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  1. I have a tape player that works, a 6 disc CD-changer that works, and a radio that works. I can also play MP3s from a USB key or from a MicroSD card, and I can play any audio sent from any Bluetooth or 3.5mm headphone jack fitted device. As for the music, not a huge fan of Hendrix mostly because I've heard it all so much over the years. From that era I prefer Floyd/Genesis/Who/Zeppelin/Yes and especially Hawkwind as they are still making new music. On the noisier side it's Nile, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, etc.
  2. Old topic I know but thought that this list of paint-codes would come in handy:
  3. I need to replace my front left parking sensor. Does anybody know which model I need for my early 2004 facelift model. The options seem to be 89341-50011 89341-50020 89341-5001 89341-50050
  4. I feel sorry for your parents in-law as they are missing out on so many things if they let what "other people" think rule their decisions. My experience of Germans is that some can be quite willing to try something new, but many of them live in a fantasy world of "ordnung" and are terrified of anything that stands out. If you want to fit in then the Lexus is not for you. If you want to be your own man, then the Lexus is for you. :-) My father-in-law loved the Honda Legend I had when he was still alive as at 6'3" and 90 years old he could get in and out of it quite easily. He would have loved the LS too.
  5. Some useful stuff on this webpage. The "Electrical Compartment Locator" looks like what you need.
  6. Yup, as for power drain, there won't be any unless you are actually moving the seat or belt adjuster. As for other circuits that are always live, the interior and boot lights, mirror and door lights, as well as the Smartkey circuitry. The system is designed for these but be aware that if you are leaving your LS parked for more than a month, either plug it into an Optimate or else disconnect the battery. It'll be flat when you come back if you don't. I have a friend who works on the rigs and can be away for months. He fitted a 20Watt solar cell to the parcel shelf of his car and that produces enough to maintain the battery when parked.
  7. LS430 (2004-2006) is every 90,000 miles or 72 months (6 years) according to the manuals. Mine was done at 75k miles so I plan on getting it done again at 150k miles.
  8. Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs do fade over their lifetime but are far longer lived than Halogen ones. The one fitted to the 430 are D2S fitting, 35W, and I believe are 6000k colour, but may be 4300k. . Don't forget that only the dipped beam is Xenon. The high-beam and fog lights are good old halogen filament bulbs.
  9. For music in the car I bought one of the Bluetooth/FM transmitters. You can either plug in a USB stick with yer music on it, or else connect your phone via bluetooth. I do the latter and using Folder Player (app) for Android the sound quality is good enough for prog-rock and thrash/death metal (yes, I know, what can I say, I'm an ageing Punk). I plugged the transmitter into the cigarette lighter socket inside the armrest box so it's out of sight. Was hugely expensive at around £15 delivered. 😉 I use this one but there are plenty of other designs and layouts out there. The only problem I have with it is because it's in the armrest box, I have to open the lid whilst making a handsfree call as it uses the microphone in the transmitter, but I don't use handsfree very often. If I needed to use it more often I'd plug it into the socket in the ashtray.
  10. I drove in France last year for 2 weeks and left the AFS switched on. Also didn't fit any kind of "beam deflector" as the LS430 has flat beams rather than the silly inclined ones fitted to most cars. Didn't get flashed once so yer not likely to be blinding people with the lights, unless yer on high-beam. 😀
  11. Correct, however the voltage should not drop appreciably for at least a few weeks, as I said in the previous line. If the drain is caused by an internal short then they can get hot and warp plates at which point all bets are off. Fire is less likely with valved batteries, but hydrogen/oxygen and electricity are never a safe mix.
  12. No, Once fully charged and disconnected should stay at around 12.7 volts for weeks. If it is dropping at all it has an internal drain and needs to be replaced. Personally I wouldn't want a battery that is behaving like that in my car as if the drain gets worse it can overheat the battery and cause a split (acid everywhere) and even a fire in rare cases. A new decent quality battery is gonna be under £100 and should last 5-8 years. Cheap ones can be had for less but they just don't last and are poor value for money.
  13. Yes, soft close on all Facelift models, but may have been an option (premium pack) on pre-Facelift. The following from the 2003 User Manual. Door closer (some models) If any door is closed but does not latch shut, it automatically closes completely. This system is equipped on all the doors and will activate regardless of the ignition switch position. Pulling the door handle will cancel the door closer, allowing you to open the door which is about to close. However, pulling the door handle of the rear door which is locked with the child protector will not cancel the door closer. CAUTION Careful attention is needed so as not to get your fingers trapped as the door automatically closes when the door has not been fully closed. Never allow a child to operate the door.
  14. Mine came with all 3 keys and the key number plate, and they all work as stated in the Manual. On the Valet key (Sub key) you have to unlock the doors with the button or the pop out key and put the key in the ignition to be able to start the engine. On your key Mark it looks like the boot opening logo has worn off so it's probably a Master key. I assume if you push the boot button on the key, it pops the boot? Left is Valet, right is Master.
  15. The one on the bottom of pic1 and right of pic2 (without the boot opening button) is the Valet key and the Smart doesn't work on those.