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  1. Never really saw this issue on my NX as I had the side-steps fitted and most of the mud collected on the underside of those rather than on the doors. However, my new RX doesn’t have side-steps, so…😕
  2. ^^ I hope the two teams aren’t reading this, it might give them ideas…😆
  3. I’m not an expert by any means, so this is purely anecdotal. I’ve owned my 2004 MINI from new. She’s done 13k dry miles, and is connected to my CTEK charger most of the time in order to maintain the battery. I had a new (higher capacity) Yuasa battery fitted in 2006, and that same battery is still fine in 2021. Famous last words…
  4. ^^ From memory, the last discussion got quite - ahem - lively…😉
  5. Had a CTEK for my garage queen MINI for at least ten years. It’s a wonderful piece of kit and I’d recommend highly as others have already done.
  6. I’ve got a former colleague who works for JLR. He says they only keep their company cars for 3-6 months as if they keep them for any longer they tend to break…😆 They also tell a joke amongst themselves. “What are the only two man made things visible from space? 1. the Great Wall of China 2. the panel gaps on a JLR product…”
  7. My previous NX Luxury is now for sale at Lexus Swindon (on a new number plate as I have a personal one). She’s been an utterly faithful servant to me, and I’m sure will serve her new owner just as well. If anybody is looking for a good used NX I can recommend this one - very careful owner, no damage of any sort, pretty much as new apart from a couple of stone chips. Ceramic coated when new by a specialist (who is also sorting my new RX in a few days) and the leather was protected as well. No scuffs or marks, not had children or pets anywhere near it! Side-steps and side protectors also fitted, genuine Lexus. I can also recommend Rob and the team at Lexus Swindon, who have now sold me my last three cars. Hopefully whoever buys her will join up on here.
  8. It’s a fair point, and I’m finding that familiarity makes things less scary - I think a lot of the issue is in the mind, certainly in my case. The big difference between those Amazon/Ocado/Tractor/lorry drivers and driving an RX is that they are less concerned about the potential for minor damage. However, I found that even worse were other drivers of large SUVs…😂🙄…especially those who refused to drive anywhere other than down the middle of an already narrow(ish) lane (perhaps a car and a half wide). Genuinely, there were lanes where I used to live where even the NX was a struggle so I tended to avoid them unless I was travelling very early or very late. I just didn’t want the drama or to scratch my lovely paintwork. As my first wife used to tell me frequently - and I’m sure she was talking about cars - a couple of extra inches makes a big difference…
  9. @Goodplan53the standard navigation certainly isn’t the best (slight understatement!). Actually I always found it fine - got used to the foibles over time - but then I started using Waze via Apple Car Play and that is a game changer. All of a sudden the standard system becomes utterly irrelevant… I believe most manufacturers are going down the same route, some even not bothering with an inbuilt system other than a screen with which to use Car Play or Android Auto.
  10. The driver of that red Alfa made a wise choice…
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