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  1. A few months back i notice one of the rear exhaust mounts for the back of my is250 were rusting. I bought a new one for each side for along with a new gasket+springbolts for mid exhaust pipe - Whatever Lexus parts said i needed for the job. I then took it to the garage my dad has had his cars serviced at for years and asked him to replace them for me. +image below, above ONG647 is where the exhaust was taken off so the new hangers could be bolted on. Few months down the line and can hear an exhaust leak, I look under the car and can see a lot of heat coming out of the exhaust right next to fuel lines that now have no heatshield. It's as if he hadn't tightened it properly at all, the amount of air coming out is enough to move light dirt underneath the leak. Is this the mechanics fault for not tightening properly, being next to fuel lines too with no heatshield must be unsafe? As a mechanic its his job to ensure the car he's working on leave his shop safe for a customer to drive. I'm not looking to go after the mechanic, he just won't have my custom again. It's more the fact my dad swears by him and has done for years because it's easy for him.
  2. The pic isn’t the greatest. There are two hoses from the cap one left into there and the other is off to the right on its own. I think its just for ventilation as the other hose is connected to a larger hose under the cap which goes down into resevoir. only weird noise I hear is when turning the car off you hear a lot of pressured air being released. sounds like a blow off valve
  3. You can buy the genuine dab antenna and install it. The only difference is your button wont say fm/dab inside the car but you will get the stations (unless you can be bothered to replace that too. Not sure how much it will cost but main dealer offer service
  4. Hi, i noticed this gap at the front of the intake manifold is this normal? also this hose is coming out of coolant reservoir. I’m not 100% if it is the hoses fault but it seems like something has been spraying over the fan below it. - looks similar to limescale. any ideas?
  5. before spending 2k have mounts checked as i had flywheel/clutch changed and it did nothing to stop juddering or grinding noises. lexus dealer was 1.6k and indepedant garage quoted 1.4k for the work Now, if you’re planning on going through with it buy a 3rd party warrantee. I saved myself the labor and flywheel cost just had to pay for clutch as its consumable. think I used wms group. The way in which the flywheels fault isn't visible from the outside and mine had a few heat spots (something like that cant remember what tech said exactly.) so when an independent inspector arranged by the warranty company goes to dealer to check the fly it looks as if it is a manufacturer fault instead of wear and tear. I’m not sure if I am lucky as i only had 70k miles so they might not cover with that high milage.
  6. Would seafoam intake spray work for valve cleaning? Do you know where "Ebay chap" is located? Definitely getting a catch can, I was looking for one about 10k miles ago and ended up not pulling through... I wonder how much of a difference it would have made.
  7. Is your also manual? - Every cold start now sounds, well, rattly. Car had full service history but never had this tsib EG017-07 done even though there are customer complaints for cold start rattle from 3 years after the car was purchased on the my lexus site... Wonder if the cam problem could cause this?
  8. I don't exactly baby the car around but i have had slide pin problems with brakes before so i’ll have a look. Also, its a manual. never thought to reset avg so ill do that today.
  9. I've been looking around and people are averaging getting averages in town of over 28mpg. Ever since I've owned mine i've been 17-23mpg and sometimes 25+ on the motoroway let alone town. How do you compare? anyone have an idea why mine is low?
  10. I'm satisfied with the power and insurance is the issue for price, i could get a 12k isf but i will be backing 7k+ for insurance... The idea for this car is to have it lower for looks but not ruin the drive. It will by my reliable daily while i have another car on the side which i will build for power. I'll do roll bars before i touch suspension. I was asking in the orignal question; those that have tackled suspension what works best for them.
  11. The car is affordable for the power and you can't get the is350 in the uk. As for the sensors i've just had one replaced so is it an issue that i have them. MY is250 definitely could do with tightening up.
  12. Looking for some either adjustable coilovers or springs, those that have tackled suspension what works best for an is250 that gets a pretty hard drive? Only want a little lower, enough to clear speedbumps but enough to stop me bouncing down the road... ideas?
  13. I had seized slide pins and lexus wanted £300 per caliper, two of them. Took it to local garage for mot and they freed them and said it wasn't bad. Might be worth taking them somewhere and getting them looked at or having a go yourself.