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  1. ^^ Very nice. Having had quotes for a new NX with the Premium Sport pack that also seems to have the ‘mirror dip’ function without memory seats.
  2. ^^ Same here. Lexus has been a very impressive ownership experience, and Swindon have always been very attentive. The car - mine is Mesa Red btw - also fantastic. At almost three years old now I’ll be keeping it for a while yet! @Phil CatterallI’m sure you have, but check out CarWow for deals. With my NX coming up to three years I checked what was available before deciding to keep it. Lots of Lexus dealers offering 16% discount on brand new...
  3. ^^ I see the topic has now been removed. One wonders why...perhaps BMW weren’t impressed?! I assume the upshot was ‘I bought a BMW and it broke - a lot.’ Always remember a couple of years ago there was a member who bought an NX and just moaned about it constantly. The infotainment, the comfort, the gearbox - pretty much everything. He didn’t take kindly to being constantly asked whether he’d test driven it before purchase (from memory he never actually answered the question) but he went on to buy a BMW 3 Series and couldn’t stress enough how much better it was. Pity, people like tha
  4. Having had a VW Tiguan with the infamous exploding DSG gearbox (covered by warranty), and also having had a VW Polo, Honda CR-V and my first Lexus NX all replaced by the manufacturers due to ‘significant’ issues when nearly new, you’ll likely understand my desire for some peace of mind!
  5. ^^ For basically £400 per year - including breakdown - one issue could see it pay for itself. Worth it for peace of mind, for me at least.
  6. ^^ Thanks John. I spent a good thirty minutes looking everywhere for something about warranty but couldn’t find it. About the only place I didn’t look was under ‘owners’ 😆 £795 for two years is a great deal and confirms my decision to keep what I’ve already got!
  7. My NX is three years old in June, and despite a gallant effort from Lexus to get me to buy a new one (and it was a good deal) I’ve decided to keep what I’ve got as it’s only done 18k miles, it’s as new and I really like it. As I’ve said before, I think I’ll keep it for the duration, and it feels like it will last forever (famous last words 😉). Anyway, I’ll be wanting to get the Lexus extended warranty, but can’t find any details on Has anybody had a quote recently for an NX and if so how much was it for two years? Many thanks...
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