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  1. RX350 Pointers

    The rear drains run down inside the pillars and exit through the sides at the back each side of the removable tray at the back of the boot they drain onto the outside just below this. You might be able to access them by just removing the rear quarter lining if you think the leak is at the joint between the tube and the sunroof tray
  2. RX350 Pointers

    This is very bad news .Removing the headlining is a major job. You have to start at the bottom and remove lining from the pillars etc before you can take out the headlining. The garage who fixed my sunroof problem took 23 hours of labour to do it. They did have to remove the whole sunroof mechanism so exposing just the drain might not take quite as long. The attached pics show the car once it had been stripped out. Bon courage!
  3. Hi Ian2015 This is exactly the question I asked in a main agent yesterday when looking at a 2010 RX450 which had only the two corner sensors at the front. They said they hadn't been told of any problems with parking (typical main agent reply in my experience) but since Lexus has now fitted 4 at the front there clearly was. I also thought it should be quite easy to add another two linking them as suggested above by just jumping them onto the lead to the nearest corner sensor. Has anyone done this or knows any reason why it wouldn't work?
  4. I did similar but less sophisticated sums before I bought an RX350 in 2014. Essentially the RX450 would have cost over 50% more than the RX350 and that buys quite a lot of petrol. Although I am not convinced it is necessary many have suggested that the hybrids should always be serviced by Lexus agents so there is a saving there to set against the higher Road tax. I am not sure about insurance but I suspect it would be higher for a hybrid. Not a lot in it overall. There is also the difference between them in the type of auto gearbox and the AWD of the 300/350 and the alternating front wheel and 4WD of the hybrids. I haven't driven a hybrid yet but like the 350 a lot. It's a really lovely car. All that said we only do about 5000 miles a year so well below you. I get about 26-28 on a 400 mile run back from France which is omainly n motorway or dual and only about 60Km on country roads. Running about in France and UK I get about 22-24. I doubt very much if you would get as much with a 300 which generally seem to be a bit thirstier than the 350.
  5. Strange e-mail

    Ditto. I forwarded it to Action Fraud. I doubt it will stop it but might lead to an investigation if others do the same.
  6. RX350 Pointers

    Great news, glad you are pleased with it. My guess is the boot problem will be due to problems with the drain tubes form the sunroof which run down the rear quarter columns and through the boot each side at the back behind the trim. You need to remove the trays under the floor and the two side panels each side which isn't too hard to do. Mine was kinked on one side and got blocked with crud. I shortened the plastic tubes and inserted a short length of 15mm copper pipe into the plastic tube (you need to dip it into hot water to soften it a bit and then it easily slides over the copper tube)and then pushed this into the rubber tube lower down which drains to the road. Mine was leaking at the joint of the plastic and rubber. Its fine now and shouldn't be a problem again.
  7. RX350 Pointers

    Thank you Colin. Great news,I was expecting to have to replace it soon.
  8. RX350 Pointers

    This is interesting Julian. I understood that the RX has a timing belt not a chain. If it's a chain I think you are right as I didn't change it on my old Saab 900 and won't on my Toyota Vitz. Can anyone confirm which it is on the Rx350/450?
  9. RX350 Pointers

    I like it a lot. When I bought it the 450 would have cost about £6-8000 more. You get a lot of petrol for that and I like the AWD and the auto gearbox. Haven't driven a 450 but I am not sure if I would like the CVT gearbox and alternating 2 and 4 WD.
  10. RX350 Pointers

    I bought a 2005 350 in 2013. There were a few problems with the parking sensors (after market type) and the sunroof didn't work. The parking sensors were sorted out by the dealer quite quickly but the sunroof turned out to be a major problem as a small plastic part had broken and jammed the roof, burnt out the motor and broke one of the tapes that moved the roof. All sorted out under the warranty but the roof took about 20 hours labour as most of the inside of the car had to be removed to remove the roof assembly. Later I had a spark plug coil fail but also done under warranty. Since then trouble free and a lovely car to drive. I replaced the self levelling sensor this year (about £85). After 10 years it's sensible to get the timing belt and water pump replaced if not done recently.
  11. Flashing AFS light

    If the linkage has seized the sensor may not have much longer. If the light comes on again it may be that. The seals on the original are a bit fragile and fail letting water into the body of the sensor (which is really just a rather expensive volume control as you have discovered). If the damage inside isn't too much you can clean it up and replace the seals (available at about £3 from http://www.wychbearings.co.uk/10x21x7-r23-nbr_oil_seal.html ). Unfortunately you may find the small springs inside which make the contact with the wiper have corroded (mine had) so you will need to replace the whole sensor. I got mine from USA for US$85 including delivery. Headlight Level Sensor fits 2004-2009 Toyota Prius Tacoma DORMAN OE SOL This model has improved seals and should last longer. Fitting is quite easy once you have removed the o/s rear wheel. The attached instructions for rebuilding the sensor are from the Forum and were very helpful. Refurbishing headlight levelling sensor (ex Lexus Owners Club 2013).doc
  12. Sorry Steve the RX is in UK. Cyprus is a Vitz. Enjoy your stay in Protaras. BTW it was engine oil but even at £50 every 10 years or so it's a lot cheaper than a new gearbox.
  13. In Cyprus it is also recommended to change the oil every 5K - as our mechanic says "oil's cheap, engines aren't"
  14. sando63

    I got the key cut by sales@keytrader.co.uk you need to send them either a good quality photo of both sides of the key or the key number which might be in your handbook but make sure its the right one or they will cut the wrong profile. The electronic module came from eBay, I am sure there are several suppliers for this. Make sure you don't lose the small black chip (it has a number written on it). If its packed separately you need to put it into the module, take care opening this as the tabs are quite fragile. The programming gadget came form eBay as well and was the red Toyota/Lexis one. I can't confirm it works as I won't be able to check until I get back to UK next week and find the chip. There are a range of other tricks to do this involving opening and shutting doors and windows etc to be found on links on this forum. I have copies of the instructions on file and have attached a few. Instructions for reprogramming key fob for Lexus (actually for IS but may work for RX).doc Instructions for Toyota keymaker.July 2016.doc Istructions for using Toyota Smart key programmer (ex Lexus forum link by a locksmith.4-8-2016.doc Reprograming Lexus remote key (ex Lexus forum 21-6-2016).doc
  15. sando63

    I had a similar problem when a local car wash lost my spare key. I bought a blank key with the electric module in it from ebay but because of the problems people have reported with getting these keys cut (some apparently broke the key cutters tools) I then had a key 9with no module in it - just a shell and blade) planning to put the module into the newly cut key and reprogram it. After trying various tricks found on the forum and also buying a programming tool from eBay with no success I took the key to a specialist key cutter in Cyprus (where they fix things) who showed me that the module didn't have the necessary chip in it! There was a small black plastic part in the bag when I bought the blank with the electronic module but I didn't know what it was - it was the chip! You have to put this in yourself before you program the key. When I get back to UK I will see if I can find the chip and then try programming it again.