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  1. My television and soundbase were purchased from Richer Sounds in Bath and I found the service excellent. I didn't realise there was a standard extended warranty either, will have to look that up in case I ever need it!
  2. @PCM Not from my own direct experience, but I saw my Father retire in his mid-50s and end up back at work a couple of years later due to boredom (and then he kept going until he was almost seventy!). From a few other family members experience, I'd say fill your time with things you enjoy. Volunteering is great, and with an IT career I'm sure there are plenty of groups who'd welcome your help. I'm a few years away yet, but I've been volunteering as a mentor and lecturing about my career for Undergrads at my former University for a few years now, and it's very rewarding. Non-executive Directorships, for two or three days a month, are also a good way of 'gradually' retiring whilst keeping one foot in the door...
  3. Interesting. The different issue with mine - apart from no sound - was that it wouldn't turn off using the remote. I found instructions in various places, but the ones I used to re-set were on the Pioneer.EU site. They all say the same sorts of things as you'd expect, look in the 'what to do if' problem solving section. Good luck!
  4. 2018 Luxury owner, and like others here find it is the most comfortable seating in a car I've ever had. As somebody with a disability it's very important that I'm comfortable, and the NX does the job perfectly.
  5. Coincidentally, I had this exact issue with the same model of Pioneer soundbase last night. All sound lost, no apparent reason for it - unit has worked faultlessly for the four years I've had it. I found the instructions on the Internet (it was supplied only with a CD version) and tried a full re-set, which simply involves cutting power for 5 minutes and the re-starting with the power button depressed. This seems to have fixed mine, although all previous sound settings were lost. Did you manage to get it working @bluenose1940 ?
  6. I can't help but muse on the fact that this thread has been revived after eighteen years...which is far longer than a childhood is! Anyway, loads for me but the ones that stick in my mind are those American shows broadcast after Grandstand and World of Sport; The Fall Guy Six Million Dollar Man CHiPs The Dukes of Hazzard Airwolf Also the classic cartoons that don't seem to be shown these days. Pepe Le Pew, Foghorn Leghorn, Speedy Gonzales were particular favourites. And who could forget TISWAS on a Saturday morning. I still have the album on vinyl...