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  1. When mine went off I assumed it was an error and re-set it. A few days later it went off again so I had the tyres checked. There was a nail in one of them...
  2. To be fair, I have another car in the garage for 'fun' albeit I hardly ever use it. As I've got older I care more about comfort and refinement. I just want to get where I want to get with as little stress as possible. Audi do make a nice interior. Pity about the DSG gearboxes, which is why I'd never own (another) one.
  3. An update after 14 months and almost 10k miles with my NX. I still really like the car. It is very comfortable and quiet - I'd describe it as a relaxing driving experience. Yes, with the eCVT, flooring the accelerator will cause the revs to rise as pointed out in so many reviews, but I have never had a situation where I've felt the need to accelerate in such an 'agricultural' manner. Maybe just me, but life is too short to drive aggressively. The minor rattles that had started were traced to the passenger seatbelt buckle against the seat/pillar and the locking wheel nut box in the glovebox! Both easily resolved, and despite the terrible rural roads I drive on no other rattles have emerged which is impressive. Paintwork chips continue to irritate on the front bumper, but they are relatively minor. Personally I don't have an issue with the infotainment, not that I use it much. With use it is simple enough, and the navigation has worked on the few times I've used it. Sound quality from the stereo is good too, even when streaming via Bluetooth from Spotify. Discussions with many of my peers (mainly over 45 years old) show that infotainment in cars has a couple of consistent themes. None of us like the 'i-Drive' wheel type systems, including drivers of 3 and 5 series BMWs. Most would prefer buttons or touchscreens. Also, there is a lot of focus in reviews about the functionalities of such systems, but my peer group aren't bothered about most of it. All we want is a navigation system that works and the ability to listen to music. All the other stuff is largely irrelevant and never used. Economy - with hardly any motorway miles - is as expected. My daily 15 mile commute on country lanes and a short section of B-Road, I guess at an average speed of 40-45mph, gives me c45mpg. Overall the computer is showing 41.4mpg over the total mileage of the car, so probably about 40mpg in reality. Good enough, and about the same as previous diesel / auto SUVs owned from VW. I don't have any real negatives. This is a stress free car to own and drive, which is exactly what I was looking for. Service from Lexus Swindon is excellent, and the car feels very well made. Passengers often remark on how much they like the interior, how comfortable the seats are and how quiet it is. I'm fortunate that I get pretty regular access to all sorts of cars (business policy is to hire cars for business travel) and I've yet to find a comparable car that I'd rather own at this stage of my life. One last point. I do rather like the fact that you don't see many NXs (or indeed Lexus in general) on the roads. It wasn't something I'd really thought about when I first got the car, but as time has gone on I find the exclusivity appeals to me. Whenever I see a BMW 3-Series or an A4 I tend to think of David Brent type characters, who are likely to be regional sales managers for a photocopier company or similar...whereas with Lexus I'm of an age where I still think Partridge...😂
  4. No issue for me in two years with two NXs and lots of heavy rain, but had similar issue with two previous Hondas and a VW. Techs just told me it was common to Bosch (I think) sensors and that it would go away on its own, which it always did.
  5. A couple of things to add to this topic. First, I read that BMW are making Apple Car Play an extra cost, through subscription, after the first year. Second, I note that BMW don't offer Android Auto. Clearly it isn't just Lexus with some unsatisfied customers...
  6. Totally agree about Lexus customer service, although Honda ran them pretty close in my experience. I've owned new MINIs since 2001 - my current one from new since 2004 - and have always found the service good. Not exceptional, but solid, with no cause for complaint. They don't go the extra mile, and that's what makes Lexus different from my experience. I've not had a single quality issue with either of my MINIs, and I've only ever had advisories on MOTs for a nail in a tyre and wiper blades. No rattles either, and the best paintwork I've ever had on a car, including my current NX. Amazing on a (now) 14 year old car... ...anyway, I guess we all have different experiences and expectations. While I am an advocate for MINI, Honda and now Lexus, my (and my family) have had dreadful experiences with VW, Audi and Skoda - and I mean new engines, new gearboxes, failed interior trim, poor paintwork, breakdowns...really really awful, and on new and nearly new cars too. I'd rather have my eyes gouged out with a rusty spoon than to ever buy or recommend one, except to somebody I didn't like. 😈
  7. If a saloon is in order the deals on pre-reg Alfa Giulia are excellent. A good spec diesel should leave plenty of change from £30k, petrols more expensive but still should be within budget with a bit of haggling. ROMEO&advertising-location=at_cars&model=GIULIA&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&postcode=nw16jl&page=2 A Mustang might be an interesting choice too. New&onesearchad=New&maximum-mileage=5000&model=MUSTANG&postcode=nw16jl&page=1
  8. ^^ Excellent news. Enjoy the NX.
  9. It's a good point regardless of the vehicle @olliesgrandad @andybyou'll find that the vast majority of NX owners find it very comfortable, but seats can be a very sensitive issue, especially if you have any existing problems. I find it hard to be sympathetic with owners who will buy a car - let's not forget a very significant purchase - without a thorough test drive, and then complain it isn't what they expected! If it helps, I have a disability affecting both legs, including my hips and lower back. I've had surgeries, and have various nuts, bolts and rods holding my legs together! The NX is one of the few cars I've been able to select because of the seat design, and in two years I've had no issues at all. It's the most comfortable car I've owned. Generally I know which manufacturers seats cause me issues because of their design. BMW - bad. Mercedes - good. Honda - excellent. Lexus - excellent. All with the proviso that I also need height in the car for access, but not too the UX is slightly too low, and the RX slightly too high! It certainly makes choosing the right car pretty important...
  10. I can't find the review on the AutoExpress website. Is there a link or was this in the hard copy edition only? The new CarWow review really irritated me. Yet again we have the 'floor the throttle and listen to the drone' lazy journalism. I've owned Lexus eCVT cars for over two years and have NEVER had to accelerate like that. Surely done for effect - which is just an example of poor journalistic standards. Mind you, I consider myself to be a civilised know, obey speed limits, read the road, don't drive like a plonker. Maybe I'm the one who is wrong?! CarWow Lexus UX
  11. I love the latest Land Rover / Range Rovers from a drive and style perspective (although they have gone a bit 'new money' recently) but they're ruined by shoddy build and poor reliability. Such a shame. Had a work colleague who went to work for them - some of his stories of build and design issues were incredible!
  12. The new Volvos are nice, no doubt about that - but I've got a close friend with a new XC40 and she's had lots of minor niggles - poorly fitting doors, failed tailgate strut, poor fit of rear bumper, fuel filler recall and plenty of little cabin rattles. The dealer has sorted it all (almost) first time, but she is a bit disappointed despite loving the drive. Other members here have reported that build quality may not be all it should be too, with rattles in the interior. Mind you, new discounts are massive and given the price I'll definitely consider one next time! Always rather liked Volvos...
  13. Very nice - and in the best colour (when the sun shines anyway!)
  14. Where I used to live, the authorities raided a (quite well used) hand car wash. Aside from the reporting in the local press about abuses of employees there - paid below minimum wage, no pension provision, unpaid NI etc, the usual stuff - it was also reported that they'd been using (wait for it) industrial concrete cleaner to 'valet' the cars... 😳😳😳
  15. Another Bilt-Hamber clay fan here. I use CarPro TRIX as a fallout and tar remover and it works very well. I've never needed to use a separate tar remover after using TRIX as part of my wash routine (snow foam, rinse, TRIX, rinse, mitt wash, rinse, occasionally use Gyeon Wet Coat through the Winter months, dry, protect).