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  1. Fair play mate and don't blame you, I've managed to limit my social media use to memes and cars 🤷‍♂️
  2. @Cezar B inside joke from the FB group, soz, you're not cool enough to get in 😉 😂
  3. @mr2lad Hello from Facebook *waves like a Lexus enthused maniac* 😂
  4. Got the GSF at 26, plan on keeping it long term/ for it's life time, originally wanted an ISF but by the time I could afford an F car, the GSF was out and it was personally the perfect car 😄
  5. This has been spinning round in my head too, met with Aston Martin Owners Club there late last year and there was no entry fee to park up and chat...
  6. Hence the scepticism 😛 but it does list brembo discs so I was gonna give them a whirl 😄
  7. Very minor update, just a silly omission on my part. You can register online to attend or to display, you have to create an account, takes a few mins and you can upload 'cars' to your 'garage' and you can then apply for future events to display your car from your garage (hoping that makes sense), I've requested to display my F 😄
  8. Agreed, not cheap but I go all giggly when I stomp the go faster pedal and addicted to the cold start/ tunnel runs/ general mischief. The investment was totally worth it 🤷‍♂️🤣
  9. As @Cezar B said, we’ll need to have a meet, I’m interested to see how the ArmyTrix sounds 👍 #TeamGTHaus 😜
  10. Had my GSF just coming up to 2 years, long term car in my mind, bought the Biposto to keep some miles off the F and wanted something to abuse as I suffer from autotrader-itis 😛
  11. You can just admit you're avoiding me 😛 haha
  12. 'Voted worst reliabilty in 2019, what car reviews' - avoid like the plague.. ISF much better choice 😉
  13. Sad to see it go, must be the autotrader notification I got for new RCF's haha! If the 720 is what you really desire, give it bash, only live once! I understand the boredom, I kept the F, but bought a 695 Biposto... 😛
  14. Hey gang, it's me again 😛 - another car event, this time with much better notice. Goodwood Breakfast Club kicks off 1st March with Vee-Power Sunday 😄, free to enter, just have to sign up online so they know rough numbers, it's a cracking drive down/up/left/right (depends where you come from), be good to represent the F's V8 and you tend to get a good mix at Goodwood, with less ***** boxes. Usually hack down with my dad in his Aston from Aldershot area, happy to pre-arrange a meet up and drive down if anyone fancied. Will keep this post hopefully updated as I realise we are early January 😄
  15. I found an online parts place called 'win parts' - it seems to have everything, discs and pads for front and rear, when I check mine next, might take the plunge and see if they are any good as the prices are reasonable. Hadn't mentioned them on here before now as i don't usually like to point people in directions I've never been. If you are feeling lucky, might be worth a shot? 😄