Lexus Ct200h - Smart Card - Is It Possible?

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Hi fellow Lexus owners,

I have a CPO Lexus CT200h Premium 2011 with Keyless entry and 2 standard Smart Keys.

I would like to buy a Smart Card to this vehicle, according to US CT200h owners its possible but you have to buy a Smart Card with the same FCC "revision" as a Smart Key.

It's without any issue in US where Smart keys are labeled with those FCC "revisions", but on EU models you have only CE, ICASA and MOROCCO certifications, but no FCC labeling.

Smart Card EU models have CE, ICASA and MOROCCO certifications, and that handy FCC labeling.


All SmartCards have different labeling than SmartKeys - For example My Smart Key have ICASA TA-2008/311, MOROCCO MR3983/2008 and CE MDLB74EA

But most of available SmardCards have ICASA TA-2008/556, MOROCCO MR4629/2009 and FCC revision 14AEC.

Do you have any clue, if that SmartCard would work on my Lexus CT200h? Or, whats the FCC revision of my Smart Key?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah about visiting my local Lexus Dealer, they said, it's not supported on CT200h but many US CT owners says it's bulls..t

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An American SmartCard or standard key won't work on Euro/UK vehicles as they use a different frequency. If an IS/RX/LS smart entry key can work with the CT then so will a SmartCard, I don't know if the CT uses a different entry system but I doubt it.

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