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  1. All sounds good news regarding your new Rx ,can I ask a few questions regarding your old and new ride money wise . how much was your old rx how long did you own and mileage covered trade in amount they gave you on your old rx or private sell price and finally cost of newer rx I'm sure we talk about most things but money is always a bit a taboo.
  2. This is way lexus sell most of there cars to deaf old duffers 😆
  3. Luke you naughty boy your have the forum police onto you sprouting such sensible info lol .😁
  4. All very interesting the talk regarding this thread .but what are The realistic time scales transition wise from the good old combustion ride to the quiet I'm green but not really if you look into the industry's .
  5. I wouldn't worry sounds like it was mot at a Lexus dealer looking for work .
  6. have confidence in yourself buy one of evil bay and give it a try you can only fail but at least you tried .take photos of each step .
  7. They will only ever look for abnormal wear or steering pull issue .remember these are money making group own franchised garages .and they will not move your car to another ramp to do a 4 wheel alignment unless your paying extra for it and remember the mech would have only been on a days in house training course and won't really remember how to sdjust everything properly .i would always recommend going on say piston heads forum and ask who they use and you will get a lot of good advice on who to use and who to avoid .lexus service equals only oil and filter change a look over and maybe air filter / pollen filter and brake fluid change .how many dealers have a glass viewing wall of there workshop so you can watch them ??
  8. Hi I think you need to pop your door card off and use a multi meter to check if you have power to the door it could be a simple fuse or plug come adrift of wire .
  9. I see toyota are releasing a new RAV4 plug in hydrid in 2020 with a 37 mile pure ev range and combined 300bhp 0-60 6.5 seconds using new batteries and a hybrid booster system .i wonder what will transfer over to a new sporty rx maybe 400+ bhp sub 6 seconds fun ?
  10. i imagine the tyres have feathered on the edge due to tracking and have been stopped to the back .if it's a dealer car ask for the tracking to be checked and ask for the print out . When you test drive make sure the car doesn't pull slightly left or right on a flat road because of roads camber to the kerb drive in the centre of the road to be sures. Good quality tracking with set you back about 100-150 pounds .dont use kwik fit it takes time to set a car up properly .
  11. Most cars are reliable and don't have any real issues most problems are caused by the driver and lack of correct maintenance .every car I bought years ago I would have gone right through it after buying and given it a full service and replaced anything that needed doing .the only reason people buy newer cars these days is because they are so electronic heavy and cost a fortune to repair .ideally you would have bought an older toyota diesel that would see you good for 200k miles with routine servicing etc .but the enviroment and technology March on .im unsure whether electric technology will be the new time bomb in the future for the planet because of disposal and the industries only motive is profit and stuff the planet .but if we really look at the real environmental issue is humans over population and the need to feed the beast us .we are the virus killing the planet but I'm sure the planet will kick back with a new deadly bacterial strain we can't cure or we will be nuked to death by idiots in power .but look on the bright side your driving a nice lexus 😘
  12. I'm sure your wife's details have already been sold to a claims firm .weres there blame there's a claim
  13. I watched a u tube video last night on the truimph Dolomite vs a BMW from the 70s I think 2002 both 1500-1600 cc giving 23 mpg lol with 123 bhp . Cars have come along way .my rx averages similar mpg to yours .we normally get 400-450 to a tank full on a steady run worst I've seen is 300 with me driving and no wife 😇. I must mention we always use shell v power and I'm banned from the car untill Sunday when I give it a run after checking it over levels etc ,as it sits most of the week on the drive. I like the car can't see us changing it anytime soon even for a newer model .
  14. I do like the newer rx like yours does the front end seem a lot further away since driving ,as the old one is quite easy to judge the wife was concerned when the wife sat in the nx300h .but the nx300h became a no go as the wife said it felt like a gutless wonder and screamed away .