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  1. malcolmw

    IS300h - mpg question

    This is not our experience. We have had both an IS250 and now an IS300h. We do generally the same pattern of driving with a fair proportion of A road and motorways. We never got more than about 35mpg from the IS250 on a long run while a long motorway run in the IS300h gives typically 48mpg. We don't drive very slowly!
  2. malcolmw

    IS300h - mpg question

    On our IS300h we have averaged about 45mpg over the last 3 years on mixed driving.
  3. malcolmw

    Absolutely love my new NX

    You are sort of right. But the configurator offers AWD as a main model/drivetrain selection rather than an optional "add on" like on the UX. However, a fully loaded RAV4 with surround cameras is about £37K against a NX Takumi at about £46K for pretty much the same spec. This is, of course, based on list pricing.
  4. malcolmw

    Has anyone used Rain-X?

    I found that RainX works very well on the near vertical rear screens of 4x4s to keep the dirt to a minimum. It also works well on reversing camera lenses for the same reason. I was never brave enough to try it on the windscreen due to reports of smearing etc. A lot of Lexus cars have rain shedding rear glass anyway.
  5. malcolmw

    Absolutely love my new NX

    Regarding the SatNav issues, there is an update to the software which helps with this. I had the same issue with the (identical) system in my LC. Now, instead of tracking the car in the wrong place, it seems to adjust the car position over a few seconds until it is correct. Better but not perfect. I have to say that I think Lexus will be in a bit of difficulty with sales of the NX and UX as the new Toyota Rav 4 has just been released. All new hybrid technology, AWD as standard and loaded with kit. It also has a 5 year warranty and 2 years zero % finance at present.
  6. malcolmw

    Nice test drive today

    Not for me, I'm afraid. Just a bit insipid for an "in your face" car.
  7. Yes, the Lexus LC500 has very reasonable service costs compared to a DB9. I used to call mine the K-car as everything was priced in thousands. The paddle shift on the V8 Vantage isn't very good and the conventional auto in the DB9 was much more smooth and useful in the real world.
  8. malcolmw

    Miles and depreciation

    In common with a few of us on here, I have had quite a lot of high price cars and I reckon they all depreciate to about 50% of list price in 3 years. So, on say a £60K RX Premier you are taking a hit of £10K per year. This was the same on my X5s, Range Rovers and a little bit worse on my CL500 (but I purchased it at a big discount). This is the price you pay for being in this market. Now, the "envy tax" VED is far worse on a car just over the £40K list. For example, an NX F-Sport is listed at just over this point if you specify metallic paint. On the V8 LC you have to factor in the £2000 first year VED for this "high pollution" vehicle. Anyone who has driven behind a black cab might find this a joke.
  9. malcolmw

    Miles and depreciation

    ...or hybrid vs V8?
  10. This edition has a comparative test between the LC500, Bentley Continental, DB11 and BMW 850. Now, you might think that comparing £160K+ vehicles with sub-£100K ones is a bit silly but the LC does not come in last place. That honour goes to... well I'll let you guess. They also have taken delivery of an RX LWB for long term testing. This should be interesting.
  11. malcolmw

    heated steering wheel

    You are right about the auto concierge. I just leave it to the car to switch on and off and it seems to work pretty well. I never had a heated steering wheel until I got a 4RX about 3 years ago. Previously, for about 20 years, I had auxiliary parked car heating on both BMW X5s and Range Rovers which, IMO, is by far the best as it heats the whole interior and also defrosts the windows. Why Lexus don't fit (or option) this is a mystery to me. They even deleted the electrically heated front screen on the IS250 when the IS300h came out.
  12. malcolmw

    heated steering wheel

    Mine seems to heat up pretty much all round. There are a couple of dead spots but the 10 to 2 position or thereabouts is certainly heated. The worst example is on the RX Premier models with wood rim steering wheels. Only the upholstered bits (20% of rim) heat up. Mind you, wood rim wheels are not my cup of tea anyway.
  13. Yes, I'm not so keen on the roof up appearance. I will need to see "it in the metal" to get a better idea. In any event, a metal roof is a much more practical option. It's interesting how people's views vary. I don't think the F-Type is very pretty at all. And what are you going to do with a 600bhp LC? I live in a rural area and still can barely use the 476bhp V8 to its potential (well, only for very short bursts). BTW Moderators, this thread might be better in the LC500 forum.
  14. malcolmw

    how long i wonder?

    Simple really, the Lexus "pack" type specfication arrangements mean that you can't buy the car without a lot of gadgets whether you want them or not.
  15. I could even get the LC500 parked in there and get out... if I could get up the ramps without the front spoiler grounding. 😉