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  1. I can't agree regarding new/rare/dealer having sold my last Land Rover Disco Sport for £35k after 9 months privately (£5k less than it cost new) - I do agree re impractical which translates into desirability though🙁 Agree - I now see Lexus are hard to sell privately - LRs are a lot easier despite their reliability woes which steered me to Lexus! I've been buying and selling cars for 32 years and probably used every price "guide" going but they're just that a "guide" - there is only one valuation that matters and that is what you can actually get for the vehicle - the reality is I got £1000s less than all the guides including CAP😭
  2. Cheers Stuart I did plenty of research before I bought it (although I was planning to keep it 3-5 years) and depreciation didn't look too bad according to AutoTrader etc However after a month of no interest even after reducing well below guide prices no amount of research would of helped I'm afraid - my best offer was £3k below guide price for private sale or trade
  3. Waved goodbye to my RC yesterday as it left for a South Coast Lexus dealer to make a large profit at my expense so it's goodbye from me folks - expect it will be up for £35-36k next week😭 Thanks everyone who took the time to read my posts and offer advice👍 Enjoyed the 8 months/2400 miles ownership but unlikely to buy another if I'm being honest🙄 Sorry to end on a negative note but some things that spoiled my enjoyment were - 1. Depreciation/difficulty selling - offers of £19k-29k on a mint 8 month old RC with 2k miles that cost £40k new (now £42k) is a joke! - when I sold my Discovery Sport with 7k miles (£40k new) after 9 months I got £35k 2. Battery drain when parked up - dealer couldn't find/fix problem - happened last time after 2 days parked! 3. Mirror Link system - never got it working and dealer/Lexus were useless 4. Lack of lumbar support for passenger - SWMBO got back ache every time we went out so ended up only using it on my own 5. Poor MPG - Did 100 miles yesterday in my Outlander PHEV starting with a full £1 Electric charge and achieved 45mpg (last tank was 133 mpg). I expected better than 30 which is all I got off last 2 tanks in RC I did consider swapping RC and PHEV for an NX or RX but I've decided to stick with Mitsubishi - almost 2 years/17k miles faultless ownership and 83 mpg would be hard to give up. Paid £25k new after tax rebate and online car buyers are offering me £20-22k! If Lexus build a PHEV I might be back but then again Toyota already do and it has a 5 year warranty like Mitsubishi - as Lexus will only give 3 years and will be twice the price maybe not🤔
  4. I read that review and liked it - I also agree the RC is a superb vehicle - one of the best I've owned
  5. The CTEK will only charge the starter battery. Below is some important info regarding hybrid battery from handbook -
  6. Peter - I do long motorway trips same as you about 2-4 times a year and still get better mpg than the Discovery Sport Diesel and the RC so I don't think you need to worry about that I initially went for the RC based on the £30 pa VED but missed the April 2017 deadline so have to pay £440 The GX5h comes with a few extra toys but the price jump isn't worth it IMHO and probably explains why the GX4h outsells it in spades - basically you get premium leather, heated rear seats, better stereo and some front/rear badges on 5h for another £4500
  7. I suspect like Rayaans said not enough owners responded to score them but not sure
  8. Cheers Peter How often do you do the 300 mile day trips? If regular then I hate to say it but a diesel would probably be best for your requirements although I have managed 42 and 65 out of a Tank on long trips (around 200 miles) My road tax is nil but new models now pay I have auto tailgate and surround cameras on my GX4h - can't say I'm missing any toys
  9. IMHO the Outlander is more an NX class vehicle - the RX is in another league The Outlander PHEV was launched January 2013 in Japan and so far not heard any reports of reliability issues or battery failures although with a 5 year warranty/8 year battery it's not something I'm worried about The Outlander has the best range of any PHEV at the moment AFAIK - it certainly did when I bought mine By contrast a friend sold a 4 year old RR Sport recently (cost over £80k new) with balance of LR extended warranty and 2 weeks later the crankshaft snapped costing £18k to repair - warranty claim has been rejected as it's apparently a design fault and not covered and I know lots of similar cases on forums. My Discovery Sport had 22 issues in the 9 months I owned it and delivery was delayed from Sep to Dec due to factory quarantine during build but nobody would give me much information The friend who got me on to Lexus and Mitsubishi bought the 1st gen UK Outlander in 2014 and had no issues. He bought the facelift in 2015 because he prefered the styling and had no issues with that one. He's now on a MY18 because he fancied the EV button/EPB but still had no issues - his cost to change have been very impressive - I lost £22k in 2 years on my last RR Sport Lexus were voted most reliable brand and Outlander was voted most reliable large SUV so I've got all my bases covered
  10. I've seen the John Cadogan vid and others he's done - he's an entertainer like Clarkson and just about as credible IMHO I have no regrets buying the PHEV - if you look at my car ownership history I've had a lot of vehicles because I get bored easily or had issues - I've changed vehicles after 6-9 months but usually 2-3 years. The PHEV came with a 5 year full warranty/8 year battery and unless they bring something out with double the EV range I may actually keep it for 5-8 years because it just does what I want it to and I see no reason to change it right now One of my favorite features is timed climate or preheating using phone on cold mornings that actually works - I had this on the RRS but could never use it due to low battery or garage filling with diesel fumes - I now do this off mains while in garage or battery if out with no fumes to worry about I agree on the towing ability - I owned a Landcruiser and 2 RRSports during the periods I was towing twin axle caravans around 1900kg and the PHEV wouldn't of done that - I'm no longer towing so I can spend the money I'm saving on other things now like gastro pubs and luxury cottages
  11. Hi Paul - Joined when I bought the RC Few ex LR owners here now - we should have our own sub forum
  12. After 6 superb Land Rovers over 10 years in some awful weather I owned 2 Range Rover Sports from 2010-15 but I decided due to numerous issues and rising cost to change I'd try a Discovery Sport I suffered that for 9 months before I lost the will to buy anything built by JLR again and bought the Mitsubishi PHEV on the recommendation of a friend who's had 3 faultless Mitsubishi PHEV and found depreciation pretty low This friend has owned 2 RX in the past but recently had an NX and Mitsubishi PHEV - he also convinced me to buy the RC which scratched the luxury itch I missed on the Mitsy I've had the PHEV since September 2016 and it does everything I ask of it at a fraction of the price I paid before It's not luxurious like the RX and if they sold a PHEV version I'd definitely be interested but they don't so I'm sticking with the Mitsy I now visit the petrol station about the same number of times a year I visited the LR dealer and apart from annual service never see the Mitsubishi dealer Worst tank was 34 mpg during a week touring Cotswolds without recharging Usually I only go down to mid 40s if running out of batteries. My average since purchase is low 80s Last week I tackled some of the worst weather I've seen ever without a fault so that's another requirement ticked off my list The only thing that stopped me was vehicles stuck on main roads until I took side roads I have fitted winter tyres as it comes with summer tyres and no decent all season were available at the time but Michelin cross climates are available to fit now and getting good reviews I like the RC luxury but I'm actually thinking of selling it because the Mitsubishi is more comfortable and practical so gets used most of the time The PHEV was massively discounted when I bought it and I got big tax rebate running my own business so cost me peanuts Sorry for the long post - unfortunately I can't offer much insight on the RX but happy to answer questions about the Mitsy
  13. Mine came with these but not fused versions - I've used the first one
  14. I've read lots about problems with dpf although never suffered this personally Low batteries have been my issue on diesels and now petrol RC 300h without ctek My battery was 4 months old when it happened
  15. Shane - I've not had chance to visit dealer regarding battery issue but can't see connector being a problem - LR are in fact now selling CTEKs as accessories (IMHO because of battery issues) - if I didn't use one the Auto Stop/Start wouldn't work on my Disco Sport because it always registered low battery Lexus Assist/AA advised me to use my CTEK as I wasn't using the RC regularly so that's good enough for me Edwardo - I disable the key fob for security when I park mine so no chance it's keeping the electrics alive - modern luxury vehicles don't like standing unused or short trips in my experience and reading countless posts on LR/RR forums - I'd hoped the Lexus would be different but no such luck So I can argue with the dealer that it shouldn't fail to start when I return but the CTEK is easier for me at the moment and I already had it because of the same problem on previous vehicles being a low mileage user