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  1. Mine has never done that. It stays on whatever I've selected.
  2. ^^ Wait until the Winter. If we have icy roads or snow you'll find it much more sure footed especially with proper Winter tyres or even 'all season' tyres.
  3. TBH all the Japanese manufactures have a (relatively) hard time from the motoring press. Car reviewers don't drive cars, or review them, in a way that makes sense for the majority of real users. They are obsessed by performance and handling, where most drivers will never really care about what are essentially fine details - and we assume that the journalists have the driving skills to make such judgements in the first place. There is also something of a conspiracy, where they almost dare not go against the 'common' view. Take the VAG DSG gearbox. Speak to garages or owners, and they'll say it is unreliable and jerky in many situations. The press can't praise it enough. Same with the BMW iDrive. I've spoken to numerous owners who hate it and find it difficult to navigate, and yet every review I've ever seen says it is intuitive and the 'best' by far. Curious. I won't go into too many details, but as a child and teenager I had a lot of access to motoring journalists (and plenty of other journalists) through my family. Now, this was the 1980s, but I doubt that much has changed. Serious journalists they certainly were not and I wouldn't trust most car reviews to be balanced or fair based on what I saw back then. Fair to say that sometimes reviews were written without a car even being driven...I wish I was joking!
  4. One assumes they're waiting for an all new NX in a couple of years. I don't think this is anything that new - isn't the CT based on the previous model Prius? I haven't looked at a new RAV4 in the flesh myself, but in the other thread discussing it a member who has test driven one says it is much noisier than the NX and that the interior isn't as nice. So, you pay your money and choose. 5 year warranty and better economy, or a posher interior and a nicer looking car. For what its worth, I don't consider the current NX to be underpowered either. Certainly it is more than fast enough for me...
  5. New Kuga seems impressive in theory, but I don't like the looks tbh. My next car will likely be a plug in hybrid. With a 15 mile commute, but longer journeys maybe once a month it makes sense for me. Probably... CarWow new Kuga
  6. CarWow RAV4 Review Aside from the inevitable criticism of the CVT gearbox, this is a pretty positive review. If the savings against an NX are significant, I'm struggling to think why you wouldn't have the RAV instead. Seems likely to be more economical, updated infotainment, similar looking interior and longer warranty. Thoughts?
  7. If you want hard copy manuals just contact Lexus UK Customer Service and request them. I did for my NX and they sent them quickly with no charge.
  8. Assuming my disability allowed me to own a normal saloon, I wouldn't swap from a GS to an NX either. Surely the comparison isn't 'luxury' saloon - luxury SUV i.e. GS vs RX, it is 'compact executive' saloon - compact SUV i.e. IS vs NX. The GS imho is from a class above the NX, and was priced accordingly. The GS I had for a few weeks as a courtesy car was for sale at over £45k 'used' whereas my NX Luxury was below £40k brand new. Similarly it would seem logical that the new UX compares with the CT in the Lexus range for those wanting a slightly raised driving position. Looking back at my posts from when I had the RX, I was achieving economy in that of 28-32. I achieve 38-42 in the NX. I also note that while very disappointed in the RX when I had an F-Sport, I was far more complimentary when I had the 'normal' Sport version. None of which really helps the poster of this thread, who needs to decide which car is most relevant for HIS purchase, which will depend on price, age, size and his opinion of both cars. I'd recommend three things @LexusIS300h First, see what age/mileage you can get for your budget in both cars, and decide if you'd be happy with older/newer. Second, make sure you get a 24 hour test drive in both. Third, go and look at the new Honda CRV Hybrid as well...
  9. Don't get me wrong, the RX is a wonderful vehicle and the 'standard' suspension version I also had was much better imho than the F-Sport, which I found too hard for my tastes and also noisier. However, my opinion was the same for the F-Sport NX vs the 'standard.' Having owned the NX and had two RXs (Sport and F-Sport) for weeks at a time, as my first NX had an issue that led to eventual replacement by Lexus, I'm unconvinced that the RX is as superior as some owners tend to think. Thing is, it's all about personal opinions, and buyer justification kicks in too (whether conscious or unconscious). When looking at responses, ask whether the poster has real experience of both cars, or whether (as will most often be the case) they've had a test drive in both then chosen one. Neither the NX nor the RX is as quiet or smooth as an IS or a GS either (had those as courtesy cars too, and an RC...). Good luck!
  10. A couple of factors for me, having owned an NX and had two RXs as long(ish) term loan cars. First, the RX is quite a bit bigger than the NX. If that isn't an issue for you then fine, but parking/manoevering and the lanes where I live made the RX more of a challenge than the NX. Second, how much older would an RX be than an NX for the same price? Is that important to you? It really is a 'drive both and make your own mind up' question. Personally I'm not sure you'll get much from forum responses as all will be opinion and your opinion may be different. Over the months on this forum I've read that the RX is pretty much as economical as an NX (which wasn't my experience), that the RX is quieter (certainly not my experience based on the F-Sport RX) and that the RX is more comfortable (again, not my experience). Go and make up your own mind based on what you think and what suits you.
  11. Here is the link. This part of the survey is for cars between 4-10 years old only. What car reliability
  12. @Tel No, I said I've never used the voice control in my NX. Can't see the point, never have been able to in any of my cars. I may give it a try at some stage, but ultimately I consider it to be a gimmick.
  13. Agree about voice command. I've never tried it in the NX tbh. I consider it to be technology for the sake of it, the answer to a question that nobody asked.
  14. Having seen one in Lexus Swindon earlier in the week I tend to agree. Nice, but not very practical. Also, I was slightly offended by the hard plastics on the rear doors (soft on the front) on a car costing £40k (it was a Takumi spec in Sonic White). Feels like needless penny-pinching, especially when next to it in the showroom was an NX with Premium pack costing £500 less...
  15. I'm the opposite, finding the electronic versions difficult to search and harder to read. Give me a hard copy and an index any time. When the internet finally destroys itself at least I'll be able to work out how to work some obscure feature...probably! 😂 As an aside, I still pay for as many things as possible by cheque. Internet banking is the Devil's work.