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  1. Great purchase - welcome - you will never regret buying an LS400
  2. Hi Konstantinos We purchased our 2011 RX 450h at three years old with 70k miles on the clock, four years and 45k miles later, other than regular servicing and consumables it has been as good as gold. My wife intends to keep the car until it dies so will be interesting to see how we get on with it but given what we have seen so far, I do not have any doubt it will be a reliable long term car.
  3. F with bike

    Yes my wife had a Boxster way back in 2001 - lucky enough to have it as a company car and also with a fuel card and we did 130k miles in it over four years and it never missed a beat, it was the 2.7 tip which all the journos slag off but it was just fine, very basis spec to keep the monthly contributionabove the co car allowance down but was a lovely steer and I do like a convertible and have toyed with perhaps a Boxster next although some seem to view it as a step down from the 911 and not a proper Porsche etc but for me the Boxster was more fun and easier to drive quickly than the 911- perhaps that's more of a reflection of my driving skills than the ability of the cars. Anyhow if I am going for another cabriolet next time and want to stick with Lexus it's going to have to be an SC430!
  4. F with bike

    Agree thanks both, I suspect the perceived or otherwise desirability of both Porsche and JLR products tends to outweigh the ownership issues that some (not all) owners will face, each individual I guess will have their own tolerance levels of what they will or not put up with which will dictate the length of ownership and repeat purchase of the marque. Big Rat I suspected you knew this after your first Porsche purchase but the 'pull' was enough to lure you back on five more occasions which perhaps explains the desirability factor. I knew what I was going into when I purchased the 911 and have read enough horror stories to know what could happen and the costs involved, hence why the warranty was so important to me. As you say DAW, I also just feel it's wrong/unacceptable that they cannot sort out the common faults but it's their business so not much I can do. Once I have had my fun/experience it will be F number three for me and on the positive side the pull of the marque means that there will be plenty of other people out there wanting to experience the 911 and the demand for the right cars also means that the depreciation will be extremely minimal, not unlike the F cars so it is not all bad news in terms of the 911 ownership experience.
  5. F with bike

    Agree, they have a lot of qualities but when you dig under the surface there are some very significant issues that Porsche seem quite keen to suppress for obvious reasons and the general motoring press will rarely pick up on as they are usually just testing brand new models and are more interested in how the car performs at speed and so on rather than the longer term ownership proposition. I guess if you are wealthy enough to buy a new one every couple of years then these issues don't impact you or if they do, the everything is done under warranty and you get a lovely courtesy car while your car is getting fixed. This seems to be quite similar to what I read about Landrovers, I really like the FF Range Rovers but running one out of warranty would be a nerve wracking and a potentially financially ruinous experience and that doesn't seem to be the case with Japanese cars and of course we know from our own experience of the F performance cars that generally speaking you are on very sold ground in terms of the ownership experience, and when you combine this with strong dealer service then for many it will make for more of a satisfying ownership experience even though you may feel that initially you are 'compromising' on the choice of car you purchase.
  6. F with bike

    Yes I know they all do it, Lexus included and they do have a business to run, just wish they would be a bit more subtle with it given it was only inspected by them 500 miles ago. I expect the avalanche of jobs will come at the next service/warranty renewal in November so will start saving now!
  7. F with bike

    Thanks Big Rat - fortunately all under warranty - seems it can cost between £7 and £14k so the warranty is definitely worthwhile and does take away the paranoia. They did make me laugh when they were were inspecting the car as the technician filmed it and sent me the video, they mentioned perhaps looking at the wheel alignment and rear discs yet this was on a car that only 500 miles ago passed a Porsche 111 point inspection with flying colours and no mention of any issues whatsoever. I do understand why people put up with the niggles, took it out for a rapid countryside run yesterday in the sunshine and it does have some fantastic qualities but obviously they can be a a bit high maintenance.
  8. F with bike

    Seems like they are not quite as robust as you would expect. My 911 may need a new PDK gearbox - mind you it has done a ‘massive’ 38k miles!
  9. Oh yes that was always in the plan unless Porsche wowed me which so far they have not, I haven't really left Lexus anyway other than losing the ISF, still have the trusty old LS400 and the Rx450h, was always planning to come back with another ISF although it looks like it might have to be RCF looking at all the other members that have made the switch!
  10. F with bike

    No point in being the richest guy in the cemetery. That said you do need to keep enough back to eat and pay your bills!
  11. F with bike

    Ha, thanks, does look like one of those things you can get as much pleasure from either polishing it or riding it
  12. Thanks guys, obviously there are bigger problems in the world to worry about but I am just a bit sad to find what I was expecting really, from previous forums I have read info on it does seem like there are very few dealers that are really rated and non are near me, as its under warranty I have to use the OPC. I was never really planning to keep the car long term and I have even less desire to now although that Cayenne was seriously tempting. The other thing I am reflecting on is that outside of usual service, my Lexus cars have not required any additional visits to the garage, at the next check up the 911 will have been in three times in 5 months although that's partly down to the ineptness of the dealer. I have been lucky with Lexus Hull and it's obviously a better feeling when you have established a relationship. To put a film/tv analogy on the experience, if walking into Lexus Hull is like stepping into Cheers bar, the Porsche dealership was more like the scene in American Werewolf in London when the guys walk into the pub in the middle of Dartmoor! I'm sure once they sort the car out and the sun is shining I will probably feel a bit different.
  13. F with bike

    I'm more of a sports bike fan but it does look lovely - don't your arms ache after a bit though?
  14. By coincidence, bumped into the colleague in London today who lent me her 911 last summer for two weeks. She purchased and uses (or used to use) the Leicester OPC but after a ton of issues with the car and the dealer she’s given up on them. My nearest dealer is Nottingham but I have only heard bad things about them too. Nearest Indy is Zentrum who I have heard good things about but while under warranty I have to use OPC and I don’t really want to run the car outside of the warranty.
  15. First chance to compare the two brands after taking the 911 in for a check on an oil leak that was identified at the warranty inspection Dec 2017 before I bought the car. Idea was to wait three months /500 miles after the test in Dec then they would know what it was and would fix it (under warranty). The booking process felt like a bit of an interrogation, insinuating that the warranty may not have been transferable if I hadpurchased from a trader - this was not the case as to was private sale and I registered everything with Porsche correctly. Then there was the matter of the £10 cost to cover insurance on the courtesy car plus 15p per mile fuel charge. - no big deal but I have never paid anything at Lexus. Then I was told there would be a full inspectionof the bodywork of my car and the courtesy car to check for damage etc before the swap - again no big deal but have never felt the need to do is at Lexus but I understand it's probably best thing to do. Staff at dealership were ok but not overly friendly, again perhaps because I'm new at the dealers it wil feel different to Lexus Hul whom I have used for years, what I notice in Lexus dealers is that all staff happy to smile, acknowledge you etc, in Porsche nobody did! Then I was told that they would not review and repair the 911 this time but again they needed to coat the engine and gearbox in some special liquid and then I would have to return again in three months /500 miles - I was annoyed this would involve more inconvenience to me. On the plus side the 67 plate Cayenne v8 4.2 diesel was epic, almost 400bhp and 627lb of torque, amazing performance, handling, noise and economy. End of day one 515 I missed call from the dealer but the voicemail said here till 6pm and I dialled 545 but service manager was not available to take the call. I was working today (day two) in meetings until 1pm with no ability to take calls. At 1pm I had 5 voicemails from the service manager all saying call me urgently etc, also had emails and texts too, I thought my car must have exploded or been stolen! I called the dealer but despite the urgency he was not available, I rang again until I got hold of him and asked what the urgency was and explained that if he had taken or returned my call last night then we could have discussed whatever the issue was. Turns out my 911 is fine other than I need to take it back in 500 miles but they really needed my loan car back ASAP as they had mistakenly given me a car that another dealer needed to show a customer. Bit of an issue as I was up in Newcastle and the car was at the train station in Nottinghamshire - they said they would meet me at the station on car park to swap then later that changed to they would come to my house which they did at 730pm. To top it all, when I got the torch out to look round my car (it was dark)I found four or five new clusters of small scratches on various parts of the bodywork that were not there when I left the car, the service manager said the technicians are not allowed zips on their overalls but the marks look like they are from finger nails or jewellery/tools etc and again I have never felt the need to check round my car at Lexus and I am not OCD about my cars generally but the 911 is black, I clean it every week and it was immaculate three months ago when I bought it and I know every mark on the bodywork and when the service manager checked it over when I took it in, he admitted it was spotless. The service manager took some photos and said they would machine polish the car when it goes in next but the whole experience has left me a little disillusioned to say the least. As I said perhaps I am biased or perhaps it is because I have been spoilt at Lexus but I am really not impressed. Sad as it sounds, despite the brilliant courtesy car, I would take the Ct200 along with the great service every day of the week!