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  1. The usefulness of GAP insurance depends on the type of vehicle which you have. If you have a common car then the standard "market value" payout from your normal insurer should get you into a similar age/spec vehicle with usually only a small outlay. The problem comes when you have a rare care for which you will not easily be able to source a used replacement. I am going to get GAP insurance on my new LC500 for this reason. I have got a quote from Warranty Direct for less than £250 for 3 years cover which seems reasonable to me. I am waiting for the Lexus quote now. A similar thing is true to some extent for wheel/tyre cover. You just will not be able to get a secondhand LC500 wheel if you seriously damage one.
  2. I said I would wait a bit before commenting on the LC500 in detail (and I will) but I can say something here about the LSD. I had an LSD on my DB9 and, although it was a bit of a laugh sliding round tight roundabouts, you quickly realise that it is only useful if you are using the car at the limit of its capability (track days?) and way beyond what you can reasonably do on the road. I test drove a LC500 demonstrator with the LSD and 4WS and now I have got my own car without either of these I can say that I haven't noticed much difference in real world situations. Maybe I'm just getting old...
  3. V8 Recall?

    Just seen this on the F car forum. Might be relevant to us lot.
  4. Picked Mine Up Today!

    I haven't done enough miles yet (275 only) and I was hoping to get it fully run in before commenting further. However, I am very impressed by the build quality and the little bits of attention to detail. For example, the windscreen washer jets are mounted on the wiper arms so you get an even flow of screenwash at higher speeds. I don't like the remote touch pad for operating the ICE. The "joystick" system on my RX seemed easier to use but I may get used to it. I also can't seem to get the car to connect to my WiFi router but I am still playing with that. I might try using my phone as the connection device instead. I will give a more considered view soon.
  5. Service Plans

    When I got my 4RX, I negotiated the first two services FOC as part of the deal. When I changed to the LC500, I got a credit for the unused 20K service applied to a new contract for the new car. This seems pretty fair to me.
  6. I can't deny that the LC500 is pretty wide with long doors which makes it a challenge to park (and get out). Out on the road it is absolutely no problem as the width is only much the same as the RX (although the mirrors stick out a bit more. However, the LC is almost the same size as a lot of cars in this class. My DB9 was only about 50mm shorter than the LC, was the same width and had just as long doors.
  7. Very interesting. When I test drive high performance cars, I generally consider how easy they are to drive more slowly and in traffic as this is the typical situation everyday. The LC500 is very good in this respect having a real automatic box and not a manual box with an electronically operated clutch. An Aston V12V which I tried had this latter type and it was useless in traffic. Having tested the LC500h I can say that, although it is very clever, the V8 is light years better. I think the hybrid would only make sense if you live in a big town. As I live in a rural area then the V8 wins for me. From the pics, it looks like you went along the shore at Lee-on-the Solent on a rainy/windy day! YUK. I will post more detailed views on my LC500 when I have run it in as I have only done 250 miles thus far.
  8. With the Lexus Cover, you can add an additional person living at the same address onto the cover. There is a form for this in the booklet you get from Lexus.
  9. Picked Mine Up Today!

    The "standard" wheels actually look better in the metal than they do in pictures. The sculptured effect plus the graphite paint looks good with the red bodywork. I have not done enough driving yet but, once I have formed a detailed opinion, I will post something on here.
  10. Picked Mine Up Today!

    Thanks guys. I'm going to get it set up and then go out for a drive today as it's dry and sunny where I am. I will post some comments in due course.
  11. As per the title, I got my LC500 today. Here's a quick picture. All seems good so far. I need to set up all the gadgets next.
  12. Yes, I had mine done when the car was serviced. No issues to report after the upgrade - everything works as expected.
  13. RX450H Gen 4 SFlow

    My manual has the following on Page 545: On Page 552 is this: I agree with you that this is pretty vague.
  14. RX450H Gen 4 SFlow

    The OP was referring to the 4RX model. What happens on previous models is unknown to me.
  15. RX450H Gen 4 SFlow

    Yes, I agree that the S-Flow only seems to affect the rear airflow. I have noticed the passenger side temperature display go off sometimes but mostly it stays on. I don't think this is much to worry about.