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  1. Mine's giving me 5 weeks to the gallon... But as an aside I've had the time to give her a really good exterior spruce up: thorough wash, clay bar, Meguiars DA cut & finish and followed up with Turtle Wax ceramic. Absolutely gleaming now and rready for a top-down day out. 😄 R
  2. Classic Editions cover now fitted. The quality feels definately superior to any other covers I've had over the years, hopefully it'll last longer than them too. The tree above it is the reason for needing it, there are numerous crows nesting in there and at this time of year they make an awful mess of anything in the immediate area!
  3. I've jhust ordered a set too. Thanks for the heads-up. R
  4. Thank you all, I've gone with the Classic Additions one. (She deserves the best). R
  5. I need to invest in an outdoor cover for my car and would be gratedful for recommendations please. It will only be used infrequently but nevertheless I'm keen to get one that'll have minimal impact on the paintwork and also is a good fit for the SC430. Thanks R
  6. I'm having the same problem i.e. dropping out all the time when trying to sync contacts but on my iPhone it doesn't give you another screen to turn on options. 😞
  7. I like your thinking! But whereabouts is the light sensor? R
  8. Hi all, after years of soft-top convertibles I decided to get myself a hard-top and quite a bit of researching led me to decide on an SC430. Last week I drove home my new car, a 2008 model in Cadoxton Grey metallic with Ivory interior, 80k on the clock and full Lexus service history with the last one being supplemented by a new cam-belt and water pump. It was a bit of a leap of faith for me as I'd never driven one before, but many years ago I had a LS430 and the good impression it made on me helped! And my impressions of the SC has lived up: a smooth, powerful drive and the quality feeling of the build on the drive home reinforced my decision, even if the three hour return was spent in continuous heavy rain... R
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!