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  1. Mine is now booked in at Hedge End on 17th November. I phoned the Lexus helpline number in the letter and a very helpful lady told me that parts were now available and that I should not wait until the end of January even though the fault is not a very frequent occurrence. She said that they allow 5 hours for the work. The letter does say to take the car in with a low fuel level as this is helpful. We will see what happens. I have a loan car booked.
  2. Have you tried the "Vaseline Fix"? It worked on our NX. (so far!)
  3. Ref the title of this thread, all the people I know who have got electric cars have done so because of the BIK saving for business users. I will be considering electric only in 2 or 3 years time when it comes to change the NX but this will depend on the availability of charge points throughout the UK.
  4. @AJ Thanks. I have the recall letter so I will give Hedge End a call to see what they say.
  5. I was thinking of asking for the fuel pump recall work to be done at the same time as my next service (end Jan 2021). It's good to know it can all be done in one day, I think I will give them a lot of notice so they can get the fuel pump in stock. I use Lexus Hedge End who also seem pretty competent.
  6. Yes. I have the same issue but in the overall scheme of things this is pretty unimportant and I haven't done anything.
  7. Another vote here for the Vaseline I used on our NX. I applied this fix last Christmas and have had no problems since. We will see this winter if the effect lasts. Interestingly, our car is ceramic coated also.
  8. Your third option is the best and the de-facto standard on most cars. I always found the IS Mk 3 (option 2) a pain even after driving it for some time.
  9. Well, I saw a red Sport + on the M27 today. Incredible but true.
  10. Regarding the fuel pump recall, my car is in the frame for this but no parts are available at the moment so I have to wait for an official recall letter. Take a look here: BTW, the Lexus App is pretty basic...
  11. This seems to confirm that most of the initial dealer stock were fully loaded Sport + models.
  12. I have seen 4 other LCs in the last 30 months. One each Yellow, Sonic Red, Black and Sonic Titanium.
  13. For me it's not so much the risk of scuffing wheels when we go away but the difficulty of finding a parking space where some idiot cannot park right up close to me and stop me getting in the driver's door. Oh well, it was the same with my DB9.
  14. As it is makeup. why not try a removal pad for mascara etc. If it's safe for a girl's face then it should work on vinyl. We occasionally get white finger marks from makeup on our leather seats and door trim but it comes straight off with leather treatment.