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  1. Yes I thought the same re the IS and having not owned anything with less than 6 cylinders for 20 years there is no bigger engine snob than me but I have nothing to gain from making up how I feel about the IS, I was more than ready and willing to hate it but as I said there are some very different things about driving an old car v a newer one and knowing what I know now I’m not sure I’d go back to something like a 400/460/600 of a certain age. If you want something 6 cylinders or more I’d look at a more recent GS450 - the issue here of course being the extra cost potentially of the GS.
  2. If I press the reset button the light stays off for a day or two- enough to get through the MOT.
  3. I agree the TPMS is a downside of a newer car I was really hoping my IS didn't have it but then the warning light came on - on mine it doesn't even tell you which tyre has set the alert off nor what the pressure reading is - now I have finally found the reset button which is tucked away, I just check the tyres the old fashioned way on a regular basis as I did on the LS and ignore the TPMS - I'd quite happily not have it at all.
  4. I almost bought a 600h a few months ago, lively drive but the advisory bits from the last service were eye watering. I absolutely adored my LS400 and with 16 years of ownership I think that shows how much I wanted to hang on to her and whilst it is a very different class of vehicle I am massively surprised with the IS300h I picked at very short notice because I needed a car after the LS went bang, Honestly I don't miss the old girl and on reflection i should have changed it years ago. Driving something modern and tight has its downsides in terms of it costs a bit more but it has many upsides too and the refinement is staggering in the IS - yes I am pootling around a bit more than I did in the LS but it's a very impressive vehicle and is giving me far less sleepless nights than a 600 would. I think if I was you I would stick with what you have now if it is all working and running well until the time comes when you absolutely have to change it.
  5. Spot on re the return on investment, the German thing is deeply embedded in our psyche - my wife finds the bolsters uncomfortable too and her RX is very comfortable but even after years of my LS400 the IS had been more than comfortable enough for me.
  6. I always tell people how great they are and have done so for the past 16 years of multi Lexus ownership. Fortunately most of them ignore me and stick with the German options- you can lead a horse to water etc etc
  7. Mine had the camera and the speaker system sounds great to me but I’m no expert. Cooled seats rather than heated have been brilliant this week but I’m sure heated ones will be in use soon!
  8. Welcome aboard - I have swapped out of an LS400 after 16 years and am now on day 4 of my 300h luxury experience using the car daily for work. Frankly I am staggered by the comfort and refinement and perhaps I am a wee bit blinded by some 'newness' after driving a 21 year old car with 300k on the clock for so long but for a car that is now 5 years old albeit with only 28k on the clock, it feels like a brand new motor. Getting 50+ mpg and being paid 21 mile by my company is a nice bonus too and proving to be easier on the pocket on what the LS was returning mpg wise.
  9. Thanks- no idea - I know it sounds bad but I was in such a rush to replace the LS and was mega busy with family and work commitments I have done very little in terms of the usual checks and questions i would normally ask, I am just trusting Lexus Derby. I did snap up the vehicle very quickly and they told me that they have had tons of enquires about it but that could just be sales talk. I did want something that if I don’t want to keep when I have had more time to think about things that I could move on relatively easily and I think the IS fits that category- that said, like the LS it will probably be a long term ownership proposition.
  10. Thanks too soon to say, obviously not as creamy smooth and refined as the LS but one upside is the fuel economy - 60 mpg on the test drive.
  11. Thanks - the ‘neighbour’ is my wife and that’s her RX - great car and I almost bought one for myself when the LS died but didn’t want two of the same cars in the household. I have also owned two ISFs alongside the LS so the replacement was always going to be a Lexus!
  12. Longer post in LS400 forum - the IS has replaced it after 16 years of ownership - very early days but lovely car. 2014 Luxury model 28k miles purchased from Lexus Derby who were seamless in providing superb service.
  13. Driving up the A1 last week, heard a funny rattle from the front followed by burning smell followed by power steering failure. Pulled over and called AA, I am not technical but a piece of metal had sheared off the engine cover where the VVTI grubbing sit - the metal had lodged itself in the fan/belt that drives the steering - apologies if this doesn't make much sense , as I said I'm not very technical! Got the car towed to my local trusted mechanic, didn't get a full estimate to fix, he said he could and would do anything I wanted to get it going but wasn't sure it would be economically viable, he was also concerned that MOT due in around 6 weeks would call out further issues re corrosion and other bits and pieces. I have had the car for 16 years - it's a mk4 1998 model with almost 300k on the clock and has been epic. I needed a car for work quickly as I was reluctant to use the 911 for day to day duties so spotted a 2014 IS300h Luxury from Lexus Derby and it turns out the salesman lives around the corner from me and the service has been superb, he brought the car round to my house for a test one evening last week and delivered the car yesterday so no need for me to even visit the dealer. Lovely looking thing, no LS obviosusly but the what is? Time will tell if it's another long term ownership experience but I suspect it will last potentially as long as the LS, it's one owner 28k miles FLSH etc, car is dark blue with cream leather. I will really miss the LS but it certainly served me well and by far the longest time I have ever owned a car.
  14. Glad to hear it Graham - yes LS400 is a great car - just showing its age particularly when seeing the interior and exterior of yours - enjoy the experience.