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  1. First_Lexus

    Absolutely love my new NX

    When I first test drove an NX, the dealer was at pains to point out that a petrol/hybrid won't get near to a diesel in terms of economy if you are planning on lots of motorway miles. He was right - motorway driving trashes the mpg, even at 70mpg. However, driving on B-Roads and in town and using plenty of electric only running, and the balance is found. I get an easy high 30s, into the early 40s mpg on average but I hardly ever use the motorway. If you do lots of motorway miles I'd say a diesel still makes a lot of sense...well, it will, right up until the moment the Government taxes them out of existence! Audi do a very nice interior, that's for sure. Pity the general reliability doesn't match - not that they're the worst, being pretty average - but nowhere near Japanese standards. Having had German, French, British, Korean and Japanese cars over the years, nothing has come close to the Far East for general build quality and reliability.
  2. First_Lexus

    Absolutely love my new NX

    I've had at least one CVT in my fleet for 15 years now, and I prefer them to torque converter boxes and MUCH prefer them to hesitant, constantly hunting for the right gear, DSG gearboxes. However, you do need to get used to driving them. Hard acceleration - as you would to 'kick down' a traditional auto - will simply send the revs soaring and create a load of noise and little progress. Accelerate gradually as speed builds, and you'll find the experience much better, and far smoother than a traditional gearbox. It does take some getting used to though, and probably doesn't suit a more aggressive driving style. They seem to be reliable too. I'm hoping I never have another gearbox go 'bang' (literally!) like my VW DSG did at 40k miles on the outside lane of the's quite an experience to see bits of gearbox casing and gearbox oil fly out of the back of the car at - ahem - 70mph...
  3. First_Lexus

    Paint issues?

    Only paint issue has been stone chipping for me. I'd be surprised if your NX left the factory with an issue like that, especially in a fairly visible area. Good luck getting it sorted, hopefully the dealer will look after you.
  4. Personally I'd advise against a diy ceramic coating if you don't know precisely what you are doing, as the preparation needs to be perfect. I used to show cars so like to think I know my way around a good (amateur) detail, but with advancing years and less mobility I had my NX professionally coated using GTechniq. Best thing I've done in ages. Very quick and simple maintenance now to get it looking (almost) perfect. Cost was £500 total. The company I chose was recommended on Detailing World, and was superb. My huge collection of polishes and waxes has stayed untouched since it was done, I now just use C2v3 to finish as required. The cost of your quote seems high, but as your car is 2014 there may be considerable correction needed before a coating can be applied properly. I'm actually not sure whether I'd bother on an older car, just not something I'd considered. Look on DW, plenty of information there. These are the guys that did mine. Summit Detailing Instagram Summit NX Detail
  5. First_Lexus

    Should i go for the NX?

    Having just driven home down the M4 I find the post above astonishing, but @Physiogirl as I said earlier in the thread, the problem with asking a question such as this is that you'll get various opinions (and some opinions presented as facts) based on perceptions. As we know, perception is reality at least in the mind of the individual with that perception. My perception is no more right or wrong than others represented on this thread. The only way to know for sure is to go and take an extended test drive yourself and make your own mind up. Interestingly, when I took my extended test drive I remarked to the dealer how quiet and relaxing I felt the NX to be. The reply? 'Everybody says that, Sir.' A good salesman won't disagree with a customer where he feels he cannot reverse the opinion - there is no point. In agreeing, whether it is 'truthful' or not, he builds rapport and hopes to sell something else instead.
  6. First_Lexus

    Absolutely love my new NX

    Out of interest Jon @Farnewhat issues are you having?
  7. That Volvo is a seriously nice vehicle. The T5 is well reviewed, even though most motoring media reckon the diesel is a better bet. Sigh...🙄 One of my very close friends has just got one to replace a Merc and aside from a couple of minor quality issues to be sorted that should have been done at the PDi - rattles in the cabin, driver's door doesn't sit properly and a mis-aligned rear bumper - she loves it to bits. Personally I'm a bit surprised at some of the quality issues, especially on a brand new £40k top of the range car, but having had Japanese cars for years I guess I'm spoiled in that respect. Even so, this will be on my list for next time, have always liked Volvos. I must be getting old...
  8. First_Lexus

    Absolutely love my new NX

    Congratulations on your new NX. On the forum actual NX owners seem to be very happy with their choice, I certainly am. Manual wise I asked Lexus customer service on the day I picked up the car and had a full set - for free - just a few days later delivered by registered post. I reckon it took them three days (at most) from request to delivery, which was just superb. Brace yourself though...they are big! Plenty to read to keep you busy finding out what it can do, especially the navigation system.
  9. First_Lexus

    Should i go for the NX?

    Make sure you try both the F-Sport and the 'standard' NX (i.e. SE, Luxury or Premier) models. I found the F-Sport to be noisier and have a harder ride. The problem with your question is that different people will perceive noise based on how they drive, on what roads, and based on what they may have driven previously. I consider my NX Luxury to be very quiet - as do others that have been in it - with the exception of a new LR Discovery owner who thought it was quite noisy...
  10. First_Lexus

    Ulez zone start April 19

    Given just a few short years this sort of thing will be implemented in every city and large town. Consultations are on-going almost everywhere if you look hard enough on local Government websites, although some are better publicised than others - Bath being a good example. Interestingly on their website they even recommend drivers choose petrol over diesel when changing their vehicle. I've posted a couple of the links to the consultations/plans active at the moment - but if you use a search engine with your nearest large town and 'clean air zone' you should - eventually - be able to find what they are consulting on. They're all having to come up with plans to meet central Government air quality targets. Bath low emissions zone Bristol clean air zone Leeds clean air zone
  11. First_Lexus

    Negotiating for a new ES

    Try using CarWow as a starting point for negotiations. I found it useful as it highlighted the dealers who are keen to do a deal. Problem may be that the ES is new. If you could wait a few months you may get a more tempting offer... Lexus Swindon are offering 0% PCP on all new cars (excl. the UX) with £2000 deposit contribution OR £4000 deposit contribution until Feb 21st. Might be worth giving them a ring.
  12. ^^ Not sure about that in terms of pricing. I've just built an 'Excel' on the Toyota website, and although it has a few extra bits that my NX Luxury doesn't it is the closest in spec to mine. Oddly it has a smaller nav screen. With the AWD engine it comes to £36,645 (with metallic paint). My NX (after discount) was pretty much the same price. Granted, discounts on the RAV should bring that down a bit after a few months on sale, so it will be a very interesting long as the interior perceived quality is better than the previous one, which was the main reason I wouldn't consider it. Ride quality is an interesting one. Having owned two NXs now across 18 months, I don't find it an issue and the rural tracks around here are - ahem - less than forgiving. Back to back with a GS it isn't as good, but how many people get to experience that sort of comparison over an extended period? My guess is that most people don't really notice. Fully accept it could be better though - will be interesting to see if real owners note it as an issue in the Auto Express Driver Power survey which has just launched. Also interesting to see a Lexus dealer advertising a used RX Sport, and pointing out in the advert that this RX has the standard suspension rather than the firmer set up of the F-Sport. Having spoken to a dealer after having the F-Sport RX - where the ride really was hard and not in keeping with the rest of the vehicle imho - he said that was common feedback and that most people preferred the standard set-up, as I did. Had I only driven an RX F-Sport I'd have considered the car overrated (I noted at the time that I didn't understand all the fuss about the RX having had that for a couple of weeks) mainly because the seats were too hard, the ride was hard, and it was noisy on the motorway. When the dealer then gave me the standard 'Sport' next, it was a car transformed and I finally understood why so many people love the latest RX. Of more concern to the NX and RAV is probably the new Honda CR-V Hybrid, which in SR spec is also about the same price (slightly cheaper, albieit marginal) and which looks very good indeed...and as a serial Honda owner before my current Lexus I still feel that Hondas are that bit more thoughtfully designed and feel slightly better engineered.
  13. ^^ Not sure this is the case when compared with the non-Lexus competition. Diesel options have more grunt, that's for sure, but petrol competitors I've driven (and owned) from Honda and Mazda have a 2.0 litre engine and don't have the same power as the NX (in automatic form at least). I'd describe NX performance as entirely adequate, and it is bound to be different to a non-4WD rear drive option which is also likely to be lighter. Economy wise I get between 39-42mpg without issue. That compares well to similarly sized competitors in the real world. A friend with a new Volvo XC40 (diesel, front wheel drive) is getting only mid-30's against figures she was promised of 50-60! A colleague with a BMW X3 diesel (4WD) only gets mid-30s mpg as well. My previous Honda CR-V 2.0 litre petrol managed 40mpg when driven carefully, but driven 'normally' it was also mid-30s and my enthusiastic brother-in-law who had one the same was often in the high 20's. The only competitor where I have real experience of superior mpg (and I accept the above is quite limited in terms of scope) is the CR-V with the 1.6 i-DTEC diesel unit, which has been achieving high 40's mpg, although it is fair to note that on Honda forums there are plenty of owners complaining of poor mpg (only in the 30s) from the same engine/gearbox configuration. Again, we need to accept that expectations of a car (or any appliance I suppose) depend on previous experience and on personal style. I'm not a fast driver, so an NX is great. I can see that if I came from a more powerful car or if I was the sort of driver who likes to press on more, then an NX probably wouldn't suit. But then, I'd have established that during the test-drive phase and bought accordingly, if performance was more important than other priorities such as vehicle height, availability of 4WD, luggage space, passenger space etc.
  14. First_Lexus

    Lexus UX250h Pics

    I will probably be looking to down-size from my NX next time, in 18 months or so, and will be interested to see a UK in the flesh. As long as the 4WD option isn't too expensive at that stage, this will be a contender.
  15. ^^ As with most things it depends on personal circumstances. I had a GS300h Premier last year as a courtesy car and loved it, more than my NX. Even so, it would be absolutely no good for me as my daily driver: - I have mobility issues, and it was a struggle to get in and out of, and; - I live in a very rural part of Wiltshire, more than 2 miles from even the nearest 'B' road. Rear wheel drive saloons are not seen often around here - putting aside the lack of traction in bad weather, the visibility isn't great on the lanes with high hedges either side. The best car will be different for every user based on their requirements. It also depends what you've come from. I came from a Honda CR-V 2.0 litre petrol, and while it was a great car the NX trumps it in almost every way (apart from ultimate practicality). I guess if I'd come from a GS my opinion might be different. In terms of the ride, and having driven them all back to back over an extended period (long story, but I was without my original NX for 4 months due to a fault which ended up with Lexus replacing it), the NX stacks up pretty well against the new RX imho. The F-Sport NX and RX are too hard for my tastes, but the standard suspension is just fine. I prefer the standard NX ride over the F-Sport RX ride for instance. Over the course of the 4 months I was without my original NX I had - in order (mostly for 1 or 2 weeks but I had the NX and RX F-Sport for the longest periods), an IS300h, an NX F-Sport, an RX F-Sport, a GS Premier and an RX Sport. Currently I'm in an RC300h as I have a nail in one of my tyres and a replacement isn't available until Monday. That's a pretty fair percentage of the range I've covered and I haven't found a car I didn't like yet...😀...and the customer service from Lexus Swindon is always superb.