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  1. ikeja

    is300h indicators

    DIY is far too fiddly for me. Will get Lexus Chester to change it to 5 flashes at my upcoming service
  2. Thanks for all the advice 🙂
  3. Now using the foot break on my drive, and no problem in engaging gear 🙂 One other query. I now notice that there is a distinct "creep forward" when I engage the parking break. Is this normal?
  4. Thanks to all for the advice. I was led to believe that the vehicle could be just left in park when not in use. As this is my first automatic car I did not know better. I will, of course, now get into the habit of always engaging the parking brake before switching the engine off.
  5. I have noticed on my IS300H that when the vehicle is on an incline there is resistance when trying to engage gear. My drive is on an incline and when reversing out the garage (on level ground) there is no resistance in engaging reverse gear. When I stop on my drive (which has an incline), there is resistance when I try to re-engage reverse gear. The resistance is very apparent and a degree of force is required to move the gear selector. Does anyone else have experience of this?
  6. I have not noticed this problem but my dashboard and binnacle are black anyway.
  7. This is a decision that I will have to make in a years time, but will almost certainly extend the warranty. Peace of mind, breakdown cover for two vehicles and monthly payments make this attractive to me.
  8. Thanks Peter and Matt. Food for thought
  9. I am very interested in the illuminated sill lights. Does anyone have any pictures, or has an idea of the cost of having these retro fitted. Thanks
  10. ikeja

    Road Tax

    Thanks for the replies. Guess I will be holding on to my 2016 model for a few years then!
  11. I have a 2016 IS 300H Advance and last year the road tax was £10. I understood when I bought the car that this would not change throughout the life of he car. Is this true?
  12. I have felt for some time that the lights on MY IS300H are not very good. On my previous car, Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD, they were far superior.