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  1. My dad runs all weathers year round on his RX, as he wasn't keen on picking up another set of alloys. No complaints so far!
  2. I agree, I'm down south too. I ran the GSF with summer tyres over last Xmas period, whilst the road wasn't too problematic other than a few untouched back roads, my main issue was getting out of my damn road! I'm potentially getting a run around hatchback and will stick all weathers on it for the few days us southeners get of 'winter' weather 😛
  3. On a side note, any one running winters on their F/ has done in the past? 😄
  4. Have always enjoyed this (in my opinion) underrated channel, quite an informative video. Been in the winter/ all season tyre fan group for sometime since doing a driving course many years ago, but I like the controlled environment utilised in this video for a more valid test and a bit of an eye opener. Enjoy 🙂
  5. Only clip I have of the car not static, courtesy of someone else from a meet I attended the weekend, this was only to about 5k revs as the car had been sat for a few hours and was not fully warm. Gives an idea of what valves open sounds like for me driving to work each day... I'd be lying if i said i wasn't addicted to the go faster pedal! GSF_pull.mp4
  6. So this bad boy has now come down to £45k and is simulatenously on sale at 2 dealers, for different prices.... witchcraft I tell ya! 🤣
  7. Sooooo many variables to even remotely have a chance of taking a 'case' to Lexus I'm afraid. Could I ask does the dyno run make any difference to you/ the love of the car and just interested to know exactly what case you would make to Lexus (not a salty post btw, just genuinely intrigued) 🙂
  8. DC2 seemed too boy racer for me (despite still being in my 20's, haha), although I would probs drive that and a DC5 and see what gets me tingling 😛, any major problems I should be aware of/ things to look out for? Feel free to pm me, appreciate your time 😄
  9. be interested in your thoughts about these, i've been adding a lot to my watch list on ebay, quite fancy one for some weekend fun and to give the GSF some mileage breaks, but I actually have no idea what im looking for/ at 😄
  10. Not a fan of soft tops... if it were hard top like the SC430 times, would be more my thing, the concept wheels have disappeared 😞, hope they become an option!
  11. I retract my sub 10k enthusiasm offer if its a non-runner... 🤣, be interested to see what it goes for and if the future owner joins the forum, then we can all be really nosey about it 😛
  12. I treat my neighbours to a 7:15am open valve start up, especially if they've been obnoxiously loud the previous night... 😛, when we had snow at start of the year, I did manage one J-turn at the bottom of the road, couldn't make it out the top of the road mind, due to the ice, was most definitely worth a try though!
  13. Hurts the soul... sub £10k and I'm in hahaha! 😛