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  1. Hmm I may fit a tow bar and get a caravan to I can go cruising on hot sunny weekend on winding country roads to join the middle age men in Lycra hogging the roads 😈
  2. great write up of your journey ,the rx is such a good driving position relaxing you can see everything over hedges etc driving through small villages it's so easy to drive slow or at speed limits lots of power when needed . I think the guys in there low cars are quite funny as they peel themselves out after they pull up having to stretch etc they say the rx doesn't handle its big and heavy lol young pups I remember my first beer lol.
  3. i thought I would have a look on the Lexus online service history checker ,and when I put in my vin it's coming up with invalid vin .ive doubled checked the car and logbook etc even old invoices .but no luck has anyone else had this issue .ive been online to a vin decoder site and it comes up ok .
  4. There is a tyre pressure range for your car look at the side wall this will give you the max pressure when cold say 50 psi then down to the minimum pressure recommended by lexus speed related and say load .so if your door sticker says 33 psi up to 80 mph that is your lowest pressure recommended by lexus for comfort and up to 50psi which is the safe working limit set by the tyre manufacturer but will be pretty a pretty harsh ride .so 50psi - 10% is really a starting point then drop down to a setting you are happy with . I have mine st at 38psi all round which I find is firm enough . So 33-50 psi cold most people will look at the door sticker and choose a pressure on how fast they drive . I tend to drive a-b roads and like a firmer tyre .
  5. Electronic handbrakes the toyota boys hate them with a vengeance 1200+ to replace almost as bad as DMV (dual mass flywheels )and weak clutches 1000+ to fit , diesel injectors 1200 quid +fitting ,oh the terrible air suspension on the the Rx you have to remember you pay out so little only high servicing cost over 10 years .
  6. I usually just get new ones once a month and when the car gets dirty.I just drop it off at the body shop for a respray on the way to the golf course .cant be done with all that peasant cleaning stuff 🤡
  7. Too be honest if you only need the compressor any car make will do it's only a few wires etc and maybe modify the frame mount ,it only pumps air after all .
  8. Looks like a used item on evil bay is about £300 .or you could just buy used coil struts and do away with the air suspension.depending on your budget.
  9. Unfortunately I'm from down south and normally any snow has melted by lunch time .ok if we do get snow it's for a few days at most and we normally just shout down the phone to the boss there a bloody inch of snow out there it's too dangerous to go to work lol.i will fit a half track rear end just in case .lol
  11. Well having studied my usage if your doing 30-50 roads and really watching your eco/power gauge it's quite easy .took another run to the coast and found the power off junctions and round about when you have bloody audis or bmws up your chuff fun winding them up as you know there fighting there gearbox then I just roll off to the speed limit .and they can't get past without doing something daft .you can see it on there face what the hell is that lol.but it burns juice .
  12. Well I filled up the car today as we are taking a run to the coast tomorrow . My trip at fill up was 398 miles and I squeezed 46.7 ltrs into it 1.31 of shells regular petrol £65 ish the fuel gauge was reading roughly 1/4 left .im sure I read these had a 65 Ltd tank range the fuel gauge said 69 miles cruise range left .now I've filled up it says 414 cruise range .im not really worried about how far it goes on a tank but I'm sure some of you chaps love this stuff .
  13. I wonder if anyone's ever fitted nitrous to a rx for traffic light fun 😆With the cvt box it would be interesting.