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  1. Glad you are pleased and in awe of your mechanical skills - I would definitely make a big mess of trying anything like that!
  2. Not quite - I’m travelling c2000 miles per month and utilising about 25 different public parking spaces a month and I’m not the only one looking at the volume of traffic and numbers of cars parked up in car parks etc, the size of spaces is an issue albeit a smaller car would help.
  3. Not in the Lucy Tower Street multi story in Lincoln it wouldn’t - the 400 will not really fit so a 600 definitely would not.
  4. Welcome Mo great cars and 16 years into my ownership I am still appreciating the qualities of these fabulous cars.
  5. Thanks Malc - heard nothing back from the vendor so for now still enjoying the 400 and if nothing happens between now and the end of October I will get the MOT and service done and get put right a few minor bits that need doing and then potentially look to do what you have done/are doing. I did put a small ding in the rest of the 400 the other day backing into a tight multi story - I knew I had to touch the rest wall just to stop the front from overhanging - began to think how much more tricky that manoeuvre would gave been in the 600 which did put me into a but if a cold sweat. There are definitely some advantages to running an older vehicle.
  6. I agree Scott - I would want to keep it maintained with Lexus, it’s a pretty rare car with lots of complexity. I’m not ready to dig deep as you suggest, in fact I did look at the 430s on AT but to be honest I didn’t see one that I would be prepared to upgrade to from my £50 LS400! I might feel differently on the 1st November when I MOT the old girl but if she can get through that without having to spend an arm and a leg then I shall be saving some more pennies until I absolutely need to replace her. Of course if the vendor of the 600 comes back in the meantime with a sensible revised price I may well be interested!
  7. Totally agree lots of luck involved and timing as well - my 400 over 16 years of my ownership has had some expensive years and some very cheap years and when you have owned your vehicle for a long time you feel more confident in it. You can easily buy a second hand car particularly a prestige one and be unlucky enough to take a few big hits in quick succession. Whilst those bills on the 600 I was looking at are big, it could well be that you could take that hit and have very little else over the next 10 years so it works out at not so much, equally it could go the other way but you do have some reassurance that as a Lexus it’s less likely to happen than in other prestigious motors.
  8. Don’t disagree Scott but the equivalent dealer car would cost several thousands more and other than the warranty I’m not sure it would be any better than this 600 which has FLSH, new tyres, full MOT and has just been serviced ? And yes a 430 would be cheaper but equally could also be a money pit and a 430 is a great car but it ain’t no 600.
  9. Well the prospective purchase of the 600 is on ice, just had the 110k service, advised new front discs and pads but Lexus dealers always seem to recommend that and I had a good long chat with the servicing dealer today (no GDPR issues interestingly) and there is still another 10k or so in the brakes. More concerning is the caliper piston seals that are split and retaining springs broken £669 and then the big one is the upper arms/lower arms splitting at bush - again not now but within 10k miles - £3094. Seller is not willing to budge on price! Also the hybrid health check could not be completed due to error codes but dealer assures me that it is to do with recent lack of use/flat battery and if there was a genuine hybrid issue it would show in lots of other things. I am going to sit on the my LS until MOT which is 1/11 - will be interesting to see if seller still has the 600 and is more willing to negotiate. I am tempted by the WBAC offer for my LS which was the grand sum of £50!!
  10. Welcome Barry. - great car, we bought a 2011 one in 2014 with 72k on the clock, now got 122k and still drives like new and we have had no issues at all - one of the great all round, do it all cars - enjoy.
  11. 460/600 - let's be honest both great cars. I tested a 460 but it left me a little underwhelmed compared to the 400 but that was a few years back and my LS is a bit baggier now so would probably be a different story now. I went into the 600 test drive quite open minded, I don't need to change the 400 and financially it's cheaper to stick with it and after 16 years I know it so well and I was quite prepared to do nothing unless the 600 felt really really special.......but it did and therefore it was an easy decision. That said if I was swapping from a 460 to 600 then I suspect the difference would be less marginal than from a 21 year old 400. As Jonathan said though there is something special about the hybrid, the 4x4 element really appeals as well - I know I cold get that in. RX450 but my wife has one of those and it is superb and ultimately probably a better car for me to buy but the chance to get something different and to buy what was the ultimate Lexus and one of the most expensive luxury cars of its day also appeals - I have also tested the S500 and 350 CDI and again great cars but I prefer the whole package that Lexus gives and the confidence I have in being able to run the 600 like I have my with my 400 into its twentieth plus year. That said, your post did make me look at Autotrader this morning at some 460s!
  12. Thanks will do - mine will be doing c20k per year so hopefully it will deal with it as well as my LS400 has done, it was reading one of your previous posts about the switch from LS400 that motivated me to go for the 600 - having owned the LS400 for 16 years it will be with mixed feelings when I make the swap but I’m pretty sure the refinements of the big hybrid will help me get over the 400 - the 600 obviously was a lot more modern than the 400 but in many way it did not feel that dissimilar and it still had a bit of an old school feel to it that I really liked. The current owner had today confirmed that the 110k service is booked in for next Wednesday so not long now and hopefully it will get a clean bill of health.