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  1. Thanks everyone for your weighing in. I've got the video from the salesman calling out the excellent tread depth, which should support my case I believe. I recognize I accepted the car upon delivery and it's been 2 months, which is my stupidity, but still my complaint stands. This is not what I was led to expect. I'll take the car to a garage for a report on the tyres as a first step, thanks for the suggestion. I'll also upload pics of the tyres for all of us to see the cracked Yokohamas, not just take my word.
  2. Thank you, Colin! Yes, I realise I simply was not diligent enough, just trusted the 'process', and wanted to enjoy the car. Why I opted for a Lexus dealer to begin with. I thought I was diligent and looked how the car looked and behaved during the first two weeks, but not diligent enough turns out. Lesson learnt. And yes, I've got the warranty. I've done 2 thousand miles in 2 months, mostly motorway, not sure it's possible to run down the tyres already. I'll report back how Lexus Exeter reacted.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the Club, and new to car ownership in fact. In other words, amateur hour here. I bought a 15 plate IS 300h Advance in April with 58k on the odo. In part it was sold to me on the strength that it had 'excellent' tread depth, which was one of my main concerns in general when looking at cars. The dealer sent me a video of the car and demonstrated with the front right the excellent condition of the tyre, zooming in on the treads, and just casually showed the rest. When I received the car, I walked around it, looked at the front right (why of course), and saw they presented
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