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  1. Oh the joys of so called auto electricians . I imagine he just scotch locked onto the nearest battery feed he could find .
  2. Hmm kids should be handcuffed or ducked taped and placed in the boot lol
  3. If you have no joy going the Lexus route just find one at a breakers. And get a upholster to swop over your leather .
  4. Most alloys can be repaired for about £60 per rim and new tyres are 80-150 depending on what you want .most insurances are worthless really ,you would be better off putting the money in a separate bank account for running repairs as required .
  5. Your tech guy should be able to drill some small holes say 2or 3 in the A pillar trim and push some small bright orange led through from the back that just protrude through and wire in to indicator circuit .so when you indicate you get this flashing in your eye line in orange .put them on a dimmer switch to be adjustable at night and bob your uncle no noise but a visual reminder with no looking down .you won't even notice them untill they come on . Or just wire the indicators to the horn 😂
  6. Sorry herbie just read all your essay herbie explained it correctly
  7. Whoa there tiger all this talk of doom and glooom the first thing you need to do is take it to your local trusted garage and have the oil pressure checked against the recommended pressures and remember factor in age here .if your getting low oil level then I presume it has a level indicator some were .
  8. Didn't the garage inspect the calliper and slides for correct movement ,how much wear was on the adjacent pad ?.worn out pads are fair wear and tear item but if the pad has worn say 4-5 mm more one side then it's not fair wear and tear and they should be replaced under warranty as they have been damaged by sieved brakes etc .
  9. The problem your having is people done tend to brake hard in these bloaty old beasts ,mine was like yours when I first got it and now I drive it harder and tend to rely more on the actual brakes .unlike most here feathering the brake pedal in there slippers hyper milling lol.i will uprate my pads in the future with pads that give more bite .
  10. I'll think your find abs doesn't work below say 3-5 mph .did you check your calliper sliders for binding doing the repair. Any damage to the sensor gear or bracket try checking the sensor resistance with the other side .
  11. You will have to recheck your work you will have damaged or not reconnected the wiring abs sensors etc properly .if no warnings before you touched the brakes 99%of the time it will be your own doing I'm afraid .
  12. Well I suggest all the snowflakes go buy a land rover with a big plastic snorkel on .or better still sell your car and take the bus .it rains in this country and stop panicking over a few inches off water .
  13. Lexus do not make cats they buy from a third party so no and no to your questions .
  14. Just buy a dummy cat of ebay and have that fitted you have another two cats below the exhaust manifolds . It will be fine no you won't get into trouble no it won't fail its mot no you won't go to hell yes you will be frowned upon by the Lexus massive .one love
  15. I'm sure if you do a search online you can get a ripped off cd and load it up ,but your better off with herbie advise .