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  1. Martin J

    Orange UX at Goodwood

    I still feel guilty about not owning a surfboard to load into the NX...
  2. Although the ES shares its platform with the Avalon/Camry I'm not entirely convinced that you can in effect buy the ES for thousands less by getting a Camry hybrid instead. Having recently done some time in a RAV4 (substantially same platform as NX) I was surprised at just how much better the NX was in terms of refinement, material quality, and design. My expectation would be that the ES will be a similarly big step up in quality and refinement over the Camry. I guess whether it's worth paying for that added value is a subjective judgement.
  3. I'm happy to do without a propeller shaft, but I agree that it's a shame Lexus doesn't offer a wider choice of powertrains in its models. We've had this discussion in relation to the non-existence of the NX450h; and the so far non-existent ES450h would also be an appealing package for private owners. While sales volumes here mean that Lexus UK is unlikely to advocate for a more powerful hybrid option, I'm surprised that the V6 drivetrain to be offered in some ES markets isn't hybridised like the RX and GS 450h.
  4. Absolutely agree about the downsides of the trend to fit bigger wheels with lower profile tyres, not least at a time when the UK's roads are in the worst condition for decades. For those who prioritize ride comfort and low noise over aesthetics and track-day handling I hope Lexus will offer the no-cost option of smaller wheels on the new ES.
  5. Martin J


    Just to reflect on this having now sat in an I-Pace at a recent dealer event. It's a handsome car in the metal, and the cab-forward stance is genuinely distinctive, even if the rather generic Jag "face" is not. However, it is *massively* wide, at 2011mm (a whopping 166mm wider than an NX, and still a lot wider than an RX). Despite this, it doesn't feel any wider inside than an NX. I suspect that the width - like the very long wheelbase - is determined by the need to fit in the required battery capacity between the wheels as a structural element of the floor, as with Tesla. The very thick doors disguise this. The cabin is nice enough, but it was hard not to bear in mind the fact that you could have two NXs in Luxury spec for the price of the mid-range SE I-Pace I saw. With narrow garages, parking bays and rural roads, in the UK cars this wide can be challenging. Also peeped at the E-Pace and F-Pace, and was grateful to get back into my NX...
  6. Martin J

    NX Tyres

    Could not agree more. Recent long cross-country drive in heavy rain made me appreciate the outstanding wet weather grip. Make them original equipment on the NX, Lexus.
  7. Recently I drove a couple of thousand kms in a RAV4. I mention this because it shares (most of) the floorpan and firewall with the NX (and the drivetrain in the hybrid version). Despite this, I was surprised (and reassured) by the differences between them. As well as being much better looking, the NX rides and handles much better than the RAV4, is much quieter, and much better built. So sharing the basic platform architecture is a *long* way from "slapping on" a Lexus badge. I imagine that the new ES will have a similar relationship with the Camry/Avalon. Of course some purists may prefer RWD, but I will take the superior wet weather traction and safer handling of FWD any day. And we can confidently expect some motoring journalists to refer to badge engineering in relation to the ES. That will tell you more about those motoring journalists than it will about the intrinsic merits of the ES.
  8. Martin J

    So noisy

    As Dan has noted, the CrossClimates really do seem to reduce road noise, and I haven't seen an increase in fuel consumption since fitting them. In general NX reviews seem to think it's a fairly quiet car: Autocar's 2014 road test had the NX as quiet at 70 mph as an F-Pace at 30 mph, which possibly isn't saying much...
  9. Martin J


    Wonder how many NX owners are taking an interest in the recently-launched I-Pace? Obviously much more expensive, but the package is a similar size to the NX (albeit *much* wider, which might be a problem for some garages). The cabin design is definitely a step up from the F-Pace and E-Pace. Will Lexus go electric for the next NX? Apparently the new RAV4, based on Toyota's New Global Architecture, has been designed to accept an all-electric drivetrain in the future, so we can but hope.
  10. Interesting thread. It was the GS that first attracted me into a Lexus showroom, but I ended up with the then just-launched NX because I loved the looks, the interior, and the greater flexibility. And astonished to see that the ES outsells the GS 7 to 1 in the US. If I were to consider a saloon rather than an SUV next time, I'd have no problem with front wheel drive rather than RWD. The key thing would be build quality on a par with the GS.
  11. Martin J

    Good buy or stay away?

    As far as the hybrid components of the drivetrain are concerned, I'd expect you to be okay. Our Gen 2 Prius is 13 years old, 170K, and the hybrid system works as well as it did when it was new. I guess the RX forum here will have the longest experience of the NiMH traction batteries used by Lexus and Toyota. If the service intervals have been respected, it looks quite tempting at that price and with one owner.
  12. Martin J

    NX Tyres

    Also ventured out today on the CrossClimates. Never easy to compare new & old tyres of different specs, but was impressed by traction and grip on compacted snow. Definitely a transformation from the OEM Bridgestone Duelers, whose lateral tread pattern disappeared when 60% worn leaving just circumferential grooves. Lexus really ought to think about making the CrossClimates standard fit for the NX.
  13. Aesthetics are subjective of course: I think the NX has much better resolved styling than this QX50, with far better surfacing. The Infiniti D pillar kink looks contrived, but other premium manufacturers seem to be keen to develop a distinctive house style that differentiates them from those German manufacturers who no longer seem to employ exterior designers. So far only Lexus seem to have pulled this off. Looking at the LC and new LS in the showroom recently just reinforced that view. The QX50 interior looks quite appealing, though not more so than the NX. I don't think Lexus need to worry.
  14. Congrats on joining the NX club Clive. Suspect opinions differ on the questions you've asked, and there are some comments in other forums on the site. I declined GAP insurance and minor body damage insurance (there were too many exclusions for it to represent vfm in my view). As my NX is also 2015, just pondering the 2 year extended warranty offer. As it includes extended member and partner breakdown cover, I'm inclined to go with it. Hope you enjoy the NX!
  15. Martin J

    NX Tyres

    Early days on my CrossClimates, but I agree about reduced road noise and a slightly more compliant ride. I sense a slight loss of sharpness on turning into corners, but nothing major. Have yet to try them on snow/ice, though the weather for the next few days may present an opportunity.