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  1. Looks awesome, ultra blue was my first choice when looking for an ISF. what stuff did you used to put the number plates on?
  2. Paul that photo looks like there is a dent on the rear offside bumper.😂
  3. I happened to know this is up for sale and the paint is in pretty good condition too!😊
  4. Made full use of today’s lovely weather and took the ISF to work, looks like I’ll be upgrading to a GSF in the near future.
  5. Just being sent this on FB, What a lucky man the driver have walked out alive from this crash, tells us how well built our cars are!!
  6. There’s another blue one owned by my mate’s friend Karl, so that’s 4 locally then, common As muck 😂
  7. Hi Nick Is your ISF black by any chance because I always see a black one parked outside a house in Rainhill when going to My mates. Also there’s a blue one local as well.
  8. I’m pretty much the same, had 5 type Rs in a row, then one day thought to my self I need to move on and try something different. Bought the ISF 4 years ago and it wasn’t until last year I decided I need to have another type R, so imported a fresh one from Japan with only 9k miles on clock with the intention of keeping forever being the last NA type r. I did sat in the FK8 last time I was in the dealership, looked massive in person and thought the styling were a bit busy. Maybe 1 day it will grown on me.
  9. Congrats on the purchase of the FK8, still not convinced on them yet. IMO this is the last real type R. 😜
  10. AlanS

    Is200T owners?

    Hi doog any chance of a photo of the area between the battery and bonnet strut, just want to confirm my wires are all okay.
  11. AlanS

    Is this normal?

    It’s the wires going into the black fuse box on the left, any IS200T owners can confirm with a photo. Thanks
  12. Was doing the engine oil level check on the IS and spotted something unusual. The bunch of cables going into the fuse box next to the battery isn’t protected by any conduit but wrapped in electrical tape only, this doesn’t seem right to me. can someone confirm wether this is normal?
  13. Have the same dialema with my 2011 ISF. Car is due it’s annual service on 1st March, having only covered around 2k miles and currently stored away during winter, I’m thinking of stretch the interval a couple of months and have it serviced in May with Lexus when the car is back out. Altough I said to myself I’ll never sell her but you never know, would you be put off by the car because it’s not serviced at 12months interval as it’s been stored away?
  14. AlanS

    This happened!!

    Looks an excellent job! Dropped mine off at the RRG bodyshop in Bolton on Monday for repairs, should be done next week. From the top photo it looks like it can be removed by a dent removal man? what alloy wheels is on the car in the first pic?