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  1. Dpf Removal And New Mot Rules

    I'm surprised that there's only been a couple of posts on this thread so far! It does warrant discussion even though it may fall on deaf ears. I do believe that Katrina's was cut out and not fully removed but still failed the MOT:
  2. Exhaust Manifold Rust

    Mines does not look anything like that, there's just a miniscule amount present but it is very common on almost all cars out there, petrol or diesel engined. The guy I bought my car from originally was meticulous when it came to washing, polishing and sprucing so that's probably why. You can wire brush most of it off and give it a bit of WD just to base coat it but once it gets hot the WD will evaporate. To keep them as rust free as possible would mean regular maintenance.
  3. Noise In Idle

    Well that's some good news! Do let us know how you get on with it.
  4. Plastic Clips On Engine Covers

    As everyone else has suggested, they are very cheap. I replaced the complete set on my car around a week or so ago. The brand I used was called "Wot Nots" by Pearl Automotive. They pop in and back out very easily and are extremely durable compared to the crap that Lexus saw fit to use. I bet if we were to conduct a survey, we would no doubt find that there is not an IS220d owner out there that has all of the original grommets in place. If there is, I will take my hat off to him / her
  5. Below are some links that you might want to take a look at when you have a free moment or two:
  6. Hello there Katrina. The inevitable has happened, something we have been discussing since just yesterday. Assuming that the garage that carried out the removal and emulation told you that it will pass the MOT, your first port of call is to see what they have to say I guess. If they made no mention of it or it does not state it on their website or anywhere within their promotional literature you will probably be wasting your time contacting them. Utlise the next half hour or so on checking their site and any and all documentation that they gave you when you had the work done by them, that is what I would be doing right now..... I would be very interested to hear what other owners who have had theirs removed get on with this too. Did the examiner state the reasons for failing it on DPF removed or tampered with, how did he give that ruling? I am inclined to think that he probably noticed it first and then when he did the emissions test it must have been off the charts compared to cars with DPF's still present as they register hardly anything when the analyser is connected. Let us know what happens tomorrow, I really want to hear what the removal team have to say about it as most of them advertise their services as: DOES NOT AFFECT MOT OR EMISSIONS!
  7. Dreaded Vsc And Warranty Issues

    Responsive is an understatement! Since the moment I had it done, it drove and still drives like a completely different car even though it has been over a year and half since I had it done. Don't get the DPF removed as I noticed on the VOSSA site that it is now illegal and any DPF that looks like it has been tampered with is an automatic failure. Here you go:
  8. Check Vsc Warning On Is220D

    LOL! Hi Garry. They removed the DPF, put it into a vat which had some patented fluid present and then they removed it from the vat and put it into another vat which also had a patented chemical in it that was produced by the same company. All in all, the DPF was left to saturate in the first vat for around 3 hours and only 5 minutes in the second one. Once the DPF was removed from the second vat it was left to drip dry for a couple of minutes and then reconnected to the car. That is the "Rejuvenation" stage. They then started the car and connected a lap top via the OBD port and let the car run in the car park for around 20 minutes. After around 5 minutes the exhaust started to chug out vapor which was dark in colour for around 7 minutes and then it cleared up completely. That is the "Forced Regeneration" stage. It was then taken for a spin at normal pace for around 21 miles and the lap top was still in use in order to conduct DATA TRIALS to monitor all systems. The chap told me that they usually do around 21 miles on the IS220d only as the CHECK VSC light can take around 7 miles to come back on so they clock 21 miles as an over kill measure.
  9. Dreaded Vsc And Warranty Issues

    There is no software or delete of tables available for the IS220d as the ECU is pathetic in comparison to most of the ECU's in other vehicles on the market. I have found and have been told by knowledgeable professionals that the problem with the DPF System on the IS220d lies within the Base Map for the Advanced Timing which is heavily retarded on the IS220d which, I have been told, coupled with such huge ratios on the Gear Box lead to the car not producing the right types of speed for the Self Regeneration Protocol to activate consistently. Add to this the fact that Soot can be removed by combustion at the time of a regeneration but partially still trapped within the DPF in the form of Ash which can not be removed, you are left with a ticking clock which is on borrowed time. I had some serious DPF problems some time back and luckily I have a highly inquisitive nature and firm understanding on most things that I start to look into so I managed to keep looking and finally found a solution which was "DPF Rejuvenation". It is a system that was invented in Japan and more or less wipes out the Ash content as well as completely obliterating the Soot contents present. Quite a lot of members on here have had it done and the quicker you have it done the better the result. I will check my history and post the link up in a minute or so.
  10. Running Water Noise

    The cold air on one side and hot air on the other side only has 2 possible scenarios which are the ones that I have listed for you already. They are both long winded but the Matrix is the longest out of the both of them depending on how you want to look at it. I will wait for your reply. By the way, if you really like what I had to say then please click on the "like this" at the bottom right hand side of my reply!
  11. Dreaded Vsc And Warranty Issues

    They will not cover you for the DPF or the EGR I don't think, you already stated that they will not cover you for faults already present at the time of the service or at the time of taking out the warranty. Maybe they don't want to show a good will gesture because they think that the stamps are fake and that you might have something to do with it. It's really hard to say and when warranty is involved, the industry always tries to wriggle out of honoring their side. I would personally find a independent specialist to take the car to and just forget about having the service from them as they have already told you that they are not going to help you, but, at the end of the day it's your decision to make.
  12. Dreaded Vsc And Warranty Issues

    I take it the information that you have provided is from an Android Phone with a ALDL Cable/Bluetooth Connector?
  13. Running Water Noise

    The door blend actuators on the Lexus are a bit of a mystery to me as I have never had any problems with mines so never looked into it. The best bet is to ring your local Lexus dealer, parts department and tell them that you need a door blend actuator for whichever side you have the problem on. They can provide you with schematics of what the part looks like and its location. That will probably be the best way to go forward for you if you don't mind getting dirty. Once you have checked the components to see if they are activating correctly, the next step would be to see if the heater matrix is clogged on one side, that's going to be a little more long winded.... If they are not activating correctly then you will know where the problem lies. Let me know how you get on with that please.
  14. Engine Coolant 220D

    I agree with Prash, you should contact Lexus if the car is within the bracket, regardless of history. You don't get if you don't ask......