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  1. The rears are the biggest problem and they really do need cleaning and regreasing every 6 months or they will seize up. The fronts are a different design and not as prone to seizing as the rears. These can be serviced every 12 months. Apparently it's an easy job for you guys but I get my Toyota dealership to service mine at every 6 month service. Even your local independent service centre will do all 4 for as little as £40. It's very important to keep on top of this as new calipers can be quite expensive as I discovered on a previous Lexus.
  2. That's very good. My 250 F-sport has averaged 28.6 over a year, but it's a 2.5 litre V6 engine and I like to use it. I could easily get much better mpg if I drove like a granny.
  3. Bit of an interior change

    Looks heaps better than the wood IMO and what great job you have done fitting it too. Looks really cool 😎
  4. New member

    Hello rod and welcome to the forum 😀 The 250 is awesome. Trust me you won't be disappointed.
  5. Agree with you there @Linas.P my 250 still had the original Dunlops on the rears at 33k and still had a good 12 months life in them. However the uniroyal rainsports I had fitted to the fronts at 21k have less tread than the rears.
  6. It may look clean but don't assume it is. You would be surprised at how quickly an air filter can clog up with invisible dirt robbing you of valuable air. Air filters cost peanuts and are easy to replace (even I can do it) Well worth changing every year I say.
  7. The 250 requires a brake fluid change every 2 years. As for the air filter, mine is replaced every year at full service.
  8. It will fit but it's not the ideal battery due to the terminals being in the opposite direction and the possibility of causing stress on the wiring loom. My 250 is still on the original Panasonic battery. The car is now 7 years old but when the battery decides to give up the ghost it will definitely be replaced with the Bosch.
  9. Well today I learn something new. 17" wheels will definitely give a more comfy ride but I think they look a tad too small for the car. 18" wheels definitely look better on the IS but that extra inch is noticeable and gives a firmer ride.
  10. Only late 2009 onwards got the indicators on the wing mirrors and only F-sport models come with 18inch wheels as standard on the gen 2 IS250.
  11. Chris777

    Very unlikely to be the snow. These cars are rife with problems as you probably know. My guess is your EGR valve is clogged up or if your lucky the MAF sensor is dirty and needs a clean .
  12. The Lexus IS250 takes an age to warm up. Longer than any other car I've ever owned. During my 6 mile commute to work in this current climate the car has just about reached temperature when I arrive. (needle just left of centre) even during the summer it can take 3 miles to reach temperature.
  13. I don't rate the hankook Ventus prime at all. Had a pair fitted on the rear several years ago and they are poor in the wet. Uniroyal rainsport are absolutely superb in the wet. I can't rate them highly enough. It's the only tyre I ever have fitted these days.
  14. Real opinions

    If your set on a Lexus IS I would definitely go for the 6 cylinder V6 over the diesel for lots of reasons. The 250 is equally as good on fuel as the diesel and far far more reliable, and heaps more fun to drive. Trust me you will run into problems sooner rather than later if you purchase the 220d. You would not believe the issues I had in my short ownership along with many other members here on the forum. Just take a read through the posts here. It's full of threads with a variety of issues. If your lucky you may just have EGR issues. Do you fancy having to strip it out and clean it every 5000 miles? Nope thought not. I needed a new head gasket, new EGR valve, a dpf regen and work to correct the 5th injector in the space of 6 months and it still smoked like a chimney afterwards.
  15. 2008-2014

    The generation 3 IS has redesigned calipers fitted and do not suffer the same seizing issues assosiated with the generation 2. Personally I would still pay the £30 or so extra at service time to have the pins greased up just for piece of mind, but generally you won't have an issue.