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  1. Good old school tickering half expecting to see a spitfire amp meter for nostalgia
  2. I recommend a low mileage used Toyota Prius if it's a hybrid you desire
  3. Unfortunately just testing with a hose or even a pressure washer ,when you drive a vacumn forms in the car to suck in the water .many a time I used to be driven round in a boot we used to spray the inside with a water dye and use a black light to find the ingress worked most of the time .but you are fighting twisting shells poor sealing etc by body shops .etc which may never seal correctly
  4. I think you need to just let your wife drive lol
  5. Rx450h cost 65k headlamp needed after 10yrs cost 1k hilliam hunter cost 1500 headlamp sealed beam cost 25 after a year . jump in your Rx450h change the oil once a year drive anywhere without fear of breakdown 100k miles no issues sold on immaculate hilliam hunter / Humber full service every 3000miles ,20k - 50k and lots of breakdowns rusted into ground after 5 yrs
  6. You could try sealing of the boot to cabin area with sheet plastic and duct tape remove the rear inner panels and bumper etc put a small smoke machine in the boot and you should find your culprit .
  7. What are the major component failures suffered by the Rx450h I have only seen one on here of the guy who when puddle jumping and was told his transmission had failed .so number one transmission failure shall we do a list . 1) transmission failure fragments in drained oil only info .
  8. You have to be careful which colour lexus you choose as there's is one particular colour which has to have a special crushed glass pigment added and this costs £300 for the pot .i can't remember which colour it was .i was just chatting to a mobile paint repair specialist part of a franchise and they have to specially request it as they only hold a tiny stock for the whole south area .the normal Lexus pigment for that metallic look normally costs about £60 for the flake additive .he said bumper scrape repairs are eye watering. the colour in the photo looks like a skoda colour panzer purple
  9. In real world driving it will range from 25-40mpg depending how gentle you are on the throttle once you drive it sensible your average 32-36 mpg looking ahead is your friend and don't worry about the in a hurry gang behind .
  10. If it's packed up just buy a second head unit from a breakers and save your self hours and hours trying to fix it .but hey it's your money .
  11. If you don't get to drink champagne while having your shoulders massaged by a hot buxom wench while browsing there stock list being arse licked by the slimed salesman fresh over from car phone warehouse I would tell them to lump it . Or am I setting the bar to hi for your fee for a ultimate buying experience .you could try ford and admire there chav staff and dirty carpets and lumpy sofas while being sold a pup 🤑
  12. The only trouble with the razor wire route is if a kid knocks his ball under your car and hurts himself your end up being arrested and sued .
  13. I realise this but that case wasn't made clear on his post . I also realise when your buying such a expensive car everyone presumes it's blemish free but never usually the case ,An independent inspection arranged through a third party would have been more wise in this case . but thank you for your input on my reply .
  14. ive just posted this link in the Rx450h thread on stolen cats. May help.
  15. i feel the only solution is a plate under the car to limit access for the thieving scum .maybe the company above could help with the issue. .