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  1. IRLLexus300

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    This is great info, thank you for sharing 👍
  2. IRLLexus300

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    Anyone on here doing IS300h services themselves? Got mine recently, it's 5 years old and I can't justify paying main dealer prices to do what are simple service items. I've had my car over an inspection pit and the oil and filter changes look a cinch, although it looks like a special tool is needed to unlock the filter. I'd get genuine filters from Toyota/Lexus but do the work myself as I've always done on my previous cars. Just take the car to Lexus once per year for the hybrid health check to keep the 10 year warranty. Is there anyone on here doing DIY services?
  3. IRLLexus300

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I track all my fill ups using the Fuelio app. Have had my IS300h for a month now and have done 3 fill ups. 47, 49 and 49 mpg for the 3 fill ups. Trip computer shows about 50-52mpg for this so under estimates the actual fuel consumption by 5-10%. This is based on a mixed driving profile. I have a 10 mile trip to work, 5 in traffic and 5 on a dual carriageway @70mph. At weekends I do backroad driving mainly between 50-60mph. At 50 mph the car seems to be most economical. I find this fuel economy to be excellent for a 2.5l petrol with 220 odd bhp. My last car was a 110bhp VW Passat Tdi that returned 55mpg for the same driving.
  4. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    Marvelous - thank you
  5. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    I have a P60, a bank statement, a credit union statement and a phone bill so hopefully wont run into any issues. One quick question - did you fill out section 11 of the V5C and send to the DVLA? Or do I hand over the entire V5C at the VRT appointment?
  6. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    Looks a fabulous job. Doing the VRT today so once I've absorbed that financial hit I may treat myself to this Alphasud ceramic coating.......
  7. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    Big money but I'm sure it's worth it. Given the colour of my car I may consider treating it to this. Red can fade very badly............
  8. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    What do they charge for the ceramic coating? How long do they say it lasts?
  9. IRLLexus300

    New is300h owner .

    Congrats sir! Seems there is a collection of us in Cork importing from the UK!
  10. IRLLexus300

    New to forum Is300h owner

    Yes weak sterling and low VRT rates make the IS300h a very good import proposition. Can save €5-7k on the cost of an Irish equivalent
  11. IRLLexus300

    New to forum Is300h owner

    Thank you. Yes the colour is what lead me to this car in particular. I haven't yet done the vrt but according to the calculator it is €930. Had test drove some here in Ireland and the savings to be made by importing are significant.
  12. Hello, would just like to introduce myself to the forum. Now proud owner of an 63 plate IS300h Luxury in Mesa Red. I'm am based in Ireland and have imported this myself from Lexus Cardiff. Delighted with the car so far having come from diesel, so smooth to drive and plenty of power when needed. Looking forward to interacting with you all!