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  1. DAB drops out happens quite often in Scotland, I would say mostly it is rubbish coverage, but when you get the coverage the sound is better than FM radio. Funnily enough some dab channels sounds better and lowder then the other. I found that in a few cars not just Lexus with ML.
  2. That's what I call LEXUS, this is how Lexus should look like! Beautiful!
  3. I had Kumhos on my bmw e60, was very happy with them, I think they are very good for a price, however I noticed they are getting more and more expensive. Kumho is tyre No 2 in Korea after Hankook, I think, this is what tai driver told me in Seoul once. 🙂 Falkens are alright too, had them years ago on my BMW e36, for our everyday driving they will be more than fine. Good Luck!
  4. @Malc I don't think police will get involve in something like this, I might call them if this happens 3rd time but the guy can always blame it being an accident and accidents happen all the time, unless I can prove he targets out cars for these accidents. :) I hope there won't be a 3rd time though! I will get very upset! My neighbor has 5 kids, one of them already has a car, another one is taking driving lessons, the guy himself is thinking to get a Jag, I am dreading that moment when all of them get cars, we already struggling for car spaces next to houses and of course my car will get more chances to get hit! 😞 Everything is going to be ok Vlad!
  5. I am not sure much can be done, if it happens again what can I do? Even if he signs the document suggested by @royoftherovers above not much I can do I guess. Another claim another repair, I don't think they will agree to give up driving or take extra driving lessons and learn how to park and drive. :)
  6. Hi Mark, I didn't want to offend anyone, I was trying to say that maybe because they are Muslim (I am rubbish when it comes to religions) he (car owner husband) never let me talked to his wife, I assume this is something to do with religion and I might be wrong, may be this is how things done in their house and husband decides everything and nothing has to do with religion, so I never found out how exactly the accident happened, may be she forgot to engage the handbrake fully, may be she never put it on on a 1st place, may be she reversed into my car while parking, I don't know as I never talked to her. I hope I cleared the thing here Mark. I am sorry if anyone got offended by my comment, it was not intentional.
  7. I tried Alan, but always got an uncertain answer, the guys are Muslims, the car who hit mine is driven by the women and after the accident I was only dealing with her husband, from what I understood it was her who reversed or something, to insurance they said the car rolled in and that is what my other neighbor told me as after it happened the cars were stacked together for a couple of hours. :) Well, after my car was repaired I asked them nicely to park more careful when I am there, on which the guy replied this is not his car and his wife drives it! lol! Yesterday their car was parked up the road again, luckily it didn't roll down but I see how that could happen! :) I am glad my car is fixed and actually it is better than it was before the accident. Bumper and bonnet resprayed (no stone chips or swirl marks), new radiator grill and emblem and new clips for under the bonnet covers which i meant to change for the last few weeks and just never had a chance to pop in to LEXUS to order some.
  8. Colin, this was my exact point to them, and they keep saying that that option is optional and it was my choice to take it therefore I am to pay it! Not sure what will happen, they said they will call me back, I doubt that though, will give them a call on Tuesday.
  9. Hi Malc, I thought so and I am trying to claim it through insurance (it's not mine insurance but the car who hit me, I take it this is what you call 3rd party?) as everything was organised through them (my car repair and courtesy car) but their point is that this was optional and if you decided to take it then I am responsible to pay for it, it's not much, just under £70 but why would I have to pay it?
  10. Well, the car was fixed well, but the time will tell, I hope I won't have any lacquer pilling off in a year time or so. Now, i have a battle with their insurance as I decided to pay £7 a day for courtesy car to bring my excess down to £0 in case something happens, apparently this was optional and insurance does not want to refund it because it is optional. If I didn't pay £7 a day i could end up paying excess of £1400 so obviously I decided to take this option. So far insurance does not want to pay it! Grrr!
  11. I got my car back last night from paint shop! I could not spot any issues with it, looks like they did a really good job! I am so happy to have it back! I missed her a lot! :) Qashqai was not a bad car but I love my GS, it's quieter, comfier and much (much) quicker and much more relaxed to drive be it town or motorway!
  12. Oh God! I want your garage! 🙂 Welcome to LOC! Your RX looks good, I am thinking to take one for a test drive one day, seems like a natural progression from a GS! 🙂
  13. Just a quick update, yesterday I got a Qashqai as a courtesy car, not too bad but my leg hearts shifting the gears as the car is manual and diesel! Enough space inside though, decently quite and economical, so will do the job for now! I got a text today from the garage saying that parts were ordered (no details) and once they get them I will be informed on how long it will take to repair it. I am planning to find out what exactly will be done and changed but they might refuse to provide that information.
  14. I was thinking on insisting to use a Lexus approved paint shop but, I have read reviews about Mitchell Inglis and most of them actually quite good (I hope I will live a good one too) and I like the speed they agreed to take my car in, i hope it will be fixed quickly. I will be checking the quality of the work like gaps, paint quality, color matching etc. I had another conversation today with the insurance and asked of I am not happy with the repair what should I do? The answer was contact them and they will sort all things out. Basically i will make sure the car is 100%! Regards what Lexus Glasgow is using, I think for this one they will use cheap away for a paint shop who is just around the corner from them and I had experienced them before and was left not happy the least! The paint started flaking in slightly more then a year, I took it back for them to fix it and they did another horrendous job by overspraying my nickel exhaust end and wheel covers which told me that the bumpers were not removed to get it done properly and wheel arches badly covered and not done from inside at all! I asked them what if i get the same issue (flaking lacquer, rust) they only told me to come back and they will do it again! It was not my Lexus but i had a conversation with them about Lexus garage that is around the corner and the guy said that they fix cars for them so I was shocked, how Lexus can allow to work them on their cars? Basically, if it was a major crash I would go to Lexus, as it is minor I will give a chance to this garage but I will be pain in the neck if everything is not 100%!