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  1. First_Lexus

    Simply Japanese

    I think the one on the right - the white estate - is a Datsun. Maybe a 120Y? Could be a Cressida memory isn't what it was!
  2. First_Lexus

    Simply Japanese

    My father had a brand new Corona in 1975 followed by a new Cressida Estate in 1978. Happy childhood memories...but I can't see either in those photos. I can see what looks like a lowered Crown and a couple of Celicas though...
  3. A few years ago, my sister had her broken down Skoda Octavia recovered to the local Indy garage which had been servicing it. They diagnosed a major issue with the ECU and declared it uneconomic to repair. They advised her to scrap it. My brother-in-law decided to get a second opinion, so had the car taken to the nearest Skoda main dealer. I never found out exactly what the issue was but it took them only 30 minutes to diagnose and fix it, then another 30 minutes to wash it! They didn't even charge...and quite rightly then got the servicing business for the next few years.
  4. First_Lexus

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    Happy to report that I have no issues with the nav in my June registered NX. I've also now got the full manual for it (free from Lexus UK customer services) and there are seemingly a lot of functions I didn't know about from the basic guides. I'll be trying to get the most out of the system - especially the Google Street View - and will report back.
  5. Very few down here, although there is a current generation GS300h that I see around Malmesbury, and I was followed yesterday by an Italian registered NX. Naturally, since I've had my Mesa red NX somebody in a nearby village has got one exactly the same - including the side-steps(!) - have seen it around a few times. I do see quite a few in Bristol, especially CTs. Hardly ever see an RX - when I've had them as courtesy cars they've really stood out as unusual. ^^ I'm just going to leave this here re: Audi drivers...😋
  6. First_Lexus

    Considering a used LC500

    My understanding is that most of the recognised ceramic coatings are much of a muchness...the major differences are in the preparation and application. My first NX had the Williams coating applied by the dealer, but not very well. Top surfaces were ok but the lower doors hadn't been done (!) and neither had a strip in the centre of the roof. I didn't pay for it but even so... My new NX had a Gtechniq Crystal Serum coating applied (after correction) by a detailer I've now used on three cars and trust implicitly - I trusted him with my 14 year old show MINI anyway, and he's only the second person to touch it except me! He charged £600 for the whole job including protection of the leather with colour block. IMHO if you're planning to keep the car long term or you are particular about how it looks, then it's worth the cost. If you'll change the car every 2-5 years then just use off the shelf products and don't worry about ceramics.
  7. Personally - and especially on a black car - I like a (small) amount of chrome.
  8. First_Lexus

    Great service from Lexus

    Should add that I've received an email from Lexus this afternoon to check that the manual had arrived ok, and to say that a full navigation manual will follow shortly. These guys are really good!
  9. A couple of weeks ago, I was having issues connecting the navigation on my new NX to my "MyLexus" account. I got a prompt reply to an e-mail from the multimedia team, and everything was resolved very quickly. As part of that discussion, I had noted I hadn't got a detailed owners manual and didn't much like having to use the online version. Today I got a parcel - at no cost - with the full owners manual. I doubt many other manufacturers would have done that. Great stuff, and worthy of public praise.
  10. Good choice @C Mclean I had an F-Sport RX a few months ago, and couldn't get on with it - too noisy, and with an uncomfortable and hard ride. My standard NX Sport was both quieter and more comfortable. However, having had an RX Sport just a couple of weeks ago, it was a much softer drive - quiet and with a great ride. A totally different car, and much more in keeping with my requirements. An RX is no good for me as a bit too big for the lanes where I live - and too high to get in and out of easily with my disability - but a great car all the same.
  11. First_Lexus

    Structural Blue I believe

    Back in the day I had a Maestro and a Montego. Great cars from memory...but my memory isn't what it was!
  12. First_Lexus

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Something I'm never likely to bother doing again, but I filled up my new NX today so am able to do an accurate mpg calculation. I've done 415 careful miles, almost all on B-Roads and lanes at 30-50 mph. There was one motorway trip of 50 miles or so, but as the M5 was busy I barely got above 60mph. Anyway, the 415 miles used 42 litres of unleaded, which the online calculator says is 44.9mpg. That's really excellent, and better than I expected, especially as the trip computer says 43.1 (and I zeroed it after I fuelled the car straight after collecting it from the dealer). Warm weather and low speeds really does the job. In the Winter when I go back to using the M4 I'll be lucky to get 40mpg, but even so I'm pleased with this result right now.
  13. First_Lexus

    NX SatNav Map updates

    All facelift NX (2018 onwards) have the Premium navigation with the touchpad. As @EssexGonzosays above, if you control the nav with a small dial instead then that is standard nav (and it also has a smaller screen). A 2014 NX could have either as I understand it, although I think Premium nav was an upgrade option on the Luxury.
  14. First_Lexus

    NX Luxury detailed

    Nice to see some amazing sparkle in the sun too. This photo hasn't been doctored in any way - it is simply a close up of the front wing in direct sun. I've never had paintwork like it before...
  15. Having had my new NX for just over two weeks, I had to resist the temptation to give it a thorough clean before a) the side protection strips were fitted and b) I already had it booked in with Chris at Summit Detailing in Weston-Super-Mare. Chris had it for two days, and I collected yesterday. As supplied by Lexus Swindon the paintwork looked superficially ok, but I could see quite a few swirls and holograms on the bonnet, roof and door tops. Nothing too serious, but worth sorting properly when still new. So, after a machine defect removal and application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum to body and wheels, it now looks like this... The interior leather surfaces were also protected with colour block. Going forward maintenance will be simple with Gtechniq C2v3 applied after washing and Gyeon 'wet coat' in the Winter months for speed. The coating applied should last 3-4 years at least.