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  1. First_Lexus

    Customer Service

    I've no real complaints about Lexus customer service. What irritates me is when mechanics - and this has happened with Lexus - seem not to treat my car with real care. For example, scuffs on the plastics on the door and door sills shows (to me) that not enough care was taken and that they were probably rushing. A few weeks ago, they left finger marks on the boot lid where they'd shut it...but there's a handle specifically there to avoid that! It isn't something enough to complain about, but if the customer service - or perhaps customer care - really was 'exceptional' then it wouldn't happen imho.
  2. Give me an EV UX with a 100-150 mile range and I'd be very interested. Seems unlikely in the short term though.
  3. First_Lexus

    The best all round Lexus (current range)

    This is quite easy for me - as the question is which Lexus does what I need (most of the time). I need height for easy access, so that rules out the CT, IS, GS, RC & LC. I need 4WD to cope with my rural setting and daily commute on C-roads and lanes. I don't need space - it's just for me - no pets, no tools, and that rules out the RX and my own NX. Without having driven one, I think by a process of elimination my ideal Lexus will be a UX with 4WD.
  4. First_Lexus

    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    @Bluesman I think his problem with the image is - as he put it - that it's '...a bit golf club.' There's an element of the Alan Partridge effect in that description i.e. the image in his perception is that of the self-made middle classes or we could call it 'new money.' He also won't consider Audi, BMW or Volvo for a variety of reasons, some also image related. It's not something I'd really thought of when I bought mine, and having had a variety of cars over the years the 'image' isn't something that personally bothers me. I prefer to buy what I like and I agree with @PaulWhitt20 completely. Mind you, being hypocritical, I wouldn't consider an Audi or BMW because I don't like the brash image that is my perception of those brands. I was just curious to see what others thought.
  5. Following on from this thread If you cannot choose Lexus I wondered what member views were on what driving a Lexus says about you? Now, I have to declare an interest here. I have a friend, and I recommended they look at a new RX. They've been to view and really like the car, but won't consider actually owning one because of concerns about the Lexus 'image.' Alan Partridge was a long time ago, but does Lexus have a slight image problem in the UK? It was described to me as '...a bit golf club.' It isn't something I'd really considered before, and I'm interested in views - without rose tinted spectacles!
  6. First_Lexus

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    My commute is 15 miles on c-roads and single track lanes. Over the past two mornings the roads have been icy with below feeezing temperatures added to damp conditions. The initial signs for tyre grip are good. These Bridgestone do inspire confidence, and feel very grippy indeed. I don't think they're any better than my previous Falken Winter tyres, but they are quieter. Fingers crossed they are good if and when the going gets snowy...but so far I'm impressed.
  7. First_Lexus

    They've eaten my aerial... again!

    Could be a mouse on the back of a rat riding a something out of Wind in the Willows 😂
  8. First_Lexus

    They've eaten my aerial... again!

    As there are no visible footprints that would indicate a larger animal, it could be mice or rats - they love to chew. Put some talcum powder on the roof overnight for a couple of days and see if any clues are left. After that, it's poisoning time!
  9. First_Lexus

    They've eaten my aerial... again!

    My Sister had similar issues with crows a couple of years back. Amazing the damage they could do...but they tended to focus on window and sunroof surrounds, I assume because of the reflections?
  10. Over the past year I’ve had ‘standard’ NXs and an F-Sport on long term loan, and I’d agree with you @olliesgrandad The F-Sport ride and seats were too hard for me, I find the standard set-up more comfortable. Should add that I’ve also had an RX450h F-Sport and a standard Sport model and found similar - the standard set-up was far more to my taste (and quieter too).
  11. First_Lexus

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    I’ve never had a car which displayed pressures by tyre in the car...but this is my fourth or fifth with TPMS.
  12. Me too. And all of the door shuts...🙄
  13. First_Lexus

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    No problem @NemesisUK, at least I'm not going mad!
  14. First_Lexus

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    @NemesisUK My NX doesn't seem to have this option. I've looked through the full user guide and there is no mention of being able to view pressures that I can see. Having also scrolled through the in-car menus, the only thing relating to tyres is the TPMS re-initialisation function. Have any other NX owners found this function? If so, how do you access it?
  15. First_Lexus

    Deposit paid today

    Congratulations! Out of interest, what brand(s) are you coming to Lexus from? What was it that swung the final decision?