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  1. I average mid to high 40s with my RC300 - as has been pointed out above a lot depends on how you drive it. Person who owned the car before me had averaged low 30s, a heavy right foot makes a lot of difference. Think that's the case with every car really (it does make you realise how un-economically people drive a lot of the time, accelerating flat out towards a queue or red light etc.) but think it's more pronounced with a hybrid due to the way the battery power comes on or off
  2. Have used that stretch of road almost every weekend for the past three years and I have nightmares about it - doesn't matter what time of day you're almost guaranteed a queue as you approach the Newport tunnel, it's bloody awful 🙂 Heard recently that local government had cancelled the relief road (which I believe has been 'planned' for 20yrs or more), citing environmental damage etc. Fair enough, but there hasn't been any alternative mooted - no deals with public transport, increased train volume etc. or anything else to help alleviate the bottleneck. Just a "carry on as you were" and more misery for thousands of motorists every day. If they're trying to keep Wales for the Welsh and stop tourist and other traffic coming from Bristol that's one way I suppose! 🙂
  3. It's absolutely not a car I would class as a Sports car. Comfortable, luxurious, economical, reliable yes, but not a sports car by any stretch and anyone wanting to buy it as such would be disappointed (although it can be fun on sweeping turns with sports mode on - certainly no slouch for it'd size). Really odd to have it in that category to be honest! 🙂
  4. Hi folks Am a new Lexus rc300 owner - hello to people on the forum here! What a beautiful car - will actually say my dream car since I first saw one a few years ago, so comfortable to drive too. Only criticism I can make is Lexus spend all this time & money creating the stunning aesthetics - and then a great plastic, cheap number plate gets stuck on the front. Have been reading around on legislation and Piston Heads etc for possible alternatives. Have ranged from people on PH saying remove entirely (which I'm not keen on, it's illegal and I don't want the inconvenice of being pulled over) to the square plates you get on import models. Feel the RC is impacted more by the front plate with the big Predator-mouth type grill than say the German marques (although realise this is subjective). Just a quick topic really to see if anyone has done anything different with their RC or have any thoughts/suggestions? Would be very grateful for any reply!
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!