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  1. Thanks Mark, I loved the ZZ5s on my Legends so will give them a try on the LS. I also have harshness over bumps and catseyes so the fact that the ZZ5 eases that is a bonus.
  2. Thanks, am aware of German/Austrian laws on winter tyres. Not planning on driving there in the winter. Winter tyres tend to be noisier due to larger grooves and have a softer compound so don't last as long.
  3. Mine were on 98 Legends so were 215/55R16.
  4. Best I found for my 2 Legends were the Avon ZZ5s. Quiet, grip well, and last reasonably if you rotate them front to rear.
  5. Hi all, I will shortly need to replace the tyres on my 2004 model LS430 in size 245/45R18. I am looking for recommendations especially w.r.t. tyre noise. It currently has Dunlop Sport Maxx GTs fitted and they grip and wear fine but seem a bit noisy to me Perhaps it's just that the rest of the car is so quiet or that they are nearly worn out (about 4mm tread left), but does anybody know of quieter tyres? Currently looking at the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. Cheers, George
  6. Just had my Air-con fixed at Bonair in South Benfleet, Essex. Cost me £160 including a re-gas and is now cool and crisp and smelling great. I did look at compressors on eBay before I had them look at it and you can get brand new air-con compressors for £430 with a 2 year warranty. Luckily mine didn't need one,.... yet <LOL>
  7. Mine has heated/cooled front and rear seats and the rear seats vibrate. Not sure I'd call it "massage".
  8. Get one from Ebay. I did mine shortly after buying it and got one delivered for £10.22.
  9. One on eBay right now.
  10. Thanks Adrian, will do 😄
  11. If it's on an A road or Motorway then report to the Highways Agency. My 430 handles most potholes as well as any 4x4 and better than the crappy softroaders.
  12. Thanks Damien, if Westfield can't do it I'll give them a call.
  13. Hi All, has anyone on here used Westfield Motors in Rayleigh, Essex for their services/maintenance? I really need to get my Lambda sensor fitted and the air-con sorted and they seem to have a good reputation locally. Thanks, George
  14. Nah, I have standard ODB2 reader that also no longer connects. It connected fine before I plugged in the cheap Techstream cable.<sigh>
  15. BigBoomer

    LS430 AUX, possible?

    Sorry, I used the wrong term, should have been "equalisation" not compression. Cassettes have an upper limit of 12khz and have a poor frequency response over 1.5khz. This is why Dolby spent so much time/money developing ways of improving the reproduction quality. Vinyl has RIAA equalisation, tape has Dolby, digital has digital distortion/compression issues. I guess it's swings and roundabouts so ya pays yer money and takes yer choice. 😁