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  1. Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going with the CD slot mount. I use my phone for google maps in the car, the standard nav is pretty poor - usually tells me there is traffic when I'm already stuck in it!
  2. I'm just coming up to 170K with no major issues, in fact the only repairs outside of servicing / consumables have been a bonnet latch, and an auto wiper sensor
  3. Looking for a phone holder / mount for the IS. Would like something that fits down by the heated seat buttons - any suggestions?
  4. Warmer weather has made quite a big difference. I did Southampton to Bristol last week - mixture of stop start traffic and fast motorway, air con on My usual commute is 14 miles, but mostly uphill on the way, down on the way back - usually just above 50 in the morning and 60+ in the afternoon
  5. I cant comment on the UX, but I had a CT200h which was keen to rev, but am now in an IS300h. The IS accelerates a lot more quickly with less revs. Unless I really mash it there is rarely need to exceed 2.5K so I think this will be similar to your ES experience unless you have a very heavy foot
  6. If its an Executive then its the 6 speaker. I came out of a CT200h with the premium system and I was a little surprised how lacking the IS system is
  7. I sold my CT at 150K, but it had been needing a top up between services since I bought it at 100K. When it dropped to the min mark I would add 1 ltr and that was enough to get through to the next service, so I guess it was using 2 ltrs every 10K. It was pretty consistent and never got any worse in the 50K I drove it
  8. https://www.businessinsider.com/survey-uk-drivers-say-tesla-model-s-most-unreliable-car-2018-9?r=US&IR=T
  9. Yep same in our house - Lexus recovery has had to flat bed the Mrs Merc so its been well worth the money
  10. @Rayaans I couldnt see essential care for the IS300h on the website - what are they charging for full / intermediate?
  11. The warmer weathers giving a massive improvement to my MPG
  12. Yep, I have the same. Only place I'm noticing it is in a stretch of roadworks sat at 50, and every so often it feels a bit like there is more resistance to make a slight adjustment. I thought it was the camber of the road at first, but its not always in the same part of the roadworks
  13. No cambelt so you can cross that off the list! Just checked on mine snd the big one looks to have been the 60+ at 120K - that included plugs, but cant see much else beyond the normal full service
  14. Why did they strip the brakes and change the coolant? Did you ask for this to be done as I cant see it on the checklist?