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  1. Denis, welcome to the forum! Good to have you here! With Lexus you will have boring weekends - nothing to fix on the car 🙂 but money saved will be spent on waxes, polishes etc! 🙂 When I had a BMW I always had on a back of my mind that something will go wrong with the car, I knew every MOT or service there is a potential of repair, may be not a breakdown but defo an advisory, to me it is the same as I tend to fix even advisories as soon as I can. 🙂 It is a good advice to see LExus to do a Battery Health Check, I was just not sure they do it on the cars older than 10 years. Check shock
  2. Hello i-s, good to have you back! I thought you have left the forum. 😞 I checked this with Lexus Glasgow when I noticed that "floatiness", the luck of directional stability and they couldn't find anything, they said they have never seen a failed shock on GS Mark4. I thought the issue was in wheel alignment but I did that with Lexus and nothing really changed after that. Since then I have done 2 MOT's with Lexus and 2 Battery Health Checks so I assume if there was a leakage/sweatiness in the shock-absorbers they would spot it. Thanks for a suggestion though, when I am in the ga
  3. And it is done, rear alloys are done too! To be honest the car needs washing but it is too bloody windy and occasional rain doesn't help either! Will be waiting for a better times! 🙂
  4. I refurbished the wheels on Wednesday, yesterday I removed 2 front ones to clean/wash them and then applied a coat of PoorBoys sealant and some tyre shine, Ive got 2 more wheels to do, hopefully today, weather permitting as i hate doing half the job!
  5. If it was easy to do or if I knew for a fact that penetration oil would do the job I would be doing this on a regular basis!
  6. Why do you think the calipers were changed so early? You reckon the pins were seized?!
  7. The car is back with me, it was only one sensor that need replacement. I didn't have a chance to check the work they have done on the wheels neither to check which sensor they have changed as it was dark and raining, hopefully this morning will be dryer so i can go outside and have a look and take a photo. I also wish to give a car a proper wash but the weather disagreeing with me, it is cold, frosty over nights and roads treated so the car will get dirty pretty quickly if I go even for a short drive. It is clean inside though, i usually clean inside once a week. Beautiful! Nice p
  8. Just an update, had a phone call from the wheel refurb company, apparently only 1 sensor is required and all in with the coding will be £65 on top of I am paying for the wheel refurb, not too bad! I would pay Lexus about £150! I also hope the garage didn't take advantage of me, I use them 1st time, and decided to make some money on me. Will be checking my sensors, at least visually! 🙂
  9. Dropped the lexus at the wheel refurb company. 2 sensors came out fine but other 2 must be cut out as they seized. Grrr! Phoned Lexus Glasgow, they can change both sensors and code them in for £290! Ouch! Waiting on a price from the wheel company garage, may be they can provide a cheaper alternative.
  10. Martin, this is in Russia, I like to watch youtube videos and Russia and Eastern Block (UK doesn't have that many videos on used cars, like 10-15/20 years old) do have good stuff now on youtube, Camry is very popular there, and all youtubers say the brake discs are prone to warping. Saying that, I am still on BMW forum and they have these issues as well, not sure it is due to the way the car is driven or just week disc material. I think Lexus is using to a great material and they easily overheat or whatever.
  11. This and warped front discs. Toyota Camry, especially with 3.5 motor also suffers this. Preventative Maintenance job that doesn't take long, especially if the car is on the ramp, however, considering Lexus charges about £130 per hour that means they will charge you I would say about £260 for the job. I would not pay these money on my used car but the cars that still under manufacture warranty should get this treatment during service.
  12. Paul, I do it twice per year as well. Next time it will take you less than 2 hours unless there is a problem. I think I can do all 4 sides now in under 2 hours. I noticed too that the rear ones are more prone to corrosion, I guess they have to work much less than the front discs.
  13. I meant wheels with tyres from front to back.
  14. Steve, they are directional. I was going to put rear tyres on front and vice versa. I had an repairable puncture (cut) on the front left tyre and ordered a new one, I want to put a new one on the back of the car and the one from the back move to the front.
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