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  1. I find this link and i think will be very help full for everyone in search for parts no This one is for Lexus GS 450 H 2008
  2. I find this link and i think will be very help full for everyone in search for parts no This one is for Lexus LS 600H 2008
  3. Here is the part i was talking for those who might need
  4. If anyone need all those parts for retrofit ACC this car have them ... also this one have them too ...but the guy who have the car is a bit expensive ...
  5. Not sure if anyone posted but maybe we should check what this guy say...
  6. You should have a look at water pomp as well...that might need to be replace , also i will post few link s for control arms , i just got those for my one .. For water pomp i don t have any link because i order from one of autoparts shops for 100 eu
  7. I do have same problem on my ls600h 2008 , and i FIX the problem , it s very cheap and easy enough , that problem usually come from you brake switch and is located somewhere under dash at your brake pedal , i buy this switch from Lexus garage in Dublin ( about 35 eu vat included ) and only take 10 minutes to fix ...hope this help ps. your brake switch does 2 jobs 1. brake lights 2. cruise control Regards
  8. Hi lads , i have 4 brand new shock s for gs 450 h 2006-2011 with invoice , i bought them for my ex gs but i don t have time to change them ( don t really have to change them but at that time i was thinking about ) and in the mean time i sell the car already and i have an LS 600h , i buy them for 1360 eu . sell price i think 1000 will be ok For any questions just ask I am base in Dublin
  9. R.I.P. John and Condolences to family ...
  10. Hi , i have an gs 450 h 2008 and i was thinking if i can add this adaptive cruise control function , i found another one for parts and i think he have all parts but i don t know exactly what i need apart from the front radar and steering wheel ( i have to mention i don t see any parts missing from that car 2007 gs 450 h ) and also this guy have 2 gs 450 h for parts so if any one need something let me know , one of then is 2008 and the other one 2007 , i wish to thank you all in advance for help regards
  11. i think the name is drive belt or fan belt , sorry i forget to mention that
  12. Hi guys , i have a gs 450h and i have to replace my radiator , so i was thinking to do the water pomp as well the belt and tensioner , i found all those parts exept the tensioner because i am not sure how is look like or maybe it s just a pulley , i hope someone can help me with thank you
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