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  1. Interesting comment about the 4WS. I certainly couldn't feel it working when I test drove the top model on the road. What sort of thing do you notice on the track? I see that you didn't have the "wing" extended. I assume that the body roll shown is in the Sport Plus mode.
  2. I have seen this green metallic on another Lexus car recently and I don't really like it. This car had a cream leather interior which I think is a much better match with the exterior than tan. I often think that the restricted colour pallet offered by Lexus in the UK is problematic as it is Japanese taste and not British. On premium cars you should be able to order what you want provided you are prepared to wait for delivery. Our NX Takumi is in Sonic White with the Dark Rose leather. Pretty nice but why does Lexus insist on having brown inset panels in the seats between the red and black parts of the leather?
  3. Bernie. I have got a friend to measure the cage. It is: 550mmW x 430mmD x 500mmH It does seem a bit small for a Golden Retriever! Let me know if it would be of use.
  4. I will measure it. Unfortunately, it is not at my house so this may take a few days. I would mention that my lady colleague (who has unfortunately passed away) had 2 chihuahuas...😊
  5. Press and hold the radio "on" button for 5 seconds. This reboots the satnav. See if this helps.
  6. Agree about the cage for the back of the NX. A colleague of mine had a very nice one which fitted snugly in the luggage area with the parcel shelf removed. Would you be interested as she is unable to use it any more?
  7. The same as ordinary parking sensors but they apply the brakes to stop you actually connecting with the obstruction. (At least, that's what I think they do!)
  8. Have you actually experimented to see if the Smart Sensors actually do stop you before you hit the obstruction? I haven't had the courage yet on a 2 month old NX.
  9. It seems that it is generally accepted that ethanol increases fuel consumption as its specific energy is lower than standard petrol. When fuel consumption figures are quoted for cars under the new scheme recently introduced, what fuel are they allowed to use for the testing? If it were me, I would put "this vehicle is designed for 99RON fuel but can run on 95RON E10" in the handbook straight away as a "get out of jail free card". If E10 reduces mileage by, say, 15% over pure super unleaded, will the extra fuel burned outweigh the claimed CO2 emission savings?
  10. This is not a very good idea. If an uninsured driver were to seriously injure someone there would be no recompense to the injured party other than the bankrupting of the offender.
  11. @Unhappy from Nottingham From your description, the gear changes you list are those produced by the "secondary" gearbox and not the main eCVT. This is what rayaans is saying above. When I test drove the hybrid LC500 it did not display the behaviour you describe so a test drive would not have shown this up. It sounds like there may be an actual problem here. Has the dealer technical rep. test driven yours? Can you tell us the age and mileage of your car? Did you have it from new? Has this problem got worse over time? What are the "other build issues" which you have experienced? All this would be very helpful to others on here. I can confirm that the V8 does not suffer from "jerky" shifts. @Malc Yes, 10 gears seems a lot but I think this is to compensate for the non-turbo engine. Most competitors have more torque but the LC500 just changes down until you get in the power band. It also promotes reasonable economy (I get 25mpg).
  12. Incredibly, I have seen another LC500 today quite near where I live! This was an 18 reg in black which was in Romsey at about 15:00 this afternoon. Was this you?
  13. Yes, it looks very good. I would definitely consider one in future but... The back seats on the current coupe model are a bit of a joke and only small children could use them anyway. They might as well have just made this area a luggage stowage instead of mini-seats. The roof must retract into the back seat/boot area and probably where the extending wing is on the coupe. The boot is pretty small on the coupe so any encroachment would be a problem as there is really only space for a couple of weekend cases in the V8 with the hybrid even smaller. You need to actually be able to use the car to go away for a few days!
  14. Excellent news. Let's hope it comes as a no cost update.