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  1. Happy Birthday norwegian-lex!

  2. thanks! does anyone know where i can get them?
  3. can anyone help me out? where can i get these rims?
  4. So the way i described is the way to do it myself?
  5. Hi all! Just wondering if there is anyone out there that have "smoked" theyr rear lights? I smoked my head lights, is it the same way to do it? just take them off, take off the glass and paint the chrome black? And what are my options? I know that the newer ones come with smoked lights, but they said at my dealer that they did'nt fit my car (2000 mod.) Any opinions??
  6. Just thought it would be fun too see... taste of music often reflects personality... Well heres mine: 6cd changer :P Paradise Lost Tool Norwegian singer\songwriter: Thomas Dybdahl Fleetwood Mac Guns n roses Beck :P
  7. i'm only 21 myself and I can tell you that it's pure jealousy! I come from a pretty welthy family but i have NEVER gotten a cent more than the ones i work for and everyone around here that don't know me think i'm a spoiled brat! I just don't give a :tsktsk: about them... it actually gives me confirmation that they like my car... and here in norway there i veeeery few Lexuses (only 389 IS200\sold to date, not one 300) so to be 21 and have such a car creates envy! ENJOY!!! :D
  8. i would like to get my hands on a pair of: frontlights taillights
  9. alot of rather unlucky incidents lately here i think... the 4th one i have read about today... i hope he was fully insured that :tsktsk: that hit you...
  10. for me it was the wide front of the car, the rear lights, general great looks and the speedometer! (and japanese quality) I fell in love with the speedometer when i first got my eyes on it... B)
  11. i would recomend the apexi exhaust... listen at the different ones here: click on the l6 exhaust competition link and decide for your self... hope this helps
  12. getting new 18" aftermarked soon... just need some $$ :)