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  1. At least I know how easy it is to take out, I'll vacuum over the week. Off to Donington on Saturday, so that £1.10 will come in handy for extra petrol money. 😂
  2. Completed and WOOHOO me. £1.10. That was much easier than I thought.
  3. Lol. Just about to try it now.
  4. Hi all. I dropped a £1 down by the seat belt buckle and can't get it back out. How do you remove the rear seat?
  5. Darn it! You're right. . . . Thank you for telling me. I'll now try and return these bulbs.
  6. What!?! There's only 1 reversing light?
  7. Cheers guys. A pair of bosch 955's are ready to go in. Will tackle this over the weekend.
  8. Good morning all. How easy (what do I need to do) is it to removed the boot liner to access the lights to replace a bulb? I have a reverse bulb out 🙁
  9. Yeah, the Welshouse roads aren't good. Lol. Im only 13 miles from my area of work and also do town driving for work, so I accept that my MPG is lower. I was quoted £408 to refurbishment 4 wheels, by Lexus Cardiff. To give you an idea
  10. Totally. I need to remember and drive more cautiously.
  11. Good afternoon all. Is anyone attending JapFest at Donington in July? I'm going with another club and would like to meet some of you if you're going. Stuart
  12. Very well written @matt8 Time to stop worrying and start enjoying the car
  13. I've had my IS300H Premium since January and have just come back from my 60,000 mile service. Anyone else finding that they are curbing their wheels more than their previous car? I had a first gen IS200 SportCross before this and I assume the track must be a bit wider than my old car. It hurts me everytime I've done it. Lol. Getting it booked in for a 4 wheel refurbished soon.
  14. Hi @paulrnx you're right. My concern was that my car was nearly 20mpg away from the official figures. I wanted to check if this was right. The 60,000 service has now been completed and I'm thinking that the extra weight and different tyre size on the Premium might be the issue in real world terms.
  15. Checked the tyre pressures. They were 35 all round. I have just had a service, so Lexus probably put them back up. . I'm thinking the 225 fronts and 255 rears have an impact on reducing MPG. As does the extra weight of the premier. . . I will keep on looking at issues and hope that hotter weather helps the hybrid system. I will also revise driving habits