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  1. I use a few Gyeon products and find them excellent - their 'Wet Coat' is a fantastic Winter timesaver! I'll add their tyre dressing to my next car care order as my latest bottle of Bouncer's Dress to Impress is almost gone. Thanks for the recommendation @leelacey17
  2. No experience of the Michelin Cross Climates, but can say with certainty that my Bridgestone Blizzak full Winter tyres are significantly quieter than my Summer Yokohamas (fitted when the car was new) which tells me the Yokos are on the noisy side... They'll be replaced this year at the end of the Summer, and I'll be returning to Falkens with which I've had excellent experience previously on a number of vehicles, with both full Winter and Summer tyres.
  3. ^^ This is roughly in line with what I achieve, and I agree 30/34 sounds quite low for an NX. The economy you will get will also depend on the types of roads you regularly use. If I use the M4 for my daily commute and travel at higher speeds economy drops significantly to early 30s mpg. Use b-roads and lanes, which I do in Spring and Summer, and travel at 30-50 mph and I achieve mid-40s mpg without trying. Surprised to read the OP thought extra soundproofing was necessary, as I find the NX very quiet as standard. I can only assume that coming from a saloon to an SUV was the 'issue' here?
  4. Bouncer's has been my 'go to' for a couple of years now. The Megs is good too, but for ease of application, lack of 'sling' onto the bodywork and durability, I've found Bouncer's hard to better and I've tried too many over the years to count from Autoglym at one budget to Swissvax at the other!
  5. ^^ Same with my NX. When new the car comes only with a high-level user guide and service book, with advice to see the full manuals online. One e-mail to Lexus UK and a couple of days later I received the full set, including navigation, for free.
  6. I have a 2004 MINI Cooper with a CVT gearbox which I've owned from new. It too is allegedly 'sealed for life' but following a few going 'bang' (mainly in the US where mileages are higher than in Europe) the advice was changed. I've had the oil in mine changed every 4 years. For me, the mileage is irrelevant as the car has still only done 12k (dry!) miles from new... If I found keep my NX long term, and I think I will, I'll also have the CVT oil changed. Prevention is better - not to mention cheaper - than cure IMHO.
  7. Sky News were reporting that these 'atmospheric conditions' were also affecting DAB reception. Looks like the issues were more in the South of the UK, but even so this may not have helped matters over the past couple of days. I've never had any issues with DAB reception on my NX but yesterday on the M4 I lost signal a couple of times, albeit only for a few seconds each time.
  8. Wishing all forum members a fantastic Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year. 🎄🎄🎄
  9. ^^ Apart from checking the number plate as others have suggested, it is worth changing the angle the rear seats sit at to either the more upright or reclined position (whichever they aren't at currently). I can't explain why, but at one point I had a slight rattle and moving the seat position (and then moving it back!) resolved the issue. Also check where the rear seatbelt buckle is sitting (although from you original post I guess you've tried that already).
  10. I wipe my thumb over the lens whenever I open the boot. Simple but surprisingly effective!
  11. Agree @dutchie01 They capture the reason for the existence of the ES. If you want a sports car, go elsewhere. If you want a relaxed drive in a beautifully made environment, buy a Lexus. Leave BMW and Audi to those that feel they need the 'prestige' of their badge for some reason. Personally I'm happy not to own a brand lusted over by regional sales managers for photocopier companies with marble Lions outside their mock Tudor new build houses...😆
  12. Seat comfort is a very personal thing, especially for those with back or other physical issues. A thorough test drive is an essential for any vehicle purchase. I think apart from @olliesgrandadthere may have been two or three others who noted seat comfort as an issue on the NX - there was one who sold early because of it, although that whole thread was very odd - but it is generally thought of by most posters here as very comfortable. Have a look around on the forum if you haven't already. Personally I agree with @Ken R. My NX is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, and I have a disability affecting my back, hips and legs so that is very important to me. Just because others say a car is comfortable or not doesn't matter - the only person who can make the decision is you, so don't be swayed either way. Most members on here note how comfortable the bigger RX is, but it doesn't work for me at all. Generally I find BMW seats awful, but Mercedes seats excellent - it's all about my own circumstances and preferences. Other than that and based on my own experience, there's not much to look out for other than normal used car checks. The front gets stone chips quite a lot, and diamond cut alloys can corrode. Driving wise it isn't a sports car, and IMHO appreciates being driven smoothly. The eCVT isn't to everybody's taste, but learn to drive it smoothly and it's a great thing. Economy wise you should get 38-42mpg pretty easily. Good luck!
  13. A quick update on my NX - and the best sort of update. It gets better the more miles I do. Now with 15k miles in 18 months, I appreciate the car more every single day. Quality is supreme, the ride compliant, and it's quiet and comfortable. No rattles, no squeaks. Economical. Practical. Great service from the dealer. I had thought I'd downsize next year, but that now seems highly unlikely. This is a car that does everything I want and more, certainly the best I've owned (and I've owned a few!). I can see this staying with me for the duration - up to 10 years or more. Why would I change something that works so perfectly? Superb. 👍
  14. I had a gTechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating applied to my NX by a recommended professional shortly after delivery. Having never had a coating before, but knowing my way around detailing (I used to show MINIs) I was curious. 18 months on and I've only had to top up the finish occasionally with Gyeon Wetcoat or C2v3. It really is impressive, albeit I'm careful with the dilution of the Bilt Hamber snowfoam which can be aggressive. When it was done I was assured it would last 2 years and 3-4 years if maintained properly. It has certainly saved me a lot of time and the finish is still excellent.
  15. I’ve always found car brands willing to let me have a car for a reasonable time. And if they won’t, my money goes elsewhere!