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  1. In real world driving it will range from 25-40mpg depending how gentle you are on the throttle once you drive it sensible your average 32-36 mpg looking ahead is your friend and don't worry about the in a hurry gang behind .
  2. If it's packed up just buy a second head unit from a breakers and save your self hours and hours trying to fix it .but hey it's your money .
  3. If you don't get to drink champagne while having your shoulders massaged by a hot buxom wench while browsing there stock list being arse licked by the slimed salesman fresh over from car phone warehouse I would tell them to lump it . Or am I setting the bar to hi for your fee for a ultimate buying experience .you could try ford and admire there chav staff and dirty carpets and lumpy sofas while being sold a pup 🤑
  4. The only trouble with the razor wire route is if a kid knocks his ball under your car and hurts himself your end up being arrested and sued .
  5. I realise this but that case wasn't made clear on his post . I also realise when your buying such a expensive car everyone presumes it's blemish free but never usually the case ,An independent inspection arranged through a third party would have been more wise in this case . but thank you for your input on my reply .
  6. ive just posted this link in the Rx450h thread on stolen cats. May help.
  7. i feel the only solution is a plate under the car to limit access for the thieving scum .maybe the company above could help with the issue. .
  8. Just pop your car reg in euro car parts and it should come up with the correct oils then ring lexus and clarify .
  9. Why didn't you have the car brought down to your local dealer for a thorough inspection before you flexed the plastic ,flying up the country / hotels etc no one does this anymore sounds like your a salemans dream who then panics lol .sorry to be harsh .
  10. Why haven't you phoned lexus to ask about has my car got a battery warranty via your reg number and why haven't you popped the car in for a hybrid health check ,this will load test your system and give you your answers .You sound like your a mechanic trying to sort an issue maybe for your garage or customer .you talk a lot but are not saying you have had anything correctly tested just that the battery is going to be fixed and that will sort this with rose tinted glasses .you say your experienced but carn't work out how to unbolt a back seat assembly to clean out some fans . I'm sorry to sound a bit harsh but your not listening to the advice given so let's start again 1) how long have you had the car since you paid the slimey salesman if within 30 days take the car back . 2) has it got lexus history 3) have you phoned lexus to see if your hybrid checks have been carried out .even if not have one done to prove issue with car if taking back to dealer 4)Who is going to fix or replace your battery and how much have you been quoted .
  11. I'm sure your take the moral hi ground the next time your having a part replaced under warranty after writing to lexus demanding they do so or say hey guys this ones on me .Saving us all money in the end if you pay for the warranty before a repair arises or after you have paid your money and so entitled to your repair .So get of your hi horses and help the little guy who's made a mistake .People are not perfect oh wait are we ,we did buy a Lexus . Now if everyone is reeling back in horror ,then just show some balls and demand admin I leave the forum and I'll go and you can glow in the glory happy Xmas.
  12. Well it looks like your out of luck ,I recommend to everyone else walking the no warranty line if your rx suddenly dies with the message of death check the hybrid warning message .have your car recovered to your home address the phone lexus take out the warranty then have the car recovered to your local Lexus dealer a week later saying the car The died show your extended warranty policy and just leave it too them jump in your lexus courtesy car and think yourself lucky .
  13. Ha ha herbie now when you take out your lexus extended warranty where does it say re existing faults when the greedy salesman takes your money .
  14. Why not take out the extended lexus warranty .its a fully Lexus service vehicle .£950 2 year then get it done under warranty .