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  1. Been for a lively Sunday drive today and tried the exhaust button on and off and just couldn't tell the difference - maybe I needed to turn down the Foo Fighters
  2. RC Parking cam

    I hardwired a thinkware dashcam in mine and it was the most difficult I've done compared to previous motors
  3. You can't ruin my joy - I have an RC Hybrid and an Outlander PHEV but still spent less than the cost of a RRS TDV6 and without the stress associated with ownership
  4. Well it still sounds good inside the vehicle which is where I am All those disappointed people outside will just have to get over it
  5. What fake sound? There's noise generation for pedestrians while engine is off From Lexus press release - "The sound generated by the engine has been tuned to ensure it delivers a stirring exhaust note under spirited driving conditions"
  6. My Son hated me for getting rid of the RR Sport TDV6 as he loved the engine noise and he pulled a face when I turned up in the 300h but he's had to eat his words - the exhaust note when you hit the pedal to overtake is really superb - a lot better than the 2.0 (bag of spanners) ingenium engine in the Discovery Sport I replaced the RRS with or the PHEV (sewing machine) LR are working on straight 6 ingenium to replace 3.0 V6 and there is outrage among owners - the V8 is staying for now at least but rumour has it they will replace that with tweaked i6 for more power too Some owners plan to keep their V8s as they believe their days are numbered with tighter emissions
  7. Nemesis post reminds me when I had the Landcruiser they used to give me a Starlet Courtesy car - partly why I never bought another Toyota One of the reasons I stayed with LR so long despite all the problems was they usually supplied something better/different as courtesy cars and as mine spent a lot of time being fixed I got to drive some fun vehicles Camel Trophy Freelander was fun but the TDV8 Range Rover Vogue was pretty special - until it broke down and they brought an Evoque
  8. Whatcar Reliability Survey 2017

    I used to laugh at these reliability surveys in the noughties when I was driving rock solid Land Rovers which were supposed to be "unreliable" but I have to say this year I'm breathing a big sigh of relief having bought a Lexus and Mitsubishi after ditching JLR following 6 nightmare years - especially as I previously owned 2 RR Sports that came last and now have an Outlander that came first in the SUV group
  9. Mirrorlink

    It looks that way - LR are the same and it's unacceptable - if you sell something and it's in the handbook you should know how it works and it shouldn't be in the handbook if it's not on the vehicle unless it says optional feature
  10. Deposit paid and waiting for September delivery While I'm waiting I'm trying to learn as much as possible beforehand and noticed mention of mirrorlink so would appreciate some help from anyone using it I've not added sat nav having used Google maps for the last year in preference to oem fitted systems and would appreciate knowing if I can mirror this on RC screen I know it's annoying when newbies ask questions that have been asked already but go gently on me - I've done a search and it left me a bit confused - possibly only mirrors paid apps if I'm reading correct Actual experience appreciated or point me in the right direction please Next question - why does time appear to slow down when you're waiting for delivery
  11. Mirrorlink

    After 6 weeks of asking for help finally had a reply from Lexus via dealer waffling about mirrorlink versions and phones compatibility and advising mirrorlink doesn't work with a Lexus Have to say I was loving the RC up to this point - why is it in the handbook and how can others post they used it if this is the case Looks like I'm stuck with the brodit on the vent and knocking the phone every time I use the indicator Have experienced years of this kind of response from LR when things don't work and hoped Lexus were different - not a great start I'm afraid
  12. Few years back LR collected my RR Sport for a service - I got it out of garage and car jockey jumped in and off he drove - I then walked up to front door of house and put my hand in pocket to find door key and pulled out Fob I immediately rang dealer to tell them to get their guy to come back for fob so they did and he pulled over to answer phone and stopped engine I then had to ring a friend to take me to find my car and hand over the fob as he was stuck there
  13. Alternatively get a shielded pouch as I did when I had the RR Sport - cheap as chips on amazon
  14. Some useful advice here
  15. Keyless is normally more secure than using fob buttons and more convenient so security advice is to use this if possible and shield or disable when parked Keyless signal is short range so criminals need to be nearer and more likely to be noticed whereas fob button is longer range and can be compromised while hidden nearby If you use fob button be aware the signal can be jammed so Police advise checking the vehicle is locked when you leave vehicle
  16. Big problem with keyless Land Rovers being stolen for years now so I am happy the function can be switched off on my Lexus Press and hold lock button on fob then press unlock twice on fob and keyless is disabled until you press any button on fob to activate - simple and no inconvenience 👍 LR claim to have been working on way to combat this issue for years after first denying it existed
  17. Dash Cam

    I would of thought the hybrid battery just powers the electric motor and the engine and accessories are powered from the normal 12v battery as usual Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm
  18. Dash Cam

    I always set mine on lowest setting on previous vehicles otherwise it used to shut down when I had heated seats on etc in winter - never had an issue with starting after parking
  19. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I got a dashcam after a woman reversed into me while I was stopped and claimed I ran in the back of her - took me 18 months of fighting until she backed down - she should of been done for fraud but nothing happened to her On the PHEV forum they remove dashcam footage if you post it I've caught a few incidents over the years but thankfully not needed to use them yet This clip was just posted on a LR forum I frequent - MUTE THE SOUND
  20. Just returned from a 400 miles round trip this weekend to visit family in Scotland and first proper test drive of my new RC On board computer read 48 mpg at end of trip mostly 70 mph motorway with some country roads at start and end of each leg Suspension and comfort were excellent - certainly better than my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and previous Discovery Sport - possibly as good as my last Range Rover Sport Starting to open her up overtaking and it's good to have some power once more as well as a pretty sweet engine/exhaust soundtrack imho Now done 500 miles and no regrets - love it Did have a heart stopping moment as we got near home when a kamikaze pheasant came from nowhere and hit front corner of wing/headlight at 60 mph - thankfully no signs of damage but I don't think that pheasant survived
  21. Haven't had time to wash it yet but will be doing it before weekend and report back
  22. Now I've checked in the sun light looks like scratches to bumper, wing and bonnet from impact Will have to see if they'll polish out
  23. My Mitsubishi has a dented bonnet from one of those pigeons - happened about 3 months old - guess my Lexus just wanted to beat the record at 2 weeks old There's an estate near us where they run shoots and breed pheasants for that purpose - most of the little b*+@#*s appear to make a run for it and end up as roadkill on the passing road - I lost a headlamp on a Discovery some years ago and a friend did £1000 of damage to a Mercedes I have left many skid marks in and out of my vehicles on that road - we've nicknamed the stretch death alley
  24. The RC is the first vehicle I've owned since I can remember where tyre roar on course tarmac has been irritating and swmbo pointed it out too - and she's never wrong - on anything I appreciate an increase in noise is to be expected on course tarmac but this vehicle it's like being in a LR Defender It's not the end of the world though as it's a fantastic vehicle - I just thought there would be better sound proofing or perhaps different tyres might solve it
  25. Good to know - definitely considering replacement with alternatives in future