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  1. Good buy or stay away?

    As far as the hybrid components of the drivetrain are concerned, I'd expect you to be okay. Our Gen 2 Prius is 13 years old, 170K, and the hybrid system works as well as it did when it was new. I guess the RX forum here will have the longest experience of the NiMH traction batteries used by Lexus and Toyota. If the service intervals have been respected, it looks quite tempting at that price and with one owner.
  2. NX Tyres

    Also ventured out today on the CrossClimates. Never easy to compare new & old tyres of different specs, but was impressed by traction and grip on compacted snow. Definitely a transformation from the OEM Bridgestone Duelers, whose lateral tread pattern disappeared when 60% worn leaving just circumferential grooves. Lexus really ought to think about making the CrossClimates standard fit for the NX.
  3. Aesthetics are subjective of course: I think the NX has much better resolved styling than this QX50, with far better surfacing. The Infiniti D pillar kink looks contrived, but other premium manufacturers seem to be keen to develop a distinctive house style that differentiates them from those German manufacturers who no longer seem to employ exterior designers. So far only Lexus seem to have pulled this off. Looking at the LC and new LS in the showroom recently just reinforced that view. The QX50 interior looks quite appealing, though not more so than the NX. I don't think Lexus need to worry.
  4. Congrats on joining the NX club Clive. Suspect opinions differ on the questions you've asked, and there are some comments in other forums on the site. I declined GAP insurance and minor body damage insurance (there were too many exclusions for it to represent vfm in my view). As my NX is also 2015, just pondering the 2 year extended warranty offer. As it includes extended member and partner breakdown cover, I'm inclined to go with it. Hope you enjoy the NX!
  5. NX Tyres

    Early days on my CrossClimates, but I agree about reduced road noise and a slightly more compliant ride. I sense a slight loss of sharpness on turning into corners, but nothing major. Have yet to try them on snow/ice, though the weather for the next few days may present an opportunity.
  6. NX Tyres

    I've also ordered CrossClimateSUVs rather than go down the winter/summer tyre route, and they're going on next week (£630 is a lot cheaper than I was quoted through my Lexus dealer ..). They sound like an ideal OEM tyre for the NX.
  7. NX Tyres

    Thanks Alec - have been researching these and they sound impressive. Hope they come back into stock soon.
  8. NX Tyres

    My original fronts are 70% worn at 21 000 miles. Yesterday, approaching a sharp bend at low speed on a road with a thin covering of snow, I steered gently into the bend and the NX went straight on. I was saved by a deep kerb. The snow was on top of an icy layer, so I don't know how any other tyre would have performed (including unworn OEM tyres). But it was enough to change my mind about new tyres. The dilemma now is all seasons vs winters (and the cost of a second set of wheels which Lexus list at £1,000). The observations on this thread will be very helpful.
  9. NX450h

    My previous car was a Prius. I know that the non-linear relationship between engine speed and road speed in hybrids can sometimes give the mistaken impression that the car is struggling, and that's something I'm happy to put up with in exchange for the low and mid-range refinement of the hybrid drivetrain. But I'd expected the NX to feel faster than the Prius, and it doesn't. In particular, as Rayaan has observed, the NX does not impress when fully laden on motorways . Probably another 30kW would fix it. My speculation about an NX450h was just that it might be cheaper to develop than revising the existing drivetrain - and give customers a wider choice. But an uprated base drivetrain - an NX350h? - might work if Lexus are intent on retaining the single-drivetrain offer with the NX.
  10. NX450h

    Thanks Rayaan, but not entirely sure that I see this. The success of the GS300h was probably driven at least in part by much lower BIK and running costs than the GS250 and GS450h, while offering the same space and refinement. Here, it's a size issue - people who want a big luxury SUV would still go for the RX over the NX, even if the latter were available as an NX450h. (As a separate issue, it'd be really interesting to know how RX200t/RX450h sales split - I suspect heavily towards the latter). And Audi clearly feel that offering a 3-litre Q5 isn't taking enough Q7 sales for that to be a problem.
  11. NX450h

    The point about cannibalisation of RX sales is interesting, since the German manufacturers seem to offer overlapping powertrain choices between their mid-size and large SUV ranges. Two points on this: (i) Lexus could differentiate the V6 NX from the RX by referring to it as NX400h and slightly detuning the engine (or leaving it alone) (ii) lost RX sales, if any, might be more than compensated by winning sales from customers who would otherwise go elsewhere for midsize SUVs with a bit of performance. I guess more performance could alternatively come from beefing up the electric component of the drivetrain, but I would imagine that dropping in an existing (450h) package would be less costly in development terms.
  12. NX450h

    A few recent posts about NX owners changing - or thinking of changing - cars has made me think about my next steps. After 2.5 years I still find the NX300h a really appealing package, but I can't escape the feeling that a bit more power, whether petrol or electric, would be ideal. With the demise of the 200t the NX has only one drivetrain choice, unusual for a strongly-selling mid-size SUV. I've flirted with the idea of a 4RX, but apart from the cost it's a bigger car than I need or want. For me, the NX is an ideal size, and I particularly like the cosy cockpit architecture. I've speculated before about whether the 450h drivetrain would fit the NX - presumably it weighs a bit more so the NX suspension might need retuning. But the official consumption & CO2 figures for the RX are hardly any worse than for the NX, suggesting the the 3.5 V6 is at least as efficient as the 2.5 litre L4 lump in the NX. I imagine that product planning for the next gen NX is already well advanced, and I wonder whether any other owners would welcome the option of a more powerful drivetrain in the new NX, presumably due in 2019/20?
  13. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Agree entirely with Paul - and with most of everyone else's, which gives me 12 likes and dislikes? On the like side, I'd have to add the aesthetics: the NX's design is a terrific piece of work, and looks amazingly fresh 3 years from launch. Which means I have some reservations about the change-for-the-sake-of-it facelift, especially the loss of the front-quarter blades, which were a conspicuous feature of the LF-NX concept and which are now interrupted by the sculpting around the DRL/indicator units. Wonder if Nobuyuki Tomatsu entirely approved of this change..
  14. New tyres - change make?

    Re OEM tyres: had an NX loaner just recently on Yokohama BluEarths, so a chance to drive back-to-back with mine (Bridgestone Dueler H/L). I couldn't detect any significant difference in road noise or handling.
  15. NX Climate Control - Any Good?

    No problems with the capacity of the climate control - when touring last year in 39 degrees in southern Spain the system coped admirably and held a constant temperature. At home don't use A/C unless it's over 24 degrees and/or humid, and prefer not to use the Auto mode when I do, as it calls for higher fan speeds than I would like.