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  1. So Whats Your Profession?

    Wow some really interesting careers guys!
  2. So Whats Your Profession?

    That'll be the lease company motors.. its either a Golf or Audi lol
  3. Apologies if this topic has been done to death, but curious what forum members do to bring in the 'coin' :) I 'was' a Product Manager for Vodafone (Newbury) and at the moment looking for a new job.. I'm also a silent partner with my best mate in a small workshop in Essex who specializes in fettling and repairing Hondas.
  4. New Firmware - May 2016

    I pulled that file from Lexus Tech last night..
  5. New Firmware - May 2016

    Try this For VD12103A
  6. To each and their own purely my own opinion. I would use the cash for other bits to enhance the looks personally.
  7. The braking 'feel' is different on the IS300H as the gearbox itself is a generator to charge the battery pack. So when the ECU knows that the car is coasting it will activate a clutch in the gearbox and magnets spin up like a dynamo to produce charge. I am a fan of big brakes as I have fitted Alcon, Brembo, Spoon, Endless, Project Mu and AP Racing to cars but however these were 400whp onwards. I personally wouldn't on the IS300H is more of a cruiser/econ model compared the IS350 and IS200T - I would focus the cash for other priorities like saving up to get the thing serviced lol.
  8. I'll have a go and using a da trying to get it out.. However noticed the drivers side also has a pin dent.. Looks like its surface however just wiping it with a mild alcohol didn't work. Tbh lexus Twickenham was a pita to get to and also the workshop was a few miles down the road so they had to get a driver to take it down there. No reason was given and just said this is not under warranty.. I dont think I'll be servicing mine there this year.
  9. About 3 hours to do and careful cutting. Quite impressed
  10. Not the best as its raining and out and about. Got it wrapped in Surrey and it costs 200 quid..
  11. Ahoy! Phase one complete of dechroming the chrome bits.. More OEM plus look soon.. Just waiting on the courier. 3M 1080 Gloss black in case you guys are curious.. The rear is just another gratuitous shot of the 2017 non hybrid rear end..
  12. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Me too I've always owned , modded, repaired Hondas and since my old Accord 2.4 Type S was written off there were no other saloons I fancied so I bought a 2016 Is300h F sport and I am pleasantly surprised.
  13. Ah well apart from a fancy nespresso coffee the answer was in my eyes a "get lost" lol
  14. USB Port

    I use a decent brand dual USB for the 12v socket, as my handset is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 the charger I use has the fast charge chipset and charges a full batt in 60mins. Be careful with ebay chargers thats cheap - I'm in the Accessories Telecoms Industry for 20 years as a senior buyer that deals with the Far East and the samples I get to test in the office I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. The CE certification, RoHS, FCC etc are most likely to be fake to fool consumers, as each testing certification from reputable testing houses like Intertek and SGS costs the factories probably 4k USD per report/certification. Best to go with brands like Anker, Belkin or the actual phone manufacturers themselves as they will factor in this cost when doing their due diligence in factory auditing. However the caveat is, you must buy these brands from reputable outlets like big retailers or Amazon (direct not marketplace) and as you've guessed it, the chinese has smartened up and COPIES the originals as well. I've had simple things like datacables go up in smoke due to the crap materials they use to save a quick buck. Mains chargers and powerbanks? Thats a whole new story and I usually select factories that has credibility as I do not want deaths on my conscience (this is no exaggeration either).
  15. Whats the Pro Pack please?

    Ah good shout - you should be able to see that in the My Lexus portal under accessories for your car. I pointed out that I had the protection pack and the rubber mats were missing. It took a while but fair play to the dealer who sent them to me...