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  1. malcolmw

    Considering a used LC500

    A colleague of mine has the Ultrasonic Blue on her NX. It was damaged on the bonnet by some chemical (while being serviced at the dealer!) and Lexus repaired it FOC. There is absolutely no difference in the colour or finish. However, I don't have any experience of Sonic Red. I wonder how Structural Blue is repaired? However, my local smart repairer told me he would not attempt any work on Sonic Titanium which is also multilayer. Regarding ceramic coating, I have had Glasscoat applied to all my Lexus cars and have been pretty pleased with the results. It is much better than Lifeshine. Apparently, Lexus cars have self-healing paint so minor makes eventually disappear...
  2. malcolmw

    Considering a used LC500

    The LC500 does not need a "run-in" service. My oil is still clear after 3K miles. I almost can't see it on the dipstick. I haven't used any oil anyway. The service schedule is: - after 12 months an intermediate service - after 24 months a full service Repeat. There are a few extra bits after big mileages (4 years plus) Hope this helps.
  3. malcolmw

    Considering a used LC500

    I was told (and have a service plan to prove it) that services cost: - Intermediate Service £345 - Full Service £596 I have a Feb 18 car (so would be 67 reg) and this did not require the fuel pump recall so I guess it depends on the actual manufacturing date. As far as I know, all the tyres fitted on production cars are Bridgestone run-flats. There may have originally been some demonstrator cars with Michelin PSS. You might like to consider tyre and wheel insurance as the cost of getting the 21 inch ones replaced (I can't see that they could be repaired after a scrape) would be immense and I see that you live in London so you may need to park at the kerbside more than I do. Yes, it does sound wonderful in Sport+ mode. Enjoy.
  4. I think your comparisons are more appropriate for the LC than the RC-F. A performance coupe based on a smart saloon puts you straight into M-car territory and possibly Audi's S5. None of what was said makes the RC-F a bad car it's just public perception of Lexus as a comfy saloon/SUV brand and BMW as a sports fest.
  5. malcolmw

    Considering a used LC500

    In response to some of your points: - I have red with black interior. This is the first car I have had in red and, like you, I generally go for grey/silver. I did not care for the tan seats and I think cream would have been a better choice by Lexus (Japanese taste?). - The 21 inch wheels are a bit Marmite. I have the 20 inch ones and can confirm that the ride is firm but perfectly acceptable on runflats. If I had my choice I would have taken my chances with Michelin PSS and no spare or foam/pump kit. - The rear seats are SMALL. Check that you can get your children in and out reasonably easily. - Who knows about depreciation? I always allow 50% over 3 years as a guide. - The Merc AMG GT has quite a similar feel to drive as the LC and, IMO, is the nearest comparator. - The LC drives very nicely and, at least, very few others have one. Let us know what you think.
  6. malcolmw

    Structural Blue I believe

    Yes, it must be the Structural Blue as it has the correct interior to go with it. The orange/white is not to my taste but each to their own. If only they did the blue with your choice of interior...
  7. malcolmw

    New LC500 Sport+

    We are always interested in comments from drivers of cars of a similar class to our own so, no problems from me. I find the LC to be really docile for everyday driving but I agree about the slightly firmer ride on the Lexus - even in comfort mode. The 6 series BMW, being based on the 5 series saloon chassis, is very compliant. Not much that can be done about the rear seats. My Aston DB9 had the same joke +2 arrangement. However, I don't need the extra room. I am actually getting a real 25mpg out of the LC500 on mixed driving. I think your 18mpg is probably to do with "enthusiastic" test driving ( unless you drive your 640 in a similar fashion ☺️). I mentioned before that the all-leather seats have electrically adjusting headrests which may help your neck issue. Why not call back in here and give us a run down on the 8 series when you get to drive it.
  8. Just to be clear, is the UX250h an AWD like the RX/NX models?
  9. malcolmw

    Goodwood FoS

    Yes, I am sure that you will enjoy your drive - right until you get to Chichester. 😉 😩
  10. Techstream itself does run OK on 64bit Windows but the drivers for the interface cable don't install properly. You have to do a manual install for most MiniVCI drivers.
  11. malcolmw

    New LC500 Sport+

    Yes, the track pad is poor but the good news is that the car has automatic "climate concierge" which includes control of the seat cooling/heating so, after initial setup you don't have to touch anything. I just leave it on all the time and the car does the rest. The cast front suspension mounts are fabulous for car nutters. 😊 The standard leather seats have different headrests which adjust electrically so you may be OK with those. After your posts I have looked at pictures of the 8 series BMW. The exterior doesn't do a lot for me but the electronic display instruments look very nice. a reasonable spec. V8 looks to be £100K plus so probably about £25K over the "base" LC500. You pays your money...
  12. malcolmw

    New LC500 Sport+

    Yes, it's very simple and not disturbing to switch drive modes on the LC as the knob is in your line of sight and easily reached. To clarify, on the LC, the cruise control is not on a stalk but is integrated into the steering wheel much as described for the BMW. However, the touchpad is the worst feature of the LC (but I hardly ever use it except for initial setup). There is zero chance of a discount on the newly introduced 8 series. You are dealing with garages whose arrogance is second only to Mercedes. You are wise to stick with the V8. The Hybrid is clever but uninspiring to drive.
  13. malcolmw

    The future of motoring

    In poor developing countries, everyone rides bicycles but aspires to a car. As they become wealthier, they get their wish but the roads become clogged. Governments then encourage a return to cycling as "the answer". ☺️ I am quite sure that AI is capable of development to the point of autonomous driving but the issue is public acceptance and liability. Witness the railway. Clearly, even with the current technology, self driving trains are practical but they cannot be introduced because of public perception and union intransigence. Personally, I would always want to drive myself but I will be very old or dead before full autonomy becomes commonplace.
  14. malcolmw

    New LC500 Sport+

    @Jondun How did you get on? Have you got any comments?
  15. malcolmw

    New LC500 Sport+

    Having sat in both, there is not much difference comfortwise between the all leather seats in the "base" model and the Alcantara sports seats in the others. The seat aircon seems to work well in this warmer weather.