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  1. I've seen a few pics of your car now in various threads and kept getting some serious deja vu, now after seeing the mention of Goodwood, deja vu is resolved, I saw you at Goodwood JapFest last year, I was in my GSF and thought it nice to see another F car showing face and now I know the plate, I'll keep an eye out on my journies around Hampshire and Surrey! 😄
  2. Usually bronze is a colour I would run away from, but credit where it’s due, with the red paint it looks mint!
  3. I am the same with my GSF, take pride in cleaning it and looking back in admiration every time! 😄
  4. Also trying to convince @Ashrez to sort himself out and make it 3! 😉
  5. Yup I'm in, I was there last year on the most miserable day the summer had seen, haha!
  6. Greetings, getting the other half into an NX hopefully this week sometime, just thought I'd ask how everyones general experience has been with them? Also any heads up info about them would be much appreciated! 🙂
  7. Bahahaha *pauses for air* ahahaha, what a joke and more importantly a waste of money.
  8. I don't think I'd ever end up driving my car if I dwelled on all the 'what ifs', jump in, drive it, smile! 😄
  9. I am shocked, appalled and offended (just kidding), there’s always room for negotiation 😜
  10. VW in Guildford have a GSF for sale 😂, literally next to Lexus Guildford, kinda funny.
  11. Put your shrewd negotiator cap on 😜
  12. I don’t trust salesman as far as I can throw them, I could be totally wrong and it may be ready for sale, but it does sound all too convenient. I had the old run around when I purchased by GSF, it was most definitely going to be sold if I didn’t agree to their price, it sat for a further 2 months until they approached me with my price 😂. When I originally looked, Lexus Guildford were willing to get a car from Derby for me, unsure if they are the same group but that’s a decent distance... sounds silly that they wouldn’t deliver if it’s a guaranteed sale? Best of luck either way, the GSF is a cracker!
  13. Sounds great! If anyone is on instagram follow hockeyedwards, I have a couple of GSF owners i randomly found that I'm trying to meet with as well, would be keen to add more! 😄
  14. You can gently tap the exhaust tips off, I gave mine a hand wash with regular car soap, then used big and tar remover, for some very small areas I had to wet sand (but very high number), then a chrome/ metal polish and then a protector. Took me an evening to do it 😁