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  1. Lexus Birmingham is a popular place members here choose to purchase parts from. Very quick delivery and keen prices. Obviously places like euro car parts are cheaper but when it comes to my Lexus I insist on genuine parts.
  2. Wow so it really is significantly quicker than the IS250 😄
  3. Hmmm🤔 I'm pretty sure the recorded time of 7.1 seconds was achieved in an IS250 F-sport meaning it's an automatic as a manual F-sport was never produced. I can't find any recorded time of the turbo hitting 60 in under 6.8 seconds. Even if it did achieve it in 6.5 seconds it hardly makes it significantly quicker than the IS250. A bmw 328/ 330i would be classed as significantly quicker with 0-60 times in the mid 5's. I've drove both cars and the difference is minimal. I much prefer the 250 for that addictive V6 sound. The turbo is not a nice sounding engine. Trust me.
  4. Simply not true Colin. At present I own both a IS250 and IS-F and have never experienced dreadful road noise. Infact they produce hardly any road noise. also having drove a 200T and putting it through it's paces I can say it's anything but substantially quicker. I thought it was slightly quicker. Also the IS200T has very noticeable lag especially when a quick start is required. Also when you kickdown it seems to take an age for the turbo to kick in.
  5. But the 250 was never designed with performance in mind. The IS200T was and for a 2 litre turbo it's very underpowered. Put it against say a Vauxhall VXR or ST and the Lexus will be left for dead. Infact I can't think of a modern 2 litre turbo thats actually slower than the Lexus. I've said before, people looking for a 2 litre turbo have performance in mind. That's why the Lexus hardly sold and was scrapped in the UK shortly after it was introduced. I've drove a 200T for the day and it's anything but fast. Slightly quicker than the 250 but with a dreadful sounding engine. The second biggest mistake Lexus ever made. The first being the IS220D.
  6. Quite true the ancient 6 pot is thirsty. Infact it's almost as thirsty as the modern IS200T that nobody wants here in the UK due to its very poor performance figures. Infact it only just pips the ancient 250 to the post.
  7. Had a couple of CT200h for the day while my IS250 was in for service. The IS250 is not only better it's light years ahead of the CT200h. It dosnt even feel like a Lexus and acceleration is dreadful. Stamp on the gas and nothing happens except for the annoying drone from the engine. As much as I love Lexus [and will never touch any other brand,] I would never purchase the CT200h.
  8. Personally I would forget about looking for a CT200h and continue your search for an IS250 SE-L. Having drove both vehicles I can say the IS250 is far superior in every way. Sure you will save on fuel costs but it's nowhere near as comfortable to drive not to mention dreadful performance. Trust me you will be disappointed if you buy this over the 250.
  9. Not necessarily. I took my 250 to Lexus Wolverhampton with about a quarter of a tank and got nothing.
  10. Totally agree and makes you realise how good the IS is after running about in a CT200h all day. I think it's dreadful to be honest.
  11. Failed head gasket perhaps?
  12. Changing the plugs on the 250 at 22k is totally unnecessary. Makes no difference whatsoever how old the plugs are, it's the actual milage that counts.
  13. I called Lexus bristol today after reading this post and they said there is no recall for the original airbag recall that they are aware off.
  14. It does sound like the EGR valve but since you have recently had a new one fitted I'm thinking it's turbo related, possibly a stuck wastegate.