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  1. Thanks Colin - yes didn’t establish what the dealer gave for it in the part exchange but I guess I could- not that it will make a great deal of difference as no doubt it will depend on the deal they did in the exchange with the 450.
  2. Good afternoon all - am making enquiries about some ISFs as I'm waiting on a job outcome decision at work on the 1st May and if I secure a position I will be looking to change my car, this could be my third ISF and I was definitely lucky with the first two so hoping the third time will prove the same. Both are on AT, I have spoken/emailed with both owners, the 11 plate was up as private sale for around 22500, now just under £25k with Lexus Guilford, the other still private but up for £18350, it has pretty low mileage for an 08 plate (53k)and the owner seems a nice chap. It is not under a Lexus warranty as stated in the advert and has only a partial LSH but the last three have been done by Lexus, the car has a stainless steel exhaust, just had new front discs/pads fitted and is undergoing alloy wheel refurb as we speak, tyres are very new too, the waterpump has been changed and the big 60k service with spark plugs etc has been done. Other than myself it sounds like he has had no serious enquiries in or around the last six weeks. Re the one at Lexus, it has FLSH, reasonably low mileage albeit not compared to the 08 plate in terms of miles per year and the owner spoke well of it (as you would expect) prior to his part ex against a RX450h, I don't know how willing to negotiate the dealer would be on price (there would be no part exchange) and I am wondering if they will also agree to extend the warranty period as part of the deal? The price points are interesting, particularly on the 08 car, I bought and sold my 09 and 08 models for quite a bit less than the £18350 that the 08 one is up for, admittedly they had higher mileages but both had FLSH and the 09 one was still under warranty when I sold it. £18350 for a 08 private sale sounds about 10% over the top to me Big Rat - not sure if you have these in your database - both silver, one is on EN08 FKU and the other is WP11 BPO. As I said, I'm waiting on a job outcome decision at work on the 1st May before I can make any further decisions so am just planning my possible moves. Am interested in any views on both cars generally in terms of their price and suitability for purchase, as I said, if I do go ahead, this will be my third ISF and hopefully I will not the same mistake in letting the third one go! Thanks in advance, with kind regards. Nick
  3. Thanks John - good tip, I have not booked the car in yet, typical as we approach a heatwave! I have looked on rock auto and the prices of the condenser look good, if I can get a good independent to sort it at a reasonable cost then definitely worth fixing. I am thinking of treating myself to a new car if I manage to get a job when my company makes its announcements on the 1st May, or if I don't get a job will be keeping the LS or getting something like a Yaris hybrid for the school run!
  4. Yes I have never switched mine off. However I have not been running it on max hot and max cold once a week which is what some are saying I should be doing.
  5. Thanks, yes I paid £8k for her around 16 years ago so even considering she’s worth next to nothing now it still works out at only a tenner per week in depreciation!
  6. Thanks Malc - it has been done three times while I have owned the car - it's every 63k miles on my model and last time it had done about 254k so I'm around 16k miles overdue
  7. Thanks Malc - am inclined to agree, there were a few advisories but nothing too drastic, must admit my cam belt is overdue but not sure I think changing it will be worth the expense.
  8. Thanks Messi - that sounds more appealing- it can still blow quite cool but it has not been exactly tropical recently so not sure how effective it would be on a hot summers day so I do need to replace it - think I need to approach a local air conditioning specialist rather than rely on the main dealer.
  9. Well the dealer has given the car a thorough inspection and to be fair they did not charge me a penny and gave it a lovely valet.The bad news was that the air con is the condenser which is basically corroded away and very costly to replace and I was told there is a serious risk that if trying to replace it that all kinds of other issues could arise because of all the various bits and pieces around it that are rusted/locked solid. I was also shown all kinds of photographs from under the car again pointing out corrosion and potential suspension issues. Basically the message was along the lines of don't bother to spend any money on the car and be prepared to buy another car and/or just see how long you can run it for without spending money and just wait until there is a terminal failure. I was told it might be worth a mechanically minded individual doing their own restoration but that is definitely not something I could do. Will see how my job situation pans out but am tempted just to run it until it dies, next MOT not until Nov so that could be a pivotal point. Car is coming up 21 and has almost 300k on the clock and has served me brilliantly for past 16 years and I guess nothing lasts forever.
  10. Thanks Jim - it definitely won’t be me loosening anything, hopefully the professionals will know the potential pitfalls you mention.
  11. Thanks yes I’m hoping it’s relatively simple. Still outraged that there is an issue with it - car is ‘only’ 21 yrs old!
  12. Thanks Malc I don’t disagree. Car is booked in anyway for an inspection- will be interesting to see what they come up with.