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  1. This is a decision that I will have to make in a years time, but will almost certainly extend the warranty. Peace of mind, breakdown cover for two vehicles and monthly payments make this attractive to me.
  2. Thanks Peter and Matt. Food for thought
  3. I am very interested in the illuminated sill lights. Does anyone have any pictures, or has an idea of the cost of having these retro fitted. Thanks
  4. ikeja

    Road Tax

    Thanks for the replies. Guess I will be holding on to my 2016 model for a few years then!
  5. I have a 2016 IS 300H Advance and last year the road tax was £10. I understood when I bought the car that this would not change throughout the life of he car. Is this true?
  6. I have felt for some time that the lights on MY IS300H are not very good. On my previous car, Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD, they were far superior.
  7. a very easy and relaxing car to drive. Most of the time in Eco mode, but switch to sport mode and the acceleration is :)
  8. ikeja

    Drivers seat wear

    These creases in the drivers seat appeared after only 5000 miles. The seat cover was replaced by Lexus under warranty but I am concerned it will reoccur. Anyone else had this?
  9. What was the cost for this as I am interested, and who completed the work? Thanks.
  10. When I have used the satnav I have found it to be very accurate and reliable with good guidance.
  11. ikeja

    USB Port

    In my defence, as I no longer smoke :) I have had no need to use a cigarette lighter. It was only when my wife wanted to charge her phone that I realised (on advice) that I needed to plug her charger into the lighter. Having said that, I have only just started to use the sports setting.......whoohooo :)
  12. ikeja

    USB Port

    Thanks Martin and Ben. I have found it at last! Amazing how you miss things when you are looking for them, is that just a reflection of my age??
  13. ikeja

    USB Port

    Thanks for all the suggestions. They all mention the cigarette lighter socket but I cannot find one on my car (IS300H Advance MY2016) or an ash tray. Have I missed something?