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  1. Money, yes. In the case of the Cullinan though, no taste. 😄
  2. I would pretty much agree with Wendle. I purchased my car to enjoy the exclusivity, V8 power and the quiet luxury in traffic. I only consider the infotainment system as a secondary and not very inconvenient issue. Having said that, I think that Lexus should offer the CarPlay upgrade at no cost to LC owners. This car is expensive and the flagship coupe should have this feature for those who want it.
  3. I agree the standard Yokohamas are more noisy than our winter tyres (Michelin Alpins). When we got our NX, we test drove both the Takumi and the F-Sport variants and we felt the F-Sport suspension setup was not as comfortable. It seemed to "patter" on some road surfaces and was generally firmer.
  4. Yes, 3rd March but they hope it will come forward. Not too good but there is nothing that can be done in view of the demand for fuel flap parts.
  5. The Government's policy of banning the sale of hybrids as well as normal ICE only vehicles is daft. I understand the argument that lots of people buy a PHEV and then just use it in ICE mode to obtain the company car tax saving without the inconvenience. However, for private buyers, the hybrid has one big advantageous feature - it overcomes range anxiety which is one of the main deterrents to EV takeup.
  6. I typically get 24 - 25 mpg out of mine on mixed journeys.
  7. The role of the Government in the charging infrastructure for EVs should be in regulation and providing the electricity infrastructure to support it. There should be the following regulations to ensure that the charging infrastructure mirrors that of petrol/diesel: - all chargers installed must be capable of interfacing with all vehicles (including Tesla). - all charging stations must allow payment by normal credit cards and not require an account with the provider. - the above should be agreed with Europe so that we can take our cars abroad with no problems. At the moment, we have an equivalent situation to, say, BMWs only being able to use Shell petrol and not BP. The ban on hybrids proposed from 2032 should also be reversed so that one of the main objections to EVs - people's range anxiety - would be assuaged.
  8. I have a UX on loan at the moment. It is very nice to drive and is very economical as has been said. I cannot confirm about the 70mph on battery only (downhill with throttle closed?) but it certainly appears to be on battery for longer than our NX. It is quite small so this was the deciding factor for us going for the NX instead. The seats seem OK but the model I have only has the manual adjusting seats with no lumbar adjustment. BEWARE. Almost all UXs are 2WD (unlike the NX).
  9. So, Lexus Hedge End called to say that they need another part to complete the Fuel filler flap update. Unfortunately, this is on back-order (probably due to all the LC owners wanting this done now) and they can't tell me an exact date to finish the work. As they have stripped out the back seat area of the car (as per Wendle's note), I have decided to leave it with them for now and keep their nice UX to toodle round in. I will keep you posted. The UX is really quite nice so... ho hum.
  10. @ColinBarber Thanks for the information about the fuel pumps. My car was registered in Feb 18 and was a factory order in August 2017 (i.e. built in 2017). I will have to wait and see if I am affected. P.S. To Administrators - this this thread contains interesting information about various subjects, it may be useful to split these out with thread names which aid searching.
  11. This is interesting as the fuel filler is located quite a way forward and in front of the boot interior liner. Regarding the fuel pump recall, I checked when the RC-F recall was announced and my V8 was a later version than the ones affected. Of course, this might be a new recall...
  12. Well, Wendle is correct that it is a much bigger job than anyone imagined. I dropped the car off at about 09:30 today and it is still at the dealers while I went home in a loaned UX after about 3 hours. Fortunately, this is no problem for me and they expect to be able to complete the work tomorrow. I would rather they took their time and did a good job than rush it. I will let you know the outcome.
  13. Yes, I have a very slight intermittent rattle from the area of the driver's side outer A/C vent. I have reported it (for warranty purposes just in case it gets worse) but haven't had anything done as tearing the dash apart will probably cause more issues than it solves.