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  1. What was the cost for this as I am interested, and who completed the work? Thanks.
  2. When I have used the satnav I have found it to be very accurate and reliable with good guidance.
  3. USB Port

    In my defence, as I no longer smoke :) I have had no need to use a cigarette lighter. It was only when my wife wanted to charge her phone that I realised (on advice) that I needed to plug her charger into the lighter. Having said that, I have only just started to use the sports setting.......whoohooo :)
  4. USB Port

    Thanks Martin and Ben. I have found it at last! Amazing how you miss things when you are looking for them, is that just a reflection of my age??
  5. USB Port

    Thanks for all the suggestions. They all mention the cigarette lighter socket but I cannot find one on my car (IS300H Advance MY2016) or an ash tray. Have I missed something?
  6. Can this port be used for charging a mobile phone? If so, do I have to activate the port? All I can find in the manual is how to use it to connect an iPod or similar to play music through the sound system. Any help most welcome
  7. Dashcam recommendation

    I have a Next Base 312GW fitted by Halfords, hard wired and total cost £130. Without hard wiring, he unit is around £80. Works very well and when replayed shows where the car is at any given time, and what speed as well as recording events. Very useful when your car is left at an airport parking service or when anyone else is driving your car.
  8. My previous car was a SAAB 9-3 Aero 1.9 TTiD. Absolutely loved it. Only changed as Saabs not made any more. Lexus IS 300H is good, but still miss my Saab
  9. Just normal cleaning with the crevice tool and vacuum cleaner. Yes, the boot carpet is not open to view, but I stand by my comment that it is a cheap carpet in what is described as a luxury car!
  10. Glad i'm not the only one to notice this. Seems a bit cheapskate on a £30,000+ car :(
  11. I have noticed that the boot carpet is not very close knit, thus when you clean it there is a tendency for the carpet surface to become very whispy. Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. SatNav in Wales

    No problem with sat nav pronunciation of place names on Anglesey. Mind you have not heard it say Llanfairpwllgwynngyll yet.
  13. Satnap bleep

    Thanks everyone. Thought it might be a warning of a fixed speed camera but could not find anything about it in the manual
  14. When on motorways I get an occasional bleep from the satnav. Anyone know what this is?