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  1. Yes I have a classic additions one for my 911 - it is excellent but as Bob has said it needs properly securing, I have had minor issues with rub on the paintwork over the rear wheel arch. As a bonus if you ever have any problems, if you call them, a very pleasant lady answers the phone very quickly and sorts out the issue straight away - they have sent me spare straps and adhesive patches free of charge.
  2. Good write up thank you. I'm about 116k behind you and don't see myself catching up anytime soon - particularly in the current climate!
  3. Hi Solar - I think you have had your questions answered. I bought my IS a 2014 model with 28k on the clock last year - if replaced a 22 year old LS400 with around 300k miles on the clock and if I wanted it too I would bet the IS will last the same time so long as regular servicing is carried out. I have also owned two ISFs both higher mileage 90k plus and my wife has a 2011 RX450h with over 130k on the clock - all these vehicles have been supremely reliable. As others have said, mpg will vary but for me it is very impressive. I did use winter tyres as I have the old wheels and tyres from my old LS - I didn't really need them this year but for me and where I live, I view winters as essential. Overall a very understated and underrated car - I have had all the prestige German stuff but the Lexus is very much my preferred option. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.
  4. Welcome Andrew, I too initially thought the same as John but I think your answer has provided a suitable reason for going for the 220d.
  5. Our 2011 RX450h now on 130k - serviced annually by Lexus and so far nothing other than brakes/tyres and a coil spring has needed replacing or repairing - passed all its hybrid checks too.
  6. I thought that about town driving but the reality for me is that I only see the 45 to 55 mpg when I get a run on the a roads and motorways. Cold starts and short runs get the 33mpg I referred to at best. In those conditions though I doubt many diesels would fare much better.
  7. My preference would not be diesel especially for lots of town stuff and potential DPF issues. I generally average around 55mpg when weather is warm and 45 when weather is cold but that is with a healthy mix of a road and motorway c75%. If I spend more time on town stuff particularly in colder weather I would say it's roughly 33 mpg for that kind of driving. Good luck with whatever decision you go with.
  8. Welcome aboard they are lovely cars albeit the performance will be quite different from the 435 but there are lots of other very positive things about the IS that will compensate.
  9. Totally agree - they had a few used NXs for sale and they looked lovely but the UX still seems more on trend or 'urban' as the receptionist at the dealership described it. Must say I'm not too bothered about either of those things but if it was my money and I was looking at SUV stuff I'd probably veer more towards or a CRV or RAV 4 or even a CHR which I believe has the same engine now as the Ux but I'm sure will be better value for money and a bit more practical too.
  10. Had one yesterday while my wife's RX was in for a service - fancied seeing how it compared to my IS300h. Nice car, nippy and pretty economical ( I averaged 46mpg) and obviously more of an updated interior than my IS. Fine for me size wise even at 6ft 4 but obviously limits the rear legroom which would be an issue taking my son and his pals to rugby. I knew the boot would be small and I wasn't disappointed! Not sure I'll be buying one just yet but wouldn't rule it out in the future.
  11. Just had this done yesterday at Lexus Hull - superb service as ever and they also supplied the UX250h I requested as the courtesy car - fancied seeing how it compared to my IS300h. No major dramas with the service save for a broken rear coil spring which will need sorting before the MOT due middle of March plus also called out the need soon for new front discs and pads - will get both done locally. Car continues to perform really well but now my wife has taken over the responsibility of paying for the maintenance I suspect it will be the last time the car sees the inside of a main dealership!
  12. Had a couple of ours replaced at 110kmiles (2011 RX) this was due to some leakage in them - must admit I didn't notice much difference in anything in the ride after they were replaced. As you say the ride can be a wee bit rough, ours seems to ride best when four up and full of luggage.
  13. I too had an LS400 for around 16 years - wonderful car. On a couple of occasions I was given the diesel IS as a courtesy car - as others have said, I would strongly advise you to steer clear - even my dealer said they were very poor and a bit of an embarrassment to Lexus - quite a few other options - if you can cope with fuel economy which I am guessing you can coming from the LS the then IS250 would be a great option - again had these as courtesy cars in the past and they were lovely - almost a 'mini' LS.
  14. Glad you have learned to love it - I have owned a few Mercs - never had any real issues with them but now I'd take a Lexus over a Merc any day of the week.
  15. Good shout although I am still seeing LS400 albeit a shrunken version.
  16. 😀 none of the light etc planned - the before picture was taken back in summer - I don't even think the best make over expert in the world could make it look any good on the LS alloys! Anyway a few days in and I'm getting used to them plus it has been a bit icy in the mornings which has helped me justify the decision. It rode fine on the OE 17 inch wheels but it's even more refined on the 16s plus I don't have any kerbing issues to worry about!
  17. Ha that made me laugh - think it was more to do with seeing me outside the car though rather than her displeasure at the aesthetics fof the alloys!
  18. Yes every time I look at it all I can see is an LS400 now - I did love that car but looks wise (and I appreciate looks are subjective) the IS looks much prettier. Roll on April when I can put the original alloys back on.
  19. Agree seemed daft to splash out - I found need to find and put on the centre covers on the wheels but I am not kidding myself that it will improve the looks much - putting lipstick on a pig springs to mind. Never have I hoped for snow so much!
  20. Simple - just fit the wheels from your old LS400 - at least there will be no problems if or when the cold and wintry conditions arrive. I was hoping to source some better ones but it seemed a shame to waste my old spare set of alloys which fit and have a set of almost brand new winters on them.
  21. Good for you Jonathan - I nearly did buy one a while back but the risk of a massive bill put me off - good to see you have escaped serious damage to your wallet here - let me know if and when you plan on selling - may be interested. Thanks
  22. Congratulations, great car. I ran both of mine alongside my LS400 and obviously there was a difference in the ride but never unbearable in the ISF and obviously any issues were more than compensated by the sound 😀 - enjoy your new toy.
  23. My first ISF went for another ISF and my second made way for a 911 convertible and like Dave400SE, one day I'd quite like to get out of the 911 and into a LC500'convertible
  24. Yes I thought the same re the IS and having not owned anything with less than 6 cylinders for 20 years there is no bigger engine snob than me but I have nothing to gain from making up how I feel about the IS, I was more than ready and willing to hate it but as I said there are some very different things about driving an old car v a newer one and knowing what I know now I’m not sure I’d go back to something like a 400/460/600 of a certain age. If you want something 6 cylinders or more I’d look at a more recent GS450 - the issue here of course being the extra cost potentially of the GS.