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  1. Hi Nigel, a week ago I received a CTEK battery charger and even though I did not have problems with the battery I connected charger to the battery which is in the boot. My intention was just re-fresh the battery a little and recondition it, so far battery works great, may be a placebo effect but I feel it works better then before! I am not sure if I did right connecting directly to the battery in the boot though but it makes sense if you want to charge the battery you connect straight to it, however, it might be different with the Hybrid! I know I have a hybrid but I never thought it would be an issue. Sorry, probably not much help there.
  2. @JeffLI received my CTEK 5 a few days ago, I should get it long time ago as it is a very nice and good piece of kit! I reconditioned my GS battery too!
  3. I received my CTEK charger a few days ago, without knowing how old my battery is I connected and left it for Reconditioning and Charging, the battery took charge and all is good now. Happy that I bought it, my motorbike battery needed it mostly as was struggling to start the bike!
  4. I had Kumho on my BMW, can;t fault them, I think they are very good!
  5. I totally agree with you - I was saying that from day one! They said it is unknown virus, doubt that! Below is a Biology Book (it is on Russian but 2nd from right is a coronovirus formula) and the book is of 2010! We just have to follow the rules, little isolation (3 or so months) won't heart, right? Hmm.
  6. It was a pleasure to watch, therapeutic actually! 🙂
  7. If you want all season tyres check out Good Year Vector 4 seasons Gen 2, cheaper than Michelin CC and in most situations are better. I have them on my GS, very very happy with them!
  8. George, we are staying at home let me say that first. Pardon me but I do not see how NHS will cope in three weeks or for that matter in 6 weeks with the amount of people that need help and attention. Now UK is in lockdown for 3 weeks and the cases will slow down but will happen after? As far as I know almost everyone will get it (coronathing), UK has 66 million people. UK is not that bad affected yet (compared to Italy and USA) and NHS already struggles with a few thousands people confirmed, in 3-6 weeks time it will be much more, so do we stay at home until Christmas? I am not being sarcastic here, I really do not understand and do not see how it will get better in near future while we are at quarantin now!
  9. Will do it tonight John! Many thanks for birthday wishes John! 😉
  10. Lee, I was looking at that harness but couldn't get to fasteners to loosen it, seriously it looked like it is not hard but impossible to get to it! I had my dad with me, so both of us were looking at it and trying different ways but that harness impossible to unbolt, I mean, for first 2 cylinders I manged to loosen it which gave me a decent access to 2 off spark plugs but the 3rd one is a bugger, it felt like harness has no play in it at cylinder number 3!
  11. Thanks John, I started my motorbike yesterday and it was struggling a bit even though the battery is 2 years old. I knew I would need at some point battery charger and as my birthday on Friday I thought why not?! 🙂
  12. Couple of days ago I got a letter from Glasgow council regards my burst tyre running over pothole saying they will not reimburse it! F..ing bastards! But I will get in touch with them again! They say they check roads 12 times a year and when it was last checked the road was fine so Glasgow Council is not at fault, the letter says last time the road was checked on 22 of November and I hit that pothole on 18th of December, so they were not aware of that pothole but somehow on 20th of December the pothole was properly fixed that tells me they knew about it and planned to fix it, am I right to think that? Something doesn't up! Any advice? As I am rubbish in writing complain letters but in this case I think I am right! Thanks
  13. Well, I decided to do spark plugs myself and today I thought it is a good day to do it, well, I managed to changed 5 out of 6! The one on passenger side is impossible to get to, really! I am not sure if I want to come back to it or just ask Lexus to do it for me! Both hands are scratched due to limit access to some of them! Driver side is easy though! Any suggestions how to reach that 6th spark plug?! Thanks in advance! I also washed the girl and now she looks really pretty!
  14. I was thinking of ordering one tomorrow, CTEK MX5! Overall reviews are really good! I hope it is good, any more reviews from here everyone? Thanks
  15. I sat at the back of UX, I am 1.8m tall and my head was touching the roof, the same story was with IS, I had enough head room in ES and RX though. Boot another story - UX boot is a joke!