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Thought I may share a recent experience.

I was asked recently via another forum about a code that I had not had much experience off P0AA6 & with techstream i found sub codes 526 & 612 I think from memory - I was aware they were to do with an HV (High Voltage) Isolation Error (to explain:- the HV electrical system is isolated or if you like - mechanically & electrically separated from the normal 12v electrical system & the body of the car for obvious safety reasons - this is why all HV cabling is orange too, to clearly identify the hazard )

From experience & a bit of lateral thinking & in the absence of any other possibilities like the car had been recently worked on or something my thoughts were "Water" 

Yes you heard me right Water:- I have personally witnessed & repaired hundreds of electrical nasties caused by water. Given that Doris had not long passed this sparked (excuse the pun) my attention.

Anyway to cut a long story short (well 1& half hrs) I located a spot underneath the car that looked "grazed" it was conspicuous because it was very clearly orange plastic when everything else around was covered in road muck, further chatting revealed that "its been doing it (throwing CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM) for a few days now but I just clear it down with my scanner mate & it seem ok after that its weird" - "oh yeah & it don't seem to happen when its just sat in park!"

mmmmmm I say scratching me chin - thats because that section is not energised until its in drive or reverse - anyway a quick clean with wd40 then a wash with solvent reveals a black tracking mark where HV electricity has been leaking (or tracking in the trade) to the chassis causing the CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM error, a bit of scraping some hot melt glue, wd40 & a bit of orange flexible conduit i had lying around, a spread of hot soldering iron & bingo Job done - no problem even after a good direct blast with hose pipe (don't do that at home folks!)

The chap was about to buy a whole new gearbox!!!!

So don't automatically assume the worst


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Well deduced and well found Richard 👍

I bet the chappy was happy that he didn't need to shell out for a gearbox.

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    • By Douf
      Can anyone help?   I have a 2006 IS250 and had no problems with the car during its first five years.  After that period of time i noticed that I had a condensation problem on occasions and noticed that the rear passenger carpet and mat was damp.  Thinking that I had left the window open or something similar, I dried it out and thought nothing more of it.  It happens a few more times and I took it to the dealer who tested the car for leaks.  None was found.  With me being retired and trying to save as much possible, I have had the air conditions switched off as i only take short journeys in the car. I have not had a problem regarding this for about three to four years.
      Went on holiday with the car and have been doing some high mileage over the two weeks.  Had the air conditioning on due to the outside temperature being 25 degree.  Came back from holiday and noticed the windows steaming up that evening.  Next day I went to clean out the car and was vacuuming the rear area when i felt the rear carpet and it is soaked. Looked in my cleaner (which is now probably broken as water was  inside the motor). I took out the mats and water was dripping from them.  The two rear carpets are full of water.  We had no rain at all whilst on holiday.  The only difference has been the higher mileage and the air conditioning being on !!!
      Has anyone else had this problem and know how to cure it?  Is it a design fault?
      Thank you.
    • By timmynuge
      A little back story first. My '06 GS450h first displayed the Check Hybrid System lights along with the P0A80 fault around six months ago. I replaced a faulty module in the hybrid Battery pack which resolved the issue.
      Today while driving I heard a chime, and looked down to see the dreaded return of the Check Hybrid System lights. Interestingly, I've noticed that the hybrid Battery appears to be charging and discharging as per normal. The car drives fine and I've probably driven the car for about 100kms since the light appeared.
      I hooked up my OBD2 scanner to retrieve any fault codes, which returned the below:
      U0293 - Lost Communication with HV ECU
      P0a7f - Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration
      U0100 - Lost Communication With Engine Control Module
      Has anybody here seen the above codes appearing together or have any idea where to begin in trying to rectify the issue? Sadly starting to think the time has come to finally get rid of the old girl - however would like to clear this issue so I can get a decent trade on it.
    • By catchhster
      Gutted ! Just this evening I finished work and started mys car. Oops the ready symbol flashed few times and the car wont start at all. The ready sign kept flashing no warnigs. After few seconds the engine kicked in and got the Check Hybrid System warning along with red triangle and Check Engine Light. (No other warning lights )
      The car has done 65k miles and a 2010 se-l model. Well serviced and recently did the Hybrid Health Check. I only bought it two months back so only have a basic 6month warranty. was waiting for it to finish before i can put lexus warranty. 
      So  I called lexus and the asked me to bring it. The car was running as normal on both electric and engine even the energy monitor showing like it is running fine. The Battery was charging properly infact it went to a high charge state on the way to lexus. Nothing odd happened over last two days just a lot of driving on country roads. One thing i noticed is a slight sulfur like smell in the morning in side the cabin. I thought this might be the brand of petrol I used. Other thing is i have been having a break squeal issue since i bought the car but that i think due to the dealer did not shim the break pads properly when i bought the car.  I left to lexus but they will only get it diagnosed tomorrow morning.
      Any one had similar issue please share I am in a bit of a bad situation here. Also any advise please shout out.
      Many thanks
    • By Asylumweb
      Hi All,
      Newbie here, first post.
      Unfortunately my 4 year old low milage RX450h has developed a fault that I think should be covered under warranty but my dealer has other ideas. Basically I'm looking for some opinions or any info that anyone can offer.
      The error code is P0A45 and presents itself as "Check Hybrid System" and "Check AWD System", other than the warnings the car is driving exactly as it was before, hybrid Battery charging, electric motors are being used etc. The fault code points to "Drive Motor B Position Sensor Circuit", to me that is part of the hybrid system and should be covered. Incidentally the figures we are speaking about are £1900.
      Anyone any thoughts? Any help much appreciated.
    • By Nigsy

      I have been trying to trace a source of water collecting in the boot (trunk) of the car. I noticed water running down the inside of the trim near the tailgate hinge. (see photo) Anyone have any ideas how it is getting in there and how to address it?