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  1. Good Morning @i-s, thanks for links above, i will read them to have better understanding what is going on. I noticed last night was not as windy and the car behaved better on motorway, I guess Lexus comfort suspension and the little Scottish wind do not go together well! 🙂 I will leave the suspension as it is for now as on paper wheel alignment is fine, when I get next time to Lexus (hopefully for Battery Check only) I will talk to them about it. Thanks everyone for input, if you have any other ideas keep them coming please.
  2. Hi @i-s, I have attached below the screenshot of the Wheel Alignment report, does it tell you anything? To me if it is green it is good but what adjustment you mentioned can be done to make the car a wee more stable Thanks.
  3. Kevin all my LOC email notifications go to Junk email, even though I marked them as not being Spam they still do, weird!
  4. Thanks John, it might come to that that I will need that adjustment get done, not now as I do not have access to a ramp and need to take the car to the garage and convince them to do it! It is weird though that wheel alignment is spot on and the car still does this thing! To be fair it is less windy today and the car felt better on motorway but not ideal, I still do not feel that stability on the road as I felt with my 5er!
  5. Hi William, I have changed the brand of tyres but I had similar issue with my old ones, actually it is a bit better with new tyres and freshly done wheel alignment. Pete, I have good brand new tyres (Good Year Vector 4-seasons Gen 2) so tyres shouldn't be a problem. May be the shock absorbers are on the way to die. Will see how it goes. Thanks everyone.
  6. I heard about 3rd Gen having shocks issues, I have asked Lexus to have a look at them and they found nothing (visually) and told me they never had a GS (4th Gen)with faulty shocks. My car is 7 years old but covered only 44441miles (I noted last night) :). I have almost nothing in the boot and will have to check these little flaps you are talking about, I don't expect them to have such an effect though, could it be? I always wondered what are these for! 🙂 I guess it will be one of the mysteries this issue until something brakes, as they say do not fix it if it ain't broken! My wife never mentioned that she felt the same effect on motorway and she took it to Sterling last Saturday so may be it is in my head and I just expect more linearity from the car?
  7. I hope not John, how can I check it? I do not feel it being inconsistent or when you rotate the wheels it judders or pulsating.
  8. @i-s thanks for the suggestion and for confirming some of mu thoughts. I have the same print out from Lexus Glasgow showing what was wrong with wheel alignment before and after so I hope it was done properly. My GS apart from floaty feels like it is trying to be blown away by the wind i.e it's directional movement forward is affected by the wind if that makes sense not by much but you can feel it. I think I can rule out wheel alignment, well, not sure what else it can be!
  9. Hi all, When I drive on motorway it feels like the car moves with the wind so you always have to correct it with the steering wheel. I noticed this a while ago but hoped that wheel alignment will fix it and then I had another wheel alignment done last Friday but the issue is still there, I thought it is the wind but I drove my wife's Citroen and it stays solid on motorway and my GS doesn't. I remember my BMW felt much more secured at the motorway speeds without much input from steering wheel. Even by changing the radio channel the car can move a meter within the lane! The car was with Glasgow Lexus twice within last 2 months (tyres change and wheel alignment) and they could see anything being worn or damaged. I mentioned this a while ago in specific thread I created that when you follow my car it looks like it is on sea waves (I saw it, my boss saw it), I thought it is a super comfort suspension but the issue above makes me think that I do have an issue. I checked the tyre pressures (36psi all 4 wheels) and there is no visual leaks in shock absorbers. I expect the car to be like an iron on the road being that heavy but it feels like a boat! Does anyone have an idea what it can be or it is a GS specific thing and this is how it should be? Any ideas are welcomed! Thanks
  10. Malc I had a full wheel alignment done as well, just to make sure it is fine as 1.5 months ago I put 4 new tyres on and at that time I also did wheel alignment!
  11. Phil I will, I keep all the records (receipts) in case I need them. Someone told me it can take up to 1 year to get a refund from council! It's not just about money, it is principal for me, we pay taxes and roads are ******* and being repaired as bad, no preparation just patches over potholes - shocking! Funny thins is - the pothole I run over was fixed 2 days later! 🙂
  12. Got my tyre changed today and wheel alignment done (it is needed to be done apparently) at Lexus Glasgow, so the accident with the pothole cost me £221! I have not driven my GS for 2 weeks and it felt so good to be back and comfy! I had Mazda CX-5 diesel on holidays and then I was driving my wifes Citroen (diesel as well) and it was good to be back to vibration free salon! 🙂 Was not much impressed by Mazda, have to say I used to like it the way it looks and the reviews always were nice, but no, I wouldn't get one and the main reason are front pillars - a bus can be hidden behind them, these are massive! It was also the first car I drove with Head Up Display, sign recognition and lane keeping control - loved all of these features!
  13. Got my tyre changed today and wheel alignment done (it is needed to be done apparently), so the accident with the pothole cost me £221! I heard nothing from council yet but blaming that on festive period.
  14. Merry Christmas to all LOC members! All the best!