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  1. The latest model does seem to have a few problems. Nothing serious but annoying. We have had every model of the RX and this latest is the only one we have ever had problems with. First experienced the upper rear door seals coming adrift. Lexus first tried to stick them back but this was a mess and did not solve the issue. They then completely replaced both rear seals and admitted it was a problem. Have now got to have both lower seals over the wheel arch replaced as they have now come adrift. Have also had problems with trim in the sunroof coming adrift and jamming up the works. Now have two bits of trim that have fallen out completely and cannot see where to put them back. Car is booked in for its first service next month and hopefully they will sort out then.
  2. Having had 5 Lexus cars over a period of 15 years I was thinking that it was time for a change. As there is no replacement for the 460 (The 600H is just too expensive and behind the times on spec). I decided to have a look at the new Jaguar XJ. Arranged for a test drive this morning and arrived at the agreed time. Car was not ready so had a look round the showroom for 15 mins. Got in the car with the salesman who then announced that it needed petrol so we would have to call in at the garage across the road first. He obviously was not familiar with the car as whilst backing the car out all sorts of alarms where going off which he seemed unable to stop. Finally got some petrol and set off. 400yds down the road the car lost drive and ground to a halt making some very strange under car noises. Selecting neutral and then back into drive seemed to clear the problem but a few hundred yards further on it happened again. At this point the salesman decided that we had better get back to the garage before being stranded. This was a brand new car with only 5 miles on the clock!!!! He said he would call me later in the day when the car was fixed to rearrange the test drive. Having time to think about and recalling my previous experiences with a couple of XJ6's in the past I told him to forget it when be rang me. I know now that I have been completely spoilt by driving a Lexus for so long. They just do not go wrong.So any suggestions folks the main criteria for me is that I love the comfort of a large car so would not consider down sizing.
  3. The C button disables the seat position recall or seat return function. Button illuminates when pressed. Pressing again enables seat movement and the light goes out.
  4. I think you are absolutely right. It is all part of the culture of why should I do all the hard work when I can get some other mug to do it for me. Having been a member of this board for a good few years it amazes me to see the same questions being asked again and again. The search function is very good USE IT!!
  5. Rx450h

    Performance wise I would say that that there is no noticeable difference but will comment further once I have had the longer test drive. No idea re economy as it was only a 15 minute try out again will comment further after the longer test. I very much like the new shape, much better in the flesh than any photos that I have seen. The one I drove was Cadoxton slate and looked very imposing and for a Lexus slightly menacing. They have also reintroduced the little side windows at each end of the dashboard as on the mark one. Now getting impatient for the call to arrange the longer test drive.
  6. Just had a quick taster drive of the top of the range RX450H. What a car. Drives and handles far better than the 400H smoother and very much quieter, far more car like. The heads up display is fantastic. Not only gives you a speed reading but when the sat nav is on you get distance and turn displays. All this appears to be low down at the end of the bonnet. Distracting at first but with only a couple of miles travelled learnt to ignore it unless wanted. Will be getting a two day test drive in a couple of weeks time and will report further then. :D
  7. Took delivery of a LS460 3 months ago. Everything about the car is great apart from one thing "the gearbox". Now I have previously owned a 400 and a couple of 430's and on all of these the gear change was imperceptible. On the 460 the changes are quite noticeable and the box always seems to be hunting for the right gear. Have taken this up with the garage where I bought it but they just say that it is a learning gearbox and will take time to learn my driving style! The problem is most noticeable when driving slowly and spoils an otherwise smooth drive. As this box was heralded as the first auto eight speed is it a case of too many gears spoiling the car If anyone else experienced this I would like to hear.
  8. Lf-a

    Oops http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/car_...s_supercar.html
  9. Further to my earlier post. The work on my sons car has been done and it has been confirmed that the problem I experienced was as a result of the failure of the recalled part. This according to Lexus is a failure that can only occur when the car is stationary. I beg to differ and as I previously pointed out if I had been travelling at speed I could have had a serious accident. I have requested that they escalate this matter with Lexus GB and they have assured me that this will be done. I am however writing to Lexus GB myself asking why this is not being treated as a very serious problem and why it has not been reported to VOSA. To make matters worse I now have learned again thanks to this forum that my wifes RX400H is also subject to a recall for the same problem Lexus what is going on???????
  10. Took my sons (06)IS250SEL back today because of corroding alloys. No problem they said and whilst we have it we will do the steering and rear brakes that are on recall. Booked it in for next month and returned to the office. Driving home this evening was going round a small roundabout when suddenly no power steering!!!! Just like driving a go cart. Struggled home the last three miles and called Lexus. No problem will take the car in next week when they get the parts!!! My concern is that if I had been in a situation where I needed to swerve or change direction suddenly I would have been in serious trouble. If this is a known problem then they must let everyone concerned know immediately before there is a serious accident.
  11. I have had a 450H since last September. What a car! I to have had 2 Jaguars in the past as well as an LS400 and two LS430's. Whilst I miss the absolute luxury of the 430 the performance of the 450 more than makes up for this. My other car is a Westfield GTZ and the 450 on normal roads is just as quick with the added benefit of traction control to keep me out of trouble when I overcook things. I find that on long runs of 2-300 miles I always get over 30 MPG and I am not a slow driver! Worst case is when I find a good empty road across somewhere like this North Yorkshire moors (Just last week) high teens low twentys but that is really driving on the limit with Hybrid power and Sports suspension engaged. Best economy achieved so far was 35.4MPG on a 650 mile round trip of mixed motorway and B road driving. If you want to have fun in comfort this is the car to do it in.
  12. Since I acquired my GS450H new last September I have been troubled by a metallic knocking sound when the engine is cold, disappears when warm. Very reminiscent of tappet noise on cars of old. The car has been back twice to Lexus and I am told that this is the fuel pump and normal on this model. Having owned various Lexi for the last 12 years this is by far the noisiest car I have owned. I am going to refer this to Lexus GB but would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this. Regards Tony
  13. A word of warning to all those with doctored/show number plates. As my son recently found out number plates are now included in the MOT. His rear plate was correctly spaced and of the right size but did not have the BS au number on it so it failed the MOT.
  14. This all sounds very plausable until you know that the GS450H does have this feature and I can confirm that it works very well. When we bought my wifes RX400H I asked the salesman why this was not fitted and he gave the reason you have quoted above. When I subsequently acquired my GS450H the same salesman had to agree that Lexus had missed a trick.
  15. A word of caution on pricing. Having just parted company with my 52 plate LS430 I am more than painfully aware that the bottom has dropped out of the market on these cars. I paid 25K just over a year ago and after trying to sell it privately with no luck I hawked it round three dealers and the best offer was 15K against the purchase of a new GS450H. Have a good trawl through the Lexus used car web site, for the money you are talking about you should be able to get something on a 51 or 02 plate.