RX400h 2005 cd/radio rear connections

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Hi Guys,

I just traded my IS250 for a 2005 RX400h SE with Sat Nav.  Since the RX hasn't got an AUX port I bought one of these from amazon. Looked good and good price and will charge my Iphone too.


Taking the Radio out was straightforward. However once out, I assumed the CD changer port was the 6+6 connection situation in the middle (to the right of the bigger cables). If I remove the existing cable and plug the new adapter in that socket. The radio has no power and the Sat Nav doesn't appear to work either. On close inspection of the product pictures above (the last pic), it would appear I need a Y splitter which isn't supplied or even sold by that vendor.

Before I purchase a 6+6 splitter from else where, can anyone confirm that this 6+6 connector is the correct one for the CD changer? Or is it actually one of the other ports. I'm assuming this could be specific to model/year so anyone with the same vehicle that has done a similar mod would be appreciated.


Thanks All!

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I can now confirm the eBay 6+6 pin Y cable suited my needs. However, it was a bit overkill as only two wires on the orginal loom was required. So a splice and solder job would have done the trick.

Will post a guide shortly.

The Iphone/AUX adapter works great by the way!

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I am in the same situation , Please update what items require to get Aux in and where need to plug in with the seller link.



Much appreciated 

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