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  1. The "grandad" profile of Lexus will ensure that no young joy rider will bother with one. ☺️
  2. I find wind turbines very distracting when placed near major roads.
  3. I am totally against using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving. You see this every day (particularly in "white vans"). However, I am a bit uneasy because as mobile phone use has skyrocketed over the last 15 years, KSIs have not also followed suit. I am not sure what this means but it may be that the danger is overblown.
  4. Yes. the comments on the Autocar piece are interesting also. There are a lot of people who agree that motoring "yob" journalism is to blame.
  5. My thoughts: - Lexus don't take large advertisments in these magazines. - The reviewers have lost sight of the fact they are reviewing cars and not iPads.
  6. I know this is the F forum but might this be better in the LC area?
  7. I thought that this thread was about a new Lexus model at first. 😊
  8. In the LC500, you never actually need to touch the seat heat/cool buttons after you set them up to your liking. The climate concierge automatically does it all. For example, today the seats were heated first thing when it was cool while the fans came on this afternoon in the sun. The radio volume is controlled by steering wheel buttons or the rotary controller so you don't need to use the (admittedly poor) touchpad.
  9. This legislation is to make manufacturers fit appropriate electronics to new cars in preparation for road pricing using the EU Galileo GPS. This is to provide a source of future revenue when fuel tax begins to fall with the mandated introduction of electric vehicles in the future. It does not mean that the infrastructure to allow all this technology will be in place and working by 2022. The system will require the widespread us of 5G to allow realtime datacomms from vehicles and, as a secondary feature, will allow realtime monitoring of speeds etc. The big problem is that older vehicles without this technology will probably be around until 2042 and so a blanket system cannot be introduced for a long time. Another big issue is that technology is not perfect - Boeing 737 Max 8 anyone?
  10. Well, the EU has directed that all new cars from 2022 be fitted with speed control devices as a prerequisite for its satellite tracking and control systems. The infrastructure to action this function has yet to be built and will not be in place by 2022.
  11. What about gesture control? BMW feature this in their latest 3 series ad.
  12. The reason that the "Dieselgate" scandal and similar happened is that legislation was passed that was technically impossible to comply with within the timescale. Politicians virtue signal without considering realities. Let's hope that this 95gm target does not cause a similar issue.
  13. We have ordered an NX with the 360 camera but do not have it yet. For future reference, could you explain where the "auto" button is? Is it on the screen or a hard switch?
  14. It's behind a paywall at The Times but here is an extract: Thatcham Research, the automotive safety group, found that six out of ten new cars with a keyless entry and start system had no security measures to prevent a “relay attack”. Those given a “poor” rating were the Ford Mondeo, Hyundai Nexo, Kia ProCeed, Lexus UX, Porsche Macan and Toyota Corolla hybrid.