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  1. I had a,follow up call from the salesperson asking me not to give a feedback if Lexus asked as it will affect his performance review. Very appalling 😠
  2. Collected my NX today done with ceramic coating. It looks newer than the collection day from dealership 😍😍
  3. My first dealing for the NX pre order was with Lexus Ipswich. I did put my interest and was contacted through email regarding the specification, part exchange, etc. There wasn't any reply after that, then I decided to go with Lexus Cambridge which they sort out the order within a day. After a week, Lexus Ipswich decided to respond which I told them I had ordered from somewhere else. I guess from your experience is two completely different kind of customer service. I am glad you did have a good experience from them. Not so lucky for me.
  4. My salesperson asking me to give 10/10 for his customer service but I am not convinced with the lack of communication and professionalism from the dealership. I brought this up to the general manager and he only can apologise and give more training. Lexus Cambridge has won franchised dealership of the year 2022. If they are the best, I am a bit worried with other Lexus dealership. Has anyone given a good feedback to their dealership?
  5. Proud to receive my NX today. Paperworks was smooth. So far enjoying the drive from Cambridge.
  6. Same here. I think they are upgrading their system but I can ask them tomorrow for more info when I am collecting my car.
  7. On my delivery tracker, it doesn't showed the seat in flare red. It might they are showing a generic figure of the exterior color without matching the interior.
  8. My Lexus app has identified the car and prepared to link multimedia infotainment. Can't wait to play with it 🤗
  9. If you are looking reliability, Lexus will not disappoint you although there is a few issue with the current NX software infotainment. There are currently rolling OTA updates to resolve it. You missed out the lower price that was launched in September 2021. They marked up the retail price by £3000 for my spec.
  10. This will be my first lexus. Have you test drive yet?
  11. Happy to say my NX has arrived at the center. Spoke to dealership still need two working days to sort out the paperwork. Planning to collect the following Monday 😁
  12. I am counted lucky. There is others waiting time longer than mine.
  13. Yes especially my first estimated date was January and the waiting has make me feel I am wandering in the dessert looking for water. Hope the others will have their NX in the coming months.
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