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  1. Had a 1st proper ride today after wheel alignment was done on Friday and new tyres (good year 4season vector gen 2) fitted, this is such a difference! I knew new tyres should be quite but not that quite, even compared to summer tyres new ones are much much quieter, I made a good choice!
  2. Yep, service cost is crazy at the dealer, mine would be around £540-580! I bought all required items for a service from Lexus Glasgow and changed it at BMW garage where friend of mine works. Saved probably 70% of money! But if you want Lexus warranty you must have service done with them and most do for a stamp in the book!
  3. Well, just had a text from Lexus Glasgow that my car is ready to be picked up and not a single word about pads, so I called them and they confirmed that the pads are correct. Anyway, I think this is me being stupid and I should remember it - the pads have a chamfer at outer edge and the thinner pad gets the bigger area is covered! Wheel Alignment was quite off and had to be done, I felt that for a last month or so, the car just wasn't stable at motorway speeds and felt like a boat moving within a line and always required an input from steering wheel. I hope I will feel the difference! I miss the car already and will pick it up on Friday as I am working away for a few days. Thanks to Lexus Glasgow, the car was booked for the job above for this Friday but they agreed to take it earlier and keep it for a few days while I am away and look, they have done it all today! Well done! I think the overall price is about £118. Vladimir
  4. Dropped my Lexus off at Lexus Glasgow with 4-off new tyres to be fitted and wheel alignment to be done. Also asked them to check rear pads, I bought these from them couple months ago and noticed that they a bit smaller then the old ones as rust is appearing at the edge of the brake discs which tells me that the pads they sold to me are not correct ones and probably for GS250/300h! I received a report today on complimentary health report and everything came up green, I am glad! Even rear pads are green! I just hope they will call me to discuss this issue! Will see!
  5. @i-s thanks for the review, wonderful and very interesting to read! Seems like a very good car, only road noise would upset me (I am being spoiled by GS).
  6. I had one of these cushions, didn't like it and thrown it away. 1st of all the car started giving me an electric shock after every journey and 2nd of all heated seats did not work as good, especially I find the GS seat being one of the worst heated seats I ever experienced! Add cushion to it and you need to wait a long time to feel the heat at your bottom! I asked Lexus Glasgow about the problem above (heated seats and uneven seat base foam wear), they checked it and said all is fine! But gave me a quote of £400 if I want to change the seat foam with them.
  7. Vlady


    Welcome Kat! They say Volvos are almost as good built as Lexus! Apart from diesel in your Vovlo, what else you don't like, if I may ask. Vlad.
  8. Very nice car, may be when I win a lottery! 🙂
  9. Bought 5-off plastic valve dust caps (£1.50 a packet) as mine Lexus ones were nicked and put them on the car. Obviously not as nice as Lexus ones but will do the job for the winter period.
  10. What measures were taken to make sure it won't be stolen again? Is that easy to steal on a first place?
  11. Thanks everyone, I will stick with rubber ones just now, until we move to another area in a few months IF everything goes well! Have a good weekend all!
  12. Some bastards stole my all 4 valve caps! I can't believe it, in 20 years owning different cars and staying 7 years at this address this never happened before! Really upsetting and made me angry! Grrrr!
  13. Until you said that your GS has a radar cruise I didn't know Lexus was fitting anything like that. Friend of mine has a Superb and it ACC works perfect and easy to apply, saying that I never tested it under heavy rain. :)