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  1. Washing

    I use step-ladders, have done for years. I'm not very steady on my feet so need the stability. I'm very careful around the paintwork though... I'm having my NX professionally sorted by Summit Detailing on Good Friday. That will get it into a good post-Winter position for me to maintain through the year. Worth having done once a year imho.
  2. Groaning suspension

    I wonder if my issue was the same, but they didn't want to tell me because of my previous issues? Curious that the exact same symptoms could be resolved with a bit of cleaning on one car but a new part on another...I'm probably being paranoid!
  3. Groaning suspension

    Fingers crossed you are all right and in a few months this will all be a distant memory! I certainly hope so...
  4. Groaning suspension

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the NX a lot. The drive is excellent, as is the interior. I just can't get over the feeling - having bought the brand specifically based on a reputation for quality - that the 'quality' may be a bit superficial. The paintwork seems very brittle, and the interior plastics seem to mark quite easily in comparison to Honda. Looking at the various courtesy cars I've had those issues don't just affect my NX either. Who knows, maybe I'll have no further issues and in a couple of years I will be looking at another Lexus. I just can't see that at this moment due to my disappointment with the issues I've had and the nagging feeling that I'll have more. A friend of mine who works 'in the business' tells me that Lexus quality is still at or near the top of the tree but isn't what it was a few years ago. Maybe my NX is symptomatic of that. I fully accept there are many here who have had no issues - I'm sure there are on Alfa/Renault/Ford forums as well - and I accept that Lexus are much better than most. The trouble is when you've had the experience that I have, regardless of trying to stay positive, it does colour your view. Inevitable really.
  5. Groaning suspension

    Lexus Swindon made a point of saying that the groaning suspension wasn't a fault - rather it was routine maintenance caused by road conditions. That makes me doubt Lexus quality TBH. I've never heard of anything like that on any other cars I've owned, and those include Renaults! I won't be asking for a new car. I bought the NX on a PCP, and residual values are strong. I'll keep it for another 18-24 months (I've already had it for 6) then chop it in for the new Honda CR-V Hybrid which is already available in the US and will be available here in Autumn 2019. My feelings having owned plenty of Hondas is that they feel more thoroughly engineered. The interior quality isn't as 'premium' nor is the design as 'cutting edge.' However, they feel more robust to me, and certainly the design is more thoughtful for the user in a number of ways. If I have any disappointment at all with the way Lexus have handled my issues it is that at no stage did they approach me to offer a replacement. I had to put that onto the table and push it, which is when the original manufacturing issue was identified as 'minor' (I have no way of knowing if I was told the truth, but I think I was) and when the wheels/side-steps were offered as compensation. Even then, Lexus wouldn't give me everything I asked for, rejecting my request for two free services as well. I like the NX, but ultimately my confidence in the Lexus brand has been shaken to a level where it is unlikely to be recovered. While it is under warranty I'll keep it. Before the warranty expires, I'll move back to Honda.
  6. Delivery mileage on a brand new NX

    From memory mine had 8 miles on the odo on collection.
  7. Almost a Lexus owner

    I change insurer almost every year. Every other year I end up with Admiral as their quotes are so much cheaper for 'new' customers. Madness. As others have said, costs seem to be very location/car/job/age specific. I know people who swear by Direct Line, but over the years their quotes are almost always about double the cheapest. They aren't able to explain why. LV have never been competitive for my motor insurance, but are excellent for my home insurance. Go figure...
  8. First NX Clean

    I've ordered the Sonax BSD this morning. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the other detailers I've used / got - I'll post thoughts once I've got it and used it over the ceramic coating (which seems to be holding up very well so far after 6 months).
  9. Groaning suspension

    I've had the second issue, but assume it is a normal characteristic. Only seems to happen in low temperatures, so I guess the car needs more power for lights/heat/heated seats etc. than the batteries alone can offer? Not had the hill hold issue, that sounds like one to have looked at. My car had a manufacturing defect which was relatively minor but took ages to identify and then resolve. The Lexus UK engineer who finally worked it out said he'd never seen a Lexus with such a fault leave the factory. Lexus had the car for almost three months while they sorted it.
  10. New Lexus UX revealed

    Agree. Mind you, I feel that the Lexus range looks better - in general - in the flesh. I certainly feel that way about the IS, NX and RX. Perhaps this will be the same, as from the photographs it looks oddly proportioned to my eyes.
  11. Groaning suspension

    Front right was the issue with mine. Not sure why Lexus would have this issue where other marques don't - I have no engineering or mechanical knowledge so not in a position to even guess. Does anybody know if this is a design quirk, as I've never had it with other makes previously. Get it booked in and sorted. The worry is that outside of warranty in a few years...hmmm. Not great.
  12. Groaning suspension

    Well, this was at least a simple fix and one for other NX owners to look out for. It took the dealer only a couple of hours to resolve - including a clean. The issue was that the front anti-roll bar bushes had dried out. They needed to be removed, cleaned and re-greased. It seems this is a common issue as road salt dries them out. Not something I've ever had previously on any other make of car, but there you go. Apparently Vauxhalls have the same issue. Hmmmm... @Zoot1948 - I really like the NX, but to be honest at 6 months old I'm very disappointed with all the build quality issues. Yes, Lexus have been great but on a 'quality' car bought specifically for build and reliability it has shaken my faith somewhat. Fingers crossed this is the last of the gremlins, but even so I can't see myself staying with Lexus next time. In a couple of years Honda should have a hybrid CRV available, and if they do then I'll likely return to them. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to some nice Spring weather and giving the NX a really good clean. That always helps me to feel better about a car. It's the OCD...
  13. Groaning suspension

    My car is with Lexus Swindon today. They don't think this is a big issue, probably lubrication required to the spring seats (whatever that means!). Fingers crossed they're right.
  14. NX Tyres

    ^^ As it happens, just over a month ago I posted this. I never did get Winter tyres this year, foolishly believing that Spring was 'just around the corner.' Not one of my better decisions...ho hum!
  15. Nice Car, but maybe flawed

    It depends how you like to drive. If your style is relaxed, the hybrid engine/gearbox combo seems popular. It certainly suits me. If you like to accelerate faster or drive more aggressively then it probably isn't for you. Having owned my NX for almost 6 months I've not yet needed to use anywhere near full throttle, hence no issue. Mind you, I never exceed the speed limit - IMHO life's too short to rush - so you'll get the idea of how I like to drive! Never had a speeding ticket and been driving since 1988, including long periods at 15-20k miles a year up and down the motorways too... It probably also depends what you're used to. I came from a petrol/auto CRV and the NX is very perky in comparison.