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  1. Update. I phoned the 0800 044 452 number on the Recall Checker and - interestingly - neither my registration number nor VIN number showed up the Toyota system. When I inputed my reg no on my home pc, my vehicle was recognised and advised that my vehicle was subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall. Advice from Toyota was to contact my Lexus dealer and check with them. I then spoke to Lexus in Liverpool, with whom I have an extended warranty and service contract, and - after checking - they have advised me that this is not a safety issue but something that can be done during my next scheduled service and involves downloading data from the ecu. This ties in with Pauls comment earlier (post 12)
  2. Annual health check was done in August last year, so not due another one until August of this year. Vehicle has covered 17000 miles from new and been regularly serviced by Lexus.
  3. The initial message I got - by text - was: Lexus wish to check your vehicles Hybrid system
  4. Just been advised by Lexus Chester that I need to bring my vehicle in to have the hybrid system checked. Apparently it is a Lexus recall as vehicle is in-between services. Anybody else has this?
  5. Thanks Joe I really appreciate your help with this. Unfortunately my car does not have a door beneath the radio, so must be a different model:(
  6. Thanks Joe, that is very helpful. Only one more question, where is the micro sd card located?
  7. Would also be interested in the answer to Matt8's question as have never been happy with the lights on my IS
  8. Hi Joe, I have a 2016 IS300H Advance and am thinking about updating the sat nav. As you have done this, can you provide a step by step idiots guide as to how to do this? I am not thick, just struggle with all things to do with updating computer systems. Thanks.
  9. Never really been happy with the headlights on my IS 300H Advance. The light is nowhere near as good as on my previous car, a SAAB 9-3 Ttid Aero.
  10. I wonder how Lexus breakdown would have dealt with this?
  11. Another benefit of AC always on is that any misting of the windows clears a lot quicker
  12. I never switch the AC off and have not experienced any problems
  13. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions. If I cannot find the lost fob then I have decided to get a replacement through Lexus. This will cost around £330 (inc VAT) and my local dealer will programme the key at no extra cost. While I am capable of navigating a ship around the world with just a sextant, chronometer, charts and nautical tables, I find any computer programming beyond my simple skills.
  14. Thanks for the link Matt. Having read through, I think this is far too complicated for me but thanks.