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  1. My average since purchase is showing 42.2 MPG. But the 2 fuel ups are showing 38.6 and 42.1, so not sure what the car is thinking 😂
  2. YAY! My post signature has returned . . . . . ^ 60,000 miles of driving the same route with my 2.0 litre Sportcross and I'm getting metter than the official figures. . . . was hoping for the same with the Hybrid, to be honest . . .
  3. TwoZero3, I wonder whether the premium is heavier than others? or maybe there is an indication that, at 54000 miles, maybe there is a battery issue . . . . . I did a nonstop run to Swindon on Sunday, from South Wales. Best I could get was 42.6. this was with the cruise control on and trying to keep acceleration as smooth as possible. admittedly, the cruise control was at 71mph, It was wet and I did have the kids with me. But the kit and comfort is amazing. I'm just wondering whether there could be some gremlins in the works
  4. Lol. Yeah, I came from the 2.0l is200, so no matter how soft a right foot I had, mpg didn't change. I need to find an inner calm and listen to the car.
  5. Hi all. I picked up my 13 plate IS300H Premium on Jan 5th and am finding that getting above 42 MPG seems difficult on my commute and work travels. How is everyone else getting on?
  6. The car is great to drive. I was mildly annoyed at the sub 40 mpg after the first 500 miles . . .
  7. Zorro has been great. I have been using Fuelly from the day I picked up the car. I used to have it linked to my forum signature, but it doesn't appear to be working on the new site. But, 60,000+ miles and £12,000 in petrol, we had to look at another car. Lol. I was tempted to install gas . . .
  8. 4 years of amazing driving. I purchased my is200 SportCross and it has been the greatest car I have driven. We were gifted some money after my mother in law passed away last year and my wife and I decided to get a newer, more fuel efficient car. So Zorro, my SportCross is being sold on February 5th and will be living out his retirement in Belgium. Yup, the buyer is traveling to Wales and driving home to Belgium. The replacement. An IS300H Premium. Photos will follow, but not until Zorro has gone. I will be in mourning until February 10th.
  9. I had a poor run of cars before Zorro. Kia, Kia, Corsa. It wasn't good. Zorro was 8 years old when I bought him, 125000 on the clock and easily the best car I've ever driven. The New IS is just too firm. The seats are firm the ride is firm. But, I suppose it's what the demand is.
  10. Lol. Okay, so the Aero's are probably lighter than the standard.
  11. Hi guys, I'm considering buying a second set of alloys, with new tyres as they are the same price as the new tyres, but I have to factor in the petrol costs to pick them up. I don't know the condition of the wheels, so I'm checking out the weight to get a quote for scrap value.
  12. It was a great walk. Not to far to drive on for Burnley. We've got to the stage where we're spotting other Lexus' in car parks and hoping there's an empty space next to them. Lol
  13. They were from ebay. Less than a fiver. I need to put clear heat resistant lacquer on . . Forgot to do it at the time. The rear caliper, the decal is just the L in the circle.
  14. All in all, it went really well. I didn't get round to doing the rear calipers or pads, but the finished result is quite impressive.
  15. Last weekend I decided to freshen Zorro up and give the brake calipers a bit of something . . . Also, I changed the front brake pads