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  1. I'm after the aerial plug that goes into the back of head unit I have added a picture Thanks
  2. I love necro posting !!!!! Is220d fuel econemy is great compared similar rivals diesel equivalents.... It is however faster than them quieter, bwtter equipped easier to fix and hits the twisties just as good as any in its league but for getting good mpg it does it the job as well, i don't see this as a failure really, ever drive the the 320 and a4 2.0tdi it's up against ? there boring and gutless the lexus does the job better the m sport and sline models are a bit prettier to look at perhaps. You can't tell it's a diesel from I side when the engine running and if you ditch the egr dpf and mapped it above 200bhp it because a fantastic car and your not improves it also becomes alot more reliable... Never understood the hate.... And why are people surprised you can get good mpg from the 250 it's a 200bhp v6 that's very little power from a v6 so its not a very thirsty car and it's reliable as well as its under very little strain it's also far too underpowered for its weight... However a lovely reliable v6 that's not thirsty and an rival crushing diesel I reckon lexus nailed it with there is range of the period look at the original is200 everyone slaughtered it for being too heavy and underpowered blah blah but in the end they must of sold a good few because I see then everywhere and i drive a few and apart from being underpowered it's a bloody good car just like the 2nd generation whatever one you chose, Diesel makes more sense to me but i use it for shopping and ferrying my kids about in comfort and safety which it does perfectly much more so than the st220 I used as my family car before... I have my track n off roading toys and a megane rs for me time, The is220d is a cracking car and i think lexus found a nice niche in the market for it, if it wasn't for hybrids I think you'll find lexus would of made another diesel.. I never looked at an is350 before I think I might do that right now
  3. Thats the best you could come with.... not a discussion of what a said ? Simple point lexus are good cars and a better choice than the german rivals the 220 justs needs a sub 500 job done and it makes an excellent car that the german rivals also need done imo. Its not a sports car its a daily bus for shopping and moving people about it comfort which out of all the diesels i looked at i found it the best plus there cheap as chips for what u get for your money
  4. Most of the people on this fourm are idiots, A properly mapped 220d with the egr dpf removed would embarrass a is250.. Why you think the bmw 3 and 5 3.0i are laughed at compared to there diesel counter parts... Is 250 are mostly autos and barely make 200bhp and have no tunning potential.. Only thing you need to fit a 250 rear exhaust and the rear splitter you get for 100 off ebay and a 15 quid rubber splitter and perhaps the wheels if you think they look too small. The is a well made comfy cruiser perfect for a diesel alternative to the bmw and audi rivals, the egr valve is what ruins the 220 engine and most diesel engines get shot of it and a decent map done on a rolling road and your sorted... Most of the people on these fourms have no clue and just repeat the crap the hear, in there eyes all lexus should be big engines autos which they do well tbf.. 204 bhp v6 petrol what morons buys that ?????... I have 414bhp mk2 clio it done 60k miles in 18 months with the onky issue was the gearbox melting on a open pit day at knockhill also have a 300bhp megane rs that gives me little trouble and these cars are renualts remember... Look after a car it will look after you, i k knkw engines inside out nothing wrong with the 220 bar the retarded egr which mkat diesels suffer from, or you could listen to these people whos cresit rating wasn't good enough to get them a car with a m s or f badge
  5. Im very confused I want to remove egg valve is there a step by step guide ? On my 2.8td pajero I just put a blanking plate on and everything was ok. I read 220d gets a fault if I do this Can someone help please
  6. Im wanting to upgrade my standard headunit in my 220d but all the ones listed are for the 250 Even thou the CD player section looks the same I'm led to believe the plugs behind are different. I have the p3831 unit that has the mw/dab button and my upper unit has the menu enter button Mine is a 2010 model can anyone confirm that the plugs are the same on both cars ???? I would retro fit the lexus sat nav unit but im assuming that it's not just a case of getting the unit and extra bit of loom Thsnks