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  1. Easy DIY job as well for those that like to get dirty, was also delightful to clean the calipers thoroughly as well as arches and inside of wheels once off! 😍
  2. Also a massive thumbs up for camskill, used them for my PS4's, great service and prices. Have you looked at what Michelin recommends online? I think last time I looked it was Alpin? I had trouble getting my tyre sizes and camskill were only one to have both front and rear available! Be interested in what you go for 🙂
  3. *Cries in GSF* 😆, I dont like the side profile myself.
  4. If you are more of the 'old man' persuasion 😉 then I do not recommend the GTHaus system, it is F-ing loud, like deafening. Start up valves open is super antisocial (but I like it) and the general acceleration noises are something to behold. Valving makes a moderate change to the sound but still pretty damn loud. I will hopefully attach some clips below 🙂, vids are cold start valves open, car park revs and a pull to about 5k revs, recorded on phones etc so not the greatest audio quality, can hear it rip though!!! I agree it is a lot of money, I justified it to myself as I intend to keep my F for its life time, so the enjoyment over time pay me back. But if you do not intend to keep long term then double agree it is a substantial amount. My biggest issue when finding exhaust options was the fact I had to go on youtube sound clips, 60 GSF's in the UK, how many are likely to have aftermarket exhausts and how many are likely to have all the different sytems available haha! Best of luck though 🙂 GSF_pull.mp4 joined_video_0f729a34cc6649f59d298f2b077bfecf.MP4
  5. Hello fellow Kieran and GSF owner 😉 I will try and give you as much info as possible to hopefully help! If you want noise, the mid pipe is where to get your primary improvement at a lesser cost then lets say headers. Back boxes only make minor changes (from sound clips heard online). I went for both but back boxes are valved. So I have GTHaus midpipe (secondary cats removed) and backboxes installed (yes I realise they are from US), I looked into pretty much every option before purchasing. What I found comments to be about the other 'brands' were that they literally got no noise improvement or in some cases felt it made it sound worse and you've just spunked a loada money on it. I came to the conclusion that I would need to look at Jap/ US options (Novel and GTHaus were on my list). I did successfully barter with GTHaus on price and shipping costs and found them quite open to negotiation. However, the problem lies in that your budget is not suitable for these options I am afraid. As suggested above, it would potentially serve you well to approach someone locally and investigate options. Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask on here or pm me 🙂
  6. Another vote for EBC reds, I would say on par with stock performance, but then I switched my pads out pretty quick as they were low when getting my F and the brake dust was too excessive for me, so didn't have a lot of time braking with OEM pads. After the bedding in process, found the reds to reduce squeal and amount of dust dramatically. I would be interested if there is a marked difference between the yellows and reds though 🙂
  7. I wouldn't be in a GSF without financing, so I would be inclined to agree, but dealers usually (take with a smidge of salt) are the ones with more flex on deals relating to finance, so the above comment is correct that private sales are going to be slower as not everyone has the money upfront (myself included). One big game 😄
  8. Don't 😛 I can't ever seeing mine leaving, I have to buy cars around the fact I want to keep it for a lifetime! 😆
  9. Congrats on joining the club 😉 I am jealous of your classy BMW though, I am on the hunt for a classic and fancied an LS400 or an old BMW as they are the only cars I admire from zee German manufacturer!
  10. Hello 👋 fellow Lexeteers. The time has come for me to add something classic/ old school to the garage. And I think I’ve finally come to the decision it should be an LS400. I’m preferably looking for two tone black/ grey or white/ grey, mk1 is preferable but I’d consider any good car, tasteful modifications are fine, happy to weigh up any small projects that may be required to make the car mint (recently finished a mk1 clipper with my dad) and Covid has provides some serious free time. If you are thinking of a sale in the near future or currently have one for sale, feel free to message me and we could discuss 👍
  11. Ages ago I posted on here saying I was about to get the other half into an NX. Well FINALLY after loads of annoying hiccups with other crap that needed money flinging at it, we’ve finally added one! Grey, 2017, F-Sport with a few additional packs on. Thoroughly enjoyed wafting back home on the 2 hour drive in this beauty! Oh... and the misses likes it too 🤣
  12. Do GS and IS share same filter? Must have been spying my internet history as I’ve been browsing a filter for the F. If it fits I’d have it 👍