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  1. Eureka, I don't know how I did it but success at last. Thanks to Roy and James for your constructive help:)
  2. Thanks Roy and James. Will have another go at this
  3. Thank you Roy I must be a retard as I cannot see how to set a list of destinations. Am I the only one who has this difficulty? Guess I need to sit in the corner of the classroom
  4. Is there a way to set a list of favourite destinations in the sat nav that can be retrieved so that a destination can be selected from the list? Yes, I have read the manual. I have re read the manual.
  5. Eco mode mainly but also use Sports mode for better acceleration or when overtaking
  6. Thanks for your information Colin. I thought it was the standard offer. As you say, I think it is good value for money and have extended my warranty.
  7. Thanks Phil, and also for your kind words. Lexus offers 0% finance, but paid over one year thus my payment would be £66.25 for 12 months. I will be renewing the warranty as I have no plans to change the car.
  8. I have recently received an email from Lexus informing me "Your extended warranty is due to expire on 28/07/2021. We have a fantastic offer on at the moment of buy one year and get one year free. This will cover you for 2 years but only pay for 1 year. I am sure you would agree this is an amazing offer and for 2 years of peace of mind". The cost for this two year cover is £795 I am pretty sure this is what I paid for extending the warranty to run for an additional two years in 2019 Interesting to hear if others have received this offer
  9. Thanks Andy, that is so helpful. I use a MAC, thus Safari as my browser. CMD F brings up the search window, but I cannot find the current page number in the top bar of my browser. ~ny thoughts?
  10. I suspect I am not alone in finding the Lexus manual difficult to use. There appears to be no search facility, or quick way to get to a topic. No doubt I will be corrected, but if -for example - I wished to learn about the Lexus display audio system, the manual refers me to page 328. The only way I have found to get to page 328 is to use the scroll down bar on the right. Any advice would be appreciated
  11. Peace of mind, and the fact that it is an expensive vehicle ensures I will keep the warranty going even though - at the moment - my mileage is limited.
  12. Thanks Mike, again that is really helpful 🙂
  13. Thanks Colin, that's brilliant. I really appreciate your help:)
  14. Thanks Colin, where is the charging point in the engine bay?
  15. Thanks for all the advice, which I will take onboard. I had thought that it was not a good idea to use a hybrid as the donor, thus I will not be doing so. Guess the best thing is to purchase a jump starter pack but still not too sure about how to connect it.
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