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  1. Hi guys I'm wondering if anybody has a sound clip or Youtube vid of how your horn sounds. I've used mine on my 2016 for the first time last night as some drunken idiot wandered in front of me in the west end, and to be quite frank it was comical to say the least. I feel that the low tone element is not working, and before I call up Lexus I would like to conclude my own findings first. It really sounds like 'Meep Meep' roadrunner style! I watched a few car reviews on the IS350 in the states and the horn sounds alot what a horn should sound like, but cross referencing the part numbers over various websites the part number seems to be the same... Many thanks
  2. Rear Screen Demister

    I use a method thats probably frowned upon, but as I park outside my house, I use a 10 litre container of warm water (tepid not boiling) and just go over all the windows. its quick and have never cracked a windscreen throughout ownership of cars. However my old Clifford Alarm had remote start and 5 mins of the car running outside all windows are generally clear :-D
  3. IS winter wheels

    Yep sure is.. My friend has a CL65 Merc on 17 steelies with wintert tyres as its german law. however its discretionary when to put them on... they recommend from Oct - April but if you are caught in an accident OR driving in icy/snowy conditions without snow tyres during this period then you will be fined. Most Germans are very sensible and they change out their tyres during this period regardless. storage is quite reasonable in Munich as there are loads of places that offer this service. Efficiency I guess!
  4. This happened!!

    I've just literally come out of a bodyshop collecting the wifes CRZ. I'm with Admiral and the bodyshop used were instructed to source genuine Honda parts. I took 20 mins inspecting everything from shutlines, panel gaps, factory bumper/trim clips were used. From the markings I can see and identify, the radiator, aircon condenser, bumper and undertray were all genuine. the bodyshop absolutely shat themselves when I had diagrams, photos etc of what 'it' should look like. Apart from them doing a crap job mopping the car in which they redid it while I waited as I pointed it out it 'looked' ok as the rain didn't help. Have you tried to source the parts yourself and pay for the labour and paint? you 'could' save yourself a few quid rather going down the insurance route. My wifes clanger didnt help as it was her fault and the 3rd party was going to claim against her anyway. So I bit the bullet and went down the insurance route. If no other party was involved I would repair the car myself and have that piece of mind that parts are genuine and everything is done to spec and correctly. Short term pain for long term gain I would say...
  5. I have Premium Nav and purchased exactly the map update code/Part number on the Lexus wesbite on ebay. The Micro SD memory card came in the post and with lexus branding on the card. Plug in the card in the card and the first thing it prompted was to perform a firmware update. Whole process took 10 mins and seems to run fine. However I'm pretty sure there is a way to update via USB for your situation. I've updated ECU firmware via OBD2 and believe me thats a more pucker up b**hole moments than a navi system lol
  6. I've been searching high and low for a for workshop manual for me to explore my IS, however seems only that Lexus Techdocs. EU seems to only viable option at the moment. You can pay for the time in slots to access the library. However if its just door cards I'm sure IS350 USA owners like replacing speakers or something that involves the doors could possibly be a 'how to' for it.
  7. In my experience with Hondas thats a classic symptom of a knackered actuator I'm afraid. If the die hard among us that cannot accept that is to spray silicone lube in the lock as it 'may' be sticky.
  8. After 2 weeks of driving my IS, has anyone had Full Bars on the Battery meter? My wife has a CRZ and from time to time I do see it being full due to regenerative charging. I do know that Honda's IMA is only battery assistance and Lexus Hybrid Drive works differently i.e. full EV but just curious thats all....
  9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KX8JP7M/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Seller was scared to sell to me as she thought that all fobs had 4 buttons - I told her that the emergency button was iirc for USA only so it fits!
  10. Did yours come with premium nav or leather? I'm to figure out whether this feature is hidden in all grades...
  11. Not a car pic but little bits that I like.. First up the zippo key cover carbon fibre esque look. Protects the key I guess...
  12. I was going to ask about this Matt. Which dongle/interface do you use? Techstream yes its dealer level software however for quick and easy mod's on a consumer non complicated process I would use carista IMO anyway...
  13. Cheers for the Welcome Mike. I like to get underneath the skin of the IS at tech level so probably will subscribe to toyota tech website to have more of an understanding. I'm speaking to my distributor of performance parts in the states and as the IS350 is quite a popular model, hes hearing that he could be working with a tech company that is developing a module that transforms the Lexus navi system to android auto or apple carplay. this is definately on my list to do as I find the Lexus infotainment interface is a little old hat.
  14. Hi mate - I'm not totally sure but I would take a chance - as I have premium leather and p nav according to the dealer this feature is included in which I find very strange which feature is included in what package. Its definately worth the try.. Carista will charge either iirc £8 for 1 week trial or around £35 for an entire years subscription. I opted for the weeks trial as I was confident that all the options I want to unlock I should have ample time to make up my mind lol. On a side note, my friend years ago had an E46 M3 and took it to a BMW specialist who charged him 50 quid PER item to unlock like fold mirrors on lock etc! I think he spent 600 quid alone on that as BMW quoted him £125 per feature in which they were very reluctant to do it anyway. You can find the carista OBD dongle on Amazon for 15 quid and its not only for use with carista its a generic OBD reader and I normally use Torque pro when I'm on the go to diagnose (basic diagnosis) a customers car. So the dongle itself will have a decent shelf life. Global opening and closing of windows is great just hold either lock or unlock and the all the windows either go up or down. ideal for those rushed moments when you've killed the ignition, got out of the car and just realised one of the windows are half cocked.