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  1. Edited to add, how cold should the AC be ? Having not long had the car, I do wonder if the AC could benefit from a recharge.
  2. Bingo ! Just sat in the car with the AC on coldest setting and yes I can feel cool air coming from the back although as has been said, it is more noticeable when not actually pressing your back against them. Still, at least I now know there working. Thanks.
  3. I take it by your answers that there should be air blown out of the backrest as well as the seat. Strange that I don't feel it on either front seat and I would not have thought both seat backrest pores would be blocked when the seat bases are not. Further investigation called for methinks.
  4. I have ventilated seats on my IS250 SEL and although I can feel cool air through the base of the seat, I don't seem to feel anything through the backrest. Is this normal ? I would have thought it would be obvious to cool seat base and backrest.
  5. Tried this with the spare fob for my IS250. Walked up to the car and touched the door handle and got in and the car started. I assume if it did work, then I wouldn't be able to do either.
  6. I bought two front Pagid coated discs and a set of pads for my IS250 from ECP when they had a flash offer of 50% off, total cost £78.
  7. The F sport grill looks so much better to my eyes than the standard IS250 grill.
  8. Do the led puddle lights fade on and off like the ordinary bulbs ?
  9. bernieeccles

    Braking Issue

    I don't know if this helps but I had the same problem with my other car which is a VW Bora TDI. I bled the braking system a couple of times, always ensuring that the fluid exiting the calipers was clear of air but I could not get a hard pedal without pumping. That is until I discovered that the master cylinder had a bleed nipple as well. Fitted the bleed tube and opened it up and out gushed a load of bubbly fluid. Brakes have been fine ever since. Maybe your Lexus has a similar bleed nipple or maybe not but worth checking.
  10. If you buy an extended warranty, I presume that you are then locked into having it serviced (expensively) at a Lexus dealer? If extended for two years, then 2 services which could add a good few hundred to the equation..
  11. I think it's a high price given that it does not have the Multimedia system or the Mark Levinson installed.
  12. Re the sparkplug change. People forget that the schedule I think is 60k miles or 6 years which ever comes first. I bought my car from a Lexus dealer with just under 58000 miles and was sort thinking I would have to do them soon. Checking the service printouts that came with the car showed that the previous fastidious owner had had them changed at the 6 year mark so a bonus for me.
  13. bernieeccles

    IS250 Auto - Not Starting Today

    Check the basics first, spark and fuel. I would pull one on the spark plug coils and put in a spare plug resting on the engine to earth it and see if you have a spark. If yes suspect the fuel system and check the fuel pump relay etc. Call out your recovery company if you are a member of one.
  14. Have you tried one of the various vinyl repair people? Examples.
  15. Those pictures are obviously taken from a monitor screen. I think this dealer gets offered cars from other dealers and eulogises them in adverts while slapping on a healthy profit. Personally, I think the price is way too high, you would just be paying extra for his next exotic holiday !