up? On Michelin site? Thanks
  13. In fact the car has same tyre make is a good sign! The car does look clean and nice! Keep us updated on how the test drive go. Good luck!
  14. Got my front discs skimmed today, put it back on the car with new pads, so far I have been doing smooth and slow braking just that the brakes bed in better. Apparently one of the disc was slightly warped but both got machined. Well, even now I can say that my Lexus was never braking better and smoother as it does now, in fact it was my only gripe for this car - brakes but I was blaming it to be a hybrid! I think one disc was always slightly warped but with my harsh braking trying to clean pads/discs I made it worth, anyway, I do not have a proper answer to that, I have no idea why would disc being thick almost as new got warped, defo not under my owner. I had warped discs on my old car (Passat) but discs were thin and required changing, this ones are 29mm (new ones 30mm) so not badly worn! I just hope this issue won't happen again in near future. Got the front pads from Lexus Glasgow for £72 and as a present a 2 teddy bears for my daughters! 🙂 Thanks to Mark from Parts dep.