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  1. Reading the US forum, their LS430 owners who have tested the LS500 are mostly not impressed. It is considerably smaller inside and almost all of them were unimpressed with the engine. Other comments were about over-complicated infotainment system and comparatively harsh ride. I've sat in one at the Lexus stand at Goodwood FOS and have to say it did feel more cramped. Apparently Lexus were aiming for the young-rich segment with the new LS500 and seem to have missed the mark entirely. The 400 was a damned fine car, the 430 was an improvement in some areas, the 460/600 was more of a chauffeurs car, but the 500 seems to have hopped the tracks and headed off somewhere else entirely. So, it seems there won't be many used LS500s around in 15 years time.
  2. Modern filters are MUCH finer than the old ones and capture a lot more dirt. That said, a CO figure of 0.71 is VERY high and may be due to a dead/clogged CAT. If it still shows high after decent fuel and a good motorway blast, you'll need to check the CAT and the sensors.
  3. Looks the same to me. Position 1 is the front fogs, then when you move it to position 2 the rear fogs also come on, but the switch moves back to position 1 when you let go. If you turn off the headlights it switches off both front and rear foglights, but if you just switch off the ignition (with the headlights in the Auto position) then when you switch the ignition on again, the front fogs will come on, but not the rear.
  4. On my UK model the front & rear fog lights are switched on with the rotary switch on the headlight switch stalk. It switches on the front fog lights first, and then if you turn it further it switches on the rear fog lights. Reverse lights both come on when you select reverse gear. I would imagine it's not a huge difference between the 460 and 430.
  5. Roof rack Tow system Both available from the US if you don't want to pay Lexus prices. Don't forget to factor in Import Duties/costs
  6. Plug in an ODB2 reader and see if there are any error codes. They don't always result in a warning on the dash. If it starts after a few cranks and runs fine from then on, then most likely to be fuel pump issues or a clogged fuel filter.
  7. Looks to me like the foam has separated from the cone at the rear of the speaker. There is definitely a shadow there but difficult to tell until you poke it with your finger (gently!). If it doesn't distort with the sound set to normal values, then forget about it for now. When mine was torn, it distorted with the volume at 25, everything else set to middle, and playing the moderately bassy Peter Gabriel track "Shock the Monkey". If you want to play Drum-n-Bass then you bought the wrong car IMHO 🤣
  8. I have 2 friends who both Chauffeur for a living. One works for himself and runs a 2016 Merc S350CDI and loves it. Over 100k miles and no issues so far, but expensive to buy as you can imagine. The other is employed by a multi-millionaire and he gets to drive a variety of cars. He prefers the 2015 Lexus LS600HL as he says it is the quietest and easiest to drive smoothly apart from the Rolls Phantom (which he dislikes as it is "****ing enormous" and he is terrified of scratching it <LOL>). If you can find a white LS then no reason why it couldn't be used as a wedding car. It's not as in-your-face as the 300 but I guess it depends on what your customers are looking for. The rear seat in the LS is uber-luxury with recline, massage, heated/cooled seats, AC controls, audio controls, TV in some, drinks cooler in some. The rear seat in the 300 is just a rear seat.
  9. Good luck to your wife Peter. Nice looking CL interior. Would love to have those seats in my LS. I loved my S320CDI's seat. The rest of the car was unreliable and expensive to fix.
  10. My inner arches are held in with some large metal screws (#10? similar to self tapping) that screw into a white plastic clip. They look similar to this There are a couple of spots that use some plastic clips, but no idea what size they would be. Most Toyota ones I've come across seem to be 7mm though. As for the mats, if your carpet still has the metal grommets in the 2 holes in the carpet, then there is a specific Toyota clip you can use that works. Just search for Toyota Carpet Clip. One end fits in the holes in the carpet and the mat hooks onto the other end. Toyota Carpet Clips Mine is missing the grommets in the carpet so I bought a pair of these and fitted the metal hook into the holes where the Toyota clips go and modified the mats to accept the other half. The mats then clip down onto the hook half, and a half turn of the "sausage" bit locks them down. Universal Carpet Clips
  11. Nissan sold several large luxury limos in the US under the Infinity brand. I know a few people who bought them and loved them, but the styling is too American for my tastes. The LS is smart but understated.
  12. Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence. It varies the valve opening timing and valve open duration depending on a whole variety of variables controlled by a computer. Essentially it gives you an engine optimised for torque at low RPM and an engine optimised for power at high RPM. Results are better drive-ability and better fuel economy. VVT-iW (W for Wide) on the 460 also added a lot more power (90Bhp more than the 430 motor).
  13. Does the tick-tick speed increase with engine RPM or with vehicle speed? If with RPM then could be a valve lifter that has worn too far or a problem with one of the belts (timing or serpentine). Very unlikely to be a problem with a camshaft but would need to localise the problem in the motor with a stethoscope. If a lifter is worn, then the cam will need to come out to replace it.
  14. Looks smart, and the Alcantara should wear well. What did the re-covering of the wheel cost ya?