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  1. Hi Does anybody knows front number plate holder part number?mine one has a crack and it drives me nuts each time i see it. thanks in advance
  2. I was lucky.when bought car all prewiring was done.i just bought Aukey dash cam and installed as per picture.was lucky what cable connection was exactly same😉
  3. Hi overhead light switch with ambient light.does anyone else guessing where to place finger in order to switch roof lights on?as in the dark they are not glowing like window switches.only ambient light is on. drives me nuts each time by pressing around. is mine faulty or they all are like that on those models?
  4. They are led.confirmed by dealer.there is no bulbs where you can replace.i jave personally stripped headlight and dis not found any apart blinkers and high beam bulb.
  5. I have sorted finally that problem.took headlight out again and adjusted beam manually with 8mm ratchet until it popped back into correct position.Lesson learned😂don’t touch in future that headlight motor🙄
  6. Will see.i have been quoted for both headlamps 1315£ without ecu which mounts under the headlights.but dealership said i can swap from old headlights. i have ordered uses actuator from ebay.will see if that will help
  7. Update... i just find out at the dealer what those are LED not xenon headlights and there is no bulbs where you can replace them.
  8. And how come there is no bulb?there is a ballast underneath, but once i have unscrewed it there was just three wires with clips.looks like those headlights are build differently then others.🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Hi since i have bought the car in June it was driving me mad those xenon headlights. all was fine apart what it was very dim.i thought what that is due to the xenon bulbs being old. however 🙈today i have taken out one of the headlights out and i could not find any xenon bulbs for the headlight.and by searching i have removed lamp actuator.when i have reassembled all back my left headlight is lower then it should still dips down-up and left right, but it’s in the much lower position then the right headlight.(second picture). i know, i should not have messed around it, but now i just need an advice from whoever has any experience in this🙄 many thanks in advance guys
  10. Mhm 🤔 that round cover looks way below then the bixenon bulbs are sitting on the headlight.i thought what that cover is for long range bulb which is non confused!🤯will check when i back home today. thank you for your reply Herbie
  11. Morning everyone Ordered d4s Phillips xenon bulbs, but tried to replace this morning as per youtube videos and it’s completely different system behind the headlight.looks like i will need to remove the headlight in order to replace bulb as everything is covered in black plastic cover.has anyone changed bulbs in this type headlights please?