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  1. On the NX, it is not possible to identify which wheel is which. You just get a warning message and you need to check out which tyre is low yourself. This is because Lexus recommends rotating wheels round on the car to equalise wear (see handbook). This would obviously confuse the system or cost you a fortune in TPMS reprogramming. Of course, nobody actually does this... Check out my post earlier about the limitations of some mini-VCI connectors. Regarding the TPMS sensor battery status, I don't think you can see this on Techstream. Some of the other tools (Bartec, Autel etc.) do seem to give a battery OK output.
  2. My version can read data but cannot write to the car ECUs. From other posts, this behaviour appears to be because the mini-VCI software is only V1.4 whereas 2.X is required to be able to update the car. I have investigated Carista and this is claimed to be able to update TPMS registrations on the car and works from your phone.
  3. This looks pretty much in line with my figures. These are much more competitive than the costs for servicing other "high end" coupes. My Aston was typically £1000 a year!
  4. As shown on Page 340 of the manual...
  5. The jack is definitely under the boot floor as per Wendle's post above. If you look in the manual about page 392 there is a lot of information about restarting if the 12V battery is flat. The connection points shown for the jump start battery should provide a place to connect a trickle charger for long term storage. However, I suggest checking this with Lexus to make sure that this is a direct battery connection point. I always left my DB9 on trickle charge in the garage and it still had the original battery when I sold it after 13 years.
  6. I have been keeping a check on both our LC500 and NX300h fuel consumption comparing on OBC and actual brim-to-brim usage. As you say, the LC is about 6% more economical on the OBC than actual usage. The OBC indicated figure overall is about 26 MPG so if you knock 1.5 MPG off for the error, I reckon I am getting a real 24.5 MPG. Interestingly, the NX is almost spot on OBC to real usage. The error is only 0.3% (this being better on the OBC). We are averaging 38.4 MPG at the moment on mixed driving. For us this is 3 to 8 miles locally with occasional longer A road runs.
  7. Congratulations on getting the LC. Mine has certainly grown on me and I hope it will be the same for you. Regarding resetting the MPG, there are two fuel indications: - MPG since reset - MPG since last fuel added. You can reset the first counter using the centre button on the arrow pad on the left of the steering wheel when the appropriate screen is showing on the display in the rev counter. You cannot reset the second counter as this is calculated by the car. You therefore cannot reset the range indicator manually but this seems to recalculate based on average consumption. Mine typically shows 375 miles range after filling up. Resetting the MPG should get it to recalculate. You can change what is shown on the display screens using the setup drive information screens options. FWIW, I typically get 25+ MPG out of my V8
  8. I have had this issue for years due to my predilection for 2 door coupes! ☺️ You just have to plan ahead where you can park or take a chance that someone will not park too close to you. I got caught in the north car park in Chichester once in my DB9 where someone parked a Ka in an impossibly narrow space next to me. I had to get a young lad to squeeze in and roll the car forward for me. All modern cars are really too wide for old car parks and garages and these should be made wider to acknowledge this. Of course, on street parking usually has no width restriction...
  9. Marginally because all low profile tyres have higher rolling resistance than standard profile ones. How much difference? Who knows?
  10. We got 47mpg over 17,000 miles from our IS300h Luxury with mixed usage in a rural area and quite a lot of fast dual carriageway driving. This is on the 17inch wheels.
  11. I am exactly in the same mind as you and have told Lexus about this issue with AHBC. I find it particularly problematic when turning off a main road (where the beams are dipped due to traffic) into an unlit lane. The beam cut-off is so severe that you can't see anything and, as you say, 40mph is too fast to restore main beam.
  12. I have a set of these for sale. Please see my posting in the Buy/Sell Parts forum.
  13. For Sale: Set of 4 Winter Wheels and Tyres for Lexus IS300h Item Condition: Excellent – 2,500 miles only Price and price conditions: £500. Cash on collection or Paypal transfer only. Extra Info: Genuine Lexus 7J x 16 alloy wheels (unmarked). Fitted with Continental WinterContact TS850 205/55 x 16 tyres. Tread depth 7.5mm all round Fitted Lexus TPMS sensors (Codes will be provided to log onto car system) In storage covers. Pictures: See below Contact Details: Message on here or text to 07850 713609 Location: Romsey, Hants. Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Buyer collects or arranges collection.