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  1. Louis welcome! The car looks lovely and very well looked after!
  2. Mark, does Brembo do brake discs for Lexus GS450h Premier which has different/bigger brakes than even an GS F-Sport if I am not mistaken. When I had the same issue with brakes last year I struggled to find anyone to supply non-OEM brakes for my Premier model so it would be great to know if Brembo has them.
  3. I did an oil service yesterday and the diff oil change. My car clocked 50065 miles already!
  4. @Mr Vlad how do you find these tyres? My wife has them on Citroen and I can't fault them, also friend of mine has them on Skoda Superb and likes them too, they are quite and comfy.
  5. Very good results there Mr Vlad but I am sure the photos don't do it justice. I have black colour GS and polished it using DA polisher, even though I am a novice at it the results are amazing, I still got some scratches I need to work on! What I am saying I took couple of photos before and after and unless you enlarge them to see sun reflection on the paint you can't see the swirl marks and after the polish almost all of them gone! After all that work I done I refuse to wash the car! lol! 🙂
  6. That squealing noise would drive me mad! As you say, I would expect Lexus technician to notice something out of normal when they were at it, or, all they did just visually checked all discs and pads without disassembling the callipers and lubricating every sliding part, including anti-squealing plate at the back of the pads. Can you remove the wheel and check if the whole assembly looks clean and lubricated without removing the calliper?
  7. I use Polish Resin just now, still got enough for this season though. Thanks for the link, there is a lot of stuff to consider to buy, all very tempting, waxes, clothes, shampoos!
  8. I agree, that means you need to take the brakes apart, easy enough though. Clean them with metal brush, you can even buy a brake cleaner, some of it is very good stuff, and then apply lubricant on sliding parts, this should help with squealing.
  9. Tony I used Meguiars Car Body Scratch Remover Ultimate Cutting Compound last weekend on my black GS, very happy with the results. Apparently it is one of the best polishes just now.
  10. Phil, as a Scratch remover/polisher I used Meguiares Ultimate Cutting Compound too, it is one of the best based on reviews and actually very good for black cars and 2nd coat (not sure it was required though) I used Auto Glym Polish Resin. It was raining today, the waters beads nicely of the polished panels. Weather permitting I need to do a bonnet and the roof and may be another go on other panels and then apply Carnauba wax on top and that will be me until next season.
  11. Over yesterday and today I was polishing the car, using DA polisher that I received a few days ago. It takes practice I would say but results a very good, I should buy one of these ages ago, it is not easy but much less tiring than doing it by hand and as I said results are so much better! Most of the swirl marks and the haze has gone, I still have scratches but I was getting used to the machine this weekend and didn't want to over do it plus it was pretty sunny in the afternoon which is not great for the polish. I still need to find a polish with rougher compound to get rid of the dipper scratches but even the results I have now are amazing, my wife was shocked when I have shown to her half a panel polished and another half not treated, it is so good! I would say, to do that you need time, to do it right, especially when you do it first time. Once it is done you can just maintain it or do couple panels at the time. Now, I need to find a good scratch remover and work on these areas but I am still happy that I have done, well, I still need to do a bonnet and the roof, I would do it but the sun came out and the car being black is pretty hot! I tried to take photos but they do not show how good results are. 😞 Also I wish I had a proper size garage or a box to work on the car without being afraid of the rain/sun/dust etc!
  12. Let us know James how it goes. Good luck! By the way, my seats are cooled and heated as well, so do not let Lexus guys scare you away or let them justify the high price they might ask! £400 for GS450h all in from Lexus Glasgow.
  13. Hi James, I have similar issue with the seat, I went to Lexus Glasgow and they quoted me for the seat foam £200 and £400 all in i.e seat foam and the labour. What I am saying, try your local Lexus first, I have tried local seat upholsterer and just wasted £100, he tried to make the seat better but I still feel it is not right, well, I know that the passenger seat feels firmer and distribute my weight more equally.
  14. 2 friends of mine have Mercedes, an E-class (68 plate) and C class (17 plate), and they say they had no problems so far, fair enough the cars are quite fresh and new. I thought W124 was one of the most reliable car! As above, I had a BMW E46 3 series, which at that time (based on internet search at that time) was more reliable than C-class, X-type Jag and Audi A4 (not the Lexus IS200 of course) but I was really disappointed with it reliability wise, may be it was just that one model - temperamental, who knows!