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  1. I’d never come across 0w-20 before, as the UX takes, but £16/litre plus VAT is pretty pricy, isn’t it? Our US cousins seem to get the first service gratis. Nice if you can get it.
  2. I don’t envy you cleaning it, but black looks great when it’s polished! Bummer that you can’t enjoy it. Ours is due late June but I’m starting to think I might postpone it, unless they cannot actually deliver anyway.
  3. I have previously used this very affordable Car Plan aerosol, as recommended many times in this magazine. For cleaning the tyres, I favour Autoglym wheel cleaner, the acid-free one for custom wheels. I got the complete kit with a larger bottle and a brush from an Ebay garage for about £13. It’s obviously a wheel cleaner, but they recommend it for the tyres too, and it’s easily rinsed off with a hose.
  4. I got the impression that the new Premium Pro version is intended to provide most of the Takumi benefits at a lower price, though sadly the memory seats and auto folding mirrors aren’t included (which I’d like to see available lower down the range).
  5. Azure Blue on UK spec cars is only available on the F Sport. It’s in the page I posted above from the February 2020 brochure. Were you looking at the regular UX perhaps?
  6. No fault, as I had nowhere to escape a car coming at me sideways. The deflection veered me into the telegraph pole! Acromas I think they call the insurer, and I got an E class estate while the replacement car was ordered. I was treated very supportively. No complaints from me.
  7. That’s good to hear, as I recently switched back to Saga. I was unfortunate to make a total write off claim from them in 2012, when my 9 day old E-class was hit by an oncoming (sideways) Clio in snowy conditions. I thought I’d be forever blacklisted, but looks like my slate is clean again. Let’s hope it stays that way!
  8. I think that is very fair comment. The UX is really not much more than a 2+2, but I guess if you’re 5’6” then rear passengers will be ok. I’m nearer 6’5” so we are never going to fit anyone behind me! The boot/trunk is miserly too, but it is what it is, as they say. My wife’s much ‘smaller’ Seat Arona has much more usable room. The economy of the UX is a big draw though. I did mid-50s on my 24 hour test drive.
  9. Welcome, Graham! I’ve not owned your series of RX, as we had the earlier 300 a few years ago. But in view of the misting issue, I wonder if the Inlet air filter has got blocked or water ingress? Any leaves accumulated under the bonnet/hood? They’re normally a service item, and I’m sure any Lexus dealer would take a quick look for you, and replace if necessary.
  10. In beginning to think I’m fortunate to be able to choose!
  11. I think you’ll find the official stamps are deliberately two colours to reduce the chances of forgery. The year is the year that the stamp was issued, and they should get a fresh stamp with each year, to show they are still a Lexus authorised dealer. I agree it’s worth enquiring about the 2014 entry which appears to be duplicated. It’s possible the book was missed and then the owner tried to get it back dated?
  12. That’s a great choice, imo. The first one I ever saw in the showroom was that colour. However, as our current Volvo is very similar - they call it Osmium Grey - we are looking for a change.
  13. In the end we’ve decided on an F Sport with the Premium Plus pack, so we get the Lexus Navigation and CarPlay. It’ll be interesting to experiment and compare in due course. It’s not arriving until June!
  14. I’m surprised it’s not programmed to say ‘we regret we cannot offer you cover’. Quoting astronomically high premiums just makes them look ridiculous imo. I would echo the advice above to shop around. Martin Lewis’ website has a good guide on what search engines to use, in what sequence, and how to take care over your occupation description.