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  1. New LS430 member

    Thanks guys, I'm 6'4" so the LS was nearly the only choice. Have had an S-class, couple of Legends and a couple of Carltons. I bought a Bluetooth-FM unit in the end. £9 and works a treat. Have ordered a replacement parking sensor that I will fit when the weather improves. Need to buy and fit the bank2 sensor1 lambda as the heater is playing up and causing the Vsc error.. Will replace the battery first as that is showing low when engine off (11.8v). All in all a nice car with some things to fix.
  2. New LS430 member

    Hi All, Picking up a Blue 2004/53 plate LS430 tomorrow. 91k miles and looks to be in pretty good nick :D Since I am bound to have questions where I can't get the answers from the Owners Manuals expect me to pop in on occasion. The car I'm replacing is a 98 Honda Legend that is slowly disintegrating. Can't complain as bought it for £900 three years and 45,000 miles ago. So, I am used to 24Mpg but looking forward to the extra power and comfort. I have the Owners Manual in PDF format already, but does anyone have the Navigation Users Manual in PDF format? Also what's the preferred route for playing music from your phone through the Audio system? I'm currently using a cassette adaptor which is OK but not great. My other rides are a 1989 Kawasaki GTR1000 with 197k miles on it, and a 2007 1400GTR with 73k. Cheers, George