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  1. LC500 Sat Nav

    Yes, the long doors are just about the only drawback... I think the comfort mode makes the ride a bit softer but it is not a huge difference from "normal" except at very low speeds. What do you think?
  2. LC500 Sat Nav

    Well, pressing and holding the Audio on/off button did reset the system and it all seems OK today. Thanks folks.
  3. LC500 Sat Nav

    I have had a strange problem today with the SatNav. It seems to have lost the location of where the car is and has reset itself about 8 miles offset! I will try it again tomorrow (reboot?) but is there a system reset option anywhere? I see that people with the latest NX are having some issues. Has anyone seen this before?
  4. Soon to be ex RC owner ☹

    Paul, Sorry to hear that you are not too well. I hope that your recovery will be speedy. All the best. Malcolm
  5. Road Tax

    Of course it is possible for a future Government to change VED rates but, when you bought the car and at present, the VED will remain at £10. You can speculate all you like but nobody can foretell the future. In general, the Government is loathe to put up VED retrospectively on older vehicles as this is seen as penalising "the poor" who might have older cars. Witness the "envy tax" supplement imposed on more expensive (over £40k) new cars for just the first 5 years of their lives.
  6. Road Tax

    Yes. The increased VED only applies to newly registered cars after April 2017.
  7. Need TPMS Wheel Sensors for IS300h

    @Comedian Many thanks for this link. I have checked the part numbers and ordered a set which come complete with the fitting kits. The correct Lexus p/n for the sensors on the 2016 IS300h is 42607-02030 (quoted to me by the dealer). I had searched on eBay for "Lexus TPMS sensors" forgetting that Toyota ones are identical (and about half the price).
  8. Need TPMS Wheel Sensors for IS300h

    Due to no luck with anyone on here having any secondhand TPMS sensors, I asked the Lexus dealer for a price to supply 4 new OEM sensors, fit them to my spare set of 16 inch wheels (with winter tyres already fitted) and balance them ready for next season. I thought that £490 was a bit steep! It's not like I was actually buying the wheels and tyres! So, I have decided to just get standard valves fitted to the winter set and simply ignore the TPMS fail light from December to March. Fortunately, the car MOT falls due at the end of March each year so the summer set of wheels can go back on then to restore the TPMS functionality and pass the test. Of course, if anyone does have any sensors...
  9. Now I have had my car for a bit, I thought I would post my latest impressions. Firstly, I have now run in the car and and have been giving it a few revs in Sport Plus mode when conditions allow. To my surprise, my last tank of BP Ultimate returned a real 24.3 mpg. The car computer recorded 25.2 mpg so the onboard systems seems to show better economy by about 3.7%. Next, I have now washed it a couple of times and would comment that it is a bit of a pain to get dirt out of the multiple horizontal features in the rear bumper area under the back of the car. The rest of the car washes off easily (Glasscoated). Overall, I am very pleased with it. There are no rattles and the performance is just what I was expecting. The downsides are small. As discussed extensively on another thread, parking can be a headache as the long (and very thick) doors have to be opened a lot to allow easy access. You need to plan ahead to ensure that you don't get caught out. Parking away from other cars in a carpark usually ends up with someone parking next to you for no apparent reason. I still can't get enthusiastic about the touchpad navigation controls.
  10. Parking tickets

    Ah, it makes sense. Then they should provide wide bays near the door for affluent middle aged men with expensive cars. I agree that the concept of Parent and Child bays is wrong and that it dilutes the importance of the disabled ones. Just make all the normal spaces just a little bit wider and we would all be happy. I reckon that Waitrose do have wider spaces than Tesco. They clearly know their target customer base.
  11. Parking tickets

    My now deceased wife was very severely disabled by MS. I also used the parent and child spaces if the disabled ones were full and occasionally received dirty looks from the parents with their little darlings. BTW, why are parent and child spaces next to the entrance doors to stores? These people are capable of walking. I don't know what supermarkets you use but mine have full car parks and you have to wait for someone to leave before the barrier lets you in.
  12. Parking tickets

    A bit tongue in cheek but... With the LC500, the doors are so long and thick that I am unable to get in if anyone parks even a typical distance away from my driver's door. It needs about a 2 foot clearance distance at least. Would it be OK if I park in the mother and child spaces just so I can get in and out? The car is "my baby" after all. I recently used a Park and Ride and parked many bays away from everyone else and right on the line to the left of the space to give myself maximum room. On my return a minicab was parked next to me (what he was doing in a P&R is anyone's guess) and I could just about get aboard. This is a genuine issue meaning you need to plan ahead or just park across 2 spaces and look like a right ****. I wouldn't mind paying for 2 spaces if it comes to it. I know this is a bit of a "first world problem".
  13. Anyone had a puncture?

    This is Malcolm's law of builders. If you have any building work done (even if it doesn't involve screws or nails) go round and sweep up all the sharps spewing from their vans. I picked up 13 nails from my drive when I had the soffits and fascias replaced on my garage.
  14. Top gear lc500

    Thanks for linking to these reviews. They both seem very appropriate and sensible.
  15. Deposit

    I hope that Lexus will price a reasonable spec. model under £40K to avoid the "envy tax" VED.