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  1. malcolmw


    We have had this on our LC and NX both with CY17 systems. The latest software updates seem to have fixed it.
  2. In February, I paid £2400 for a 2 year extended warranty on my LC. I am not happy as I always use main dealers for servicing. I asked about Relax and was told it was not available in the UK. What should I do?
  3. I am VERY ANNOYED by this announcement. In February, I paid £2400 for a 2 year extended warranty on my LC. At the time I asked about Relax and was told it was not available. I always have my cars serviced at main dealers. What happens now? 😠
  4. I have had my LC for over 3 years and have never had an issue. The slight upward profile of the front apron allows for better approach angles than cars equipped with low spoilers. My DB9 was a problem as the long nose overhang and low spoiler hit various things and even a change of car park level would scrape. One way of helping with this is to approach the obstacle slightly turned to left or right as this means that both front wheels do not encounter the change in height at the same time.
  5. We got the system updated today on our NX. I can get the system connected Ok and see the app icons. On running Apple Maps or Google Maps, the screen contrast is very poor and you cannot distinguish side roads etc on the car screen. Any suggestions? I can't see where any adjustments might be on the phone or on the car setup.
  6. I don't want to appear flippant but in your position I might consider just spending a few bob at the local hand car wash.
  7. IMO, having driven standard and Sport+ versions, there is almost no discernible difference in day-to-day driving. For me, the main differences between the grades are the seats, roof and wheels. The Sport and Sport+ have Alcantara seats, the 21inch chrome wheels and carbon fibre roof. The standard model has real leather seats, 20inch wheels and a glass roof. For me, the latter specification was preferable.
  8. The most common reaction from people who see the LC is "What is it?" For me, the big plus is that you can actually use it and leave it parked up without worrying unlike jealousy inducing cars. I have only had positive reactions but this is probably due to the fact that it is a car that is pretty difficult to dislike. The rarity factor means that it does stand out but I can put up with that. 😄
  9. I think that one reason that we are seeing more Lexus cars is that their lifetime is longer than average and thus, every year, there are more around. BTW, I'm glad that you have seen a LC. I thought I was the only one on the lookout for them!
  10. I was out today in our NX and saw a Sonic Red LC500 coming the other way. The LC was travelling north west on the A36 at Ower (by the Nisa Shop) at about 12:10. The numberplate had 53 on it. Was this you? (I'm starting to think that I'm the only one who sees other LCs...) 🙂
  11. I used to get this problem with my DB9 when used for slower local journeys. The only way to stop it was to do a bit of hard braking to condition the pads. I have never had this with the LC500 but I do warm up the brakes now and then to keep them in good order.
  12. A couple of days ago we had a recurrence of the alarm going off with apparently no cause. I did a thorough check over the car (windows, doors closed properly etc) and finally found a ladybird inside the car. It was at the top of the windscreen and may have sauntered across the interior ultrasonic sensor. I put it carefully outside. We shall see if this stops the alarm warnings.
  13. Lexus Relax is available in Europe but not the UK. This automatically extends the warranty by a year if you get the car serviced at the franchised dealer. I enquired about this for my LC but it is not possible and I ended up paying for two extra years warranty for £2,300 or thereabouts.
  14. Unfortunately, not in the UK. 🤕
  15. @wendleYour car looks fantastic! So, my LC is pretty much the same age as Wendle's and I have done 12500 miles on mixed roads. I also have very few stone or other marks of any kind. Maybe it is the aerodynamics of the car. The film protectors in front of the rear wheels have some scarring but I live in a rural area with gravel frequently on the roads.
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