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  1. Nearly... haha. EBC reds were what I found, estimate about 90% squeal reduction at the moment, pending more mileage 😛
  2. Very pleasing when it is so effortless isn't it? Can then spend the time to clean without being stressed of getting it all back together in time for next use!
  3. I think there are 2 officially listed as sold so maybe misremembering the plates? I made contact with one guy by chance on FB who owns an Orange one but he had it wrapped to copy the anniversary edition colour scheme, actually looks quite nice.
  4. An enjoyable read, appreciate the honesty and time taken to document the comparison. I used to appreciate the older AMG's but it would appear we all suffer from local inept drivers influencing us all on who you'd expect to find behind the wheel. I would agree on the E63, had a friend with one and it was very successful in tightening my sphincter muscles (but that could also partly be because he's a **** driver). I don't think I'll be trading in my GSF for an extremely long time (if ever), it ticks all my necessary boxes and the silly choking noise it used to make has been rectified with a valved exhaust system that makes me go all giggly when I stomp the go faster pedal! 😄
  5. I was originally looking at an Orange one in Hatfield (below), in the flesh it is an absolutely stunning colour! Couldn't get the numbers to work at the time so missed out. White was 2nd choice.. 🙂
  6. Also just out of curiosity, what mileage are you roughly at for your brake change? I made it to around 30k mark and probs had a little more left, just wondering how heavy footed I have been... 😄
  7. Finally some updated pictures now I have the exhaust fitted 😄
  8. I took mine off with about 3mm left, and would say the 2mm estimate is about right. The swap was also fairly painless, but I would confess we have a better than average working space and available equipment. A couple of light precision blows got all the bolts started and then finished by hand with a firm wiggle! Gave the calipers a very deep clean, as well as all the brake dust covered bolts that came out, making refitting much smoother too. My only other small 'heads up' is the wearing in phase once you've fitted the EBC's, the wheels were very very red after the first week of driving, but it is only the coating that comes on the first layer of the pads, but by the time it came to washing it a week later, it was back to a 'regular' brake dust colour haha! Best of luck! 😄
  9. And just as an update for anyone wishing to avoid the *cough* hilarious Lexus prices for brakes... Replaced my fronts with EBC reds and now I have more than throughly bedded them in, would say they feel the same under regular everyday driving but the bite is much more noticeable for heavy braking, would also like to say that 90% of the god awful brake squeal the F's seem to be infamous for has disappeared and as an added bonus, hell of a lot less brake dust being generated in between washes! 😄
  10. Afternoon F owners, Just wondering if anyone is heading to this event at Beaulieu tomorrow? Be good to see some F representation. Gonna be heading down with a mixture of cars, if anyone is local Hampshire-ish and fancied a convoy down. Fleet Services 8:30am sharp... or hopefully see some of you there 🏎💨
  11. Good to put a face to a name with all those I met. Had prior engagements in the afternoon so was a short lived morning in the sun. I’ll always be up for anything in the future! My leave was mild mannered, other than a quick rev for a young boy filming 😂. I’ll be sure to capture some better clips of the exhaust for all the enjoy 😜
  12. Apologies but I took very few photos of our F's, I took a quick few on arrival. Apologies to those not in the photo, I was admiring the 'Red, White, Blue' dynamic in the sunshine!!!
  13. Speaking of such things... fitted yesterday 😛 joined_video_da0a5dc469e74798bcde1b7f5f8e8098.MP4