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  1. Picked it up today, after a service and various bits and pieces. It felt great to drive, and the heater was working properly at last! Very impressed with Osaka Toyota / Lexus specialists in Newport, I will definitely be going back there for any further work, and would wholeheartedly recommend them.
  2. Have never tried the Turanza. The Potenzas are good when new, but wear quite quickly - usually toe-in wear on the front (despite geometry), and general wear on the back. on 'older' Potenzas, the car tends to spin the driven wheels in damp / wet conditions, eg pulling out of junctions, but I've always thought this to be a characteristic of the car. Would be interested in trying the Turanzas; as much as it is fun to go sideways, it's nice if it happens in a predictable way. I suspect I will need new tyres very soon, so will be interested to see what you think of the Turanzas.
  3. Thank you! They did say it's possible it will clog again, but fingers crossed. I'm just really pleased they took me seriously after other places were adamant it was working.
  4. The heater is fixed!!!!! The heater matrix had a blockage, which the good folks at Osaka Independent Lexus specialists in Newport spent quite a while clearing, I'm so pleased! It's now going to have a service and timing belt change, all at very reasonable cost, using Lexus original parts. Apparently Lexus no longer manufacture the heater matrix, but it is available as a non-original copy. Thanks to the suggestions on this forum, I had a starting point to work from.
  5. My (rather neglected) IS300 is currently in with an independent Lexus specialist. i was considering getting a Dodge Challenger (love the noise, but LHD only) or a GS-F, (like the BHP) but realised that I actually had a very nice car that just needed doing up a bit. It may end up costing me a few thousand, but that is less than the 50K that I would d have spent otherwise. Whereas I love the excitement of a new car and all the toys, I still love my IS300.
  6. i think you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors. Sometimes small flies in the car can set off the sensors if set too sensitive - flies can often wake up at night. Alternatively, mice can do the same if you live in a rural area. When the battery on my car was on the way out, the car would make very quiet, rhythmic, chirping noises, which you would only notice if standing next to it. Ignoring this meant a flat battery.
  7. I had a top-of the range Hybrid Corolla as a courtesy car recently, genuinely impressed, it was a lovely car. Very comfortable, lots of toys, just a nice place to be. Felt a bit nostalgic as I previously had a 1.3L Corolla, which I really loved.
  8. On my IS300, I have largely stuck to Potenzas, with occasional P zeros, but probably prefer the Potenzas. For winter tyres, we have used Kumho Izen on four different vehicles now - two different Landcruisers, an Auris and an Audi A6 Allroad, all with good results on-road and in mud/snow; they're probably not as good as Michelin CrossClimate+, but come in a wider range of sizes, and are a good compromise to use all year round if you're lazy. "Just been looking at Hankook and Nexen which both get good reviews. Any recommendations?" There were brand-new Nexen on my Landcruiser when I bought it (used car); they seemed perfectly serviceable, and hadn't really worn at all by the time I put winter tyres on it four months later, I guess the tyre dealer did well on re-selling them as 'part-worn'! (The Kumho Izen that I put on it are going strong nearly four years and 40K miles later). Have used Hankook in the past on other cars, again, seemed perfectly serviceable. My mum has Hankook on her Yaris, they seem very reasonably-priced and stable, especially as she drives every where at warp speed. (She complains about the price, but then the Yaris costs about £2.50 per year to run!)
  9. I had thought that I was just being a bit fussy about the heater, and could just stick to using the car only in summer, but today realised that the windscreen doesn't clear without a bit of heat, so pretty essential really! Will pass on anything they find, they have experience of dealing with these cars and seem motivated. I'm looking forward to possibly finding out, at last, what the problem is, and giving my car a new lease of life.
  10. Well, the garage replaced the pollen filter and said the heating was now working. Unfortunately, it has made no difference. Today, I left it with an Independent Toyota / Lexus specialist, who has very good reviews online, so fingers crossed.
  11. This is why I have kept mine for 16 years. I go months without driving it, but then when I do, it puts a big smile on my face. It has is own character, quite different from equivalent BMWs and Audis I have driven, the throttle response is more linear and it tends to be more tail happy. I like the 'anonymity' of the car, people don't really know what it is, so are more likely to let you out at junctions etc. Over the years, I have driven lots of cars from different manufacturers in different countries. The smoothest engine I have ever driven is the one in my IS300. Pretty much every non-Lexus garage I've been into have commented that it is the nicest engine they have ever come across.
  12. Definitely not a good financial investment, but very enjoyable as an alternative to BMW / Merc / Audi.
  13. I had always been a die-hard manual fan, but wanted the extra HP and toys of the IS300 over the 200, test-drove both at the time. In my 2002 300, the auto gearbox is still silky smooth, an absolute joy. On twisty roads I use the 'manual' option, which is slow-ish to change but still good fun. PWR mode gives a bit more oomph by holding the gears longer before changing. Snow mode is absolutely pointless (at least on standard tyres), you just go sideways more slowly than you would otherwise. (In the 16 years I have had the car, I have only once turned off the traction control, and then for only about 10 mins, after seeing photos on LOC of the crashes other people had). I would agree that smaller-engined cars are better with manual box, (enjoyed a manual 1.3 Yaris as a courtesy car, and loved my 1.3 manual Corolla) but I think the IS300 gives you a reasonable compromise between relaxation and control. You do spend a lot on tyres, though.
  14. That's really impressive. I thought mine was doing well to pass at 18 years old.
  15. I was hoping for the cheaper fix! I phoned the garage today asking them to check both, so we'll see. It would be nice to have an answer. BTW, it passed the MOT with just a headlamp lens clean-up.