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  1. I will try that next time, thanks Lee for a tip!
  2. Hi Malcom, I am thinking about these as well but as you I have now enough tire thread to last me until next cold season so I will wait, but these tires are on top of the list!
  3. My wife is already on the policy, all i have left is two daughters - one is 5 yo and 2nd one is 1 yo so it might not work! :)
  4. Hi Dylan, see my answers below, not much help probably. 1. I have no vibrations through gear stick, apart when the car starts the ICE. 2. Do not have that but would be good to have. 3. sport + does stiffen up the suspension and makes throttle response sharper. 4. Warranty is about 20% more expensive than my BMW was, so no cheap. 5 I get now average 32-34 mpg, during warmer periods I did 35-35.5mpg 6. Battery works good after motorway run and when the car id warmed up. When it's charged I can cost at 35-40mph but cant get to that speed on battery alone, ICE always kicks in. 7. Mine is Premier so I have ML sound system and big screen.
  5. Hi Lee, thanks for the offer. I don't even know what exactly is required for 40k service. Plus I need to check if Lexus Glasgow will agree to use parts bought by me. Do you have a link to your site or anything? Thanks
  6. Hi Steve, I didn't buy my car from a Lexus dealer, it was another car selling chain, may be they offered me something regards the service but I refused, in many cases you pay money for service (what is actually car required based on year and mileage) but all they do is just changing an oil and oil filter, I have been caught like that before! I am shocked by KIA prices! Uau!
  7. This is what I am thinking, a bit too much for not much work and all for the Lexus stamp?! I would agree it builds your relationship with the garage but common, it is robbery. I will pop in anyway to the garage to see what they can offer when time comes.
  8. Thanks Rayaan, I will check if Lexus Glasgow does it.
  9. If it is just fluids, filters and checks is it worth it to go to dealership?! I can use my mechanic (probably) for half the price, especially I won't be taking their 2 year warranty.
  10. I have a print out saying what is covered and Spark Plugs are not on it. My car is approaching 40k service which cost £495 at Lexus and I was thinking spark plugs are included in this price to justify it and if they don't why is it so expensive? Planning to pop in to Lexus Glasgow to find out what is the deal.
  11. Thanks for update Wayne. This rattle almost drove me nuts yesterday morning! I tried to push air deflectors, clock etc but nothing worked, I was really hoping for Lexus to sort you out! I thought they would say, that to find out the rattle we need to take apart the dashboard! Let us know if you find a solution to this. In a meantime I will empty my glove box and door pockets to eliminate noise (if any) coming from rubbish in them!
  12. Hi Lee, I have, I even taken to one in Glasgow, he had a looked and slightly boosted the seat base, re-adjusted stuff but to no avail tbh, at first I thought it was better but it was not. So far I have spent about £220 trying to sort the seat out!
  13. Vlady

    new is owner

    Congrats. Is it 200t? Is it totally different from Alfa, right? What made you go for Lexus? Add some pictures of your new car, we like it here! 🙂
  14. Does anybody knows where I can find a price for a new driver seat? Is it really expensive? May be I can brake it somehow so I can claim it on warranty, my driver seat will drive me nuts, its not dead uncomfortable but I know its not right and that bothers me!
  15. I have read a review on Alfa Romeo Julia and Jaguar XE 300, to my surprise they said that it is disappointing that Jaguar shuffle front tyre at low speeds, so Lexus not the one. Somebody before mentioned that MB and Jaguars suffer from this.