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  1. With Carista, you only pay when you access areas of the App which are chargeable. Just going into the Settings (chargeable) area triggers the AppStore to bill you. You will need a working Apple account for this to work.
  2. I don't know if there is a "Lexus Policy" but my local dealer at Hedge End, Southampton is reopening for servicing in June. They are operating safe distancing with no while you wait service and no loan vehicles.
  3. My cautionary tale. Many years ago I used to have a Mercedes SL500 with the remote locking system. I was at a meeting in South Yorkshire (I live in Wiltshire) and thought I would take my raincoat off and put it in the car. The car was locked. I opened the boot, put the coat inside and slammed the boot shut. My car keys were in the coat pocket. After a lot of phone calls, Mercedes established that it was impossible to open the car or boot without damage so they loaned me a car to drive home, retrieve the spare key and drive back the next day. I have been much more careful about key systems since.
  4. Our 2019 NX Takumi only has tyre pressure warning but not the pressure measurement display. However, my LC does have this feature.
  5. AGM batteries can operate in partial state of charge but what kills them is being left very flat or on a small parasitic load. As soon as you try to recharge them from this state, lead metal is plated out onto the surfaces of the glass fibre mat separator. This causes a high resistance short internally in the battery and stops the battery holding a charge as normal. From the description above, this is what has happened.
  6. @SH20 AGM batteries by their very design operate sealed but have safety vents which open if severely overcharged. If you can open the vents on your battery and see electrolyte, then your battery is a flooded type. AGM batteries operate with a "starved" electrolyte which means that the limited amount of acid is absorbed in a fibreglass mat separator (AGM = absorbent glass mat). If operated at below gassing voltage, AGM batteries remain sealed and do not lose electrolyte. Because of the limited electrolyte, AGM batteries are generally more resistant to sulphation if left partly charged and hence why they are commonly used in hybrids.
  7. The maximum charge rate on AGM batteries is related to the recombination capability of the battery before gassing occurs and consequent loss of electrolyte. This only occurs in overcharge when charged from "dumb" constant current chargers. The CTEK will be perfectly fine and will not damage the battery. I know this sounds a bit trite but I am an expert on this subject as our firm makes the Varley race car batteries.
  8. I had a lot of trouble and never managed to get Techstream to write to the car (W10 64 bit). However, there were no problems with reading data.
  9. Be very careful with this. The battery acts as a smoothing device (like a capacitor) and suppresses voltage spikes and surges on the vehicle system. Using a smart charger may result in shut off as described earlier. Much better to use a jump start battery pack as the bridging source.
  10. It is always better to use a trickle charger as this preserves the battery and prevents sulphation of the plates. Battery disconnection can cause all sorts of random issues!
  11. Here is Lexus' advice: 🙂
  12. Wait until you try to park it! They are enormous and no standard parking space will do. 🙂
  13. 351. 😄 BTW, on old style V5s the figure is half way down the left hand column.
  14. The Bentley is superbly appointed inside but HUGE. I just couldn't live with the size when trying to find a parking space. The LC is bad enough with the long doors.
  15. Yes, I use Carista for swapping summer/winter wheels. It's pretty useful although not as comprehensive as some ODB systems or Techstream.