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  1. Having had a DB9 for 12 years from new, I can tell you that the build quality is second division compared to the LC500. The Aston always felt fragile whereas the Lexus feels bomb proof. However, I think that the new ones are a bit better and more solid.
  2. You are sort of right but for different reasons to what you might imagine. If other LC500 owners are like me then a "racing high performance" version of the LC is not what you are looking for and holds little interest. If I wanted this type of car I would have bought a McLaren. The LC500 V8 is tons fast enough and I can hardly use the performance now let alone in an F version. You can also drive quietly and smoothly in traffic which is the case for 90% of the time. This is why an LC-F would be a bit pointless and has been shelved because it would be unacceptable to the target market (i.e. older "cruisers" who want a nice car and have the money). BTW, in the video, the rear wing is horrible. The wheels are quite keen though...
  3. I must say that when we had an IS300h this never caused a problem but now we have the NX it seems a no-brainer that Lexus should have fitted the lock sensors to all 4 doors on the IS and not just the fronts. The advantage of the current system is that there is no rubber button to split, leak or freeze.
  4. Well, our NX Takumi is 2019 so I can't directly comment on any change but I found that setting the seat squab higher, sitting a little further forward and a little more reclined produced the most comfortable position. I started as most people do with the seat near its lowest position but this leaves my legs in a strange unsupported position. I have driven from Wiltshire to Durham (with just a short stop) with no comfort issues.
  5. For the next few weeks I should buy a cheap jump start pack and use this on the underbonnet terminals to start the car. You don't need much current to boot up the computers and ABS and fuel pumps - say 30A max. This will let you start the car easily and requires little technical skill (no offence intended). The engine actually starts from the main traction battery. Take a look in the manual as the process is described in detail.
  6. You can change the display to show overall mpg since reset or since refuelling. Check out the display settings in the manual.
  7. I basically use EV mode for moving the NX on the driveway to avoid starting it up to move a few feet. Other than that, there is little point in activating it. I need to move the NX to get the LC out... 😄
  8. Do you know where the leak was from? I have not seen any leakage from mine - yet.
  9. Just a quick update on the suspension squeak noted above. It has reappeared but is no worse than before. I think it must be anti-roll bar bushes creaking as it only occurs when the suspension is unevenly loaded for example, when driving over an uneven surface with right lock applied. Of course, that is if the LC has anti-roll bars... (given that it has active suspension).
  10. Our NX was in today for its first service (at 1 year and one month old) at Hedge End. They only opened up on Monday. They have stopped washing cars to avoid unnecessary people touching them and do not provide courtesy vehicles. They seem to be taking great care with wiping down touch surfaces, keys etc. The only downside was the much longer than normal time taken to get the service done. We had a lot of time to waste so we went to M&S, B&Q etc. just round the corner and finally ended up sitting on the grass bank outside the showroom to while away the last hour. However, they were very helpful and all was pretty satisfactory. I am sure the service will "slick up" when they get more used to the new requirements.
  11. The quoted £1500 per year is in Aston Martin warranty territory. I might consider it on a 2 for 1 basis but if they don't offer it I might well take my chances as I am only doing 5K miles per year. My car is 3 years old next February.
  12. With Carista, you only pay when you access areas of the App which are chargeable. Just going into the Settings (chargeable) area triggers the AppStore to bill you. You will need a working Apple account for this to work.
  13. I don't know if there is a "Lexus Policy" but my local dealer at Hedge End, Southampton is reopening for servicing in June. They are operating safe distancing with no while you wait service and no loan vehicles.
  14. My cautionary tale. Many years ago I used to have a Mercedes SL500 with the remote locking system. I was at a meeting in South Yorkshire (I live in Wiltshire) and thought I would take my raincoat off and put it in the car. The car was locked. I opened the boot, put the coat inside and slammed the boot shut. My car keys were in the coat pocket. After a lot of phone calls, Mercedes established that it was impossible to open the car or boot without damage so they loaned me a car to drive home, retrieve the spare key and drive back the next day. I have been much more careful about key systems since.