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  1. Hi Rich


    Where did you get your wheels refurbed?  I'm in Essex and will be getting mine done soon.  I want to keep the diamond cut.




  2. Happy Birthday Rich OB!

  3. There is a set for sale on the Facebook group gone up this evening for £350.
  5. This could be the back plate rubbing on the discs. I had this on mine when I changed the discs, only when turning and you will only hear it at low speeds. The plates usually need cleaning to stop the scrape.
  6. You can polish it but just don't expect it to look chrome or shiny, although it will look cleaner. I cleaned the entire back box and tip (yea sad I know) using Chemical Guys orange degreaser, then autosol with a wire brush. Box came up like new and people were asking if I just had a new exhaust put on, so it does notice. The tip however didn't come up so clean and silver, but looked better. Worth the effort, then just keep it clean as you go.
  7. Rich OB

    Trottle Body

    I had the throttle body cleaned on my 2001 IS200 a little while ago due to lumpy idle. It was a bit better but soon suffered with flashing TRC and EML. I bought a second hand Throttle body which cured the problem as just couldn't get the idle correct with the old one. It's better now but just not the same, when it's first started it revs up to 2000rpm and takes time to settle, it now doesn't idle as smooth as it used all of the time. Total nightmare and seems incurable.
  8. I recently sold a set of 11 spokes in anthracite in fairly good condition. I got £210 for them as a guide. The anthracite finish are more sought after, doubt you will get more than £200 if they need a refurb.
  9. Of course it's legal. It's been law for all new manufactured cars to have daytime running lights. The basics are you will need to either add auxiliary dedicated DRLs. Use your main beam with reduced voltage or add a dual filament bulb to your indicators by chopping off the current bulb holder and replacing it.
  10. Well done mate, halogen bulbs are like driving with candles in your lights!
  11. A link from the seller who you bought it off.
  12. I bought from eBay a little while ago and it was crap! Have you got a link this one look ok? Easy to put the key in?
  13. I've never heard of that stuff. I masked my hubs and rusty sections and sprayed them matt black. Very time consuming but worth the effort.