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  1. Mhm 🤔 that round cover looks way below then the bixenon bulbs are sitting on the headlight.i thought what that cover is for long range bulb which is non confused!🤯will check when i back home today. thank you for your reply Herbie
  2. Morning everyone Ordered d4s Phillips xenon bulbs, but tried to replace this morning as per youtube videos and it’s completely different system behind the headlight.looks like i will need to remove the headlight in order to replace bulb as everything is covered in black plastic cover.has anyone changed bulbs in this type headlights please?
  3. Hi can someone explain me this please: why when i put gear shifter in sport mode it always put in to gear 4?while driving or stationary it always showing 4 until i shift up or this is safest gear or something?to me it feels when selecting gear 1 while sitting at the traffic light and pressing full pedal it starts much it safe? many thanks in advance
  4. Just use a big washer and screw it back.make sure washer is bigger then the hole:)
  5. 😂🙈 last three owned cars was Mercedes, even now i use Vito for work.i actually never new what “star” for Mercedes only🙄 Anyway...that guy uses some sort of laptop.different software i guess then🤷🏻‍♂️😑 his clients are from Dacia to Bentleys owners. will see what he will say about that remote start.will let you know once i meet him next week.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts above. i have an indy with a star machine, he does miracles sometimes with this we are going to try to activate this future.also i will ask look in to activation headlights upon unlocking in the dark (at the moment only side mirrors are glowing at night).
  7. Hi I am going to ask dealer if they can activate this feature for my rx warm up and deice car at winter;) But first i wanted to ask your opinion- is it possible?i know in north America is a common thing, but i have not seen yet one (at least originally fitted by lexus) here in uk. all your opinions is greatly welcome
  8. That’s the thing: 2009-2012 is 485£ and 2012-2015 is 275£ I have contacted ebay seller where he has listed 2012-2015 lip for 275£, and asked him if they have 2009-2012 year lip.they have replied- yes, we have and it will cost 485£.it’s a bit odd what 2009-2012 cost more then facelift.🧐
  9. Rear cover wasn't straight fit.although it fitted exactly on the bumper as it should, underneath the bumper (black cover) i had to mark and drill out four 8mm holes in order to fit provided rubber plugs and washers with screws.then inserted those rubber plugs and drove those screws in.took me 15 min to fit rear one.i have paid on ebay 278£🙈 With the front one is a bit tricky there is two types for the generation three 2012-2015 with different part numbers : 2009-2012 PZ402K095000 2012-2015 PZ402K095200 Although they look very much the same, but the part numbers one digit is different.this is why i am a bit hesitating drag it in to the online basket and purchase🧐 i think i will have to order both and send one back to the supplier;)
  10. I see this topic did not made any interest to any of you😂 perhaps this might: i have i stalled today rear bumper lip which i have bought on ebay lexusparts. pictures before and after.what you think?🙄
  11. Hello everyone🍻 This is my first post.Ok..Straight to the point.I have attached two pictures (as you can see below) of rx models, preface lift and question is : Will facelift underrun (silver part in picture)would fit pre facelift .As to me they are looking same🤷🏻‍♂️ I own 2009 rx 450h luxury model Many thanks in advance😑
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