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  1. Obsessed would be an understatment!
  2. I pass a blue GSF every now and again in my local area, at first we kinda just stared each other out in a 'is that another GSF?', now we nod and laugh as we've crossed paths 3-4 times, never caught each other for a chat though! I'm very North East Hampshire, just as it becomes Surrey basically. Always have my eyes peeled for GSF/ RCF!
  3. Hello all! Had my GSF for just over a year, only really now getting involved with the whole 'club' aspect of car ownership as I never had the time before! Found a few other random GSF owners on instagram and was directed here! Daily driven for the past year, couple of worthy road trips and about 16k miles later, all I can say is I 'F'-ing love my GS. For anyone heading to Simply Japanese at Beaulieu Motor Museum, hope to catch you there! Kieran
  4. Hello all, Kieran here 🙂 Had my GSF for a year now and never thought to join the forum until mentioned by an existing member! My F has the red interior, sunroof/ Mark Levinson pack, no mods thus far - but that doesn't mean there isn't a list! Based in Hampshire btw.