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  1. I raised this with Lexus ages ago. I think that the design of the system was done by "city boys" who have street lights.
  2. Related to this, my pet hate is signs which say "road closed ahead" when it is a side road that is closed. Why not "next road on left closed" for example.
  3. You need to see the one in Southampton Road, Salisbury which is the biggest traffic bottleneck in the area. They have spent £500K on refurbishing the bike lane complete with hideous green areas to indicate entrances to premises etc. This road is a dual carriageway but cyclists are allowed to use the lane contra to the flow of traffic which I think is hazardous as you are looking in the opposite direction for other road users. I use this road regularly and have yet to see more than one or two cyclists using it. IMO this is because: - it is a trunk road used by people doing longer journeys not suited to cycling which is really a local activity. - the road is lined with warehouse type retail premises and supermarkets which people don't visit on bikes as they need carrying capacity for their shopping. Completely insane.
  4. On a related subject, has anyone played with the settings to change the point where the satnav changes from day to night mode (and vice versa)?
  5. I filled up the NX today at Tesco in Salisbury. E10 at 144.9p per litre. I wonder why the difference?
  6. I was at Hedge End today (no, not at the Lexus dealer!) and on our way back to J7 of the M27 from M&S we saw and waved at another Sonic Red LC500 just like mine. Anyone watching must have thought it was a (very rare) convoy. The number plate was "L500xxx". Anyone on here?
  7. Brown seats? Not for me but the charcoal wheels look good.
  8. Just filled up the NX in Tesco in Salisbury. Minimal queuing, no limit on amount of fuel purchased and 133.9 per litre.
  9. We went out on a 20 mile round trip today which took us past 5 filling stations. All had some fuel available (not sure what types) with short queues of about 3 cars. On the subject of apt names for reporters, the Times had an article some time ago about child abuse in the church. The reporter was Roger Boyes.
  10. Just refilled after having used a second full tank of E10. As before, no noticeable change in car feel or typical mpg compared with E5. Perhaps the Atkinson cycle and low state of tune of the NX engine make any difference unnoticeable.
  11. Any building work going on around you? Malcolm's law of builders is that their vans spew out nails and screws. If you have any work done yourself then carefully sweep your driveway afterwards. In my case, I had the soffits and fascias replaced on my house and afterwards found 30 nails on the drive!
  12. I found the review a bit schizophrenic. I agree about the two characters of the car. In traffic a quiet cruiser but on less crowded roads the performance is quite surprising. His criticism of the warning "bongs" is a bit paranoid. For example, he criticises the seat belt warning. I never get this because... I always put my belt on. He also says the car is "too big". This from an American. In fact, the LC is almost identical in dimensions to the Aston DB9 and a lot of other cars in this class. My main criticism is that, despite saying that the LC is not a track car, he then spends a lot of time modifying it for the circuit and complaining that it lacks a transmission cooler which it needs on the track! Why didn't he buy a track car to start with? Oh yes, he did - the Ariel Atom and he didn't like it much. The LC is a grown up cruiser which has very good acceleration for the occasional blast past slower cars. It is not a racer and is not intended to be. If you remember the Top Gear test of the LC, they compared it on the track with a Civic Type R. They are idiots as well. Sorry about the semi-rant but people don't seem to get the market that the LC is aimed at. Lexus understand this and that is why they progressively softened the suspension over model years and did not release an LC-F higher performance model.
  13. On the V8, I have always filled up with Super Unleaded (98/99 Octane) from new. Not fussy about the label on it.
  14. This was in the Times today:
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