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  1. Would seafoam intake spray work for valve cleaning? Do you know where "Ebay chap" is located? Definitely getting a catch can, I was looking for one about 10k miles ago and ended up not pulling through... I wonder how much of a difference it would have made.
  2. Is your also manual? - Every cold start now sounds, well, rattly. Car had full service history but never had this tsib EG017-07 done even though there are customer complaints for cold start rattle from 3 years after the car was purchased on the my lexus site... Wonder if the cam problem could cause this?
  3. I don't exactly baby the car around but i have had slide pin problems with brakes before so i’ll have a look. Also, its a manual. never thought to reset avg so ill do that today.
  4. I've been looking around and people are averaging getting averages in town of over 28mpg. Ever since I've owned mine i've been 17-23mpg and sometimes 25+ on the motoroway let alone town. How do you compare? anyone have an idea why mine is low?
  5. I'm satisfied with the power and insurance is the issue for price, i could get a 12k isf but i will be backing 7k+ for insurance... The idea for this car is to have it lower for looks but not ruin the drive. It will by my reliable daily while i have another car on the side which i will build for power. I'll do roll bars before i touch suspension. I was asking in the orignal question; those that have tackled suspension what works best for them.
  6. The car is affordable for the power and you can't get the is350 in the uk. As for the sensors i've just had one replaced so is it an issue that i have them. MY is250 definitely could do with tightening up.
  7. Looking for some either adjustable coilovers or springs, those that have tackled suspension what works best for an is250 that gets a pretty hard drive? Only want a little lower, enough to clear speedbumps but enough to stop me bouncing down the road... ideas?
  8. I had seized slide pins and lexus wanted £300 per caliper, two of them. Took it to local garage for mot and they freed them and said it wasn't bad. Might be worth taking them somewhere and getting them looked at or having a go yourself.
  9. Here are some photos
  10. Had exhaust clamps changed and I still get the grinding noise, had a mechanic not from lexus hear it and I think he thought it sounded like the master cylinder wasn't fitted straight if that makes sense to anyone. Pretty sure it was around £1500 to have clutch and flywheel but i had more done at the time.
  11. Hi, I saw a video where someone was replacing their pcv valve in their is350, I was wondering if this hose you can see coming out of the plastic under the engine cover is meant to be on an is250. Mine doesn't have a hose its just blocked off.
  12. Had one of lexus's technicians in the car. The rattling noise is suspected to be heatshield clamps and of course the grinding noise didn't happen once when he was in the car. Leaving it with them overnight so they can hear the cold start rattle and hopefully it makes the noise too. He did say the cold start rattle is normal and isn't doing any damage. When it comes to the engine, there is definitely ticking going on which i've had mixed opinions about, 1 tech said it was normal injector noise and the other thought carbon buildup. I cleaned out the air box and it had a few leaves in it, since then i haven't heard the noise throught the vents.
  13. I've checked the invoice from my repairs, bal bearing and rel bearing are both on there so must have been done. Can confirm you can hear the noise in 2nd. Just had new mounts and gaskets for exhaust work and everything else exhaust wise was OK.