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  1. A dramatic title I know ,but how many of you have given a thought to how will the car evolved and life after the gen 4 . I look at so many cars and suvs etc during my day out and about thinking that's looks nice .but my second thought is how reliable is it etc.. I do like the look of the Porsche SUV or Volvo latest models from the outside .Will we be all driving electric soulless cars soon with different badges all with similar battery's and drive trains reliable and simple etc .will most be driverless soon and will most common folk be priced of the road .hell I might as well jump on the local electric powered bus surrounded by hoodie teens glued to there tech device while I dream of the past .Oh to be young again 100 mph felt fast and alive twin 40 webbers induction roar cherry bomb exhausts lol or the smell and noise of a two stroke bike coming on the pipe on a crisp evening out for a blast with your mates as you wind on the throttle with a big grin .And then back to reality with a bump ,your in a showroom with the wife you hear ooh that's a nice blue one love as your soul departs this mortal coil and you mutter to the 15 yr old senior sales person what's the battery range as he smirks at you knowing your wife likes it and that's the deal done you mutter bollocks and sigh .😔
  2. I think it's a bad show on lexus in your case luckily you could absorb the cost .we should have a section here on what to do when your lexus dealer says hi lexus here you need to replace this or this with a pressurised phone call catching the best guys of guard .
  3. Send them an invoice for the cost of replacing your second hand air strut units which were still road worthy units that they gave away without you being able to inspect or your permission and being such a expensive item very fool hardy on them .
  4. What is this scourcery I hear is he a wizard from lexus revealing there inner secrets .and before I hear it's in the manual men do not read manuals 🤡
  5. Ok if you really want to try a product .try seafoam which you can do yourself and will be cheaper than a terra clean at your house by a third party .
  6. Just imagine the old medicine salesman selling exliiar to cure all woes in old western movies and you have your answer
  7. Ok before we all get carried away with what your car needs .empty your car if you carry the world in the thing .when empty put all the stuff in the car you go on holiday with including all passenger and go to weight bridge and weight the front and back axle weights separately then look at your sticker in the door shut and see how your doing .then add the nose weight of your caravan and add to rear axle weight and if your healthily in the spec of the vehicle .either your springs are weak or if in good condition I would fit spring assisters .as I hav many caravan people I know who use them and they work .and can be easily removed after your stay in the local council car park lol😇
  8. I have noticed that car dealers have gone away from letting you see the workshop through viewing windows .when my lexus was mot'd I did mention can I view my car being mot'd which is your right to do so .My question was met with a look of confusion, I didn't push the issue as I though the days of a crazy grease monkey smashing a wrecking bar against your seals was a thing of the past .there new thing is ooh sir your suspension bushs are perishing with with slight movement ( of course they have movement it's bloody rubber with a 3 foot pry bar pushing on them )and bang there all on as an advisory lol and a estimate to replace them it's like a double glazing salesman has entered the building and is going to brain wash you into either replacing everything or even worse you drive out in a new Lexus lol . There is a film by Jim Carey call yes man don't be that man be a no man always untill your away from any scenario involving someone trying to get you to say yes man 🤑
  9. A decent upholstery repair guy can make those seats look like new at a reasonably cost .as he doesn't work for lexus (toyota) 🙊
  10. Have we actually come to a conclusion on what was actually wrong with the struts .was it A ) perishing outer boot cover ? B) top mount bearing movement and worn ? . If B then they will only say it's got to be complete assembly and not you need to get the bearings changed ? This is very confusing like reading a boris statement lol
  11. Hi Emily it will not effect the mot . You have two other cats on the car and as your car will not have emission's tested they will not be interested in your missing cat .
  12. Hi can we clarify the known issue with earlier rx450 models with air suspension ?
  13. May I suggest Emily just have piece of exhaust pipe welded in the offending space until you decide to replace the cat or not .
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