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  1. It depends I think if it comes under excluding fluids etc which some warranties won't pay for but it's not a big expense 80-100 pounds .
  2. Brake repairs depend on your ability .If your going to do the work it's just parts cost and your own time ,if your doing the job get new calliper slider pin kit + discs and pads I reckon £300 all round lexus parts direct .if your using a local garage add £150 .lexus do have menu pricing for this work .if you do it yourself your clean up parts and spend more time doing the job to your own standard .Garages will wiz wiz done and no clean up or slider kit ,Plus you can clean up back plates and re-spray etc this seems weird but in a few years they will rust and cost a fortune I've seen this on RAV4 .One of the guys on here bought a rx450h and took all the wheels of and cleaned and sorted out any surface rust and did a great job .
  3. good news on your fix ,but I can feel the old gods on here frowning over your cross climates snub lol .i know it's 35 degrees now and I hope you don't regret your choice when we get that dusting of fine powder snow for 24hrs .and the sky thunders with the sound of this forum loudly bellows ha ha ha you fool see as you struggle to get of your drive way with your poor wife and kids pushing the car 😏
  4. Hi it's just the strut boot dust bellows unless the shock is leaking which it doesn't appear to be then at most an anal advisory on the mot .
  5. If your saying it cranked slowly then died .as herbie suggested with connections route etc .Also have your battery load tested and check starter motor connections and voltage at solenoid side .should be battery voltage brushes could be worn heavily at 90k if a lot of stop starting in the past. I found if your getting crank / cam sensor issues when starting your more likely have warm/ hot start issues .
  6. If you go ahead with the work have a new air drier canister fitted .
  7. Well the forum recommendations are remove those toxic dunlops rig up a burning post and burn them as they are satans work And go by yourself some cross climates which I've heard have been blessed by monks to be silent forever .🙈🙊
  8. Could be a host of things from wheel bearings to tyres if your not confident with all things cars arrange to have a health check done a Lexus and get them to check the faults .
  9. I get an email plus text from dvla I signed up for
  10. Did you have it serviced a a Lexus dealer if so get a quote for repair and take the quote to the dealer you purchased the car from .without any more info that's all anyone can suggest at the moment .
  11. It all depends were you live and type of roads your on most of the time .if it's northern rural lots of snow /cold icy roads part of the year cross climates as mentioned above if more southern area city wise just a good wet weather tyre as its more of a wet climate in the U.K.
  12. I was looking through my history paperwork and came across a receipt for a new battery fitted by lexus Cardiff £365 ,it had been recommended by lexus to replace at the time of its service .but the previous owner must have refused the receipt was dated a month later ouch lol .
  13. Ok I understand if there is still gas in the system try soapy water spray it will find a bubbly leak run it up hot as this increases the system pressure check the pipe coming from the air con pump area this is normally hotter pipe than the pipe going in .this is the highest pressure point in your air/con system ,I've just replaced one on a tractor .also if it is a pipe leaking always change the dryer canister moister in the system is a big no no .you could also have leaky condenser vaporiser core and the aluminium these days is full of steel particles and rot out faster than years ago .the system should be pressurised . Any good commercial air con guy will find your issue in about 30mins but many don't like dealing with motorist .
  14. First off why do you need the air con regass .if it not blowing cold air .its either a leak ,blocked air con rad or the system isn't switching on .dont waste 70-100 quid on regassing until you have been to an air on specialist or your be wasting money .