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  1. Ahh yes, the bane of my car cleaning routine, I've put many pennies in the swear jar because of this. When I first got my car it was horrendous and I resorted to using an air line as I could get the nozzle fairly close to it. I also used a piece of thin metal to work free some of the tougher to reach areas. Now that the car gets cleaned on the regular, blasting it with the pressure washer usually does a decent job, but maybe for a first time, I would recommend an air line. There is also fairly decent access from the wheel arch once you remove the cover (if you can be bothered to do that) and full lock the wheels to improve access. Once you get on top of it, just becomes part of the routine!
  2. Fabricating a 'special order' from Japan story is well beyond any normal BS I would say is acceptable from a dealer...
  3. Interesting story, but intrigued by the label ‘high specification’, the car looks standard for me and the autotrader description is basic. Sounds like the salesman was over-egging that one 😂 (such a pessimist I know). GSF’s came fairly well kitted from factory, unless I’ve missed something glaringly obvious (happy to be corrected). Black does look nice with the lighter interior though. Just wait for that depreciation to kick in and that’ll be a nice car for someone 😍
  4. Honestly a game changer, best cleaner I’ve ever come across, I use it as a 2nd time over cleanser after Diablo gel from chemical guys. Our wheel colour is just 😍
  5. Glad you are enjoying the GSF, I'm in the same lane as you with many things mentioned above, and maybe just a few disagreements hehe, I am certainly gonna keep mine until it is illegal/ it dies/ I die 😛 Personal preference, white is better 😉
  6. Oooo last time I checked they didn't have GSF, but guess what website I'm visiting to check momentarily... haha
  7. Pads need changing before 2mm before they hit the sensor. I was unaware of the disc limit but to be honest didn't look it up as mine weren't mentioned. Be interested to know where you source your discs in the end for future reference 😄
  8. I'd agree, I had 30K out of my pads and the MOT/ service I had a few months prior, only mentioned the pads as an advisory and said the discs were still healthy.
  9. Well known bidding site has a few listings, genuine part and not £1700, but unsure of what you would consider a good price and does £1700 include rear discs, also intrigued on mileage if they need replacing too?! 😄
  10. What area was it taken from? Most likely taken for some chav-box 😞
  11. Thanks for the detailed response, makes sense I guess 🙂
  12. Interesting, when I spoke to my dealer, they made no differentiation... I have a mid pipe that removed the secondary cats and has valved back boxes... might need to do some digging before my next MOT then haha!
  13. I checked with my local dealer before installing and they said as long as the after market part wasn't accountable for the problem then warranty would remain intact, i.e if there is a wheel hub warranty claim, that can't be attributed to an exhaust being fitted... hope that makes sense? 😄