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  1. My drivers door speaker is now crackling like a good-un so I suspect this is in my near future. Anyone have a link for a refoam kit that worked for them? I will try with the bath sealant first if the existing foam isn't too badly damaged. Thanks for the "how to" Mark 😁
  2. Pic taken on our recent holiday to the Lot region in France. She does look good in that setting, way nicer than beside my 3 bed red brick semi in Essex 😃
  3. I just read up on indirect TPMS systems and it seems that they compare the rolling radius between wheels. So, I suspect that you have one (or more) tyres that have a very different rolling radius from the other(s). This could be from mixing different tyre types, or just one tyre is very worn. Either that or else one of the ABS sensor rings is damaged or dirty.
  4. Yup, Serial Parking Assist Mode button on the left and Perpendicular Parking Assist Mode button on the right of the Reverse Camera screen. To be honest, if you can reverse park then neither of them are really of any use. I have played with both, and they don't save any time or effort. Pages 312 - 331 of the UK 2004 Owners Manual. Doesn't show in any of the downloadable US Manuals and Lexus UK no longer seem to carry the LS430/460 UK manuals in PDF format, although they have some in other languages for some reason. Does anyone have a PDF version of the UK Owners Manual? I have the paper version already.
  5. My cats chew on mine. So far they've just marked the rubber. I believe that it is used for the Lexus Link system which is no longer available so it's redundant. If the aesthetic bothers you, paint it with that Stop n'Grow fingernail stuff. <LOL>
  6. I understand that for dipped beam, but for main beam it shouldn't matter as it doesn't have a specific pattern cutoff and you should be dipping rather than blinding the other guy. I have a well designed H4 dual beam LED in one of my bikes and the pattern is better than with a halogen bulb, but that bike's headlight does have a fresnel lens on it (GTR1000). I'll ask my local MOT tester and see what he says.
  7. Hi All, Has anyone here replaced their 9005 high beam bulbs with LED ones. The HID Low beam brightness and pattern is awesome, but high beam doesn't seem to add much so am considering some matching (4300k) LEDs. The high beam bulbs currently in there have a yellower colour than the HIDs (D2S), hence the desire for the 4300K LEDs. Any recommendations on a brand or any gotchas on fitting them?
  8. It's the system that "steers" the headlights when you turn the steering wheel. On mine, when it's off you get a warning on the dash.
  9. The LS430 motor has a compression ratio of 10.5 to 1, so about the same as most naturally aspirated petrol engines. Turbo/petrol tend to have a lower value (~9.5) and of course Diesels have much higher values (14+ for TDs and 20+ for NA). If you drop enough gears in the LS you can get quite severe engine braking, but since it has a torque converter you will never get as much as with a manual or DSG style gearbox.
  10. I use it frequently as when coasting downhill she has a tendency to increase speed, which is fine until you either hit the car in front or go over the speed limit in an average speed camera zone. I am a firm believer in using brakes only when needed and try to drive as smoothly as possible when I'm not blasting a twisty back-road 😎
  11. One last update on this. Had the ZZ5s fitted and they are both quieter and smoother than the old Sport Maxx GTs. Thanks for your recommendations 😃
  12. Thanks Mark, I loved the ZZ5s on my Legends so will give them a try on the LS. I also have harshness over bumps and catseyes so the fact that the ZZ5 eases that is a bonus.
  13. Thanks, am aware of German/Austrian laws on winter tyres. Not planning on driving there in the winter. Winter tyres tend to be noisier due to larger grooves and have a softer compound so don't last as long.
  14. Mine were on 98 Legends so were 215/55R16.