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  1. The paddles on the LC are magnesium. Is this the same as the RC-F?
  2. Do you mean 40K USD or 40K GBP? Getting under £40K will be essential to avoid the envy tax.
  3. malcolmw

    Software update - beware!

    Yes, I have had weird directions in Bristol and Cardiff on my previous car, a 4th Gen RX450h. The maps must be out of date or wrong in some way..
  4. What happens if you select "Pause Guidance" from the menu?
  5. I have never seen this problem What phone do you have? To reset the Infotainment system just hold down the radio on button for 3 to 5 seconds and will restart without turning off the ignition.
  6. malcolmw

    What about this colour?

    No, not original, just horrible.
  7. malcolmw

    Latest UX videos

    @Richard1200 In the brochure, are there any more smooth leather colours just out of shot? I would quite like the rose colour to go with white outside.
  8. malcolmw

    What about this colour?

    Artist? I can think of another word beginning with "A" that would describe him better.
  9. malcolmw

    BMW M850i vs LC500

    "Come and see my new top of the range BMW coupe. It's a diesel." Doesn't quite cut it for me. If you want rear seats then the M5 is your friend.
  10. malcolmw

    BMW M850i vs LC500

    I have just seen the review of the M850i in Car Magazine. Unsurprisingly, it is fast, costs £100K+ and has part time 4WD but... - it looks ORDINARY, much like other BMWs - the much vaunted "double bubble" roof is just a couple of creases - I am not encouraged to buy one. What do others think?
  11. A colleague of mine has a 3 year old NX300h which she has had from new. Although not an IS, it has the same running gear ref. batteries etc. She has just had the 12V battery replaced under warranty. She only does short journeys of, say, 4 miles maximum and only does 3,000 miles per year maximum. Whether this is an actual failure or just undercharging is a moot point.
  12. malcolmw

    Mesa Red

    I think Mesa Red looks better on the smaller cars. We had an IS which looked very good in this with the cream leather inside. On the NX, I should think that the White with Dark Rose would look beautiful. It certainly did on the LC demonstrator I was loaned.
  13. From Lexus Manuals (and others): Car Dimensions Model Width Width Length (over mirrors) DB9 1880 2061 4720 LC500 1920 2168 4770 RX450h 1895 2180 4890 IS300h 1810 2027 4665 NX 1845 4640 Sorry, No data on RC-F. ☺️
  14. Ref. the Autocar preview, a few comments. - Wheels - good, another option which look better. - Brakes - Rubbish. The brakes on my LC are just huge and fill up the wheels! - Exhaust - If you took off the lower rear trim panel of the LC500 you would see 4 exhaust pipes arranged just as in the photos... - Air Intakes - Half finished but you can see the intercooler radiators for the turbos. - Flared Arches - I just can't tell from the pictures. @Big Rat The pictured car might be 18 months old so the pricing is not out of line with expectations. I am not sure how the Hybrid will fare against the V8 as this is a specialist and enthusiasts car.
  15. I am not unrealistic. I would expect the LC to depreciate much the same a similar coupes down to about 50% of the new price after 3 years. You get nothing for the optional HUD and ML system. The fastest fall is in the first year so the £20K fall reported in the original post is not out of the way. The mileage of the car is reported but not its date of registration or its history of ownership. Without this detail I find it hard to comment. The LC is not comparable to the GS-F or RC-F and the nearest car I have driven to the LC is the AMG GT in terms of feel although the power delivery is somewhat different.