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  1. I guess it's people who want a car that shouts "Shut your mouth and look at my wad" that are driving this fad. I've always preferred the subtler styling of the LS400/430/460/600 (pre-2015) and I do like the styling of the early A8 and the Phaeton. Prior to the LS I had a Honda Legend, Merc S320CDI W220, another Legend, Vauxhall Carlton Diplomat 2.6, Carlton 2,0 and a couple of company Mondeos so I've never been into shouty cars. Not that I would object to a nice lime green Lamborghini Aventador or a purple Pagani Huayra, but they are supposed to be shouty cars. Most current cars don't need a grille at all. They were originally designed to get air to the radiator in the days before electric fans. With an electric fan you can put the radiator just about anywhere so long as it gets access to cool air. Many modern supercars put the rad in the rear wings (fenders) as it means they are close to the engine and can be used to increase down-force by pulling air up from under the car. Yes, with the move towards electric/fuel cell soon grilles will be a thing of the past although they still need air-con condensers and even electric motors and fuel-cells need some cooling.
  2. With that awful grille I'm not surprised nobody here is buying them. Not to my taste at all. I saw one in the flesh at Goodwood FOS in 2018 and instantly thought "Ewwwwwww". Looks like a Basking Shark with it's mouth wide open. Not keen on the new 7 series or the S8 styling either. What's with everyone suddenly adding HUGE grilles to the front of their cars?
  3. but it's not mine. Just a pic I found on the interwebs. I have an LS430 but was looking at 460s as well before I got mine, so was aware of the Aux "issue". 🙂
  4. I'm pretty certain that the Aux socket only came with the 2008 model onward. If the Disk button on the radio says Disk.Aux then it should have the Aux connector inside the armrest cubby along with a 12v cigarette socket.
  5. I have the same issue with my rear-left door. I have a replacement (used) mechanism but have yet to fit it. I have just gotten used to always double-locking the car.
  6. So, you've not had anything delivered by Yodel then? Parcelfarce waste time by making themselves jump over a vast number of bureaucratic hurdles and then charge you for the privilege. Yodel don't but their attitude towards deliveries seems to be "when we can be bothered, oh and don't expect it to be intact when it arrives"
  7. It will be interesting to see what's inside. I suspect it will be a simple variable resistor but may use some other method and may contain some electronics. No idea how to get into it apart from using a hacksaw. Chances are it was glued together with forever-glue and will never come apart without brute force. Chances are it's not user serviceable but if you find a way, do share
  8. Got hit high up by an SUV or a pickup. If it had been a regular car the penetration would have been way less. The bumper bar has been pushed down but has hardly moved inwards. I never did understand what the point was of crash testing cars against walls when most crashes are car-car and their bumpers are all at different heights? Yay, another reason to hate SUVs along with their restriction of forward sight-lines and their drivers inability to gauge the width of their vehicle.
  9. The interior of the 430 is slightly smaller, mostly due to the addition of a shed load of airbags and structural reinforcement. Both of these were required to give it best in class crash protection for the occupants. It depends on which year 430 you have and which wheels are fitted. The 18" wheels & tyres on the 2004-2006 models are noisier and slightly harsher than the 17" that were standard on the 2000-2003. The 400 had 16" wheels and tyres as standard. When I was buying my 430 I test drove two 400s and I found that they felt more remote than the 430 which has more feedback and feel in the steering. This may also be down to the wheel sizes as the wider rubber will require more effort to move. That said, when you really start pushing the 430 through the twisties, you start to appreciate the feel and that air suspension system is awesome. The biggest +ve towards the 400 for me was the drivers seat. For some reason the 430s seat seems to have less cushion in it. Both 400s seats felt firmer and better built, even though they both had more mileage than the 430s I tested. The ML speakers have surprisingly poor build quality. After my experience of having to refoam both front speakers and completely replace the Sub, I won't be buying anything ML ever again. Yes, it sounds good when working but why cheap out on speakers when building a car like the LS? On the whole I preferred the 430 but would have been quite happy with a 400 too. Wasn't keen on the one 460 I tested but it was much higher mileage than the others.
  10. I treat my MOTs as annual safety inspections. They help keep me and mine safe, so as soon as my local MOT tester opened up, I took my bike in to get tested. Yes, you can currently let your MOT run for the extra 6 months, but from a safety point of view, I wouldn't. Besides, if your local MOT tester doesn't get enough business soon, you may be travelling further to get your car tested.
  11. Reset the Trip Odometer when you fill up. That way you know how far you've gone since the last fill up. Carry a steel 5 or 10 litre can of petrol around with you just in case.
  12. Yup, mine has the 2016 disk which is I believe the most recent for the LS430, and it still looks like it was designed with crayons in the 1990s. I use a TomTom that sits on top of the dash to the right of the instrument binnacle. Occasionally, when bored, I will have a competition and set the same destination on both systems and see which I prefer. The Lexus system does like to suggest some strange routes sometimes.
  13. Where in West Sussex Phil? Since I work in Crawley (not for the last few months obviously) it may be worth me bringing mine there if anywhere near Crawley. Knowing my luck he'll be in Chichester. 😞
  14. The current plan is that E10 95RON will replace E5 95RON in summer 2021 in all Premium pumps. E5 97-99RON will remain in most of the Super pumps for several years but that depends on the fuel companies and of course our government may well make E10 mandatory for all petrol at a later date. You may have to shop around for E5 fuel but that should be some years off yet. I'd expect a similar situation to the Leaded/Unleaded situation we went through in the late 80's and early 90's until Leaded petrol was banned in 2000, so 10-15 years. Nowadays if you want to run an unmodified engine designed for Leaded petrol, then you need to add an LRP additive, or you can modify the engine to use unleaded (harder valve seats).
  15. I've driven a few Camrys over there and they are nice, if a little soul-less. You'll be pleased to know that the Camry is back for the UK, replacing the unloved Avensis. I've also rented a couple of Nissan Altimas, one Maxima and the Acura TL all of which were Ok. The Mazda 626 I rented in 2000 was also not bad. The 2011 Ford Edge (3.5 V6) and the 2016 Ford Taurus (3.5 V6) were very nice, but not as nice as the LS430. The worst cars I've rented in the US were a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue (bad!) and a 1997 Chevy Cavalier (just nasty!). The early 90s Presidents (HG50) were much better looking (hints of Jag XJ & Mk2 Granada) but not many were made and I'd be surprised if any made it to the UK.