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  1. I've managed to put it off for a few years but unfortunately I now have to sell it. :eerrrmm: £4,500 for quick sale. Taxed and MOT'd. Around 43,000 miles. I shall be advertising it on piston heads and will probably stick it on ebay too. Or you can message me through here.
  6. Can I ask what sort of price are you looking at for what milage?
  7. Is it possible to upload pics off a tablet?
  8. The car is back out in the open. Thought I'd give it a good clean in this nice weather. Just passed its MOT. Going to get some tax on it in the next week or so. Then a short period of insurance if possible to have a drive around in it and sell it, finally
  9. To be honest mate I cant quite remember. I need to trawl my threads to find out. As far as I can remember TRD seats, Pioneer flip out dvd player with ipod intergration, HKS front bumper , TRD side skirts, TTE rear skirt. rear lip spoiler Fcon Vpro with navigator, 3 inch through exhaust, fuel return line, HKS BOV , HKS turbo GT2835 ProS, oversized forged rods and pistons, camcon, large intercooler, tte coilovers, racelogic traction control with launch control, helix cerametalic clutch, greddy gauges Oil temp boost EGT, tte anti roll bars, braided brakelines, oil cooler, TRD quickshift, strut braces. Copied from my thread More Work Being Done : "At 1.2 bar I think the figures were around 340bhp and 370 torque"
  10. A quick bump to help me find it easier :)
  11. Sell your car and buy mine already turbo'd and also had LOTS of mods done to it. Will be looking for around £7500 for quick sale. Car has sat on my folks drive for last 2 years as Ive not had the time to really drive it. Runs great, very fast, only just over 40k miles on clock. New engine has done around 2k miles
  12. I'm currently going through old receipts etc to find all the work carried out to the car as I cant remember everything, so as to list it for sale.If anybody has any questions in the meantime then please either post on here or PM me thanks :)
  13. Yes mate. I shall get some photos this weekend. The car is off the road at the moment due to not using it so is stored in my folks garage. I shall be going round there this weekend. The work was carried out by RGS Motorsport in Wellingborough. I also had the original turbo work done by Prolex-UK and have had work carried out by TDI. The final mapping and tweaking of the engine etc was done by SPC Horsham.
  14. At 1.2 bar I think the figures were around 340bhp and 370 torque. Looking for around £10k ono. I'll make a list of all mods and shall make a proper post / list although lots can be found in this thread. The car has around 43000 miles on the clock and the new engine has done around 1500 - 2000 miles.
  15. Hi Janey, thanks for that :D Has the garage section disappeared ? I cant seem to find it or link from my sig
  16. This car is now up for sale. Didn't have the heart to sell it before. but its not getting any use so might aswell sell it to somebody who will get some enjoyment out of it. I will put it up in the cars for sale section when I get a minute and learn out how to work this new site layout
  17. Happy Birthday mate, All the best :D
  18. Its actually for sale now on piston heads. There are some dyno charts on there too. Here :winky:
  19. Yes mate. Thanks to the guys at Horsham, the car is still running beautifully. Unfortunately due to changing jobs new work commitments and moving house I've not been able to drive it as much as I would have liked for the past couple of months. So its sat in the garage at the moment. If the weather is nice I might have a spin this weekend :winky:
  20. What's the outcome of this project then? Any figures?
  21. Get yourself a porter polisher. May seem expensive but the results are well worth it. Providing you put in the time and effort.
  22. John is this the first one of the year? I thought there was normally a 'Pod meet in late March / April time?
  23. If you are rebuilding the bottom end and doing some work on the head, why restrict yourself with a small turbo to high 200's?
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