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  1. I wore out my 2 rear Avon ZZ5s in the middle, but not at the edge. They managed only 15k miles. There were 2 reasons for it. 1- For a few months they were over inflated due to a dicky gauge on my inflator (40psi instead of 33). 2- For several months I had first a defective O2 sensor, then recently an exhaust leak so TCS/VSC was disabled (all now fixed). (I still don't understand why an emissions problem would disable 2 safety systems) I think 2 had more to do with the wear than 1, but 1 made sure that the wear was confined to the middle of the tread. I mean, who can resist doing doing the occasional burnout when you have 280bhp under your right foot? So now I have no excuse, as I actually have to push the TRC OFF button to do burnouts. 😎
  2. I may be wrong, but have a look. All the Mk4 LS400s I looked at had OBD2.
  3. The 98 has an OBD2 port (95 or later have OBD2, earlier have OBD1). Should be near the bonnet release lever with a cover over it. (Image is a left-hand drive car!!) You should be able to get an ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 reader and access it with Torque via Bluetooth.
  4. LS500? I look forward to owning one in 15 years when it has depreciated to around £6000,... if it proves as reliable as the LS400/430. Not even sure I would buy one if I won the Lottery. Lots of competition for rich peoples money out there in the car world.
  5. It may help, but I think most of those were US market only.
  6. Plenty of images on Google. Just search for "LS430 side" and click on Images. I also prefer the air shocks. If you buy new Lexus parts then air suspension is stupidly expensive to repair, but there are plenty of used parts available so I'll stick with air thanks. 😁
  7. I have a Sailun front right on my LS430, and I'm not impressed. It replaced a punctured Avon ZZ5 and it's way noisier and wasn't much cheaper. I asked for a ZZ5 but they didn't have any in stock in my size, and I needed the tyre. Now just waiting for it to wear out, or for the noise to wear me out.
  8. Thanks John, not your old one though as it was dark blue. 😁
  9. Saw a very nice looking LS400 on the A127 tonight. Registration started with L400. Anyone on here?
  10. You can listen to the alternator or compressor with the screwdriver held to your skull method. That can pinpoint grumbling bearings.
  11. Sounds like a resonance vibe to me. Is it still there in Neutral too? If you rev gently to say 2000rpm does the vibe change in frequency or go away? Could be the air-con compressor or alternator bearings are starting to die. Could also be the water pump. Bad engine/trans mounts tend to make themselves known when under load, not when the motor is idling or in Neutral.
  12. V is up to 149Mph. W is up to 168Mph. V is fine unless yer gonna strap JATO rockets to your LS 🙂
  13. If it's a fast wobble, then it's wheel balance. Having different tyres make this more noticeable. If it's a slow wobble, then it's steering geometry which normally points to worn/damaged bushes or ball joints.