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  1. Im about to buy a '96 GS300 sport....or T3 as the german version is called. (im importing it...i live in Norway) I know there are max 5 mk1s in norway at the moment! ;-) The T3 edition has: 18x8 front with 245/40 & 18x10 rear with 275/35 20mm lowering job...not shure about other 'chassie' components tho... ...and 219hp instead of 209hk as the ordinary mainland europe GS300s seem to have. The rear spoiler seem to have been an option.... There is also a version called 'edition' .... As far as i can tell....it only has the 18" wheels package. Can anyone else comfirm this? @lpher Soon to be GS300 sport owner ;-)
  2. What about the original springs for the GS300 Sport? Theyre a 20mm drop...not much tho... @lpher 'soon to be ('96) GS300 Sport owner'
  3. theres no nudity on your BB? twas some 'cuddling' in the norwegian version i can tell you ;-) BB2 finnished last sunday here... the wierdest girl won...go figure ;-) @lpher who had BB onnm the telly 24/7 ;-) (the missus made me order it)
  4. that was you guys? ;-) remember finding them a while back... was christmas eve in the office there for a while ;-) @lpher
  5. Again..found this on another forum ;-) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Just collected my car from HK's TOMS/TRD dealer, they have just won the TRD international dealer award again and have very close ties with TRD Japan. Knowing all this I thought I'd ask if and when Toyota was going to launch a new Supra, 'possibly June/July time when they launch the new Aristo but probably later on' was the answer I got. Apparently the Aristo has been kept top secret and it is going to be a suprise launch. It was obvious that they knew quite a bit about the new Aristo and a little bit about a new Supra. The girl said she couldn't tell me too much just that the new Aristo would be launched with the same engine as the current car but with a whole new management system and that she had photos but couldn't show me them yet. If this suprise launch does happen then I'll definitely work on trying to get more info on the new Supra. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Can anyone comfirm this? @lpher Still not a lexus owner Good things take time
  6. (ive snipped out his name..in case he doesnt want to have it exposed) He's the one you'll have to thank ;-) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hi guys. I know this is not Supra related but its close so I had to share it with you guys. I have been away working under contract for TMG (Toyota Motorsports GmbH). My trip to TMG in Toyota in Germany was a huge success for me. Check out the links there are movies of me sitting in the project car I was contracted by Toyota to get running for them in Germany. Some of the movies of me with the car were taken by the boss of TTE (Toyota Team Europe). All the others were taken by me with my little Sony digital camera. There are also lots of pictures of inside TTE. See the following links, with other movies of my project over there, a Lexus V8 powered IS 200. http://www.monsterhorsepower.com/TTE/movies/ http://www.monsterhorsepower.com/TTE/pictures/ @lpher
  7. and the magic is to have your carkey alone...not attached to anything! ;-) @lpher
  8. Found these url's on another maillist... http://www.monsterhorsepower.com/TTE/movies/ http://www.monsterhorsepower.com/TTE/pictures/ @lpher
  9. aint i the outsider ;-) '91 Toyota Celica GTi ;-) Only reason im even posting here, is cause im that shure about what carmake im purchasing next ;-) next car: IS200 or mk1 GS300 @lpher
  10. why are we supposed to pay for it, when its already free everywhere else on the net? ;-)
  11. you guys give fast replys ;-) hmmm....i tend to lean towards the mk1 GS300...cause im afraid i wont be satisfied with bying a new car with 'less' power than my current one.... what about the interior of the mk1? designwise...has it aged well? any links to highres pics perhaps? thanx for the replys ;-)
  12. anyone know if the commercials are online somewhere?
  13. M next car will be either an '99-'00 IS200 or a '94-'96 GS300. Pros and cons? The reason im asking is cause im not shure if im gonna be comfortable with the power of the 1G-FE engine in the IS200. Ive done one testdrive...and i must admit i wasnt overwelmed ;-) Currently owning a 156hp celica, wich i feel is a tad quicker ;-) So therefore i thought about the GS300 mk1, with the infamous 2JZ-GE engine ;-) Downside migth be that it doesnt look as flashy aand new as the IS200... So what do i do? ;-) @lpher list newbie PS! im sorry if ive offended anyone owning on the mentioned cars...who might disagree with my thinking... but if so, lets hear it...youre the ones who know these cars...and it might be wise of me to trust your judgement on these matters ;-) @lpher