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  1. I've tried this adaptor from Tesco, it works fine for me. I charged NX 450h+ for over night without issue. It's rated 13A, therefore I think 10A draw from 3-pin charger should be fine.
  2. Thanks for the info 😀, let me get a quotation from Lexus dealer. If I go for DIY, definitely will make a video.
  3. Thule website hasn't listed any Fit Kit for new NX yet, probably NX is still rather new. As NX is similar to RAV4 in some way, I wonder if Kit 187055 fits for new NX. Any idea?
  4. From, I can see listings for Towing Hitch & 13 Pin Electrics. Not sure if it is something we could DIY, will ask for installation manual and check it out.
  5. How much is the official tow bar fitting? Thanks
  6. It took 3 weeks to have the parts shipping from Japan to UK. It was the on-board charger that need to be replaced. For the past 2 months it is working faultlessly, I think the issue has been resolved. Just for missing weld spot issue, I have car inspected again yesterday, it wasn't affected. I am a bit disappointed which I need to bring in car for twice in few months ownership. On loan car, yes dealer was able to arrange me one, that's good as I have one car only.
  7. Have my car checked at dealer, no missing weld spot. I find below Toyota Europe website did a better job than UK website, I can see the recall items. VSC recall wasn't applicable to my car.
  8. Unfortunately, not yet. Dealer said a component, under back seats, has to be replaced, so I guess it is the on-board charger. They are trying to get it before end of Feb. In the mean time I got a Lexus loan car.
  9. I hope this is an isolated incident... The NX450h+ arrived last Friday (28 Jan), I managed to charge it in a Tesco 7kW charging point for once on Sat. Unfortunately, my second charging didn't went well. A yellow Engine Light and messages prompted: "Check Engine/Plug-in Charging System Malfunction/Visit Your Dealer". It won't accept Plug-In charge anymore. I drove to dealer (without appointment) and technician done a 30mins quick-check, cleared the DTC and said my dash cams somehow interference with the car. Later that night I disconnect the dash cams and tried charging again, the same error comes again. To accommodate loan car schedule, Lexus booked me an inspection upcoming Monday. Sale person said that they need to do whatever Lexus tell them to do to check/fix the problem. As an owner, I don't want the car to be dismantled extensively in the process. (Anyhow, IMO, it is a new car, the premium price cannot be justified if it needs extensive mechanical repair that might introduces rattles or other wear-off) My question is... what option I have in this situation? e.g. Can I return and get refund fully? comments/experiences are much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. They were HEIC from newer iPhone, just changed to JPG for easy watching.
  11. The collection went well. I haven't driven it much yet, only with 4 miles EV mode driven to home. It is superb quiet and easy to drive, yet punchy enough to get pass slower vehicle in highway. - Initial Mileage is at 9mi. - Not aware of rattle. - Remote Climate control takes 8 hours to appear in Lexus Link app. - Car cannot display my profile name though, even profile deletion and relink. - Front passenger glass are double-layer while the rear glass are single-layer. - Front seats are comfortable with euough support/adjustment, I am curious how F-sport feels. I owned VW Touran for past 10 years, luxury car is a new territory to me. So eager to explore the would with NX.
  12. I will get the NX450h+ (Premium Plus Pack/Sunroof) this afternoon. Here is the timeline FYR. Order captured by Lexus: 02/09/2021 Build In Progress: 06/12/2021 Build Completed: 13/12/2021 Arrived UK: 12/01/2022 Car Collection: 28/01/2022 Sure I will post some pic and comment afterward, wish you all luck to get the car with no delay.
  13. A status update for reference. Leuxs website's order tracker shows the car has arrived Portbury.
  14. Speaking of demo car, I saw two of them (450h+ F Sport & 350h) on display in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent DA9 9ST on past Sunday. Not sure how long they will still be on display. Lexus UK staff said it takes 6 months to deliver if I order now.
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