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  1. Excellent news. Let's hope it comes as a no cost update.
  2. I agree about the font sizes being too small and the width of minor roads is also too small to see them clearly even at high zoom. The contrast between the grey background (in towns), the green background (in rural areas) and the thin white roads is very weak so you can hardly see them. I wonder if night mode (i.e. black and white) would be easier?
  3. I saw only my second LC500 on the road last week. This was on the M3 nead J4 to J3 northbound at about 08:30 on Tuesday 4th June. It was red (like mine). Was this anyone on here?
  4. I agree with the original post. Sonic red/black inside is fine if a bit "standard" - the Ochre leather is a bit questionnable IMO. Sonic White with Dark Rose is very nice (our NX is in this combo). I also agree that I would have gone for red outside with cream leather if it were available on the LC500. I think it is to do with Japanese taste.
  5. I checked out my 4RX450h for this. I ran it down to zero miles left and then brimmed the tank. Basically, you still have enough fuel for about 45 miles when the range reads zero. The light/warning comes on at about 30 miles range left so you have typically 75 miles to fill up.
  6. These days you really stream from your phone or playback from a USB stick rather than a CD.
  7. We took delivery of a new NX300h Takumi the other day in Sonic White with Dark Rose leather. It looks very nice! From a short journey, it seems that the ECO drive mode suits this car very well which is interesting as I have never used it in any of my other Lexus cars (especially the LC500). However, I would like to use the air conditioning on normal with ECO drive mode and I see that this can be programmed as a Custom setting. I have looked at the Remote Touch setup menus but I can't see the custom mode setup screen. Can anyone guide me to where it is?
  8. I have been driving an NX recently and the only time I have felt it to be a bit pedestrian was when loaded with 4 adults and luggage. I normal use it seems fine but it is no sports car. @Ziggy1024 Was it the F-Sport model you drove? I have found the suspension on this type a bit pitter-patter and I don't really like it. I was getting an indicated 38.3mpg.
  9. Not mine but the only one I have ever seen on the road was also in yellow and was going down the A43 near Silverstone so, in the general area.
  10. The "grandad" profile of Lexus will ensure that no young joy rider will bother with one. ☺️
  11. I find wind turbines very distracting when placed near major roads.
  12. I am totally against using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving. You see this every day (particularly in "white vans"). However, I am a bit uneasy because as mobile phone use has skyrocketed over the last 15 years, KSIs have not also followed suit. I am not sure what this means but it may be that the danger is overblown.
  13. Yes. the comments on the Autocar piece are interesting also. There are a lot of people who agree that motoring "yob" journalism is to blame.
  14. My thoughts: - Lexus don't take large advertisments in these magazines. - The reviewers have lost sight of the fact they are reviewing cars and not iPads.