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  1. I went for SCC spacers as I wanted black ones. Ordered through Ebay. Not cheap but top quality.
  2. A few updates from me. Just back from the detailers. Also painted my calipers and 15mm spacers all round. Well pleased with how it’s looking now.
  3. Finally got around to giving her a good wash today after picking her up on Saturday. A good hand polish, and the paint has come up better than expected.
  4. Your car looks great. Calipers really set it off. That's one thing I might change in future. Can't understand why they give the GS F that colour and not ours. Black or blue are the best colours for this car imo.
  5. Oh that was lucky 😂. There is not many too choose from. Looked good in photos and when I picked it up, as it was overcast. Sun was shining when I got it home and needs a good detail. Too many swirl marks for me but it has 4 new pilot sports, refurbished alloys and they sent it for a service at lexus before I bought it so can't really complain.
  6. They're great cars. I've had 4 of them but found the latest model my least favourite. Yeah the blue one at Sytner Warwick.
  7. Cheers mate. I've been lurking on here for a while and noticed you fitted a quicksilver exhaust. To be honest I thought it would be the first thing I would do as well, but I'm more than happy with the noise and I've just sold a WRX STI which was LOUD. I'll never see those mpg figures again, the wife was with me so I was semi sensible.
  8. Good evening everyone. Just picked up my 2015 RC F today. Driven back to Glasgow from Birmingham today and managed an almost economical 34mpg sitting about 80 ish. Coming from a 2015 WRX STI it's on a totally different level. Fabulous car. I'll post some photos once it's had a good detail. Last owner must have washed it with a wire brush. Cheers James
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!