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  1. 5 litre V8 and 420Bhp is decent, but not for £68k. Needs to be cheaper than that as they need to undercut the competition substantially. Good luck Hyundai on establishing your luxury brand in the EU market (UK market is now irrelevant). Nissan tried and failed with Infiniti.
  2. Yuasa are good so long as its not one of the batteries prone to cracked welds. They have a long history of that. The Ah rating makes little difference, but the factory battery is 70Ah so I wouldn't go below that. You can get a Varta from here for £85 delivered. May also be worth investing in a solar cell trickle charger if you are prone to leaving the car standing for extended periods of time. They are only £20 now and do the job nicely. A friend has even built his into the rear parcel shelf of his E-class.
  3. Compulsory anything doesn't work. Education is the only way, but too many people just want to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. <sigh> Well, it'll be their descendants who will be living on that massively over-populated ruined planet, not mine.
  4. As a used car buyer (no, I've never had a new car other than company cars, and only ever bought 2 new motorcycles) I will buy an EV when their prices drop to where I can afford one. That car will need to comfortably fit my 6'4" and 29 Stone (hopefully I'll be lighter by then) and give me decent acceleration. So far I only fit in a Tesla Model S and won't be able to afford one of those used for quite some time. If the government tries to take my car away then they will have to compensate me by replacing it with an EQUIVALENT EV, not some pokey little box I don't even fit in. As for carbon emissions, I have no children so have done more for reducing my carbon footprint than most others. Our pollution problems do not stem only from fossil fuel use, or any of the other stuff that we do. They also stem from there being TOO MANY humans on the planet. The planet coped with a massively dirty industrial revolution in the 19th Century because there were only 1 to 1.6 Billion people on the planet. Now there are nearly 8 Billion and growing rapidly, so that is at LEAST 8 times more carbon released.
  5. Exact same error that I had. Take it to see Dean @ Pipecraft and they will sort it out for ya. That error is caused by exhaust gases leaking out between the upstream and downstream lambda sensors. Because of that the system assumes that the Primary CAT is not performing as it should. The error can be caused by a split gasket where the middle (Y) exhaust section bolts to the headers/Primary CAT. It can also be caused by a crack in the flange that bolts the headers/middle together. Mine was blowing loud enough to hear it, but I've heard of others where the only indication was the error code.
  6. True enough, but within limits. If you go to extremes of cold they can dim and even fail altogether. LEDs do actually dim when they get hot. This is why higher powered ones have big heatsinks or cooling fans. The external LEDs used on modern aircraft have a heater circuit to keep them above -10C Most semi-conductors are designed to operate over a reasonable temp range but very few can handle the extremes of temperature we get on the surface or in the air of our planet.
  7. So far they are way better than the Bosch Aeros. They give a clean wipe with minimal streaking, and they only get that on a cold misty morning. Hopefully they last well. 😁
  8. LCDs are back-lit by Cold Cathode tubes, Electro-Luminescent Panels, or LEDs. All will under-perform when cold, but the first two are particularly affected by temperatures under 5C.
  9. On my previous set I just modified the cover with a scalpel. They worked, but i now have the Densos and they are SOOOOOOO much better than the Bosch Aeros that they replaced.
  10. It's why I avoided the Celsior when I was looking for my LS. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to find an insurance site that listed the Celsior. Even those that claim to specialise in Imports didn't have it. As for London, I have in the past driven in, but that was when I worked on the Isle of Dogs. Most of the time I rode my motorcycle there as public transport took too long and involved lots of walking in the pouring rain. These days I go into "The Stink" only when absolutely necessary as I hate crowds and noise.
  11. Pipecraft did mine. They do good work and the prices are not bad.
  12. I had a left bank efficiency code recently. It was caused by a crack in the middle exhaust left side where it bolts to the headers/CAT. I had an exhaust specialist replace that whole section (he kept the CAT after the 2 sides join up) for £150. Check your codes. Mine was 430 or 420 (one is left, the other right) and both mean there is a leak in the middle section, or else a leak where they join the front section. The primary CATs should be good for the life of the vehicle, unless you ran some diesel mixed with petrol or leaded fuel through the engine.
  13. All EU supplied Lexus LS430s are ULEZ Exempt as they are all EURO-4 compliant and certified. If you apply for a CritAir certificate for France or for the LEZ-Brussels both are given on the basis that the car is EURO-4. Toyota Celsior 430s are not as they are imports from outside the EU. For the Celsior 430s you may be able to get a certificate of conformity from Toyota in Japan that states the vehicles emissions with which you could apply for ULEZ exemption. I'm told by a friend who had a 2002 BMW R1150RT that it's a bit of a ball-ache to do though and he only had to get his certificate from BMW.
  14. Just fitted mine. Nice easy job. Took longer to get the old Bosch Aero wipers off than to fit the new Densos. I quite liked the Aeros, so we'll see how well the Densos do. 😁