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  1. ...would like to see a better pic, i guess it's gonaa be a grower on me
  2. "Star" completely rules! >> matt that madonaa look alike is madonna! don't know if it is still avaliable, but last year you could download an 'enhanced dvd player' which had the director's commentary. will
  3. john woo's film has just been posted. check out the bridge scene!!! will bmw films
  4. >>> my *** tdi! you created a MONSTER!!!
  5. willtang


    ... i see the 'great rims debate' continues....
  6. the question i ask myself is... why would someone fit this?
  7. Car manufactures that make films. This post is for those of you, who like me have a passion for films & cars. Last year BMW USA (urgh! The devil!!!!) Commissioned David Fincher (Seven, Fight club) to produce five 5-minute films to promote the Z3, X5, 740, 540, 330CI that would only be available on the net. The idea was to employ 5 different directors for each of the films: Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, The Hulk (2003)) had the 540i John Frankenheimer, (Ronin) had the 740i Wong Kar-Wai (Fallen Angels, Chung King Express) had the Z3 3.0i & 330CI Guy Ritchie, (Snatch, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels) had the 530i (even though in the film they used a M5) Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (Amores Paerros) had the X5 Called ‘The Hire’ the central characters are the cars (of course) and a hired driver played by Clive Owen (The Chancer, TV Series), each film tells a story of, well a car journey… The directors had complete creative control over these pieces, which definitely shows if anyone is familiar with any of the films I mentioned above. Anyway this year, the executive producing gloves have been handed over to Tony & Riddley Scott (Hannibal, The Gladiator, Blade Runner) and the first film in the 2nd series kicks off (24th October) with a John Woo (Mission Impossible 2, Hard Boiled, The Killer) feature. You can check all this out at: www.bmwfilms.com You can also download the first season’s films there as well. Not to be out done, earlier this year you may have seen a film trailer called ‘Lucky Star’. Shot in and around LA Benicio Del Toro (traffic) was driving around in fat Merc SL500 being; well very lucky at everything he turned his hand to. Egg. The stock market, gambling etc. For about 3 weeks, I was convinced that this was a film and was desperate to find out more since the 150 second clip added up to what seemed an awesome film. One night as the trailer came on again, I managed to pull a web address off the last title card www.luckyluckystar.com . Logging on that very evening I was greeted with the all too familiar 3 pronged star…. Employing Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider, Manhunter) Mercedes wanted to ‘create a trailer for a non existant film’. Unfortunately the website in question has been pulled off. Anyway if you have the means check the Beemer movies out (at high res broadband connection if you can), and if the first seasons of films are anything to go by then the 2nd lot should be as equally amazing. And all I got left to say is “C’mon Lex. You got the cars, you got the following, flex ya’ skillz and don’t let these boys take over.’ …. And if anyone from the Lex advertising team is reading this, I can get the scripts for the new commercials to you in 48 hrs. Enjoy! BMW films
  8. yeah, ditto.... ... did i hear this right? they were asking for anyone with a super car or modified car to see if they could beat the zonda's lap time?... wonder if TDI's 1000bhp IS will be ready for it.....
  9. yeah, looks that way. ... reckon i should read up and drop some jedi mind tricks on him.
  10. my brother has decided to dance with the devil again.... he gets delivery of his new 330ci in a few weeks... DOH!!!
  11. My older brother owns a 328 convertible which he loves to bits and but since March of this year, when I upgraded from a Peugeot 306DT to IS200sport there has been a bit of 'brotherly rivalry' between us. Chatting to him last week he said that his missus was totally against the idea of him upgrading to his dream car an M3, since they had no garage to put the lil' puppy in and she was afraid of the whole car jacking thing (very common in these parts) He said that he threw the whole M3 idea out the window and was going to go for a 330CI, so as an alternative I suggested he should try out the IS300. He liked the idea of this, so like a trooper I emailed across to him the spec sheets etc. He had the car for 3 hours Tuesday, picking me up from work at lunchtime for a quick spin around the block, he loved the new front grill, backside but was a little disappointed with the lack of side skirts and was a little put off with the auto transmission. Anyway, I called him a few hours later to see how he got on. "So what did you think?" "The car is quick! I was on a road with 2 cars in front of me. I switched it manual/auto, dropped a gear and floored it and just flew past these 2 cars! But it felt like a really 'safe speed', I couldn't believe how quiet the engine sounded! It wasn't straining at all. And it stuck to the road like glue" I saw him that evening and believe me, I never seen someone grin so much! It got the complete thumbs up by his missus, but there are a few things, which stand in the way... Quote " 1. The lex drinks like an alcoholic. 2. In my opinion the best colour combination for a lex is black with oakham interior, which you already have! 3. You already have a lex. 4. You already have a lex!!" And lastly, he’s got a 330CI booked out for a tester next week. On paper, after spec-ing up his 330CI will cost a whopping 37K as opposed to the IS300 which will land at 30K. …. Lets all hope he makes the RIGHT choice. …. I’ll keep you posted…
  12. after reading this post some weeks ago, i noticed as i was cleaning my wheels, that indeed my wheels were starting to show signs of corrosion... pretty alarming considering that my lex is just 9 months old(from brand new) with 12k on the clock. i took time out and visited my local dealer who acknowledged that there were signs of corrosion and then suggested that i come back in the spring for a replacement set... no hassles, no questions. as some of you already know, i'm trying to sort a set of 19's for myself and i was going to ignore the whole corrosion affair. but after reading some of the comments on this thread i find it disgusting that lex fully know about this corrsion problem and have done nothing about it....
  13. ... great!, another factor into the equation!!!:(:(:(