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  1. What did I do today to my Lexus? Well, about 6.45 in the morning I was washing my Lexus, it was so much bird poo on a roof and windscreen that I was afraid I will scratch the paint if I try to remove it, so I sprayed bird lime neutraliser 1st for a few minutes and then washed it! Also today I received my V750 from DVLA! I ordered number plates on Thursday evening and got a letter today, not bad DVLA, respect!
  2. That's lucky! I will defo have MOT issues if I get illegal plates! 🙂 Nice car!
  3. Removed seat cushion as it was giving me an electrical shock! Saving money for a new foam base! 🙂
  4. A few days ago I removed my seat cushion and I have much less electrical shocks! The cushion is off from now on and saving money to fix my seat base (the foam is a bit worn under the bum!).
  5. David thank you, don't I need a V5 1st before ordering them? I mean will I not be asked a proof on ownership or something? Also, will DVLA not send me a pair of number plates with the new registration? Sorry for so many questions David.
  6. Paul, thank you. I just checked my emails on computer (not phone) and I had 2 emails from DVLA confirming creation of MY ACCOUNT and 2nd one confirming that I should receive a V750 Certificate within 2 weeks. I called my insurance a few days ago and they said there is no charge if I get personalized plates so its good! :) Thanks
  7. I booked number plates last night through DVLA and they show up in my account, I still not received any email confirmation though but knowing DVLA I will get them little more time. I was expecting to be asked on what car numbers will go but never had, how do I assign a number plate to a car? Probably I will receive more information from DVLA later explaining everything but I waited so long to make a decision to buy private number plates and I now I can't wait 24 hours or so! 🙂 Do I need to order them now or DVLA will send them to my address? What style they would be? Everything is so unclear! Sorry everyone, just frustrated, a bit! 🙂
  8. I will be getting these from DVLA only and this thread does not discourage me at all! lol! The way I see it, once you get your number plates from DVLA and all the docs you can go online and order any style you like. :) Thanks everyone for your advises.
  9. Is there any rules if garage name or online seller must appear on private number plate? I mean I would like to have just my letters and a number without anything else, well, may be a border.
  10. Thanks guys @The-Acre and @Toothy, I was going to contact ,y provider anyway but it is good to know that some insurances do not charge you. David, I will be buying (if) through DVLA and I think normal spacing/standard spacing will be fine, thanks anyway. Regards Vlady
  11. Hi guys, coming back to this post, my wife and I have a 10 year anniversary next month and she knows how much I would like a private number plates so most likely I will get one! 🙂 The question I have is, does insurance charge your more for having private number plates? Does your premium go up? Thanks
  12. I too washed the car today, nothing fancy as Lee above, just a snow foam and 2 bucket was after that. Also wiped interior and applied leather softener to the seats, I applied GTechniq 1 C2 last time I washed the car so it's still fine, never even had time to dress the tyres as my wife asked my to wash her car! Anyway, couple pictures below.
  13. Thank you Brian, I will try some of these tricks. Speaking of, on my dads old Soviet car - Volga (GAZ 2410) we had a grounding strap which worked but it would look weird on Lexus or any modern car. 🙂 I am not 100% sure but I think it started after I put in a seat cushion on drivers seat, which reminds me that I need to fix my seat base!