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  1. I think we all need to smile...and what better than this comedy gem? (it was this or The Streak by Ray Stevens. I've got the 7" singles of both!)
  2. Another of my all time favourite bands from my idealistic University days. The The, unknown by far too many people. I still mainly listen to the exact same music I grew up loving - Billy Bragg, Lloyd Cole, Elvis Costello, Suede, The Smiths, Morrissey, Kirsty MacColl, American Music Club, Galaxie500... Great times. Great memories.
  3. Saw Suede at the T&C in 92/93 (ish, the memory fades). Amazing live. I miss the 90's...😖
  4. I'm on my second NX and had two different RX models over a three month period in 2018. I'm very happy with the NX, but fully accept that those who prefer to drive faster or more aggressively may not appreciate it quite so much... Personally - and I wrote this at the time - I didn't really 'get' the RX the first time I had one. I found it quite noisy, with a harsh ride and hard seats. I don't drive fast at all, preferring to waft about, so the claimed additional performance was irrelevant (I never tried it out so can't comment). That was an F-Sport. I then had a 'normal' RX Sport. Suddenly I did get it. Quieter, softer, far more comfortable - much more in line with what I expected in the first place. Tyres may have had an impact on the road noise to be fair. However, the RX doesn't suit my circumstances. The extra size meant I couldn't use some of the single track lanes around here comfortably, but more importantly my disability made it unsuitable longer term as the relationship between steering wheel, seats and pedals is just too large regardless of adjustment. Having spoken with my specialist, he says that most of the very large SUVs are often like that for those with lower limb and hip issues, the exception being the (old model) Volvo XC90. Anyway, as with most things when spending a large amount of money - do your research, take a long test drive, understand whether the additional cost is really worth it (always think about what else you could do with the money) and only then make your choice. Based on my experience I'd recommend long test drives in both an F-Sport and a 'normal' RX such as the Luxury or Sport. Have fun!
  5. Beware with that Car Plan product. I used some a few years ago and it left horrible greasy patches on the driveway that took ages to go. I much prefer a liquid product which takes longer to apply but is more controlled. I also don't like a tyre 'shine' preferring the natural look of tyres when new. Each to their own though, I guess it does a job.
  6. Two things on applying it to the tyres. First, they should be clean. Second, as it is a very thin product you need to work it in - I use a specially shaped applicator. It gives a very natural finish - if I'd have thought about it I'd have done some before and after shots yesterday when I was cleaning. Have a look at my Spring Clean thread and zoom in on the tyres!
  7. Certainly my paintwork, at almost two years old, shows little if any signs of 'swirl' marks - albeit I use a very careful washing process. I was told by Lexus to park it in the direct sun occasionally as this allegedly helps the 'healing' process. Lexus Swindon have heat lamps in one of their workshops to do it manually where required. No idea if that's all true, but so far so good! Now, if they could just make the paint more resistant to stone chipping too...😳
  8. ^^ Agree. There may be some exceptions but I'd always recommend going to a professional rather than letting the garage do it. A colleague has a new BMW which allegedly has a coating applied. It doesn't bead - at all! No doubt either nothing has been done, or it's been done very badly without correction beforehand too. He paid £450, and wants to know why my NX looks so different...which is simple,, it's because mine was done by a pro and fully corrected first. Gave it a Spring clean yesterday, and although I spent quite a while doing it, it was actually very easy to bring it up like new. I do look after my car though, no bomb-site hand washing cowboys allowed!
  9. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, and the inability to go and do much else, I decided to give my NX a full Spring clean. The rain over previous weekends has meant little or no chance for any cleaning, so today was the first wash in five or six weeks. Living where I do in rural Wiltshire, rest assured it was on the 'bloody filthy' side of dirty! The car had a GTechniq ceramic coating applied professionally when new. Starting with a thorough snow foam using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam, the car was then decontaminated using CarPro TRIX , washed using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash, and dried. Wheels were cleaned using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wheel. The glass was then sorted using Autoglym Glass polish, before going over the bodywork with Koch FSE to remove any remaining water marks. I chose to use a liquid wax that I haven't used for ages - Bilt-Hamber Hydra Wax. This is a carnauba based product that I've had good results with previously but for whatever reason it has sat neglected on the shelf for years. Anyway, it is easy to apply and remove - as with most products less is definitely more - and has given a nice result, albeit without the flake 'pop' that I get with c2v3. Moving onto the exterior plastics, these were treated with Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel (the same seemingly everlasting bottle I've been using for at least ten years!) before the Winter wheels were finished and treated with Bouncer's Looking Sharp wheel wax. Tyres were then dressed using Bouncer's Dress to Impress. Finally it was time to give the engine bay and door shuts a quick tidy up. although they weren't in bad shape considering. Anyway, that was my day - and very enjoyable it was too! 😁
  10. @ThomasD94 Do you mean you had an NX loan car rather than an RX? Or did you have an RX as well as the NX?
  11. Another Winter with the Blizzaks fitted is almost over, and they continue to impress. Although we've had hardly any really cold weather this year, when the roads are damp and the temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees they do inspire confidence. Wear seems good too. I guess they've done about 8k miles over the two Winter periods that they've been fitted, and are only 10-15% worn, if that.
  12. I've never had any issues with the Premium nav in my NX, but as with most things, personal preference is everything. I've owned a Garmin nav unit which I hated, and used the 'old' Honda system which looked old fashioned but worked brilliantly. Over on HondaKarma that system used to be criticised because of the way it looked rather than because of the way it worked. Weird. I get the chance to use a variety of hire cars, and the Lexus system stands up well based on what I've seen. Younger people with whom I work all favour navigation 'apps' that they can access through their mobile telephones, and all claim them to be superior to any built in system - Waze is the 'app' of choice amongst them - but actual use of them against built in systems hasn't proved much to me other than a) they all do the same job; b) none have ever done anything really daft, and; c) using the built in system is much neater.
  13. ^^ My issue was with two versions of the current model RX450h over a three month period last year. I've never driven any of the previous versions.