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  1. I didn't know that. An EV might actually suit me - I only commute 15 miles each way four times a week - but the Soul has disappeared entirely from the Kia website whether EV or not. As I've got older and less mobile, my issue is that most cars with the height and seat configuration that I need have got larger. Cars with large side seat bolsters are out, as are those too short in the seat (which is my issue with BMW seats). A few miles and I'm crippled by them. Mercedes seats seem to suit, as do Honda, Mazda and Lexus of those I have experience of. I may end up deciding to upsize whether I need such a large vehicle or not! I'll worry about that when the time comes. Keeping the NX may be the most practical solution - it is very comfortable and well made, so I guess I should ask why shouldn't I keep it. Plenty of time to decide yet...
  2. I had a UX for the day while my NX was serviced. I'll be looking to downsize next time so I specially requested the UX as my loan car. Generally my impressions were positive. I found it drove very well, with decent performance. It was a bit noisier than I expected, but that was almost certainly down to the Bridgestone tyres fitted. I liked the dashboard layout and thought boot space was more than adequate considering the size of the car. Rear space is poor, but I'd hardly ever use it so no issue for me. Negatives were few. I think some of the interior finishes are disappointing, especially the door cards which are just too plain and plasticky given the price. And while I'm talking about price, I'm afraid I think it is just too expensive (before discounts). Yes, the Takumi spec has every bell and whistle, but lots I simply wouldn't use. However, lower spec models don't have everything I'd really want. For the Takumi to be almost £4K more (before 4WD) than my NX Luxury (with 4WD) when new just doesn't make sense to me. It won't be a car I'll choose when the time comes, but that isn't down to the price. I have a disability and for ease of access the UX was just too low. The dealer tells me that a few customers have given similar feedback, which is a bit of a shame for a car I'd have thought would appeal to those looking for a bit more height than a standard hatchback. The Mercedes GLA is about the same, so it isn't a Lexus specific design choice. My options are becoming clearer. Either keep the NX, which - size apart - suits me very well, or move to something smaller with a higher driving position. The KIA Soul (don't laugh!) may be a contender, as may the Mazda CX-3 or Honda HR-V, all of which are slightly higher and thus meet my requirements. BMW are out (the seat design has always been a major issue for me with not enough support for the hips - I don't like the brand image either) as are Volvo having seen the variable quality of their latest XC40. I've got over a year to decide - but I know I won't be choosing a UX, which is a pity.
  3. I don’t think it’s bizarre. It’s been discussed many times - broadly, if you drive smoothly and don’t rush, you won’t experience it. Drive with a heavy right foot - as reviewers do and others -and you will. As with most things it depends on the individual, style and preference. Car choice is the same - people like and value different things. Hopefully you’ll be happy with your choice this time. There’s a BMW forum somewhere waiting for you...
  4. It is interesting reading different opinions. I’ve never had any issue with the noise of accelerating or swiftness of progress. I’ll admit I drive in a relaxed and smooth manner, but reading some of the comments about the NX it’s like I’m driving a different car. I’ve got another friend with a new Discovery Sport. I’m convinced it is the quietest SUV I’ve been in - and I’ve been in a lot. Weirdly, he thinks the NX is they say, ‘perception is reality.’ I’ve also done a few thousand miles in two versions of the new RX. Sacrilege to say I know, but I wasn’t that impressed, and said so at the time... I’ve also gone on record about my loathing for the BMW i-Drive system. I find it awful, very counter intuitive, as do a few of my colleagues with BMW company cars. The VAG system and - whisper it - the Citroen system, are far better from my perspective. Played with the latest Mazda too, also pretty good. And all better than Lexus.
  5. I did test drive one when they first came out. It was ok (I went with another NX instead) but I noticed some issues with exterior fit and finish at the time - I’m a bit OCD like that. The biggest inconsistency was at the tops of the doors - front and back didn’t exactly meet properly - I took the salesman round the 3 they had in stock and showed him! Also the tailgate, lights and bumper panel gaps were variable side to side - not by much, but enough for me to notice. At the time the salesman said it was because they were ‘early’ production cars, but it was enough to put me off. My friend has similar issues, not serious and easily corrected but not brilliant on a premium brand. I guess a lot of people wouldn’t notice, but things like that would drive me mad! Nice cars though. I like Volvo as a brand, and my brother had a V70 that he loved, despite having some reliability problems (it was leased so not that important to him). Perceptions are fascinating. My friend found my NX quieter and smoother than her XC 40 diesel, but needs a diesel to tow so an NX was never on her radar. Personally, although I found the NX quite noticeably quieter than her car, I thought the ride in the Volvo was smoother!
  6. I like the look of the Volvo XC40, but a friend who has bought a brand new diesel version is disappointed with the number of quality issues. She also finds it quite noisy, but it is the diesel. Performance is pretty good though, better than the NX. Mis-aligned doors, a mis-aligned rear bumper, and creaks and rattles in the cabin. The fuel filler broke too. Nothing too serious, and all fixed under warranty, but she was impressed with the quality of the NX interior by comparison. The Volvo cabin looks lovely and the seats are nice, but her experience makes me wonder if there is real depth to the build. Have you had any issues @dutchie01?
  7. The resale point is interesting, especially as a) the NX has one of the highest predicted residual values after three years of any mid-sized SUV (53% according to What Car?) and b) just this week I had an email from Lexus asking to buy my car, even if I didn't buy another one as they need stock. If I were a dealer I'd be concerned at buying a three month old car if it wasn't my marque. Most won't be able to retail it themselves, so will need to trade it. When I was trying to move on my VW Tiguan diesel, I had two dealers who wouldn't offer on it as it had the DSG gearbox, even though it was under warranty and had just had the gearbox replaced. In the end I traded it in at a massive loss. That's how life works. If you need to sell, and a dealer knows it, then you can't expect a good deal... ...should also add that this time last year when I moved from NX #1 to NX #2, the dealer put my old NX up for sale for MORE than I paid for it one year earlier!
  8. Congratulations @villieb I love that colour. I think we need pictures once you are in possession...
  9. Funny, I detest the DSG gearboxes when I've owned them and driven them since (VAG) finding them to be hesitant, jerky and often 'hunting' for a gear. Often pulling out at junctions and roundabouts was nerve racking to say the least! There wasn't a fault either as mine did this both with the original box and the replacement - the original exploded at 40k miles. Oh, did I mention the well known reliability issues? 😂 Even What Car? have (finally) admitted they aren't the best, criticising the latest Audi DSG in the Q3 for exactly what I was finding for 3 years. Anyway, I've had CVT gearboxes since 2004 and actually try to seek out cars with them - one of the reasons I went Lexus in fact. Drive smoothly, and accelerate gradually, and they are so much more refined than other autos imho. I will admit they probably aren't for those who drive aggressively, but then again the DSG was a nightmare for that too...
  10. @fetchez la vache That looks very nice indeed in white with the dark grey wheels. 😃
  11. I get 42-44 mpg without much issue in my NX. Was getting only low 30's at best in a couple of thousand miles in new RXs. The ride in the new RX F-Sport was much harder than the standard NX too, although admittedly I'm not familiar with the old style RX which may be softer? Based on experience of both and the price difference between new NX and new RX I'm definitely glad I went NX.
  12. With the caveat that I haven't driven an ES so can't vouch for ultimate accuracy, I thought both reviews were trying to be balanced. Neither says the ES is a bad car, in fact they both say it has strengths and in the CarWow review Matt says he likes it. What they point out is that the ES will appeal to some drivers but not others, specifically that it won't suit enthusiastic drivers. For somebody looking for a long term proposition and a nice interior and ride it will tick a lot of boxes, and the reviews point that out. Lexus isn't planning to sell that many in any case, and sales seem to be going well so far. For those looking for something different as a relaxing and well made option with great customer service the ES - much like other cars in the Lexus range - will find a lot of very satisfied owners, myself included. I want driving to be as simple and relaxed as possible. If somebody else offers to drive, I would always rather they did to save me from having to drive. Lexus suits me perfectly!
  13. It isn't the most intuitive system, but as with most things it becomes easier the more you use it. I don't think it ever becomes simple, but at least the guidance is accurate in my experience. When a destination is programmed; - to pause, push the map button. That brings up the left hand side menu. Select the three dots (final option) and pause guidance is available on the next menu at the top. - to cancel, same as above but select 'route' instead of pause. This brings up a delete option at the top right of the screen above the map. Personally never use voice control so afraid I can't help with that. There is an awful lot the system can do which you'd never know unless you ask for the full manual from Lexus Customer services (they'll send it for free) and spend some time learning how to best set the system up and how it works. I found the dealer very helpful too, as they took me through the main functions both on the test drive and on collection. Lexus really needs to sort out its infotainment imho. It isn't a showstopper for me, but I know people who would walk away from a car because of such things and who would choose a car because of it. Seems odd to me, but everybody is different!
  14. Here is the Top Gear review. Some interesting points made. Top Gear ES review
  15. @Cactusif you look earlier in the thread you'll see that the OP made the decision - in favour of the NX - back in early April... I'm a big fan of the GS, and would prefer one to my NX if it was practical for me to have one, but it isn't. Ease of access when you have a disability rules out most saloon cars. RXs I've had are just too big for me now - actually as is the NX really - but the new UX isn't quite high enough. I'll be keeping my NX for the long-term. The longer I've owned it, the more I've appreciated it.