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  1. US Lexus ES 300h

    I am just back from the US and would compare the ES more to an IS. It is essentially a more family-orientated car, from what I could see, with the IS more of a driver's car. I saw a good few GS models on the road there too, so would be surprised if they removed them (at least there).
  2. Which to choose

    Really the Luxury v F-Sport choice is subjective. I much prefer the look of the latter, which is why I went for it.
  3. Keyless Entry

    Just to pile on the agony, my NX has this. I find it useful when exiting as I often lock using the back door as I pass.
  4. Servicing Costs

    Yes, do be clear about how many services you actually need. If, for example, you are on a 15k/year four-year lease and you hit 60k miles, you are responsible for the 60k service even if you hand the car back immediately afterwards.
  5. Commuting in a CT

    Yes, would agree it depends somewhat on the type of commute. I think the CT is a fine commuting car and for an urban commute it’s a good call. But if much of your commute is motorway and an IS is a viable option, I’d go for it over the CT. Take a good extended test drive in both. They are markedly different cars, despite being of the same brand.
  6. NX Three likes/dislikes

    It took me a while - like several hundred miles - to get the seat right. In my case I think it was initially because I was trying to sit too high, to take full advantage of the SUV. Then I found myself tipping too far forward and almost pushing myself back into the seat with my legs. But I got there eventually!
  7. Connected Services Problem

    I’m just going from memory at the moment (I’m not in the car) but in mine there are three places to enter the password and I see to recall the one that stuck was in “Connected Services” (I think via Setup). The other thing you have to do - and this is easier on your PC - is register your car and your multimedia device. Your multimedia device has a number (sixteen digits) you’ll need to type in while signed in on your PC. And you need to connect the car using a six-digit number (of type ABC12D) from your logbook or the inside of the passenger door. You have maybe done all this - just emphasising in case!
  8. Connected Services Problem

    Hi Mark, If you go into your account on a PC (using your email address), you should find you have a username (marked on the right of the “Account” page or similar). This is typically but not always the first part of your email address (ie the bit before the @). That’s the one you use in the car. You can also change it.
  9. How less practical is CT vs NX

    I have both in the household and my instinct is the CT would not be ideal but may suffice. There’s no clear-cut way to answer the question but in general the boot is ok on the CT - you can store some basic stuff in the (would-be) spare tyre compartment; I actually have the manuals in there, leaving the glove box entirely free. In general, you can ask yourself another question - could you buy a second-hand CT and then upgrade to an NX later if you found you had to? Nice problem to have!!
  10. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Yes, with the seats I too struggled to start with but find them quite comfortable now. No problem on two recent 3-4-hour round trips. I do find the forward visibility a little frustrating due to the size of the pillars.
  11. Infinity

    I don't understand how Infiniti justifies the "premium brand" designation when it is so cheap (i.e. depreciates so quickly). I guess fair play to them if they can get away with it!
  12. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Apologies, that should have read "if you *don't* have premium nav"! With premium nav it's much easier.
  13. NX Three likes/dislikes

    If you've the premium nav, the DAB is fiddly, but you'll probably find them all eventually. There's this weird "ensemble" system where they are held in different groupings. A bit of a rigmarole but from memory just pressing radio a few times may work through them? Others may know better.
  14. My first Lexus

    That's a super-looking vehicle! Lexus specs can be very odd but it comes with the territory. The whole brand is based on a "take it or leave it" approach, which actually maximises profitably. A Q5 can be bought in the UK in literally several million combinations (choices of transmission, fuel, interior, huge options list, etc); an NX is available in a few hundred. Choice has served Audi well but the advantage of the latter is you know what you get and it is easier to plan ahead with manufacturing - Audi outsells Lexus 12:1 in the UK but it won't be twelve times as profitable. Anyway, enough of that - enjoy your new vehicle!
  15. Contact favourites not showing

    I don't know but, from experience, there's an even chance it's a setting on your phone which is the problem. What exact multimedia system have you (i.e. premium nav, regular nav or no nav)?