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  1. malcolmw

    What a car!

    Yes, one of the things I like about the LC500 is the twin "characters" displayed by the car. A quiet and civilised ride in traffic combined with a very aggressive punch in sport modes is very appealing. I am a Gemini though...
  2. malcolmw

    Customer Service

    It's terrible with modern seats which adjust everywhichway. Why do they need to do anything other than back/forward? All they are doing is driving round the block.
  3. I'm not really surprised. My Aston DB9 was a K car. Every line on the service invoice was £1K. 😉
  4. malcolmw

    Living with my NX

    You must understand that this is standard at RR dealers! ☺️
  5. malcolmw

    Customer Service

    I must admit that the most annoying thing about taking your car for a service is that they move the seat! You might think that this is solved by having seat memories but... I took my Range Rover in for service a while back and, on return, all the memories were reset for the 7ft gorilla. Great huh!
  6. malcolmw

    360 degree panoramic camera kit

    Yes. This should be standard fitment on the LC500.
  7. Right from new our IS300h did about 43mpg (indicated) on mixed driving. It has now done 12K miles and is at about 46mpg overall.
  8. malcolmw

    Too Flawed to Live With

    They didn't "get it wrong". The car is aimed at a different market and price segment to the RC and thus has different features to be comparable to competitors in that sector.
  9. The Climate Concierge on my LC does exactly this. You can set the sensitivity separately for driver/passenger. In addition, it controls the steering wheel heating.
  10. We went out today and I checked our IS300h. With the seat heaters set on Level One, they stay at that level after a restart. The HRW/Heated mirrors do switch themselves off however.
  11. malcolmw

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    Well, I have got the winter wheels on but when I try to register the second set on the car with Techstream, I get a failure message along the lines of "cannot communicate with ECU". I am pretty sure that I have followed the instructions provided above by NemesisUK and had the summer tyres next to the winter set. I can read data lists and fault codes etc. using the miniVCI interface. Any ideas?
  12. malcolmw

    Spare wheel IS300h

    Yes, we have a spacesaver spare which we throw in the boot of the IS300h if we are going on a long journey. 16 inch diameter and bright orange!
  13. malcolmw

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    @NemesisUK Thanks for this information. The requirement for having the summer tyres near the car when registering the winter set is, shall we say, non-intuitive! I will try this tomorrow as I am getting my winter set put on my partner's IS300h which has the same text in the handbook as for your RC.
  14. malcolmw

    Winter tyres - Bridgestone Blizzak

    @NemesisUK Very interesting. I have looked into registration of a second set of wheels for our IS300h and cannot find any references to how to do this anywhere. Where did you find this out? Techstream seems to be able to cope with 2 sets of code inputs (dropdown "Main" etc.) but nobody seems to use this function. The three button presses is also new to me. Any steers would be very useful.