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  1. First_Lexus

    Tried an NX Today

    Fair enough, I'm obviously wrong. I'll go and slap myself for having a different opinion. 🤐
  2. First_Lexus

    Tried an NX Today

    I can only base my opinions on my own experiences, so that's what I've done. I'm sorry if that doesn't match up with the 'science' but knowing somebody well who has worked as a development engineer for Toyota, MINI, Lotus and JLR I certainly won't place too much emphasis on any official figures...🤣🤣 I did like the RX, but tbh I just can't see what all the fuss is about. It's a good car clearly, but not as good as I expected based on opinions I've read from owners. That's what opinions are all about I guess. Mind you, the RX I had was an F-Sport and the GS I have is a Premier. Softer, quieter and comfy is what I want, so my opinion might be different if I had a Luxury spec RX.
  3. First_Lexus

    Lexus insurance a joke!

    I insure my NX and my MINI Cooper on a multi car policy with Admiral. Last year, £488 for both with protected NCB and personal legal cover. Renewal this year was over £600! Pretty much every other company is cheaper with like for like cover, whether insuring the cars separately through different companies or together. I'll go with Direct Line - just beating Aviva and the Co-Op - for £458 total. No doubt I'll be back with Admiral next year - that's the pattern of the past few years. With a new customer discount they're usually cheapest for me. Without, as this year being an existing customer, they can't compete.
  4. First_Lexus

    Tried an NX Today

    Meant to say I certainly WOULDN'T pay the extra for an RX over my NX. I would pay the extra for a GS, but I need the extra height of an SUV for easy access. Doh! All SUVs are a compromise I guess. I live very rural so prefer height and 4WD and also need the height to help get in and out. If only I'd have been able to afford a car like the GS twenty years ago...
  5. First_Lexus

    Tried an NX Today

    I've got a top of the range GS 300h while my NX is at the dealer (again) today. I had one earlier this year too and was very impressed. Having also had a new RX for a few days earlier this year, and now having had the GS again today, I much prefer the GS. I'm not saying the RX isn't a good car, but I didn't find it quite as awe inspiring as some seem to. I certainly would pay the extra for one over my NX. The GS on the other hand - IMHO - is in a different league altogether. Yes, comparing a luxury saloon with a luxury SUV is tricky, but the GS doesn't have the ride or road noise issues that I found in the RX. I also find the interior a nicer place to be. If I had the choice, I'd have the GS every time.
  6. First_Lexus

    Hate car parks

    I think it was Jasper Carrott who used to say that the fastest vehicle on any motorway was a white AstraMax Diesel van, driven by an apprentice plumber listening to Radio 1...if there was a Ferrari F40 in the outside lane, the AstraMax van would be tailgating it, flashing the headlights to make it pull over
  7. First_Lexus

    Hate car parks

    My local Sainsbury also has extra wide spaces, with a double line between each space. It works well, plenty of space to open doors without issue. Even so, I still park away from the crowds...although oddly yesterday I had the same as you. I was parked well out of the way and a BMW parked in the space next to me even though there were 50 or so others to choose from! My conclusion is that BMW drivers are morons.
  8. First_Lexus

    Tried an NX Today

    I had an F-Sport NX as a courtesy car for three months and found both the seats and ride far harder than the standard NX. I couldn’t live with it personally, but find the standard NX fine. I also had an RX F-Sport for a few days and was underwhelmed. Personally I found the ride hard and it was surprisingly noisy IMHO. I think if you are used to a big luxury saloon you’ll struggle with many SUVs. That’s the compromise you’ve got to deal with. You’d maybe be better off looking at a large estate of some flavour, giving the space with a saloon like experience. The new Volvos look nice... By far my favourite courtesy car so far was a GS. Maybe that tells you all you need to know...I’d have a GS in a heartbeat but need an SUV for the height due to mobility issues.
  9. First_Lexus

    Cleaning door trim on rear doors

    Mine attracts far less mud in this area since I had the side-steps fitted, but it is still far from ideal. I spray on some APC, leave for a couple of minutes, and then rinse out. Seems to work ok.
  10. First_Lexus

    Gear selector

    ^^ No, nothing like that. Looking closely, the selector seems to have a lacquered finish. I think it is this that's breaking down, so a manufacturing defect seems most likely. The car is going into the dealer (again!) in a couple of weeks as the rear suspension has now started squeaking, so I'll add this to their list.
  11. First_Lexus

    Gear selector

    Noticed today that the silver finish is already wearing off the gear selector in my NX. Surprising as I've only covered 4K miles, don't rest my hand on the lever and nor do I wear a ring that might have damaged it. It looks as though there is an area on the top middle of the selector where the finish is breaking up. Anybody else noticed anything like that?
  12. First_Lexus


    I'm very impressed. I've been Detailing for years, with good products, but seeing a pro get such results is a real pleasure. I picked up loads of tips too...
  13. First_Lexus


    @as13 I'd say the results speak for themselves! I thought I was pretty good at cleaning and looking after my cars, but Chris at Summit Detailing has taken the level of shine to a different level - mainly using Gtechniq products. Interestingly, the ceramic coat applied by the dealer from new (at no cost) had been done quite well in most places...but wasn't present at all on the lower bodywork. Evidently whoever applied it didn't want to bend down . Anyway, it is now fully de-contaminated and protected......and my 14 year-old MINI Cooper is next, although that will be getting a more thorough 3 day treatment.
  14. First_Lexus


    @as13 Didn't happen due to the weather over Easter. It's re-booked for Sunday..fingers crossed!
  15. First_Lexus

    Jag.owner buys a Lexus

    ^^ Just to be contrary, I am the opposite. Having had all the gadgets over the years, I now go for mid-range cars and save money as I realised that I never or hardly ever used any of the gadgets. Mind you, only I drive my car so manually re-setting the seat and steering wheel is very rare. As long as a car has satnav and heated seats I'm happy. The most pointless gadget of all IMHO - voice control. The answer to a question that nobody asked...