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  1. Glad you have learned to love it - I have owned a few Mercs - never had any real issues with them but now I'd take a Lexus over a Merc any day of the week.
  2. Good shout although I am still seeing LS400 albeit a shrunken version.
  3. 😀 none of the light etc planned - the before picture was taken back in summer - I don't even think the best make over expert in the world could make it look any good on the LS alloys! Anyway a few days in and I'm getting used to them plus it has been a bit icy in the mornings which has helped me justify the decision. It rode fine on the OE 17 inch wheels but it's even more refined on the 16s plus I don't have any kerbing issues to worry about!
  4. Ha that made me laugh - think it was more to do with seeing me outside the car though rather than her displeasure at the aesthetics fof the alloys!
  5. Yes every time I look at it all I can see is an LS400 now - I did love that car but looks wise (and I appreciate looks are subjective) the IS looks much prettier. Roll on April when I can put the original alloys back on.
  6. Agree seemed daft to splash out - I found need to find and put on the centre covers on the wheels but I am not kidding myself that it will improve the looks much - putting lipstick on a pig springs to mind. Never have I hoped for snow so much!
  7. Simple - just fit the wheels from your old LS400 - at least there will be no problems if or when the cold and wintry conditions arrive. I was hoping to source some better ones but it seemed a shame to waste my old spare set of alloys which fit and have a set of almost brand new winters on them.
  8. Good for you Jonathan - I nearly did buy one a while back but the risk of a massive bill put me off - good to see you have escaped serious damage to your wallet here - let me know if and when you plan on selling - may be interested. Thanks
  9. Congratulations, great car. I ran both of mine alongside my LS400 and obviously there was a difference in the ride but never unbearable in the ISF and obviously any issues were more than compensated by the sound 😀 - enjoy your new toy.
  10. My first ISF went for another ISF and my second made way for a 911 convertible and like Dave400SE, one day I'd quite like to get out of the 911 and into a LC500'convertible
  11. Yes I thought the same re the IS and having not owned anything with less than 6 cylinders for 20 years there is no bigger engine snob than me but I have nothing to gain from making up how I feel about the IS, I was more than ready and willing to hate it but as I said there are some very different things about driving an old car v a newer one and knowing what I know now I’m not sure I’d go back to something like a 400/460/600 of a certain age. If you want something 6 cylinders or more I’d look at a more recent GS450 - the issue here of course being the extra cost potentially of the GS.
  12. If I press the reset button the light stays off for a day or two- enough to get through the MOT.
  13. I agree the TPMS is a downside of a newer car I was really hoping my IS didn't have it but then the warning light came on - on mine it doesn't even tell you which tyre has set the alert off nor what the pressure reading is - now I have finally found the reset button which is tucked away, I just check the tyres the old fashioned way on a regular basis as I did on the LS and ignore the TPMS - I'd quite happily not have it at all.
  14. I almost bought a 600h a few months ago, lively drive but the advisory bits from the last service were eye watering. I absolutely adored my LS400 and with 16 years of ownership I think that shows how much I wanted to hang on to her and whilst it is a very different class of vehicle I am massively surprised with the IS300h I picked at very short notice because I needed a car after the LS went bang, Honestly I don't miss the old girl and on reflection i should have changed it years ago. Driving something modern and tight has its downsides in terms of it costs a bit more but it has many upsides too and the refinement is staggering in the IS - yes I am pootling around a bit more than I did in the LS but it's a very impressive vehicle and is giving me far less sleepless nights than a 600 would. I think if I was you I would stick with what you have now if it is all working and running well until the time comes when you absolutely have to change it.