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  1. Merry Christmas

    And it's a Merry Christmas from me too Have a good one and best wishes for new year everyone
  2. Mirrorlink

    Already got the PHEV rashi - had it over a year and although I agree the EV range is below expectations I've still averaged 86 mpg since I got it Car manufacturers somehow manage to lie about these things and get away with it - other industries are fined for misleading measures The Lexus mpg is well below expectations at 39 too
  3. Deposit paid and waiting for September delivery While I'm waiting I'm trying to learn as much as possible beforehand and noticed mention of mirrorlink so would appreciate some help from anyone using it I've not added sat nav having used Google maps for the last year in preference to oem fitted systems and would appreciate knowing if I can mirror this on RC screen I know it's annoying when newbies ask questions that have been asked already but go gently on me - I've done a search and it left me a bit confused - possibly only mirrors paid apps if I'm reading correct Actual experience appreciated or point me in the right direction please Next question - why does time appear to slow down when you're waiting for delivery
  4. Mirrorlink

    I've had to resort to usb adapter for cigarette lighter otherwise phone goes blank and continually tries to use mirrorlink which doesn't work This coupled with the flat battery last week has taken shine off Lexus ownership then add in new RC model next year and I'm starting to appreciate the Mitsubishi PHEV more especially now it's colder - swmbos suggested selling RC but I dread to think how much I'll lose - only done 1600 miles
  5. Trickle Charger

    Some useful information on smart chargers here
  6. Trickle Charger

    I have rc300h so wasn't sure - AGM batteries are common in motorbikes and modern vehicles with stop-start engines
  7. Trickle Charger

    Quick search on net lots of warnings not to use recond on AGM batteries or it will fry them
  8. Trickle Charger

    On mine I have always used car setting (2nd from left) but at moment using snowflake setting due to low temp (3rd from left/AGM on new model) Never used recon
  9. Trickle Charger

    Connected mine this morning and checked it before tea and it's showing full charge now after yesterdays AA jump start I've got some nuts today and going to connect comfort lead tomorrow so it will be easy to use when parked Plan to get battery checked by dealer when I've time
  10. RC300h review

    No - due to keyless thefts concerns I disable key every time I leave vehicle so I know this is not the problem I've got the Ctek attached now until I can get to dealer for investigation further
  11. Trickle Charger

    I expected it would be ok for many weeks so will definitely be getting dealer to check battery I have a dashcam with parking record but it's supposed to shut down if battery low and it's not caused flat battery before on any other vehicle Now I'm taking advantage of preheated Mitsy with heated steering wheel etc I'm planning to attach ctek anyway to rc I should add only used ctek on RRS and DS because I did a lot of short trips which meant auto stop/start function only worked if I kept battery maintained - same for on-board tv and timed climate
  12. Trickle Charger

    I have an mxs 5 and used it to previously to maintain battery on 2 Range Rover Sports and a discovery sport without problems Basically as i understand it the 5 is small but ideal for long periods of use Planning to use it on my rc now because of flat battery yesterday after about a week parked up
  13. RC300h review

    Cheers- I will have a trip to dealer and ask them to check battery
  14. RC300h review

    Nothing tested by aa so will have to discuss with dealer
  15. RC300h review

    AA have been and jump started the RC so it's now running again but I'm worried if it will start tomorrow or weekend if I don't drive until then Bit disappointed I waited 2 hours for dealer to return my call before I rang them again and they told me to ring Lexus Assist - hats off to AA/Lexus Assist though - only took 30 minutes to arrive Going to look at connecting my CTEK tomorrow for peace of mind - I thought my trouble was behind me when I ditched LR
  16. RC300h review

    The pre heat on my Mitsy is getting well used at moment so the rc hasnt moved for a week Unfortunately today it's sunny so decided to go in rc and it's dead- can't open doors with fob so used emergency key and now waiting for Lexus recovery because I can't jump start from PHEV Looks like my ctek just found a use again First black mark against rc
  17. RC300h review

    A friend sent me the HJ review and I managed to watch the whole video - it wasn't easy I have to say if he'd loved the rc300h I'd of regretted buying it instantly and probably traded it in for a hot hatch with fluffy dice I bought mine mainly because - 1. I wanted something different - I've only seen 1 other so far 2. 0-60 in 8.5 secs is as quick as my previous RRS and DS and quick enough to get penalty points on my licence if I found an empty road or a speed camera - lot easier to find the latter. But a PHEV version would be better Agree a V8 sounds awesome and if I was after a track car and had money to burn I'd love one - happy to use one as a courtesy car though
  18. RC300h First Service

    Been for a lively Sunday drive today and tried the exhaust button on and off and just couldn't tell the difference - maybe I needed to turn down the Foo Fighters
  19. RC Parking cam

    I hardwired a thinkware dashcam in mine and it was the most difficult I've done compared to previous motors
  20. RC300h First Service

    You can't ruin my joy - I have an RC Hybrid and an Outlander PHEV but still spent less than the cost of a RRS TDV6 and without the stress associated with ownership
  21. RC300h First Service

    Well it still sounds good inside the vehicle which is where I am All those disappointed people outside will just have to get over it
  22. RC300h First Service

    What fake sound? There's noise generation for pedestrians while engine is off From Lexus press release - "The sound generated by the engine has been tuned to ensure it delivers a stirring exhaust note under spirited driving conditions"
  23. RC300h First Service

    My Son hated me for getting rid of the RR Sport TDV6 as he loved the engine noise and he pulled a face when I turned up in the 300h but he's had to eat his words - the exhaust note when you hit the pedal to overtake is really superb - a lot better than the 2.0 (bag of spanners) ingenium engine in the Discovery Sport I replaced the RRS with or the PHEV (sewing machine) LR are working on straight 6 ingenium to replace 3.0 V6 and there is outrage among owners - the V8 is staying for now at least but rumour has it they will replace that with tweaked i6 for more power too Some owners plan to keep their V8s as they believe their days are numbered with tighter emissions
  24. RC300h First Service

    Nemesis post reminds me when I had the Landcruiser they used to give me a Starlet Courtesy car - partly why I never bought another Toyota One of the reasons I stayed with LR so long despite all the problems was they usually supplied something better/different as courtesy cars and as mine spent a lot of time being fixed I got to drive some fun vehicles Camel Trophy Freelander was fun but the TDV8 Range Rover Vogue was pretty special - until it broke down and they brought an Evoque
  25. I used to laugh at these reliability surveys in the noughties when I was driving rock solid Land Rovers which were supposed to be "unreliable" but I have to say this year I'm breathing a big sigh of relief having bought a Lexus and Mitsubishi after ditching JLR following 6 nightmare years - especially as I previously owned 2 RR Sports that came last and now have an Outlander that came first in the SUV group