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  1. Congrats and welcome to zee F club 😉 I see you are reside in Hampshire, hopefully local to me, be nice to see another Lexus F around my parts!
  2. This review is literally spot on, so many reasons that they touch on, are exactly why I won't get rid of the GSF (unless the lottery allows an LFA purchase) 😛
  3. The GS has been SORN as MOT and re-tax coincided with the 1st week of lockdown. I have driven precisely 4 miles since then (just around our block of houses on private roads to move the tyres), it saved me money in the short term but I do miss driving it. Have a Biposto as a daily and the GS was my Fri-Sun treat to keep miles lower. It will be back on the road at the end of this month and I will find any excuse to go for a blast! I'm usually a mid-late evening driver, have some fantastic roads near me and I find driving very therapeutic and good way to get over a pants day at work. If you ever need a buddy for a blast somewhere, as of next Tuesday I'm all ears 😛
  4. I've considered this, but wasn't really willing to pay the monies for it.
  5. Shame it didn't come with the concept wheels, they were naughtyyyy!
  6. EBC reds brake equally imo to stock and produce much less dust after bedding in properly! Reasonable price too 🙂
  7. I got it from Hedge End Lexus about 2 years ago 🙂 at the time they were the only ones with the colour interior and exterior I wanted, I will admit that, I haggled with them for about 3 months and they eventually gave in 😛
  8. My GSF PCP % is 3.7, I put 0 deposit in, other than my old CT (on a PCP at the time), which they said had £1k equity in it. I'd say for the car, that % is very reasonable! However, we are talking 2 years ago, so I realise times change 🙂
  9. That's my middle name! Haha. Depends how early and if you want to trade in for another car, all part of the game! 😄
  10. I always wanted an ISF, like you I wanted 4 doors (it convinced the other half easier for 'practicality' haha) and once I could afford an ISF, a GSF was within my price reach (on finance), it was everything I wanted and personally it looked better and was more 'up to date' than the ISF. I've loved every second of driving and always turn back to look at it once I've parked up, giggle like a moron at the start up and blips through the rev range and care for it like a child. If you want to think with your wallet, then the ISF is unlikely to lose a load of money, but if I had the choice again, I would still stick with my GSF regardless of the depreciation just for the driving pleasure. I don't think you are going to end up in a bad situation with either car. Also the cars seat adjustments have accommodated 6'3 friends of mine without issue on a trip to Scotland (570 miles). Side note, get an exhaust, enhances that beautiful V8, so maybe factor that into your budget?
  11. I am definitely more fortunate than neighbours reagrding work scenario and it really is an out of blue moment! The car is safe for me, as I am guaranteed my basic pay, but considering I make that again in overtime, I've had a large reduction in incomings. I can still afford the F and other bills with my monthly pay overall, but it leaves little room for 'rainy day scenarios', the F has just been serviced and MOT'd (through service plan), tax and insurance renewal are due tomorrow, so SORN right now saves me £1k immediately so a no brainer! Got an Abarth Biposto (swear word I know), that costs me next to nothing to run in the mean time, should I need to get anywhere 😄 I applied for the finance holiday (still pending) only because I intend to buy the F at the end of the agreement, so saving money right now benefits me more and I'll just work a smidge harder when we get back to normal to cover the slight increase to final payment!
  12. I'm honestly just looking forward to doing something, rather than being sat at home doing sweet f-all! The models for 'pandemics' show that we are likely to peek in the next 1-2 weeks (at least for the South), but wouldn't rule out a 'second wind' in the coming months when people become lack luster with precautions... That is crap luck with the allergies! Hope you are keeping well though, unsure of the relationship between viruses and wine, but worth a bash right? 😉
  13. Well d-day has almost come, have a few mandatory trips to do and will have some excessively spirited driving in the F, then it is SORN. However, spot of good news, being deployed into the NHS in coming weeks to lend support in the South, havent been a true healthcare worker for nearly 2 years, but DWP employs the company I work for (filled with ex healthcare professionals), we are all being put on secondment to help with the predicted influx of cases in coming weeks!
  14. It has most definitely been quieter in recent days in supermarkets, but it definitely depends on where you live, I can cross into 3 counties quite easily and some are far better stocked than others! Have a gym that I've slowly added to over the years in the garage, getting some f-ing good use coz holy shiz am I bored out my mind too, haha!