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  1. Found them here , don t know about shipping yet , also thank you so much for help , wish you all the best
  2. Hello again , any chance to know the name of those and where i can buy them , i assume i have to buy all that part .. thank you
  3. Thank you for your reply , but i find my parts already , also i was interested in parts for GS450h not LS430 thank you again
  4. Thank you John for the reply , but what i really need is where do i find them to buy ...sims to be very hard to get them thank you
  5. Hi guys , i try for last week or so to find those parts but i have no luck at all , maybe someone can help me with ... I think the part name is engine mount or gearbox mount but i will attache some pics just to be 100% sure thank you
  6. Thank you for your reply , i forget to mention that my battery never go fully charge always have one more line to go , but i will wait and see what s happen , i hope will be ok for a good while from now
  7. Hi , thank you for reply to me , 134000 mileage and was in uk now it s running in Ireland , my concern is that i can only go on battery less then a mile and also when i check my life battery it s say i have left only 50% life of it , so i was just think to fix or replace ...
  8. Hi guys , i have a gs450h 2008 , and my life battery it s just about 50 % left ( that s what the dr.prius app say ) , also i can drive on battery only about 1 km , so i was just thinking to change /fix my battery but as far as i know they are very expensive so i found some gs 450 at dismantle yard s but they are there for over 6 months and i am not sure if those battery are still ok or not and also if there is any chance to check them without to be plug in on the car , if anyone know a way or have some advice will be very appreciate , thank you
  9. She did that already , she only need to send all papers at DVLA and the only missing thing was the insurance , thank you again for your help , wish you all the best
  10. Thank you again , that was work , the car is insure already ...THANK YOU
  11. Thank you so much Johnatg i will tell her to try this one , thank you again Regards
  12. Hi , i live in Ireland ( Republic of Ireland ) , and my cousin live in UK , so she buy from me a Lexus GS300 2007 and now after she did all steps till DVLA she con t go forward because they ask the car to be insure other wise cannot be register and she can t get any insurance to insure the car because she still have the irish reg , any one have same problem or have any ideas to help , i did try but can t find anything , here it s much easy to register an imported car but for UK if you don t know where to look it s almost impossible Thank you