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  1. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Agree entirely with Paul - and with most of everyone else's, which gives me 12 likes and dislikes? On the like side, I'd have to add the aesthetics: the NX's design is a terrific piece of work, and looks amazingly fresh 3 years from launch. Which means I have some reservations about the change-for-the-sake-of-it facelift, especially the loss of the front-quarter blades, which were a conspicuous feature of the LF-NX concept and which are now interrupted by the sculpting around the DRL/indicator units. Wonder if Nobuyuki Tomatsu entirely approved of this change..
  2. New tyres - change make?

    Re OEM tyres: had an NX loaner just recently on Yokohama BluEarths, so a chance to drive back-to-back with mine (Bridgestone Dueler H/L). I couldn't detect any significant difference in road noise or handling.
  3. NX Climate Control - Any Good?

    No problems with the capacity of the climate control - when touring last year in 39 degrees in southern Spain the system coped admirably and held a constant temperature. At home don't use A/C unless it's over 24 degrees and/or humid, and prefer not to use the Auto mode when I do, as it calls for higher fan speeds than I would like.
  4. Driving Boredom

    Having just been thrashing a manual hatchback around rural Italy, and finding it surprisingly good fun, I sort of understand what Paul meant in his initial post. A couple of thoughts: (i) it's UK motorway driving that's tedious in almost any car after the initial novelty of a new car wears off; (ii) while the NX300h is no rocketship, am I alone in finding it quite good to punt across country on bendy A and B roads? I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of roll and linear steering feel. Driving from southern Wales to Yorkshire across country rather than taking the M5/M6, for example, is no hardship if time isn't a factor. I recall that Car magazine's long-term test of the NX was unexpectedly complimentary about the handling. PS in a parallel universe, Rayaan is very happy with his new NX450h
  5. New tyres - change make?

    At the time we both bought ours I think UK NXs were supplied with either your Yokohamas, or Bridgestone Dueler H/L 33 tyres (which I have). My fronts are coming up on replacement, and I'd wondered about trying the Yokohamas, as I find the Bridgestones a little noisy. The Bridgestone website now shows Dueler H/P Sports for the NX instead of the H/L33s, perhaps because the latter have been discontinued. Will be interested to know what you go with, and whether you notice any difference.
  6. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Agree with Paul - around 41mpg after 16000 miles. The laws of physics suggest that an NX will not match an IS in terms of fuel economy, but whether the slightly higher consumption is a deal-breaker is an individual thing. Clearly what would improve the consumption, at least for those of us who do lots of shorter trips, is a plug-in drivetrain. So far Lexus has turned a deaf ear..
  7. Lexus NX facelift revealed

    Hmm - different, rater than better. The extended rear light clusters necessitate an awkward crease above the Lexus badge. Hopefully the brake lights illuminate more of the cluster than in the current model. The "NX300" designation turns out to be a new name for the NX200t, rather than the detuned V6 some of us suspected.
  8. Kerbed wheel

    Thanks all for the responses. In the end decided to take it to the dealer, who uses an external mobile company. Good result for £66. Given that the tyres aren't particularly low -profile, though, was surprised how easily it happened. Will be ultra cautious in future..
  9. Wind noise

    Thanks for the comments. Certainly the refinement of the NX in other areas probably makes wind noise more apparent. I don't think there's a seal problem, as I've had that in the past (thanks, Vauxhall) and I suspect Paul is right that the big mirrors play a part.
  10. Kerbed wheel

    Front NS wheel has sustained light kerb damage, as shown. I very rarely parallel park, and was unaware of any contact until I washed the car. If this has happened to anyone else I'd be very grateful for advice on where to take it (eg dealer, Chips Aaway, etc) and likely cost. Doesn't seem to have damaged the metal much if at all - the visible damage mostly in the paint/laquer layers. Tempted to lightly sand and apply touch-up paint myself, but not confident about result... Thanks in advance (BTW tried searching the forums but the search function doesn't seem to be working very well at the moment)
  11. Wind noise

    There has been extensive discussion on the US Club Lexus NX forum about wind noise in the NX, and whether there is a design problem. At first I thought this was a non-issue, but after an 800-mile mostly m-way trip this week I'm coming round to the view that wind noise is excessive, and that the door mirrors are the likely cause. It's a relatively minor irritation set against the positive qualities of the NX, and probably more noticeable because of the otherwise excellent general refinement. Nevertheless, my sense is that there's room for improvement, which might perhaps be made with the rumored 2018 facelift. I'd be interested to know what others think.
  12. An interesting thread. While it may not be the equal of the latest infotainment fits, the basic Lexus nav package (in a Luxury model) has served me well. It has - to me - one key advantage over the Premium fit (which I road tested) - the rotary knob/joystick is actually easier/safer to use on the move than the touchpad on the Premium kit. And I definitely still use CDs (and vinyl at home, but that's another story). In terms of modernity, the tech under the bonnet matters to me rather more than the infotainment. The German/JLR competition is just *so* last century, with amusingly obsolete and heavy kit such as starter motors, gearboxes, and, in most cases, engines that burn heavy oil and pump out far more NOx and particulates than the 300h. If it's modernity you're after, the NX leaves the current crop of competitors fumbling in its wake.
  13. Safety Recall

    The update took 55 minutes today (plus my 45 minute commute each way to the dealer). I can't imagine under what circumstances anyone would turn off the car with the shift lever other than in park, as the car alerts when this happens, but for resale purposes I guess it's as well to have it done. Had a chance to check out the new Sport grade in the showroom. The spec is well below Luxury, but I loved the black wheels, which appear to be painted versions of the Premier wheels. If they'd been an option on the Luxury when I purchased mine, I'd have gone for them.
  14. Drive mode

    Also 99%% in normal. Eco is just annoying, and made no difference to fuel consumption when I tried it (ditto on another family member's Yaris hybrid). Sport also has marginal impact in my experience, given that you can summon maximum power by flooring the throttle. My suspicion is that the whole drive mode select thing, and the unnecessarily prominent and clunky shift lever, are there to reassure non-hybrid drivers, and buyers looking at non-hybrid competitors equipped with conventional drivetrains. Personally, I'd rather Lexus had deleted the drive modes and the gimmicky rev counter, and used the cash saved to make the HUD standard across the range.
  15. Rattle Over Bumps

    It's upholstery-on-upholstery - but although I have leather seats suspect both armrest and head restraint are high-quality vinyl.