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  1. That could be welded back up with a bit of reinforcing added as well. Job done!
  2. bernieeccles

    gateway processor

    A quick look on youtube came up with this video on replacing the batteries on the TPMS sensors. If that is where the fault lies, could save a few quid.
  3. I have posted this link before but maybe some people haven't seen it. Great site for trim clips. Page 2 contains these clips at a very reasonable price.
  4. Have you ever looked at the panel gaps on a brand new Tesla Model S? The one I saw on display at a country fair had a gap at the bottom of the bonnet/ wing of about 6/7 mm decreasing to about 2mm up at the windscreen scuttle.
  5. bernieeccles

    Portable jump starter

    I bought a similar item to that in the first post because of an upcoming continental trip and not wanting to get stuck if the battery went flat. It's an auto. Last week my neighbour came round and asked if I had a battery charger as her car battery was flat and it would not start. Great opportunity to try my jump starter I thought. Plugged in the big leads, clipped them on to her battery and wow, it actually worked brilliantly. Still had 95% of charge left in it. A big thumbs up from me.
  6. Electric windows might need resetting as they do on my IS250 when the battery has been disconnected.
  7. Arthur Tussik could fix it ! Https://
  8. bernieeccles

    Lexus IS250 SE-L Build Thread

    Good chap ! you know it makes sense.
  9. bernieeccles

    Lexus IS250 SE-L Build Thread

    Black wheels look absolutely horrible in my opinion but then again, that's my opinion not yours. They just spoil the look of the car and from a distance look like basic black steel wheels that have lost their plastic wheel trims.
  10. bernieeccles

    A dodgy part on the IS200t engine

    I seem to recall that some turbo cars had a water cooled turbo and the pump was electrically driven, thereby allow it to circulate coolant when the engine was switched off. Possible explanation ?
  11. I know it might sound silly but you did insert the disc the right way up ?
  12. Strange, as I have just clicked on the link and it took me straight there. AliExpress, Google Lexus IS250 SNCN LED .
  13. For those owners that don't have them but would like them but are put off by the huge cost of genuine Lexus ones, how about these from AliExpress. $35.70 dollars. Scroll down to the video and see them in the dark. The ones shown are inscribed Atenza but the Lexus logo is available, all in a choice of coloue illumination. For the money I think they are quite good but maybe a little less restrained than the genuine article. What say he collective ? Too bling ?
  14. Edited to add, how cold should the AC be ? Having not long had the car, I do wonder if the AC could benefit from a recharge.